Chapter 0885: The Great Ancient Emperor

The Ghostly Yan tribe were currently lost in their fantasies of conquering  the whole world.

In the mouth of the Ancient Demon God, there were about 20 people on the tongue. They were the nucleus of the Ghostly Yan tribe, and many were Holy Masters.

These old people were hugging each other, moved to tears. Their laughter and tears mirrored the rest of the Ghostly Yan tribe's. Here on the tongue, they greedily and ecstatically sucked in the outside air.

"What a beautiful miracle this world is. With the Ancient Demon God, this world is ours."

"Yes, just like the children said. We have been trod on for far too long. It is time for the world to know that the Ghostly Yan tribe has returned."

"There are so many Yan Huang tribe. It is enough that they become our cultivation resources. This was originally our world, after all......."

Although they were able to hold their composure, but there was a rapacious fire in their eyes as they surveyed the men and women of the Yan Huang tribe. They were indeed more fair and nubile compared to the Ghostly Yan tribe women.

In front of these people, the Holy Master of Flaming Devil Cave's mouth was slightly open, his eyes wet. He looked at the vast world before him as he shook silently.

Beside him was a beautiful Ghostly Yan tribeswoman, clinging on to him just as emotionally. She sobbed even more tearfully: "Such a beautiful world. If only Xixi could see it. Where has she gone at this time......"

As she spoke, her tears fell freely.

"She will be back. I believe so......" The Holy Master of Flaming Devil Cave said, choking.

"Mm." She nodded. "And you? What do you plan to do? Slaughter the Yan Huang tribe?"

The Holy Master shook his head by her ear, and said: "They are naive to think that we can rule the world just like that. Although we are out, but the strongest expert of this world has yet to show himself. I am confident of the Ancient Demon God, but we are not truly free until the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor dies. We had best find a place to hide quickly......"

He turned back to look at the exhilaration taking hold of the Ghostly Yan tribe. He was a little disappointed. From start to finish, it seemed like the fight for their freedom had been carried on his shoulders alone.

Before the others reacted, he had already controlled the Ancient Demon God, ordering it to leave at speed towards the north.

And at this time, Wu Yu was leading Ye Xixi out of Infernal Inferno. The spirit designs around Infernal Inferno had all been demolished, and Ye Xixi could naturally come out. As she did, she too was overwhelmed by the vast world outside, the sheer number of Yan Huang tribe, and the obvious and gigantic presence of the Ancient Demon God. She burst into tears: "This...... is the outside world? I'm out......"

She could not believe it.

Wu Yu, as well. He was surprised that the Ghostly Yan tribe had actually succeeded. The Ancient Demon God actually possessed such strength...... If he had not seen it with his own eyes, he would not have believed it.

He was just as dismayed as the other Yan Huang tribe, but Ye Xixi was overjoyed. Her world was beautiful, and she had yet to hear the voices of the other Ghostly Yan tribe. She thought that the Ghostly Yan tribe could find a remote place and leave in peace......

Wu Yu saw that the Ancient Demon God was moving north, making as if to leave. Wu Yu could make out the arguments from many of the Ghostly Yan tribe on the Ancient Demon God. They probably wanted the Ancient Demon God to kill all the Yan Huang tribe around, but the controllers seemed not to assent. There was some argument above, and allw as chaos.

"Big brother Yu, it's time for me to go. My daddy and the others are leaving, and I have to catch up." Ye Xixi said quickly, wiping away her tears.

She still wanted to follow her parents. Wu Yu had tried extensive persuasion before, and could not hold her now. He said: "Remember, you must have your parents find a remote place to live in, and have no quarrel with the Yan Huang tribe. Fighting does neither side good......"

Towards the end, he was a little guilty. Now that such godlike powers were with the Ghostly Yan tribe, how could they, with their nature, not be expected to take revenge? Why would they not take the plot of land with the richest spiritual qi in the Yan Huang Ancient Country for their own?

"Go on then." Wu Yu understood that he was not strong enough to have a say.

"We will meet again. Bye!" The Ancient Demon God was leaving, and she was anxious to go.

The other Yan Huang tribe had also breathed a sigh of relief after seeing that the Ancient Demon God had no murderous intent.

Just at this moment-


Wu Yu heard a voice come down from the sky, as clear as the ring of a sword.

The voice was keen, and lingered on the ear. It made one's entire ear, and even one's entire head, feel like it was being ripped up. Not just Wu Yu, but everyone clutched their ears in agony.

This included the Regent, and the ministers and aristocrats.

This included the Holy Master of Flaming Devil Cave, and the other Holy Masters. They had been swarming the Flaming Devil Cave Holy Master and arguing, but this sudden voice made them switch their attention.

"He is here. Are you happy now?" The Holy Master sneered.

"If he is here, the Ancient Demon God will kill him too!" The other Holy Masters were still stubborn.

Wu Yu  immediately stretched out a hand to stop Ye Xixi, and pulled her a goodly distance away. He dragged her away, saying: "Don't go over."

"What? Who's here......" Ye Xixi clutched her ears in agony.

Wu Yu could see a speck of golden light in the sky above the Ancient Demon God. The light was small but extremely glaring. Looking up, one could not see anything clearly, but the thundering shock he felt from this speck of light made him feel like he could not catch his breath.

"If I guess right, the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor......" As Wu Yu said this name, his throat caught in uncomfortable fashion. His instinct told him that he had to get Ye Xixi out of there quickly, or the consequences would be too terrible to imagine.

"Is that the legendary immortal-like emperor of the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor...?" Ye Xixi looked up slightly, and immediately tucked her chin down again, afraid to look up. She knew that the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor must have come for the Ancient Demon God. If she went over now, she would be caught in the titanic crossfire, and Wu Yu was afraid that she would be affected.

"That's him."

Wu Yu moved swiftly. There was a big uproar at Infernal Inferno, and everyone was watching the golden speck in the sky above the Ancient Demon God. No one was watching Wu Yu.

"The Yan Huang people hail the Ancient Emperor! Long live, long live the Ancient Emperor!"

Of course, as the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor appeared, the Yan Huang tribe cast aside their worry, and were stirred up again. Everyone fell to the ground on both knees, faces pressed flat to the ground. They cheered loudly, their faces as rapt as if they had met a true immortal. Even the Ancient Emperor's own brother, the Regent......

Wu Yu had not been born in Yan Huang, and did not know where this Yan Huang Ancient Emperor had built his godlike reputation, or why they were so fanatic towards him. As for himself, he too had been awarded great esteem after receiving the Ancient Emperor's Edict.

Wu Yu did not kneel. He was not used to it, and he was hiding in the lava, protecting Ye Xixi. He was barely able to look up, and saw that the golden light was nearing the Ancient Demon God's position. It was difficult to see what the person bathed in golden light looked like, and not even Wu Yu's Eyes of Fire and Gold could penetrate it.

He could only vaguely make out a dragon robe, a crown, and a pair of eyes. The left eye was like the sun, flaming and golden, while the right eye was like the moon, a dark and sinister presence. A flash, and then nothing was clear.

But as he appeared, the staggering power placed a strong compulsion for Wu Yu to lower his head and even kneel. He shook his head and looked on. As everyone knelt down, the Ancient Demon God seemed to have found a worthy opponent, and roared frighteningly. Raising both arms, it bellowed its intention to fight the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor!

Within the body of the Ancient Demon God, the Ghostly Yan tribe knew that this was the strongest expert in the entire Jambu Realm. They too had gone wild, hooting and screaming bravely. Their morale was at a high as they exhorted the Ancient Demon God on to kill the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor!

"Only by killing this Yan Huang Ancient Emperor will our Ancient Demon God be the ruler of the world, and scare all the martial cultivators, demons, and ghostly cultivators!"

"Take his crown, and we will be the new royal race!"

"Holy Masters, let's go and fight the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor without delay! Our Ghostly Yan tribe must be avenged! This is the best chance!"

"Kill him! Kill!"

Anger, spite, madness, bloodthirst. They wished that they themselves could rush out to fight the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor.

And no matter how angry the Ancient Demon God became, or what it did, the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was still caged in his golden mist, and Wu Yu could only see an emotionless power building within. It seemed like sword qi, but was no ordinary sword qi. It twinkled, just like Jiuyue Ji's Heaven's Thunder. Although it was not in the same form, it was of the same caliber!

"He...... Is he really an immortal......" Wu Yu was confused.

Before, he had thought that Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian was a god, and later learned otherwise.

And now he had to ask: was the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor an immortal?

He had no answer.

Ming Long said maybe.

But Wu Yu knew that he would only truly know the answer if one day he could defeat the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor.

And in this instant, the Ancient Demon God attacked. Just like it had broken the super spirit design before, it took to the skies, one fist flying out towards the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor.

This was perhaps the two strongest beings in the world fighting, and right before Wu Yu......

What would the outcome be?

Wu Yu did not know at all.

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