Chapter 0876: Immortals' Legacies

"What, is there something wrong?" Ye Xixi had come around a little. She squirmed around so her back was pressed against Wu Yu's. Therefore, she could lift her head a little. With Wu Yu blocking the black sand for her with his palm, she could see a little ahead. However, her eyes were not as good as Wu Yu's Eyes of Fire and Gold, so she could not see anything at this time.

"No idea. Let's go see."

The two advanced slowly. After a while, Ye Xixi could see a little as well, while Wu Yu basically saw clearly. In a nutshell, it was a weapon, but it was a little strange. Without looking at the two ends, it was a black staff. But the two ends were modified. One end resembled a crescent spear, while the other end resembled an axe. But it was different from ordinary axes as well. The blade was positioned downwards, and also very sharp. It reeked of blood and violence. 

On one end, the crescent spear, on the other, the huge axe. It had a convex and concave feel to it. Of course, this keen and brutal double-edged weapon moved Wu Yu powerfully when he laid eyes on it.

This shock even shook his Primordial Spirit.

The shock was not as strong as when Wu Yu first laid eyes on the Ruyi Jingu Bang. But the Milky Way Suppressing Godly Metal Treasure that Wu Yu had seen in his dreams was always so ethereal, while this mysterious and brutal weapon was a solid reality before him! Wu Yu saw it so clearly with his Eyes of Fire and Gold!

And the clearer he saw it, the more it moved Wu Yu. The two ends of this murder weapon were not just for show. They were like two feral beasts currently staring Wu Yu down fiercely. Ancient eyes that seemed to have been born with the world and seen the turmoil of life throughout the ages. They stared into the depths of Wu Yu's Primordial Spirit....

"What is that?" Ye Xixi's eyes widened. She could basically make it out now.

"Thick on both ends, like a bucket-carrying pole," Ye Xixi said doubtfully.

She was able to make light of it, so she probably had not been as affected.

As for Wu Yu, he had been completely sucked in. He was completely shaken, and he knew that the turbulent waters and black sand had to be revolving around this mysterious weapon! This weapon was the epicenter of the chaos. The maelstrom of black sand raced around it!

At this moment, Wu Yu's brain was obsessed with a weapon of this class, and he paid no attention to Ye Xixi's prattle.


Just as she finished speaking, the mysterious weapon evidently sensed their approach. Wu Yu saw with the Eyes of Fire and Gold that the mysterious weapon was charging towards them!

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

The mysterious weapon came spinning over, and both deadly heads ripped through water and black sand as though it were splitting the world in half!


The mysterious weapon was headed straight for Wu Yu's skull.

However, Wu Yu felt no danger. Perhaps somewhere deep down, he felt like this thing would not threaten his life. This feeling felt like it came from... the Ruyi Jingu Bang!


As expected, the mysterious weapon halted before Wu Yu, but it had changed. It was now only as long as a finger and slightly thicker than a toothpick. It was exquisitely delicate.

Of course, its power remained unchanged despite its size, and it was still a powerful force to behold.

This mysterious weapon had stopped before Wu Yu, hovering above Ye Xixi's head. She was angling her head upwards to regard the weapon with a mixture of dread and curiosity.

This moment felt like the most important moment of Wu Yu's life. Time itself seemed to have stopped. Although the mysterious weapon was small, it was so close to him that Wu Yu could see the mystical markings running down its length, and also the two weapons on either ends. This weapon gave him a completely different feeling from advanced dao treasures, or even the Floating Dreams Pagoda and Demon Hall of Dao Techniques. It was another feeling altogether, one that the Milky Way Suppressing Godly Metal Treasure and the Ruyi Jingu Bang gave him.

At this moment that time was stopped, Wu Yu felt something rush out. This feeling had just come to him when he saw something fly out at his brow. It lasted just an instant, but Wu Yu felt ready to weep hot tears. Since the Bipo Mountain Range, this was the first time he had seen the Ruyi Jingu Bang!

It had appeared!

Wu Yu was unable to take it in fully, as the mysterious weapon gently knocked against the Ruyi Jingu Bang. A clatter rang out very lightly, but it continued to ring in their ears. When the two clashed, it seemed like all the black sand and turbulent waters had ceased....

The clash between two mysterious weapons in perfect harmony....

In the next instant, the Ruyi Jingu Bang seemed to have established some connection and then returned to Wu Yu. Wu Yu could clearly see it, then he felt it disappear within his body. He could also see a black cloud of mist near the center that was the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord.

After going quiet, everything resumed movement again.

Wu Yu saw an incredible scene.

The mysterious weapon continued to sink downwards, opening a bloody wound on the shiny head of Ye Xixi. It entered her brain. Just as Wu Yu was worrying, he saw that her skull had already begun to mend itself. The mysterious weapon completely vanished, while Ye Xixi suddenly slumped into Wu Yu, her hands drooping as though she had fallen asleep. If Wu Yu had not caught hold of Lazy, the white cat would probably have fallen.

Wu Yu had been a little worried, but he could see for himself that she seemed to be sleeping, and not in any mortal danger.

And then a new change, which was that the waters had finally quietened. The tumultuous black sand had also subsided, sinking down. The world was no longer dangerous for Wu Yu and Ye Xixi.

Wu Yu could release her at this time. It had been cumbersome to hold her like that before. Therefore, he switched to cradling her in his arms instead. Ye Xixi was much smaller, and in his Immortal Ape Transformation form, she seemed like his daughter....

And Wu Yu realized that he could use his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy now. This showed that the world's animosity to them had completely faded.

"Meow!" Seeing Ye Xixi faint, the All Amalgamating Cat was running circles in worry, throwing pleading glances Wu Yu's way. Although it was a Spirit of the Universe, it had a great relationship with its owner.

"Don't worry, she should be fine. After she wakes up, she'll probably have a great transformation," Wu Yu reassured the All Amalgamating Cat.

"Meow...." The All Amalgamating Cat, reassured, sprawled on Ye Xixi's chest and looked at her face.

Wu Yu and Ming Long were discussing.

Ming Long was rather worked up. "Do you remember that the Full Moon of Nanshan had an immortal's legacy as well? It came from a weapon known as the Supreme Gold Harrow. He therefore got all kinds of mystiques and dao techniques that were comparable to yours. From a little boar demon, he grew to where he is today. As for you, you felt a sense of kinship and familiarity when you laid eyes on him."

"Of course I remember. Besides me, he was the second person to obtain an immortal's legacy. The legacy is said to have come from Marshal Tian Peng, also called the Envoy of the Cleansed Altar. Like the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, who was also known as the Victorious Fighting Buddha.”

"The Ruyi Jingu Bang and the Supreme Gold Harrow should be on good terms. They might even be close to immortals' weapons themselves. Therefore, you can be similar to the Full Moon of Nanshan. And that weapon just now saw the Ruyi Jingu Bang make a personal appearance in acknowledgement. This means that it might be a third immortal's legacy! On top of that, it might be an immortal equally friendly to the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal and Marshal Tian Peng! A third immortal's legacy here at the same time! That's different from me. I thought that the appearance of you and the Full Moon of Nanshan at the same time was but a coincidence. But now, it seems like the previous owners from the same generation - me and that old geezer of Full Moon of Nanshan - all failed...."

Instinctively, it seemed like someone was working behind the scenes. It was too convenient.

Wu Yu was stunned. "You mean that Ye Xixi was blessed with a huge boon this time? Gained an immortal's legacy like me?"

In truth, Wu Yu had thought that he was unique. He was not too willing to have to share his super-talented status with others - a natural reaction. However, he was still slightly ahead, because he could sense that the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal was more suited to fighting than Marshal Tian Peng. And he believed that the Full Moon of Nanshan had sensed that too....

"She must have gained an immortal's legacy. But she was so lucky - I think it was a transformation meant for you. The mysterious weapon must have chosen you from the onset, but it did not imagine that you would already have the legacy of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal. That's why it turned to Ye Xixi."

"Why do you say that?" Wu Yu asked curiously.

"Think about it. Those two beams of light might have been aimed at you, while Ye Xixi was simply caught along its path. After arriving, Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy was sealed, and the black sand was used to test your body and will. If not for your protection, Ye Xixi would not have been able to hold on. In the end, it flew towards you, but the Ruyi Jingu Bang appeared. That's why it joined with Ye Xixi...." Ming Long was very worked up.

On second thought, it did make sense.

However, this was all Ming Long's guesswork, and might not be true. However, Wu Yu felt like there was an 80% chance that it was true.

Or it had found two candidates, and had wanted to hold a competition. In the end, Wu Yu had protected Ye Xixi, and also because he had the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal's legacy.

In any case, Ye Xixi had gained this transformation.

Three immortals' legacies. One martial cultivator, one demon, and one ghostly cultivator. Things were going to get interesting....

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