Chapter 0879: The Three Siblings

Actually, Ye Xixi was quite a tough cookie once she got serious. Just like her first time meeting Wu Yu.

However, she would soften up after getting to know someone. Especially since Wu Yu had saved her in the black sand.

Right now, she was ecstatic and a little dizzy, and Wu Yu was in the right position to bring her back to Earth. 

Right now, she treated Wu Yu as a good friend. And perhaps a little more - after all, he might be the only one in her world with a similar set of circumstances.

"Then can I ask what the name of your immortal is? I feel like I saw a huge, metal rod...." Ye Xixi asked him hesitantly.

Wu Yu told her about the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, the Victorious Fighting Buddha, as well as the Ruyi Jingu Bang. Of course, he only told her the names. After all, even Wu Yu himself did not know how strong it was.

"Great Sage, Heaven's Equal.... This name sounds so much more awesome than the Curtain Lifting General. Isn't curtain lifting just lifting curtains? Aaah! I can't say that. If the great general hates me and flies away, I'll be in trouble!" Ye Xixi suddenly clapped her hand over her mouth at the end....

Her overly earnest expression was pretty comical. Did she really think that not saying it out meant that the Curtain Lifting General would not know? In the first place, who would immediately say that the immortal's legacy one had just obtained had dowdy names for both immortal and weapon....

However, perhaps the immortal did like this straightforward lass. Therefore, no recrimination appeared, and the Demon Subduing Scepter remained with her.

"The weapons of these two immortals happened to meet. Besides, all that occurred was very similar. Therefore, I guess that these two immortals must be very close in the Sky Palace. They might have the closest of relationships. Therefore, from now on, we also might need to fight closely alongside each other, and cultivate to immortalhood together." Wu Yu intended to get closer to her. He was even trying to think of a way to take her outside with him. The only difficulty was that the major spirit designs at the entrance of the Infernal Inferno were designed to bar the Ghostly Yan Tribe. Once activated, fearsome power would be unleashed.

"I think so too. Otherwise, why would we be so similar? Since we are connected by fate, then we have to fight together. It doesn't matter that you're a Yan Huang Tribe member and I'm a Ghostly Yan Tribe member, I guess. Hehe." Speaking of cultivation, the notion of "dao companion" had even flashed past Ye Xixi's mind, and caused her to blush. She thought that she was still far too young to think about such things, however.

"Then, can I call you Big Brother Yu? It feels a little distant to always be calling you by your full name. I still have many questions that I want to ask you in the future. You can just call me Xixi. Just Xixi...." Ye Xixi said shyly.

"Alright. But how old are you...." Wu Yu felt that she was probably older than he was.

"Me? I'm very talented. I'm already a 10th tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivator, but I'm only 85. Others of this age are not at this cultivation level yet. What about you, Big Brother Yu?" Ye Xixi said proudly.

In light of a 500-600 year lifespan at the Dao Querying Realm, 85 years was indeed a young girl's age. Put in terms of the lifespan of a mortal with 70-80 years, she was probably 15 or so....

However, a full tally of Wu Yu's years did not reach 50. And perhaps not even 30....

But seeing this young woman stare at him with such puppy-like eyes, he found it difficult to speak his true age. Therefore, he grinned and said, "I'm just... a little older than you are. Er, 90...."

"That's great. I thought you were younger than me. That would be embarrassing, hehe...." Ye Xixi said timidly.

Wu Yu's cultivation level was growing deeper and deeper, and it was not easy for others to identify his true age.

Perhaps she would hold this deception against Wu Yu after learning the truth. From Wu Yu's point of view, Ye Xixi was still not a worry. He pacified her a little more and told her that he would come to the Infernal Inferno often. If she had any worries, she could always speak to him. Ye Xixi nodded consent to all of the above. Clearly, she trusted Wu Yu deeply.

Or perhaps she was thrilled that two people would have immortals' legacies.

"One more thing," Wu Yu said.

"What is it?"

Wu Yu said, "Not long ago, I met someone else. He's a demon that goes by the name of Full Moon of Nanshan. He's one of my best friends now, and I consider him my brother. We also got to know each other through our immortals' legacies. In this world, only he and I had immortals' legacies, and now, with you, there are three of us. He also gained his immortal's legacy from young."

"Three! And a demon!" Ye Xixi was very surprised!

"His immortal is known as Marshal Tian Peng, also known as the Envoy of the Cleansed Altar. It's said that he rules over 100,000 generals and soldiers in the Sky Palace, although I don't know if that's true. He's said to use a weapon called the Supreme Gold Harrow, which is quite powerful. He has a lot of skill," Wu Yu introduced.

"Marshal Tian Peng? Supreme Gold Harrow? Pretty dullish names too. Truly a bunch of birds of a feather.... Isn't the harrow used to till the ground?" Ye Xixi asked doubtfully.

Wu Yu realized that she had another talent - insults.

Before she had pointed it out, Wu Yu had not even cared about how dull these names were, or otherwise....

If Marshal Tian Peng and the Curtain Lifting General knew what she had said, would they forcefully switch to another heir....

"Is this Full Moon of Nanshan a good guy? I don't really like demons. They're an aggressive lot, and also rather dirty and ugly," Ye Xixi asked. She blurted out her honest feelings.

Wu Yu smiled and said, "Don't worry. The Full Moon of Nanshan looks like... exceptionally handsome, very genteel.... A good demon. Not like the kind you're imagining."

"Then, what sort of demon is he? Tiger demon? Lion demon? Or some exotic bloodline?"

"As for that, you will know when you meet him. The next time I come, I will definitely bring him with me," Wu Yu said.

"Tsk. Leaving me hanging." Ye Xixi rolled her eyes.

Wu Yu was not trying to leave her hanging. He was afraid that he would scare her. Let her imagine what she would first. Wu Yu was also looking forward to seeing her expression when she saw that it was a pig. The Full Moon of Nanshan would also tease her for sure.

Now that he had gotten to know a new talented little sister, Wu Yu was in excellent spirits. He reckoned that the Full Moon of Nanshan would also be extremely happy to hear this. However, Wu Yu had hidden the fact that he was a lecherous pig, and an innocent girl like Ye Xixi could not be allowed to be deceived by that boar. After all, the Full Moon of Nanshan had no notion of dao companionship and liked to play around.

"I really want to go out into the world with you all, but my daddy won't let me leave. Besides, we can't leave the Infernal Inferno anyway, pooh pooh...." Ye Xixi suddenly sighed, her face creasing with worry. Her downcast expression made one's heart ache.

"I heard that the world outside doesn't have so much hot magma, and is like the Holy Devil City everywhere. Huge...." Two tears rolled down Ye Xixi's face.

Wu Yu was a little stirred. Ye Xixi was not as ignorant as he had assumed. She had her own way of thinking, and Wu Yu could also deeply empathize with her. The feeling of being trapped in a jail forever was a frightening notion. Every time she thought of this, she must’ve felt despair. After so many years, she had to be filled with longing for the outside world, but reality was a cruel thing....


Wu Yu was at a loss as to how to console her, because he too was conflicted. He saw the outside world, and also the Ghostly Yan Tribe. He was not willing to let the cruel ghostly cultivators back into the outside world - that was something he had considered from his own perspective. But seeing someone like Ye Xixi long for the outside world, he was moved.

"Actually, you can. If one day you complete your dao and reach immortalhood, you can not only go out, but also fly to the Sky Palace. And if you're strong enough, those spirit designs will not be able to stop you. Perhaps you had no chance in the past, but now there are chances aplenty. Don't be dispirited. Perhaps it will only be a few years." Wu Yu had finally thought of something comforting to say.

"Got it, Big Brother Yu. Thank you." Ye Xixi pursed her lips. Although her tears were still shining, at least she was smiling.

"If I think of a way, I might be able to take you out before that. But I cannot be neutral in the affairs of the Ghostly Yan Tribe and the Yan Huang Tribe. Does that make you unhappy?" Wu Yu asked.

"No. I know that it's a historical affair, and also that the cultivation methods of the ghostly cultivators are too cruel. It is too hasty for results, and even harmed many in the outside world in the past. My daddy says that this is all karma...." Wu Yu had not expected her to be so knowledgeable about all this.

"But he wants to let the Ghostly Yan Tribe back outside?"

Ye Xixi nodded. "He says that everybody has the right to fight for survival. Even if he loses his life, he will not regret it."

Wu Yu understood.

Wu Yu could not judge the Holy Master of the Flaming Devil Cave for his belief. The right to fight for one's life was universal. He had the right, and Wu Yu did too. All effort was equal, and no one should be held up above the other.

"Oh, also, how do we leave this place?" After speaking at such lengths, they had forgotten the most important thing.

Wu Yu looked around him.

Just as they mentioned this, the entire world crumbled before them and the light appeared.

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