Chapter 0878: Warning

"Are you sure? If you lie to me, you will be a damned turtle!" Ye Xixi was euphoric and also fidgety. 

"Anything you say is fine. Regardless, I was just telling the truth," Wu Yu answered indifferently. 

"Haha! I'm really lucky!" Ye Xixi finally let her emotions run high. Her face was flushed red from agitation as she jumped onto Wu Yu and held on to him. As for Lazy, she threw it out when she got too agitated. 

"This is great! I'm going to become an immortal! I'm so happy! Curtain Lifting General, Golden-bodied Arhat. You are the best! Haha...." She lost her composure from ecstasy and even wanted to pick Wu Yu up. 

“Meow! Meow!” When the All Amalgamating Cat saw Ye Xixi throwing it away and was even hugging others, it became annoyed instantly. It curled up and growled at Wu Yu, seemingly wanting to challenge Wu Yu to a fight. 

"Lazy!" It was then that Ye Xixi saw it. She instantly picked it up and rubbed its cheeks. While grinning, she exclaimed, "I'm going to be an immortal. When the day comes, you will be my mount. I'll bring you to roam the palaces and to all corners of this world!" 

"Alright. Stop this lunacy. I was fooling you." Wu Yu suddenly poured a bucket of cold water on her. 

"Huh?" Ye Xixi was distraught. She felt like she was falling from the Sky Palace to hell! 

"Haha! I was playing with you. What I said before is true. I'm not kidding you. However, I'm not finished with what I need to say." 

Seeing how euphoric she was, Wu Yu thought it was interesting and hence played around with her.

Clearly, their relationship had improved. At this point, Ye Xixi was both furious and joyous. She pretended to be angry and bemoaned, "Don't joke about this. You will scare me to death!" 

"Alright. Listen now. Let me ask you. Did you hear anyone else speaking other than the voice from the Demon Subduing Scepter? For example, voices from lingering souls?" Wu Yu had Ming Long and the Full Moon of Nanshan had an old man that came from an even older age than Ming Long. Therefore, Wu Yu wanted to inquire about it. If there was, that person might know even more. 

Ye Xixi restrained her ecstasy, stood obediently before Wu Yu, and answered honestly, "Nope. There isn't any other person. Just a Demon Subduing Scepter and a voice. I can't even see it and don't even know where it is now!" 

Truth be told, this was testament to her wholeheartedly believing in Wu Yu. After all, this was a grave matter concerning an immortal's legacy. If it were anyone else from the Ghostly Yan Tribe, they would definitely not have admitted to Wu Yu that they had inherited an immortal's legacy. Moreover, they would’ve definitely killed Wu Yu to silence him. However, Ye Xixi saw Wu Yu as someone who could answer her queries or perhaps a support that she could trust. 

"No one?" Wu Yu felt that the person might not have appeared yet. There was a possibility that there was no one too. After all, these immortals were all mysterious, and he couldn't possibly rule anything out. 

"Alright, what I'm going to say now is the most important part." Wu Yu got closer and stood right before her. He lowered his head, stared into his eyes, and his expression turned solemn once again. 

"What is it that you are going to say? You don't have to be so intimidating...." Ye Xixi was a little frightened by him. 

Wu Yu's eyes were like torches after assimilating the might of the Elixir of Fire Spirit. When he spoke now, he seemed to possess gravitas. "Do you know what it means to have an immortal's legacy? And especially so for one of this level? If you let anyone other than me, or if others learn that you have inherited an immortal's legacy, the consequences will be dire. First, the entire Ghostly Yan Tribe will want to kill you so as to steal your legacy. If the Yan Huang Tribe or outsiders learn about it, the whole world will be hunting you down! Your Ghostly Yan Tribe might even be exterminated and the Infernal Inferno will be flipped upside down. Everyone has a desire for objects that are immensely rare. You might not know of the dangers of the cultivation world yet. This is the most important warning that I can give you. You definitely, absolutely can't tell anyone about it. Otherwise, before you become an immortal, you will die a tragic death. In fact, you can't tell anyone even after you become an immortal! Do you understand what I'm saying?" 

Wu Yu was solemn and every word he said struck Ye Xixi hard. Ye Xixi was different from the Full Moon of Nanshan. Her world was beautiful and she lacked life experience. As for the Full Moon of Nanshan, he had emerged from countless killings in a prison. He knew how to protect himself. 

"I... I understand.... Yeah, everyone would want it. After all, everyone wants to become an immortal and become stronger. Something so precious would naturally draw many people to fight over it. That is natural.... I know you are kind to me and this is for my own good. However, can't I even tell my father and mother...?" 

Her eyes wavered while looking at Wu Yu. Her first thought previously was to convey this piece of good news to her father and mother. 

"You absolutely, definitely cannot tell them. In this world, only you and I can know," Wu Yu told her seriously. 

Just as Ming Long had reminded him, Wu Yu had thought about it. Regardless of whether she was a ghostly cultivator, now that things had happened as such and the Demon Subduing Scepter had chosen her, Wu Yu would have to bind her to him. 

She was like a piece of white paper currently and possessed such incredible potential. She might be led towards the abyss of evil by other ghostly cultivators. If that were the case, it would be a catastrophe for many others. 

Regardless of whether it was for justice or personal interests, Wu Yu firmly believed that he should have control over her. Obviously, this was all for the good of Ye Xixi. Otherwise, with her personality, she wouldn't be able to hold this secret. Her outcome would be perilous. 

Therefore, what he needed to do now was to be firm. 

"Why can't I tell my father and mother? They wouldn't harm me...." Ye Xixi said with grief. 

Looking from Wu Yu’s perspective, he felt that it was dangerous to let the Holy Master of the Flaming Devil Cave know about it. When he learned about it, even if he didn't snatch what belonged to his daughter, he would likely raise Ye Xixi as a heroic figure that would fight for the Ghostly Yan Tribe. If she grew sufficiently strong, she might pose a great threat to the Yan Huang Ancient Country or even trigger a huge war between the two races. At that time, more people would be killed. This was a selfish consideration on Wu Yu's part. However, he had also done it from the perspective of maintaining peace. He wouldn't want Ye Xixi to be someone controlled by hatred. 

Therefore, he had to be clear with her. 

Wu Yu answered, "I know your father and mother treat you well. It is just that an immortal's legacy is too important. I don't know what your parents would think about it, or if they would let others know. Before you can fully master those Immortality Arts, it's better to keep a low profile and not say a thing. If you really have to, wait a little longer and after you discuss with me. This is in consideration of your safety...." 

"So that's how it is. Alright, I'll hide it for the moment. It's fine not to talk about it as well. All I want is for them to share my joy a little." Ye Xixi was an obedient girl, and it seemed like she was a little fond of Wu Yu. 

Truth be told, Wu Yu thought that Ye Xixi was great. However, the Ghostly Yan Tribe wasn't a peaceful race. Their counterattack and strengthening would result in an apocalypse for the world. Wu Yu was afraid that Ye Xixi would be controlled by the Ghostly Yan Tribe. After all, there were times when she really didn't have her own thoughts. 

"However, Wu Yu. How do you know so much? From what I saw previously, the Demon Subduing Scepter flew towards you first. Why did it eventually land on me.... Why do I feel like it didn't choose me at first? Did you give it to me...?" Ye Xixi asked. She was a little conscious back then. At that time, she felt that the mysterious weapon wasn't heading for her. She didn't feel any pressure. However, she seemed to have seen another thing appear above Wu Yu then. 

"I got it! Was it because it chose you first because you withstood the trial of the black sand. However, after discovering you already had an immortal's legacy, it came to me! Yeah. You are so mysterious. With such a low cultivation level, you still have so many means. You must have inherited an immortal's legacy, right? Since you have an immortal's legacy, the Demon Subduing Scepter ended up choosing me. Am I right?" Ye Xixi provided her conjecture in ecstasy. 

She was pretty intelligent to have been able to guess this. Obviously, linking the reason why Wu Yu knew so much and his previous performances, it wasn't hard to come up with this explanation. The truth was, Wu Yu had no intention of hiding it from her. 

This was because it wasn't possible to do so. When she became more familiar with the Demon Subduing Scepter, her acuity towards Wu Yu would also be sharper. This was similar to the Full Moon of Nanshan correctly identifying Wu Yu as someone similar to him after seeing Wu Yu. 

When Ye Xixi questioned him in agitation, Wu Yu nodded just like she had wished. He said, "I got it way earlier than you. That was when I just started cultivating. In other words, I was initially a mortal without any talent. Because of my immortal's legacy, I eventually took the path to immortality. In this aspect, you have a way higher starting point than me." 

Ye Xixi was still a great person. If it were any other person, after learning that he had something she had, jealousy might have welled up and perhaps even thoughts of removing Wu Yu. However, she appeared to be exceptionally euphoric, even more so than previously. It was as though she was glad to find someone who shared the experience as her. She said, "That's great. In that case, we are the same. You know about my secret and I know about yours. Rest assured, I definitely won't tell anyone about your immortal's legacy, not even my parents. Otherwise, I'll be a smelly turtle, alright?" 

"From today onwards, we will be good friends. I'll naturally believe that you won't leak it. It is also to protect both of us. Neither of us should let any other person know, and this will be beneficial to both of us." Wu Yu knew he had to tell her clearly in such a manner. This was to prevent her from speaking carelessly and drawing lots of trouble to him. In the mortal world, an immortal's legacy was too outstanding. If not for the fact that he could not hide it from her, Wu Yu would’ve considered not telling her. After all, even Luo Pin and Nangong Wei didn't know about this. 

"Good friends. Yeah! We are good friends!" Ye Xixi was joyous like a blooming flower. She probably had few friends other than Lazy. Therefore, at this moment, Lazy was a little envious of Wu Yu. It slouched in Ye Xixi's embrace and looked towards Wu Yu with hatred. It was as though it wanted to land a few strikes on Wu Yu. 

"Meow!" And now it flashed its claws. 

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