Chapter 0881: The Battle of Millennia!

Wu Yu held the two Message Talismans in his hand, about to send them out.

He was a little flustered as well. After all, this was his first time seeing a living thing as powerful as an immortal. A horror.

Back in the day, the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord must have been equally horrifying! Even the immortals had been afraid....

"Big Brother Yu...." Suddenly, Ye Xixi called out to him.

Wu Yu started, and lifted his head. He would never forget Ye Xixi's tearful eyes as she looked at him with complex feelings. Her look held the culmination of her burdens, her thoughts, and her newfound relationship with Wu Yu.

"If you send them out, I might not be able to see the outside world...." she blurted out in a choked voice. She had been boisterous until a moment ago, but this scene had changed everything. She was no fool, and naturally knew that her tribe was taking their destiny with their own hands. They were fighting for liberation from the Infernal Inferno. She also knew that this was what the Ghostly Yan Tribe had been preparing for for countless generations. It was the highest purpose of their lives!

To escape imprisonment! To escape the jail! To be free! Freedom was something that all the ghostly cultivators thirsted for. Although Ye Xixi was not an ordinary ghostly cultivator, differentiated by her goodness and bravery, she also longed to be free. If not for Wu Yu, she might’ve been by the Holy Master's side right now, watching this magnificent scene!

Wu Yu was troubled. He did not send the Message Talismans.

In truth, he was not a Yan Huang Tribe member, and he could well feel that he could remain uninvolved in the war between the Yan Huang Tribe and the Ghostly Yan Tribe.

Conversely, Ye Xixi was very important to him right now. He did not want her to walk astray after obtaining an immortal's legacy. He, too, believed that the Curtain Lifting General was a good friend of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, and so he wished to take care of her.

The Ghostly Yan Tribe members were fighting to cast off countless years of imprisonment and humiliation, to chase their freedom. There was nothing wrong with that. But this giant made Wu Yu too scared. Even though it had nothing to do with him, this unknown entity might cause the deaths of too many. His rationality trumped his emotions.

"This thing is too fearsome. I cannot be certain that your father and the others have it well controlled. If he fights his way out, the casualties will be overwhelming. Right now, the Yan Huang Tribe is flourishing, and this blow does no one any good. All tribes will have grave casualties.... The Yan Huang Tribe is currently the strongest tribe in the entire Jambu Realm, and it is powerful. You cannot imagine it. Besides, the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor has the power of an immortal, and all the immortal kingdom emperors look to him as ruler.... Your family might also die in this war..... If you want to see the outside world, do so with your own efforts that will bring you to immortalhood. When you become immortal, and have the ability to face the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor as an equal, you can carve out a territory for the Ghostly Yan Tribe. That is the best way...."

Wu Yu could only talk to her this way. This was the best that he could think of. After all, Ye Xixi stood a very good chance of reaching immortalhood, and it would be no difficulty for an immortal to ask for a piece of land for their family and friends.

Although she was currently a ghostly cultivator, after obtaining an immortal's legacy, Wu Yu had full confidence that she could become an immortal.

Of course, that was a little iffy. At the least, the Holy Master of Flaming Devil Cave and his people would not believe any such thing. This was the chance that they had labored countless years for, their first gamble with their fate. They would definitely do this sacrifice justice, even if death or battle awaited them. They had been hunted by the Yan Huang Tribe throughout history, slaughtered as the debt of blood continued to build. Only cruel revenge would appease their anger!

Wu Yu could not stop anything. All he could do was send the two Message Talismans. And then he turned to Ye Xixi, saying, "I am sorry. I had to do it. I have no control over what happens next. Right now, we'll leave it up to fate, okay...."

Ye Xixi was crying. She was heartbroken and torn. Obviously, she would be inclined to take her parents' side, but she also felt that Wu Yu was right. Many would die in this bloody war, and she had no wish to cause those deaths, whether the lives were from her tribe or the Yan Huang Tribe.

"I really want to go out, but I don't want to kill all those people. That's a really high price.... If I can become immortal...." She struggled miserably, the first such dilemma of her life.

Wu Yu himself did not know if he had made the right choice, if it were genuine or sanctimonious justification. He finally understood that there was no absolute good or bad in this world. Many decisions could not be so simply generalized. He also berated himself for letting Ye Xixi down, but such a complex situation was difficult to resolve with a completely guiltless stance.

After all, becoming immortal was a far away dream, while the three dao crises and Great Trial of the Immortal Dao stood in their way. Who could guarantee that they would definitely reach immortalhood? Even Wu Yu himself had doubts....

Therefore, he offered a practical method to Ye Xixi, but it was a distant dream. He had to take responsibility for it. Because today, he had sent out those two Message Talismans right before Ye Xixi's eyes.

Just at this moment, Wu Yu obtained two reply Message Talismans. Qu Yin and Prince Le were both doubtful. One asked, "Are you sure? That powerful?” The other said, ”The Ghostly Yan Tribe is always up to something. There is nothing to fear. However, I will report to the Regent. Stay in touch. Keep safe.”

The former came from Prince Le, the latter from Qu Yin.

Prince Le asked for Wu Yu's reply, to clarify the situation. But he was hard-pressed to reply right before Ye Xixi. Doing this much, he felt that it was enough. Therefore, he stowed them away and extended his hands. "I promise not to interfere further. Let fate take its course."

After all, his own mind was conflicted. He did not like the Ghostly Yan Tribe, but he had to respect the fight in them. Because he, too, had that spirit. Besides, being cooped up and hunted, oppressed by the Yan Huang Tribe - that was a truth he could not deny.

"Okay. Thank you." Ye Xixi wiped away her tears. As Wu Yu extended his hands, she hugged Lazy with one hand and Wu Yu's waist with the other. The two embraced, and Wu Yu pinched her cheek. "We're left to watch, then. Are you willing to follow me upwards? Or will you return to your father?"

Ye Xixi hesitated for a moment. Just at this moment, the giant moved, triggering a huge reaction as the magma flooded out. Wu Yu and Ye Xixi were both swept up and sent flying, while the titan charged on upwards. His attack had already begun!

Luckily, Wu Yu had kept hold of her, or the two would have been thrown away to goodness knows where.

When their vicinity quietened, the titan had already vanished from their sight. Wu Yu called the Somersault Cloud and had Ye Xixi sit on it as well. The titan had already gone, and she had no other choice. Wu Yu could only bring her along in pursuit of the giant.

As for what he could do....

He had already promised Ye Xixi not to send any more Message Talismans. If the Regent took it seriously, he should be able to marshal defenses....

Even so, Wu Yu still followed in the titan's wake with a fearful heart.


A howl exploded from within the Flaming Devil Cave, a violent burst of air that sent the Ghostly Yan Tribe flying like flung-away ants. The Ghostly Yan Tribe hanging around at the mouth of the giant to watch the show almost peed their pants in fear, and hurried back down into deeper places.

The titan's body was crawling with Ghostly Yan Tribe members, like ants scuttling over its body. Both inside and on its body, although those outside were fleeing for cover inside.

Finally, only about 20 people with true power were left standing on the tongue. They were all white-haired elders, but one look belied their savagery despite their wizened appearances. Some had crimson hair, while others had bloody eyes. Some were scrawny as matchwood, while others were riddled and poxed. Some were caged in the brilliant, green flames, while others had two heads, or only half a body....

Amongst this bunch of evil-looking elders, only one looked relatively normal, a pale and frail youth who looked wasted with illness. At this time, all the elders were agitated and hopping about madly. Only he remained calm, his eyes shut.

"Holy Master, let us go! We can't wait anymore! If news leaks out, and they are ready, it will get hairy for us!"

"Let's go! As for Xixi, you've searched for so long already, and can't find her. Didn't you say she was swallowed up by the Ancient Demon God? That means she must be within the Ancient Demon God's body! She must have been chosen by the Ancient Demon God. When she reappears, she might even have some major transformation!"

"I think that is so as well. Xixi has been lucky since birth. This is no exception. We finally found a way to awaken the Ancient Demon God, and she established a connection with it. In any case, she will not be here at the Infernal Inferno. After we succeed, she might even reemerge."

"Holy Master, we are people who do great things. We have waited for the longest time for this moment. This is the most crucial moment, and we cannot waste time! Onwards! Don't forget our mission! Our noble Ghostly Yan Tribe has been humiliated like a pig or dog for tens of thousands of years! You said you’d lead us to change our fate, to exact a heavy price from the Yan Huang Tribe, and to help the Ghostly Yan Tribe rise again. We have waited tens of thousands of years for this moment. We cannot delay!"

"All of our brethren are waiting on your call!"

Finally, the Holy Master of the Flaming Devil Cave opened his eyes.

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