Chapter 0884: A Wild Time

Amidst the chaos, Wu Yu had found footing on the Somersault Cloud. He had Ye Xixi and Lazy along with him. The Somersault Cloud was a constant marvel, and this protection was just another example of its uses.

Ye Xixi was burrowed in the cloud, afraid to look out. As for Lazy, it was trembling in fear as well.

Only Wu Yu was still watching the battle between the Ancient Demon God and the super spirit design with his Eyes of Fire and Gold!

The first attack of the Ancient Demon God had almost broken the spirit design. It was even more powerful than Wu Yu had imagined. However, the Yan Huang Tribe had still managed to rally around the spirit design of their ancestors to hold down the Ancient Demon God, which was currently being assaulted by the spirit design!

The Ancient Demon God thrashed wildly within the throes of the spirit design, seemingly beaten.

"Is it going to fail?" Wu Yu guessed.

Actually, this super spirit design's default operation was probably only half of its current power, and the punch of the Ancient Demon God just now would have been enough to break it out of Infernal Inferno. 

Although all he had done was send a Message Talisman, it had made a world of difference.... Luckily, Ye Xixi was unable to see this clearly, or she might’ve blamed him for it.

The super spirit design should be able to suppress the Ancient Demon God, and Wu Yu breathed a sigh of relief.

At least it would not wreak disaster on the world outside.

"Roar...!!" Just as he was starting to relax, the situation changed. The struggling of the Ancient Demon God within the spirit design reached a new frenzy, and it ignored all of the attacks, charging forth madly towards the pinnacle of the spirit design. With both fists flying wildly, it unleashed a battering of attacks!

Before, the Ghostly Yan Tribe had yet to perfectly master this body, and had been repelled. But this did not mean that the Ancient Demon God was incapable of more. After experimenting in battle, the Holy Master of the Flaming Devil Cave and the other leaders had a much better grasp of how to use the body. The Ancient Demon God then exploded with its true and awesome power. At that moment, it was like a real god or ghostly immortal. It was not a single punch, but hundreds of blows, delivered solidly upon the spirit design!

Wu Yu was completely stunned!

The outburst from the Ancient Demon God had laid fear into the Yan Huang Tribe's hearts. Those within the nine fortresses could feel the fearsome bestial presence right under their feet. Blow after blow unseated them from their positions, and they could clearly see the ground crack. The entire Yan Dragon Fortress was crumbling!

Bang, bang, bang!

It seemed like the whole world was crumbling!

High above in the sky, the Ultimate Spirit Design of Heaven and Earth, Executioner of Demons was being broken down rapidly, and at the same time, the spirit design core in the nine fortresses was also waning!

As they resisted attacks many times more powerful than the first, those at the Demon Sealing Fortress understood why the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor himself would give the order....

Even the Regent's expression was very different now!

He naturally knew that they had underestimated the Ancient Demon God. After their first clash, their opponent had instead grown stronger and even more fearsome. In that moment, it had wrested free of their spirit design's control!

"We cannot hold!"

"Withdraw! Everyone, withdraw!"

With the order from the Regent, the Yan Huang Tribe's defeat was announced!

This was unheard of throughout their history!

Of course, when the order to withdraw came, Regent Di Shatian's face was red. The other ministers and aristocrats, scholars and generals, and provincial lords were all the same. They felt like they were unworthy to meet their ancestors!

Shock, fear, dismay, daze!

Not just them, but the rest of the Yan Huang Tribe could not believe that their defensive line had given way so quickly. The Yan Huang Tribe had never tasted defeat before, and so this blow was just too much for them to bear!

They watched with wide eyes as the nine fortresses were torn down one by one, swallowed by the subterranean magma!

They watched with wide eyes as this vast piece of land gave way, along with the spirit designs that the Yan Huang Tribe had laid down over endless generations - it all fell into the Infernal Inferno!

"All Yan Dragon Army soldiers, follow me and retreat at the fastest speed!"

Qu Yin's voice rang out to the Yan Dragon Army.

Of course, even though they had been crushed, and they were reeling and dismayed, they still fled swiftly when faced with a deadly threat. They could see the spirit design crumbling, and millions of Yan Huang Tribe members swarmed away like hornets leaving the nest. And the nest of the nine fortresses were being burned away by fire!

A historical moment!

As the world fell, the lava rose. A thick stench of hatred devoured the resplendent spirit design, and the nine towering bastions fell to their immolating destruction! The Yan Huang Tribe were fleeing everywhere like hornets. They left with speed!

Even the Regent, and all the ministers and aristocrats, were also fleeing!

They could not imagine that this scene of fleeing for their lives would one day be realized. Their minds were equally blank and reeling.

Of course, this was not a humiliation for them. Because what they faced was not the strength of the Ghostly Yan Tribe. It was no mortal force, but that of a god, a ghostly immortal! Even though it was just a corpse, it was not something that they could face! From the moment the Ghostly Yan Tribe obtained the Ancient Demon God, it was already destined that they could tear down this spirit design and rush out into the world!

When the Yan Huang Tribe were fleeing madly for their lives, they saw a huge skull emerge from the crumbling fortresses, rising up from the lava. They finally saw the form of the beast that they had been fighting!

The head, then the body, the arms, until the whole titan emerged. His skull was already up in the clouds, and the lava continued to flush over his body, caging it in thick smoke. It sizzled as it neared his body, and his green eyes surveyed them. Those fleeing Yan Huang Tribe members felt chills run down their spines....

"This, what monster is this...."

"The Ghostly Yan Tribe are out of the Infernal Inferno.... I saw that they are all in this monster's body...."

"Why would there be such a creature in the Infernal Inferno? What is the Yan Huang Ancient Country to do?!"

The atmosphere of fear swamped them. The Yan Huang Tribe had been ruling the world for a long time, but the appearance of this creature made them feel like the end had come!

This made them think of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord many years ago. It was ancient history, but that being had also thrown the entire Jambu Realm into chaos!

As for the Regent and the others, they held ground far away, their faces pale. They did not dare to say a word as they looked at each other. Finally, all eyes turned to the Regent, but even Di Shatian looked equally defeated.

This was the difference between mortals and immortals. Even demigods were like ants before them.

Compared to the fear, panic, and dismay of the Yan Huang Tribe, when the Ghostly Yan Tribe breached this endless world of the outside, where the spiritual qi was abundant and dense, all of them, without exception, went demented with joy!

All of them - men and women, old and young, friend and enemy - were celebrating together with abandon. They whooped and cheered and screamed. The laughter rang out from the body of the Ancient Demon God!

"Our Ghostly Yan Tribe is finally seeing the light of day!"

"Oh the light of day! Haha! HAHAHA!"

"For those born in the Infernal Inferno, the world of the outside was only the stuff of legends. To think that I can actually see this world today!"

"This outside world is huge, and very beautiful indeed! We've won!"

As they laughed, they also cried from their overwhelming emotions. Some knelt on the ground, trembling, while others rolled around, roaring with laughter. Some cut themselves with their weapons, so their blood smeared the ground as they whooped and yelled!

"Long live the Ancient Demon God! The Holy Masters have done the work of the gods! Praise be!"

With someone beginning the cheer, the tens of millions of Ghostly Yan Tribe members took up the cheer, and their voices rang clearly across the provinces. The Yan Huang Tribe members who had heard the news trembled at the thought of this. They had not dreamed the day would come when the tables would turn on them, from the hunter to the hunted!

"Holy Master of the Flaming Devil Cave, Holy Masters, let the Ancient Demon God kill the Yan Huang Tribe. From this day onwards, the Yan Huang Ancient Country is ours!"

"Kill the Yan Huang Tribe, and leave none alive! Make them our slaves! We will control the Yan Huang Ancient Country and have the Yan Huang Tribe suffer as much as they made us suffer! The Yan Huang Tribe will pay the price!"

"Kill their men and enslave their women! They will only birth the descendants of the Ghostly Yan Tribe. With the Ancient Demon God, we are invincible, and we will rule the entire Jambu Realm! Let all the people and demons of the world call the Ghostly Yan Tribe their ruler. Our Ghostly Yan Tribe will become the foremost tribe in the Jambu Realm!"

"We have waited long for this day! Holy Master, you will be the emperor of the Ghostly Yan Tribe! Let us act! This is our chance for revenge!"

All the Ghostly Yan Tribe members took up the wild cheers. They laughed and danced, as though they were high. Their eyes all slowly turned red!

Seeing the women of the Yan Huang Tribe, fair and tender, their appetites ran wild.

This was what Wu Yu had been worried about. The Ghostly Yan Tribe's fight for their own destiny was respectable, but Wu Yu did not like the innate hatred and bloodthirst that was their nature. Once power was theirs, they would become devils.

And at this moment, the devils had arrived at the Jambu Realm

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