Chapter 0877: Curtain Lifting General

Regarding this, Wu Yu possessed significant clarity. 

First, he hadn't just inherited the legacy of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, but also had his Heaven Devouring Avatar. In terms of talent and scale of potential, there was no longer anyone who could be compared to him. For what he had, as long as he could successfully grow up, he was confident that he would be an unprecedented cultivator. 

Second, as the saying goes, don't bite off more than you can chew. Even if the new immortal's legacy had gone to him, he would have too many tricks up his sleeves. This would only create more chaos. 

Thirdly, and perhaps the most important point, he was able to see the difference between the Full Moon of Nanshan and himself. The most distinct difference was in their daos. Similarly, from the weapon of the third immortal and also the tumultuous water and black sand, Wu Yu could tell that their daos would be different as well. As such, he wouldn't mix in other things when he had achieved success in his dao. If he did, his past efforts would only go in vain from the disorientation. 

Judging from these three factors, he wouldn't have other thoughts for this immortal's legacy. Moreover, he was confident that even the Full Moon of Nanshan's legacy or the legacy before him wouldn't be better than the legacy of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal. 

As for the thought that Ye Xixi had benefited because of him, Wu Yu didn't take it to heart. If he could, he would’ve wanted to give it to someone closer to him. For example, Wu You. However, after giving it more thought, Wu You wasn't fit for cultivation. Moreover, Wu Yu had not interfered when that mysterious weapon was making the decision. The fact that he had chosen Ye Xixi in the end would only mean that she was acceptable to him. Wu Yu also believed that an existence like this wouldn't just settle for Ye Xixi if she wasn't suitable. 

Furthermore, upon giving it more thought, although Ye Xixi was a ghostly cultivator, she had saved his life before. She could be said to be kind and cute. She truly deserved this immortal's legacy. 

After straightening his thoughts, Wu Yu no longer felt any emotional baggage or regret. Now he was waiting patiently for Ye Xixi to wake up. He believed Ye Xixi was probably having a good dream. That dream should be similar to when he first dreamt of the Ruyi Jingu Bang. At that time, he was definitely shocked. From the expression on the girl now, she looked really in awe and full of admiration. It should be a great dream for her. 

After an hour, Ye Xixi finally opened up her eyes. When her black and bright eyes saw Wu Yu the very moment she opened them, she felt a little more at ease. After which, she surveyed the surroundings and found that this place had quieted down and was no longer a threat to her life. It was then that she said, "We are finally safe. What just happened? To think that I'd fall asleep in such a dangerous place, how embarrassing... You can let go of me now!" 

At this moment, with the danger gone, she could feel her Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy returning. With Wu Yu carrying her, she was flushed with embarrassment. 

Seeing how she was anxious and nervous now, Wu Yu knew that he had to sever the relations between them before they developed in a certain direction. After all, he already had someone in mind. For him, if the relationship between them were really great, that was because Ye Xixi gave him more of the feeling of a sister. She wasn't the type that would move his heart. 

After Wu Yu released her, she played around with Lazy for some time before looking at Wu Yu apologetically. "What just happened? I think I had a strange dream. It felt really magical and it seemed like I had obtained something...." 

At this point, Wu Yu turned a little more stern and said, "This isn't a joke. There's something important that I have to tell you. You have to be serious and listen carefully. This will be extremely crucial to you in the future. Do you understand?" 

"That wasn’t a dream?" Ye Xixi was still a little puzzled and looked at Wu Yu blankly. Perhaps because of Wu Yu's solemnity, she was on her best behavior and listened carefully. After all, she recalled that Wu Yu had saved her life moments ago in this place. 

Wu Yu stood before her but wouldn't want to intimidate her. Therefore, he adopted a friendlier tone and asked, "First, you should have heard of the weapon's name in your dream. The weapon should be the one we saw previously, the one you said looked a little like a bucket-carrying pole. What's its name?" 

Perhaps that mysterious weapon knew that Wu Yu was aware of its identity. Therefore, when Wu Yu was questioning her, it didn't react. If someone unrelated were to ask, that mysterious weapon would definitely not have allowed her to speak. 

"How did you know about my dream...." Ye Xixi's eyes widened in disbelief. 

"Just tell me. I'll give you an answer later," said Wu Yu. 

"Oh. Alright...." She took some time to recall before saying, "The weapon I saw in the dream is the one we saw previously. One end resembles a crescent spear, while the other end resembles an axe. The only difference is that it was way larger and even reached into the skies. Its name? I think it should be the Demon Subduing True Scepter? Or perhaps just Demon Subduing Scepter? I can't remember clearly. All I know is it was a dullish name. However, the scene was too grandiose. When I saw it flip over, the earth and heaven turned along with it. The stars in the skies were even falling like raindrops and the magma underground erupted...." 

Demon Subduing True Scepter? 

From the naming style, it was really similar to the Ruyi Jingu Bang and the Supreme Gold Harrow. Truth be told, they did sound a little crude. However, these were the weapons of immortals. Their names wouldn't really matter. 

Wu Yu remembered this name. After which, he continued asking, "What's the name of that person? Does he have two names?" 

"How do you know?" Ye Xixi's eyes widened once again. She felt as though Wu Yu had taken a peek into her dream and knew everything. This time, she was a little impressed by him. 

"I know a lot more. You can answer me first before I help you with your queries," answered Wu Yu. 

Ye Xixi had completely bought in. She took her time to recall and tilted her head before saying, "From that Demon Subduing Scepter, a voice told me he was the Curtain Lifting General? He said he was the number one imperial general in the Sky Palaces and a Golden-bodied Arhat. Those are just a bunch of strange names. Wait a minute. What did he mean by an imperial general? Isn't he just someone that has to follow the emperor around and protect him? He's not that great after all, what imperial general!?" 

In folklore, the ruler of the Sky Palaces would obviously be the Jade Emperor. His full name was the "Impeccable Supreme Jade Emperor, Utmost Venerated Wonderful Natural Maitreya of the Golden Towergate in the Bright Heaven" and was an absolute high and mighty existence that reigned over the Sky Palaces. If the Curtain Lifting General was someone that followed and served the Jade Emperor, he shouldn't be any worse than Marshal Tian Peng, who controlled 100,000 generals and soldiers in the Milky Way.... 

Wu Yu realized that the positions of Marshal Tian Peng and Curtain Lifting General seemed to be really high based on their titles. One of them was a marshal of the Milky Way, while the other was an imperial general. From these titles, they should be elite immortals in the Sky Palaces. Therefore, their legacies wouldn't be the same as the legacies of ordinary immortals. 

As for the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, he didn't know what kind of existence he was. From the title, it was hard to tell anything. It was just that through cultivation, Wu Yu had started gaining a better understanding of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal. After going through the Taigu Immortal Path, he had a vague understanding that he was probably an even more exceptional immortal. This was because he dared to claim he was equal to the heavens! 

Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, Marshal Tian Peng, Curtain Lifting General.... 

What kind of existences were these three immortals? What kind of relationship did they share?

All of a sudden, Wu Yu could feel his heart thumping hard. When the third immortal's legacy surfaced, he had a deeper feeling that the legacies that the three of them had received were truly extraordinary. Their legacies were definitely from major immortals of the Sky Palaces! 

However, for key immortals to lose even their most crucial weapons and leave their legacies behind, it was very likely that they had encountered a mishap. Why would existences of their level still encounter a disaster? 

What had happened to them? 

What had happened to the Sky Palaces? 

If he had a chance to become an immortal in the future, he would have his answer when he visited the Sky Palaces. 

Wu Yu was immersed in deep thought and shock. 

"Wu Yu... what does it mean by the Sky Palaces...." Ye Xixi was in ecstasy at this point and was staring at Wu Yu. 

It was then that Wu Yu recovered from his astonishment. 

Regardless, he was exceptionally curious. What had happened to the three immortals? He had a burning desire to solve the mystery. However, he knew that the current him would have no means of understanding, and Ming Long didn't have the slightest clue. Perhaps he would know something after becoming an immortal. However, he was far from reaching that day. 

At this point, Ming Long said, "Your relationship with the Full Moon of Nanshan is great now. Since fate brought you two together, you have to build a good relationship with this girl. At the very least, don't leave her with the Ghostly Yan Tribe to be an evil person even though she was a ghostly cultivator to start with. It would be even better if your relationship became so great that she would wholeheartedly follow you." 

These were Ming Long's thoughts after considering the big picture. 

Obviously, Wu Yu was aware as well. Forming good relationships was alright. However, if he wanted her to follow him, the Holy Master of Flaming Devil Cave would definitely not be agreeable. Moreover, the Yan Huang Tribe would also not allow a single member of the Ghostly Yan Tribe to leave the Infernal Inferno. This would be a relatively more daunting task. 

However, he knew that guiding Ye Xixi at this point was extremely crucial. 

He spoke solemnly to Ye Xixi. "You are right and really lucky to inherit the legacy of an immortal from the Sky Palace. The Curtain Lifting General might very well be an imperial general to the Jade Emperor often mentioned in the legends! His other name is the Golden-bodied Arhat. From today onwards, you will be an inheritor of an immortal's legacy. The sky is your limit, even more so than you being the daughter of the Holy Master of Flaming Devil Cave. There's a very high chance that you will become a real immortal in the future. You could say that what happened today is the most crucial moment that changed your fate! Congratulations. In the future, you can try exploring the various mystical spiritual arts in the Demon Subduing Scepter. I can guarantee you will be a lot more incredible than you are now!" 

Wu Yu's voice was like a gong, clearly reaching her. Ye Xixi listened from the start to the end, and Wu Yu can tell that she was in a dazed state. When Wu Yu finished speaking, she still stared blankly at Wu Yu and clearly couldn't believe what she had heard. 

"You... Are you scamming me? Or perhaps just trying to cheer me up...." Ye Xixi commented weakly. 

Wu Yu chuckled and said, "If that were the case, I'd be a little doggy!" 

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