Chapter 0875: Black Sand and A Mysterious Object

Originally, he thought that he was destined to go to the ghostly cultivator prison. If not for the fact that Ye Xixi had also been caught up, Wu Yu would have thought that this new development was actually the way into the Dungeon of Vengeful Spirits.

The binds on his body were ripped apart by the green light, and Wu Yu's mind was also working frantically.

"This light came from the Flaming Devil Cave. It was engineered by this change.

"The changes of the Flaming Devil Cave must be linked to the Holy Master, and also the Ghostly Yan Tribe.

"But this light captured Ye Xixi and I, while the Holy Master of the Flaming Devil Cave looked taken aback, completely nonplussed by this development! This means that what happened to me was an accident that not even the Holy Master of the Flaming Devil Cave foresaw!"

He very quickly worked out that this had nothing to do with the Holy Master. However, it was a good chance for him to escape. Wu Yu let the green light take him where it would. If he guessed correctly, this was a sort of limbo between worlds much like the Taigu Immortal Path or the Alternate World, or the one that he passed through every day with the Somersault Cloud.

While he was being tugged around, Wu Yu's body came back under his control.


Suddenly, the green light vanished, and Wu Yu's body landed in an unstable place. He heard explosion-like booms ringing in his ears, and he opened his eyes and steadied himself. With a sweep of the Eyes of Fire and Gold, he knew what had happened.

He was in some deep water, perhaps the bottom of some lake or river.

All was dark and gloomy.

Of course, this was completely different from an ordinary ocean or river.

That was because the water here was mixed with huge quantities of black grit. A closer inspection showed that each grain was covered with sharp edges as keen as a knife's blade. This water was clogged with the black grit.

Besides, this was no ordinary grit. Although it had no spiritual marks, it was still extremely hard and sharp.

The most critical, and also horrifying, part of all this was that the water and grit formed a powerful storm. The water swept up the grit like a tornado. Wu Yu knew it would be very difficult to get on his feet in such a place. Even if he did, and did not get swept away, the teeming, black grit would ravage his flesh like a storm of blades.

This black grit reminded Wu Yu of the Ghostly Artificer's advanced dao treasure - a deadly, little dagger that Wu Yu was just about to blood bond with and give to the Heaven Devouring Avatar to wield alongside the Dark North Royal Obelisk.

The abrasiveness of this black grit was a little like that dagger. It was powerfully penetrative, and even Wu Yu's Hexaworld Celestial King Buddha Body was wounded bloody by the storm of grit and water!

An environment of extreme harshness! Wu Yu looked with his Eyes of Fire and Gold. In all directions, he saw no end. Just an endless storm of water and grit.

"Most importantly, there is no way to use Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy in such a place!"

That was what shocked Wu Yu the most. He had been caught by the sinister technique of the Holy Master, but his power had already faded after arriving here. However, his own Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy was being suppressed in a completely different way. This sort of suppression could be said to be exactly the same as the one that Prince Le had dealt with in the tomb!

A complete negation of one's Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. Luckily, it was Wu Yu who was here. Anyone else here would have been food, because most were rendered useless without their Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. Dao techniques and mystiques all required Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy.

"Right, Ye Xixi."

Wu Yu was fine for now, but he had also seen Ye Xixi get swept up by the green light. The Holy Master probably had no way to save her! His heart jolted as he looked about. As expected, he heard her cries and saw a figure a short distance away.

Wu Yu remembered that he was only still alive because Ye Xixi had pleaded with her father for his life. Now that she was in trouble, Wu Yu naturally charged over to save her! She had come in at roughly the same time as Wu Yu, and was just discovering that her Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy was completely suppressed. She was completely helpless, and the black grit gouged deep and bloody wounds on her body.

"Immortal Ape Transformation." Wu Yu used his transformation, which did not require Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy but made his body bigger. At this time, Ye Xixi was being buffeted in the storm of grit, and Wu Yu could only use his body at this time. After bulking up, the difference with Ye Xixi's own petite body was rather big. Wu Yu immediately held her in his huge arms. His brawny bulk could shield her from much of the grit.

"Waa, it hurts!" Ye Xixi was completely panicking. Riddled by the pain and surrendering herself to death, Wu Yu suddenly held her, and the pain lessened by a lot.

"Don't move. It's me." She had started to struggle, thinking this was some strange monster coming to eat her. Hearing Wu Yu's voice, she ceased and then asked, "Why are you here too? Is my daddy here? What is this hellish place? There's no Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy...."

She was not accustomed to being held like this, and it was too tight. In all her life, she had not been hugged like this before. But once she left the embrace, the searing pain awaited, and even death. Naturally, she did not dare to go out.

"Meow!" The big, white cat was still in Ye Xixi's arms. It had also been ripped up by the black grit, and was currently buried in Ye Xixi's arms, also taking shelter from Wu Yu. It was safe, but it was indeed uneasy at being held by such a savage, golden ape. It meowed a little rebuke at Wu Yu.

"This cat seems unhappy. Shall I toss it out?" Wu Yu bared his sharp teeth at the All Amalgamating Cat, scaring it into burrowing deeper.

"You can't! Lazy will die." Ye Xixi thought he was being serious.

Wu Yu surveyed their surroundings after protecting her. He said, "The two beams of light from the Flaming Devil Cave swept us here. Your dad was not caught. Although I don't know the reason, it seems to have selected us both. But this is a dangerous place. With Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy suppressed, I have no way to leave either. We must think of a way to leave quickly, or find the mechanism of this place. Are you alright as you are?"

Although the storm was fierce, and the black sand keen, Wu Yu's physical body had recently been upgraded, and the skin-deep wounds were not enough to leave any lasting damage. He would have been in trouble with just the Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body, however.

Under his protection, the petite frame of Ye Xixi was not exposed to much, and she was largely fine. But Wu Yu saw her face blush, and her little face snuck glances up at him while buried in his chest of golden monkey fur. Her body was also trembling....

"Don't let your thoughts stray. I'm just protecting you. If you feel embarrassed, I can let go. If I do that, you'll probably be pulverized by the black sand....

"In truth, I believe that you saved me just now, and I owe you my life. That's why I saved you now. If not for your intervention, I would probably be....."

"Don't let me out, I'm scared...." Ye Xixi interrupted him with a tremulous voice. She was indeed scared. The storm outside was too violent, and Wu Yu's body, imbued with so much Elixir of Fire Spirit, was, of course, very warm. And there was that golden fur....

Of course, warmth was a given. If Wu Yu unleashed the heat of the Elixir of Fire Spirit, he could even torch her and the All Amalgamating Cat to a crisp.

Wu Yu found it even more embarrassing to explain his feelings. The little heart of Ye Xixi pittered and pattered as though it was about to leap out of her chest. Not just her face, but her entire body was flushing, perhaps out of embarrassment. Even her fair skin had started to show a blush.

Wu Yu could not care so much about this.

He simply wanted to survive, and also save his savior.

Of course, Ming Long could not resist some teasing. Wu Yu should totally take advantage of the good situation - cook the rice well while you have it raw. If the Holy Master of the Flaming Devil Cave became his father-in-law, he wouldn't kill their kind....

Wu Yu ignored her.

Ye Xixi could not be depended on either. She was overwhelmed with shyness, and so her brain was not working well. Wu Yu could only navigate this storm alone, and puzzle out why he would be brought here.

"What is this place?

"Is it the Jambu Realm, or somewhere else?

"And why would the skull beam us here from the Flaming Devil Cave, and yet the Holy Master does not know about it?"

These questions were all foremost in Wu Yu's mind. His Eyes of Fire and Gold searched for clues or answers. He chose a direction arbitrarily. Perhaps he himself did not know why that direction was compelling!

Within the maelstrom of black sand, Wu Yu's Eyes of Fire and Gold penetrated to a goodly distance. A few hundred zhang away, Wu Yu spotted a black figure. It looked like a staff, but rather thick at both ends. It did not look like an ordinary staff....

"What is that?" After spotting it, Wu Yu did not rush over, but cautiously approached. After all, he did not know if there was any danger.

After all, even though he was fine here, anyone else would have been shredded long ago.

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