Chapter 0882: Super Spirit Design

As Wu Yu chased, he received more Message Talismans from Prince Le and Qu Yin. But because of his promise to Ye Xixi, Wu Yu did not reply.

However, from their previous questions, it seemed like the Regent had taken it seriously enough, and was acting at the fastest speed to assemble experts and head to the Infernal Inferno. They had also activated all the spirit designs and channeled spiritual power to boost the spirit designs.

Wu Yu had already done his share. He did not have a strong sense of affiliation with the Yan Huang Tribe, and what happened next would be up to them. At least Wu Yu had already done his due diligence.

Wu Yu and Ye Xixi were currently far behind the Ancient Demon God.

This Ancient Demon God was devastatingly powerful, and it stirred up the magma everywhere it went!

This was also why Wu Yu did not dare to get near.

However, perhaps because of its ponderous size, or prolonged hibernation, its movements were not well-coordinated. As a result, its speed was hindered, and Wu Yu could barely keep up behind it.

But this was already the maximum speed of the Somersault Cloud.

It was hard to say if the Yan Huang Tribe would be able to arrive before the Ancient Demon God and activate their spirit designs.

Wu Yu had spent a few days descending the Infernal Inferno to the location of the Flaming Devil Cave. But that was because he had been on guard against spirit designs and had taken it slowly. Wu Yu estimated that the breakneck pace of the Ancient Demon God would get him up within a day. That would be where the clash was.

He continued chasing upwards, completely heedless of the ghostly cultivators' traps. Because along the way, all spirit designs would be smashed to bits by the Ancient Demon God's rampage.

Ye Xixi could only follow closely, her thoughts in a mess. She wanted her father to win, and the Ghostly Yan Tribe to win. But as Wu Yu had said, she was uncomfortable about how many would die in this war. She naturally thought that Wu Yu would be unequivocally on the Yan Huang Tribe's side, and did not know how to face him at this time.

Meanwhile, Wu Yu was thinking.

"From the start, it was the Flaming Devil Cave that brought us into the world of black sand. There, the Curtain Lifting General's legacy awaited us. Does that mean we can assume this huge body is the corpse of the Curtain Lifting General...."

This flash of understanding came to Wu Yu as he stared at the towering titan in wonder.

"That's possible, indeed....

"Isn't he a god with the Jade Emperor?! Why is he here? And clearly he must have been dead for a long time...." Wu Yu could not wrap his head around this. How had an immortal died? Had he offended the Jade Emperor? That did not seem too possible.... Of course, he could not confirm that this was the Curtain Lifting General, or that he was indeed dead.

"Perhaps there is another explanation. But we cannot untangle this knotty situation right now. Perhaps your father and the others know the origins of this titan," Wu Yu mused.

"They don't. I've never heard them speak about it." Ye Xixi's face was tight with worry as she looked at the increasingly violent Ancient Demon God.

As time passed, Wu Yu knew that the Eight Main Armies would rapidly inform the training Yan Huang Tribe members to quickly return. Therefore, Wu Yu did not see many Yan Huang Tribe on their exodus. The temperature of the magma here was already at a level that could not be ignored.

"Wu Yu, are you alive?" Suddenly, a Message Talisman came from the Full Moon of Nanshan. Wu Yu had forgotten about him.

Prince Le had probably assumed that Wu Yu was dead after not receiving any reply from him.

The Full Moon of Nanshan was a shrewd one, and he must have sent this Message Talisman privately. Naturally, he would have sent this without Prince Le seeing, and so Wu Yu replied to reassure him.

He saw that the distance to the surface of the Infernal Inferno was shortening, and Wu Yu could make out the eight light sources ahead, of which the Yan Dragon Fortress was one of....


A clear day, the sun shining brightly. Time: noon.

An unusual silence blanketed the area as a scorching aura began to drift upwards to the sky.

Looking from above, the magma and black soil merged together underground. The red-hot magma had formed a huge network that occupied much of the ground. High in the sky, a fiery red net was smoking with thick, black smoke that curled towards the skies.

The middle one amongst the nine major fortresses was known as the Demon Sealing Fortress, the core of the spirit design. The surrounding eight belonged to the Eight Main Armies respectively, and were at the north, south, east, west, northeast, northwest, southeast, and southwest directions. All eight were equidistant from the central Demon Sealing Fortress.

They formed a huge eight trigram.

Everyone was as busy as bees in the skies above the nine fortresses.

On a huge warship, the Yan Huang Tribe members were clad in an assortment of armor, disembarking rapidly and then dispersing into the eight fortresses. All of them were completely open right now.

"Yan Dragon Army, each person takes up a spirit design point after entering the Yan Dragon Fortress. Funnel your Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy into it!"

It was Qu Yin, looking harassed in the skies above the Yan Dragon Fortress. His face and voice were severe - he was in battle mode!

Many Yan Dragon Guards were currently streaming into the Yan Dragon Fortress under Qu Yin's commands. The Yan Dragon Army was a different sight from before. Many of the buildings had disappeared, creating a wide, level platform. On it, there were many small platforms that stuck out like tree stumps. The Yan Dragon Guards were pushing their way forward to take up one spirit design point each.

Many Yan Dragon Guards had appeared here at the Yan Dragon Fortress in the tens of thousands, and taken up positions at the 100,000 spirit design points. They were mostly filled now - Qu Yin had mobilized basically all of the Yan Dragon Guards.

He had acted swiftly. The Yan Huang Ancient Country very seldom had such huge movements.

These Yan Dragon Guards simultaneously funneled their Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy into the spirit design points. The concerted effort\ of tens of thousands of people pouring energy into the Yan Huang Tribe's spirit design brought it to life, and an eighth of the spirit design above the Infernal Inferno was glowing. On the ground below, a huge, fiery mystical dragon twisted and roared!

Of course, this was but the start. The same was happening in the other seven fortresses, segregated outside the Yan Dragon Fortress' walls. The other eighth also began to light up, and a denses network of spirit design markings appeared. The spirit design looked a full 100 layers deep, and extended from the Infernal Inferno all the way to the surface. Within the spirit design, a huge, yellow dragon roared!

The grandness of this sight would only happen maybe once a century! It was definitely a scene of the grandest scale. The Yan Huang Tribe members who were individually contributing Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy were but one of millions. They were all at the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, and the combined Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy being channeled in was definitely an awesome force to behold!

After the Yan Dragon Fortress and the Huang Dragon Fortress, the other fortresses also began quickly. Soon enough, a huge spirit design appeared above the Infernal Inferno, with hundreds of layers and eight segments working together in cohesion. Under the war chants of the Yan Huang Tribe, the majestic spirit design began to turn, and the sky itself changed colors. It felt like the entire Yan Huang Ancient Region was coming to life!

Bang, bang, bang!

This was definitely the ultimate killing spirit design in the world. From outside, the sheer magnificence of the spirit design made it seem like an immortal's handiwork. And the layers of spirit design rumbled with unprecedented strength, a meat grinder with its mouth opened wide. It was aimed towards the inside of the Infernal Inferno, awaiting prey to take the bait.

Of course, this was still not the most complete form of the spirit design, because the main Demon Sealing Fortress had yet to take effect.

The Demon Sealing Fortress was currently at the central position, and this super design comprised of a few hundred spirit designs was known as the Ultimate Spirit Design of Heaven and Earth, Executioner of Demons! Built specifically to suppress the Ghostly Yan Tribe, the damage within the spirit design was all targeted at the Ghostly Yan Tribe. Ever since its creation, it was ceaselessly perfected, and had never been activated to such an extent. Because although the Ghostly Yan Tribe constantly made trouble, they had never threatened at a level that called for this ultimate spirit design before!

The Demon Sealing Fortress had a group of experts there, and if Wu Yu were there, he would recognize most of them. They were the aristocrats, generals, and imperial relatives that had been present at the appointment ceremony, all kinds of monstrous experts. Many had gathered here. Although not all the experts of the Yan Huang Ancient Country were here, a good number of those from the Immortal's Capital were present, and the Regent himself was present as the current authority.

He was currently directing them, and the head of the force.

This grand sight, while rousing, also incited some grumpiness. The Prime Minister asked, "Regent, did we trot out such a grand display all based on a few brief words from Wu Yu? That's too much, isn't it.... The Ghostly Yan Tribe does not have such ability. What is this titan corpse...."

Actually, many were of the same opinion.

The Regent looked at him and said, "Don't ask. This is an order from the Ancient Emperor."

There was silence then. And then everyone descended to the Demon Sealing Fortress, faces grim.

They prepared to activate this super spirit design's core.

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