Chapter 0883: A Battle that Shines through History

At this moment, Wu Yu was even more anxious than he had ever been about his own life.

Because the Ancient Demon God was already nearing the surface of the Infernal Inferno, where the nine fortresses were.

This was the most horrifying power he had ever seen in his life. It far outstripped everything else - this was the ultimate power that Wu Yu assumed immortals possessed.

This was what he craved for. He was this nervous because he would soon witness its power for himself.

Besides this titan, Ancestor Yang, the Regent, and the Holy Master of the Flaming Devil Cave were all elite beings, but none of them gave Wu Yu such a feeling, even though Wu Yu was only a third tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivator, and still far from these people who were close to immortalhood.

From this position, he could see that the surface was not like it was. He saw a staggeringly powerful spirit design of an astounding scale. It was humongous, and had hundreds of layers of killing mechanisms all arrayed before the Ancient Demon God. It was more than 10 times bigger than the Ancient Demon God's body, and was awaiting its arrival above.

Naturally, the Ancient Demon God could see this obstacle as well.

The Ghostly Yan Tribe members within could all see it clearly as well. Wu Yu did not know what they were thinking, but he knew that at this time, they would pay any price and suffer any consequence to be able to break through. If they could only break this spirit design, they might be able to change their fate and their history! Bring true freedom to the Ghostly Yan Tribe!


From the titan's body, a tremendous cry came out! These voices came from the hairs and pores of the titan itself, filled with overwhelming passion and desperation! This was the chorus of voices that came from the debt of blood of countless generations, the rage of countless generations finally given voice. Millions, tens of Millions of cries burst forth at the same time. The entire world itself gave way before it!

It has to be said that it was the most empathic "kill" that Wu Yu had ever heard in his life!

This word was the resolution to all that the Ghostly Yan Tribe had experienced throughout history.

Dao was an extraordinary thing. Wu Yu himself had not been prepared to see these ghostly cultivators - these lowly, despicable, hated ghostly cultivators - fighting for their fate this fervently. It even stirred him. Good and evil would never be absolute concepts. Everyone would have a side of them worth respecting, and one that made one sigh. Even himself - he did not feel like he was a perfect being.



"Kill!" The cry rang out constantly, like a nightmare.

From the pores, Wu Yu could see the roused passion of the Ghostly Yan Tribe.

He guessed that the Yan Huang Tribe outside would be oblivious to the hatred of the enemy they faced.

As they charged, the deciding moment was inevitably drawing closer. In that instant, amidst the rousing battle cries, Wu Yu saw the Ancient Demon God rush forth, fist raised. It smashed the Infernal Inferno and then continued on towards the Ultimate Spirit Design of Heaven and Earth, Executioner of Demons. A simple punch, delivered with the devastating destructive power of the gods!

Ye Xixi clutched Wu Yu's arm tightly....


In the Demon Sealing Fortress.

All of the experts were guarding the spirit design. They were at the most central position, and adjusting the power that came from the eight fortresses, diverting them to the super spirit design. With the Regent in control, the entire spirit design was brought to new heights, and it had power to make a ghostly immortal weep. Eight different powers had taken hold of the ground, and the web of magma on the floor of the Infernal Inferno had disappeared. In its place was a huge Eight Trigram spirit design, of which various powers mingled, including the mystical dragons, fire, lightning, blizzards, storms, and floods. The powers were deafening as they unleashed a light that pierced the heavens itself!

It was the first time that anyone of the Yan Huang Tribe had seen such a spectacular sight and, while pouring in their Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy, they also admired their work.

"When we come together to work this spirit design, what a masterpiece we can create!"

"With such power, I feel like we could even stop an immortal!"

"This is too awesome. I feel like my cultivation is swelling. I'm going to have a breakthrough! It's all thanks to the Ghostly Yan Tribe!"

"Don't talk blindly. I heard that the Ghostly Yan Tribe are up to something major this time around. I wonder if it's coming."

"I don't really believe it. Rumor has it that it was all based on Message Talismans from Wu Yu, and the Regent himself believed it thus. No one has even seen the titan yet - who knows if it is true? I have no idea what the Regent is thinking - if it is all crying wolf by Wu Yu, then won't we have wasted all our efforts?"

"I don't really believe it either. The Ghostly Yan Tribe are just prey for us. What can they do? Haven't their past rebellions all been shut down?"

"Those wretched existences are just there to be hated. Even if they don't put up a fight this time, we need to teach them a harsh lesson."

All kinds of opinions were ringing out within the eight fortresses. Perhaps the Yan Huang Tribe was a little too complacent, and so they were not fully focused. There were occasional lapses in the flow of Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy as they slacked off. Of course, the sheer number of people meant that the occasional lapse would not affect the overall super spirit design.

In the Demon Sealing Fortress, their vision followed the spirit design, looking into the Infernal Inferno. These experts realized that the ripples of energy coming from the Infernal Inferno were very intense.

"It's coming!" There was some nervousness now, and some were even speechless. Of course, the arguments had all dried up after hearing that it was the Ancient Emperor's order. They knew how grave this was, and understood why the Regent was taking this so seriously, to even bring all the nearby experts.

Their eyes hard, they looked towards the depths of the Infernal Inferno. Just at that moment, they saw a colossal silhouette, charging towards them with fist raised!

"So huge!"


"It's not only huge, but the power is incredible as well. Watch out, everyone!"

"Give it everything!" After seeing the Ancient Demon God, the Regent barked out his order snappily. At the other eight fortresses, the eight army generals heard and complied, and exhorted the Yan Huang Tribe to give it their all!

"The Ghostly Yan Tribe are here! Don't hold back!""

The originally relaxed Yan Huang Tribe could also feel the sheer magnitude of the tremors. It was as though some super beast was roaring, and all of them were a little fearful now. There was no way to run, and they still held some pride in their abilities. Therefore, at the crucial moment, all of them gave all the Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy they had!

Just as the Ancient Demon God attacked, the Ultimate Spirit Design of Heaven and Earth, Executioner of Demons was enhanced to another level!


From the shadows, the roar of the Ancient Demon God could be heard. The Yan Huang Tribe finally heard the voice of the Ghostly Yan Tribe! The ground-shaking cries were filled with hatred and rage. They swept across the Yan Huang Tribe and made them quail!

A historical clash, at this moment!

Wu Yu and Ye Xixi had their hearts in their throats now.

To Wu Yu, it seemed like time had slowed. In this moment, he saw the godly punch of the Ancient Demon God fly into the super spirit design. The super spirit design swallowed it, but popped like a balloon with an unearthly sound. It sounded like the entire Infernal Inferno was about to be flipped upside down! All was chaos!

All that could be heard was the battle cries of the Ghostly Yan Tribe, the enraged roars of the Ancient Demon God, and the power of the spirit design battering against his body with sickening sounds!

Bang, bang, bang!

A truly epic fight!

Wu Yu was currently submerged in magma, and could not see clearly.

And above the Infernal Inferno, in the skies, all could be seen clearly. The super spirit design had melded eight different powers,and released a huge and deafening explosion when hit!

But the punch of the Ancient Demon God was indeed terrific. From above, one could see that the flat ground which the nine fortresses had been built on was now caved downwards, taking the shape of a mountain. The Demon Sealing Fortress had become the peak of the mountain, while the entire spirit design had almost caved under the blow!

From a flat ground, beaten into a mountain. Such force was terrifying indeed. This also showed how amazing the spirit design was - even after being beaten out of shape, the super spirit design still did not break!

However, the Yan Huang Tribe, who were on the receiving end, realized how terrifying their opponent was!

"Back to your positions! Hold!"

"Don't let up! This battle will shine throughout the records of history! We cannot let the Ghostly Yan Tribe out!"

"Quick, Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy!"

As expected of the rulers of the Jambu Realm, the Yan Huang Tribe were still able to hold on in such circumstances. As they experienced the sheer horror of their opponent's strength, the Yan Huang Tribe overcame their panic and returned to their positions. This time, they madly poured in their Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. Everyone strived to level the mountain and restore the original shape of the spirit design!

"Trap the enemy within the spirit design! Without being able to go up or down, they will die! No one is allowed to be afraid!" Qu Yin's voice rang out over the Yan Dragon Fortress. That assault had fissured the ground and cracked the walls of the Yan Dragon Fortress. Like an angry beast, the roars of the Ghostly Yan Tribe filtered through even more clearly!

They finally understood that this was a worthy opponent that would not be easily taken down!

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