Chapter 0880: Ghostly Immortal Titan

This place had originated from the Curtain Lifting General. After choosing his successor, he would definitely not keep the pair here.

After they left, the space would naturally disappear.

The light ahead of them was their way out.

"Big Brother Yu, let's go that way!" Ye Xixi was in a good mood, both sweet and happy.

Wu Yu saw the black sand and river water vanishing before his eyes.

"The Great Sage, Heaven's Equal is affiliated with metal and fire, of which fire is the main element. As for Marshal Tian Peng, his affinity is water and wood, of which water is his main element. And this Curtain Lifting General seems to be a master of water and earth, the latter of which is the black sand. However, his main element should be earth. And there is a darkness to it as well."

Everyone had about two affinities, as well as their own specializations.

This also showed that there was a special relationship between them.

The three of them covered all five affinities. Of which, Marshal Tian Peng and Curtain Lifting General were both specialists in water.

However, Ye Xixi's prior training and dao cultivated by the Ghostly Yan Tribe revolved around fire and ghostly cultivation. Her ghostly cultivator dao was tinged with darkness, just like the Curtain Lifting General. But in terms of her fire, she might have to completely abandon it. Moreover, her already-cultivated four mystiques would probably be cast away subsequently as well.

Ye Xixi's journey would be slightly more difficult than Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan's because she had not come into her inheritance from young, and she had no guiding figure like Ming Long. She would probably have to communicate with the Demon Subduing Scepter and rely on her own effort to reap rewards from her legacy. Her rewards would depend on her own diligence and talent. If she was weak-willed and lazy, with no resolve to reach immortalhood, then she would find it hard to do so, even with an immortal's legacy.

However, Wu Yu guessed that it would not be so.

Thanks to Wu Yu's words just now, Ye Xixi was currently afire with enthusiasm.

It was when Wu Yu said that only by reaching immortalhood could she leave the Infernal Inferno and see the outside world, leaving this prison behind.

Wu Yu could see in her eyes that this was her current and greatest goal. It would be a powerful influence on her efforts from here on. Ye Xixi was filled with blind desire and strong will.

"Big Brother Yu, I will remember everything that you told me." She treated Wu Yu as the one who had changed her destiny.

Perhaps it was so.

As Ye Xixi said this, the two passed through the light, and they seemed to have been moved from one body of water to another. The previous one had been clear and calm, while this one was turbulent, molten metal. Wu Yu did not feel much of a difference, but even a Ghostly Yan Tribe member like Ye Xixi flinched, unaccustomed to such heat.

This heat and the molten magma around them indicated without doubt that they had returned to the Infernal Inferno.

Wu Yu had tied up all of his loose ends. He decided to leave first and claim the Unbounded Sky Pillar. As for Ye Xixi, she had to return to Holy Devil City, to establish proper communication with the Demon Subduing Scepter.

This adventure had been an avalanche of good fortune. Besides his regret of not being able to take Ye Xixi with him, everything else had ended ideally.

However, Wu Yu had not forgotten something very important. Right before he had entered the world of the Demon Subduing Scepter, the Flaming Devil Cave had been undergoing some monumental changes. Some time had passed since - what was the situation now?

When he and Ye Xixi returned to the Infernal Inferno, they immediately saw huge changes!

He and Ye Xixi spotted it at the same time, and were equally shocked. This was even more alarming than Wu Yu watching Ye Xixi get the immortal's legacy!

Because what had appeared before them was a humongous giant! He had emerged from the depths of the Infernal Inferno and was pushing aside the magma sludge. The colossal frame was the biggest living thing that Wu Yu had ever seen in his life!

It was like a nightmare - the size of the Ruyi Jingu Bang, propping up the heavens themselves. A being so huge, it could reach the clouds while standing on the ground.

Its size had no limits, and Wu Yu and Ye Xixi stood before it like specks of dust.

This giant was the first shock for the two.

And the second shock was that the skull of this giant was none other than the Flaming Devil Cave. It was in skeleton form, and  its eyes were shining with green light. The huge mouth was clearly seen with Wu Yu's Eyes of Fire and Gold, which saw that the Ghostly Yan Tribe's buildings were on its tongue! He could even see many Ghostly Yan Tribe members standing there, cheering and celebrating. They whooped and yelled, a dense cluster of people that looked as small as ants on the giant.

The third shock was even greater - the giant's body was not completed at this time. When Wu Yu emerged, he saw many pieces of "flesh" or "bone" - be it hand, leg, or visceral organs - forming and knitting together, eventually building a complete giant. Of course, they continued to shift after they had finished knitting together, adjusting to a more comfortable composition within the giant body.

"My God. That's all the main bases of the Ghostly Yan Tribe. The Flaming Devil Cave, the Ghostly Eye Cave, the Bloody Yan Cave, the Blood Sucker Cave.... All of them are here. The Flaming Devil Cave is the skull, while the other parts are forming the torso and limbs of the giant...."

Ye Xixi cried out. This also affirmed Wu Yu's conjecture. Wu Yu had guessed that at first glance as well. He also saw the oval Bloody Yan Cave forming what looked like the heart, and being assimilated into the deepest parts of the body. There were also many holes on it, and many were already joined up. A few were probably left to connect to other parts.

Through those holes, Wu Yu could see that many Ghostly Yan Tribe members were still peering out from within.

Not just the Flaming Devil Cave and the Bloody Yan Cave - all the other ghostly cultivator bases were thronged with people. Wu Yu recalled a middle-aged cultivator he had captured before, whose father had bade him to hurry back to the Flaming Devil Cave. Therefore, the majority of the ghostly cultivators were probably within this giant's body, under its skin and in its pores....

All the ghostly cultivator bases, with the Flaming Devil Cave as the head, had turned into a huge giant with an actual body....

This scene was beyond imagination. Wu Yu was even more flabbergasted than when he had seen the immortal's legacy, and Ye Xixi was the same way. Her jaw had dropped, and she was shaking her head, saying, "Impossible....”

The two had appeared just as the giant had finished assembling.

"How can this be...." Ye Xixi was overwhelmed with shock and panic. She could feel that this giant was alive, but all the Ghostly Yan Tribe members were inside it. Wouldn't they die...? Her parents were probably within.

Wu Yu strove to quell his rising panic. Struggling for composure, he was aware of the immense danger, and said, "Xixi, this should be the 'plan' that your father was talking about! I did not know that the bases of the Ghostly Yan Tribe had such a secret. Right now, your father and the others might be controlling this giant. Perhaps they intend to smash the spirit designs built by the Yan Huang Tribe over centuries, and rush out of Infernal Inferno back to the outside world...."

The more Wu Yu spoke, the more he believed that he was right!

If that were true, then the Eight Main Armies outside were in danger. This giant seemed to be a ghostly immortal-like being once it had been assembled. Wu Yu guessed that this giant must have once been some terrifying force, and he could again feel some greater presence towering above them all. A completely different caliber from martial cultivators - just like what Wu Yu would imagine immortals were!

Such a being might have died long ago, but Wu Yu got the feeling that his skeleton alone might stand a good chance at smashing the sealing spirit designs of the Yan Huang Tribe! This might be the strongest, most daunting answer to the countless defenses. It was also the most threatening one!

Wu Yu's brain was a mess. In his shock, he recognized the danger this giant posed to the Yan Huang Tribe, and perhaps even the Yan Huang Ancient Region. Although he did not feel like he was a part of them, he could only imagine how widespread the damage would be if the Infernal Inferno was breached and the Ghostly Yan Tribe was let out!

The casualties would be astronomical, and with all the hatred of the Ghostly Yan Tribe towards the Yan Huang Tribe contained within this weapon, it was impossible that they would not embark on a slaughter!

Besides, who knew if this giant could be controlled? If it was uncontrollable, then it could be a force as destructive as the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord, throwing the entire Jambu Realm into chaos....

The sheer force of the giant's roar made Wu Yu feel like he was not over-thinking.

"The Eight Main Armies are in danger. I have to warn them. I don't know how long this giant will take to reach the spirit designs...."

The sealing spirit designs would not stop the Message Talismans from Wu Yu and the others. Wu Yu pulled out two. This was all the help he could offer them. So deep in the Infernal Inferno, no other Yan Huang Tribe member knew what he had done. If he got the word out, and Qu Yin and the others took it seriously, then they should be able to muster some defense. Otherwise, being completely unprepared for this giant would result in a catastrophe....

The two Message Talismans were addressed to Qu Yin and Prince Le.

"Emergency! Deep in the Infernal Inferno, the Ghostly Yan Tribe is making a major movement! All the ghostly cultivator bases have merged into a colossal titan! My feeling is that it is comparable to a ghostly immortal! It might very well smash the sealing spirit designs and bring the Ghostly Yan Tribe back to the Jambu Realm! All the Ghostly Yan Tribe members are on this giant! Please let the Regent know at speed! This is the fruit of many years of the Ghostly Yan Tribe's devising! You must take it seriously! -Wu Yu."

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