Chapter 0874: Dungeon of Vengeful Spirits

Wu Yu had assumed that leaving the Flaming Devil Cave meant that he was safe.

But who knew that the Holy Master of the Flaming Devil Cave would make an appearance?

And it seemed to be specifically targeted at him....

The Somersault Cloud required at least a somersault to leave, but Wu Yu was currently in his opponent's grip.

This Holy Master of the Flaming Devil Cave had at least passed the three dao crises, and might even be a demigod-level being. Wu Yu had been guarding against such entities, but he had bungled it up this time. He might have made a fatal mistake.

If not for Ye Xixi pestering Wu Yu into lingering, Wu Yu would have been long gone.

Originally, he had been poised to leave while the going was good, after killing the Ghostly Artificer. But a moment's tardiness had yanked him back to the brink of deadly defeat.

But this was cultivation. Death could rear its head at any place, no matter how safe it was.

Wu Yu had considered such situations in the Infernal Inferno. Therefore, he was not completely undone by his fear at this time.

Right now, the Holy Master of the Flaming Devil Cave was staring at Wu Yu. Although he was pale in the face, and tottered unsteadily on his skinny frame, those eyes were locked onto Wu Yu like a feral and unfettered beast.

He might look frail, but his dao technique, or perhaps mystique, was currently holding Wu Yu with incredible force. Anyone else might have been squeezed to death - after all, his dao technique or mystique also had the effect of suppressing Wu Yu's Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. He had really shut Wu Yu down on all fronts.

Wu Yu was currently straining against it with his physical strength alone. Against such power, any first tier Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm cultivator would have died already. Therefore, Wu Yu knew that he fully intended to kill him.

A scary situation.

However, his frequent brushes with death had left Wu Yu a little desensitized. Last time, he had not died while refining his Invincible Vajra Body, and that had toughened his will.

Therefore, he was not cowed in this invisible struggle against the Holy Master. Instead, he shouldered the pressure, as though a mountain was pressed against his body.

"The Yan Huang Tribe has spent a lot of effort in raising you. A pity that you landed in my hands. I'm about to kill you. Any objections?"

The Holy Master's voice was cold. As he spoke, the pressure was already increasing on Wu Yu's body. Evidently, he knew that Wu Yu's body was extremely hardy, and this also surprised him. Therefore, he was currently testing the limits of how much strength was needed to turn Wu Yu into a meat pancake.

It seemed like death was a certainty.

Cultivation was a dangerous thing, and Wu Yu was prone to taking risks as well. He had no regrets about his demise - he was not like others, and knew that in order to reach immortalhood, he had to walk a tightrope between life and death. A misstep and plummet to death was not unexpected.

Of course, he would do everything he could to ensure he lived.

He was racking his brain as to how to get the Holy Master to release him.

After all, the opponent had not killed Wu Yu immediately. He was curious about him as well. Since he had Wu Yu's life in his hands, he probably wanted to see if this super genius from the Yan Huang Tribe would surrender anything useful to them.

This was Wu Yu's only chance.

Before he had come up with anything good, Ye Xixi had come to stand before Wu Yu, frowning at the Holy Master. "Daddy, why kill him? He helped me get the Elixir of Fire Spirit. You can't kill him."

Wu Yu could not believe his ears. A Ghostly Yan Tribe member - pleading for mercy on his behalf? A moment ago, she was the one who had not wanted Wu Yu to leave smoothly.

The Holy Master of the Flaming Devil Cave was probably rather taken aback as well. He stared at Ye Xixi and said, "He has killed many of the Ghostly Yan Tribe, and caused havoc in our territory. In the Infernal Inferno, there is no reason needed to kill Yan Huang Tribe members. They have a history of enmity with us, and it was them who forced us into this hell with no sun. Since I have captured him, of course I will kill him."

Ye Xixi anxiously argued, "But you were the one who told me that everyone in this world is their own person. There are good and bad people everywhere. I think he's good. Daddy, can't you let him live?"

Seeing her pleading countenance, Wu Yu was rather moved. This girl was both pure and a philosopher of death. She felt that the Ghostly Artificer should not have been killed before her eyes, but she did not want Wu Yu to lose his life. Therefore, she was on Wu Yu's side this time, fighting for his right to live.

This time around, the Holy Master of the Flaming Devil Cave was truly shaken. But his eyes hardened soon enough. He said to Ye Xixi, "Be good. Go back first. He's seen too much, and we cannot let him leave alive, or it will be a devastating blow to the Flaming Devil Cave. I did say that everyone has both good and evil, but in this all-out war, it has nothing to do with good and evil, and everything to do with fate. You will know better next time."

Therefore, even Ye Xixi's pleading had been unable to sway his decision.

Even without Wu Yu speaking up, Ye Xixi was still fighting for him, and his life. Her display made Wu Yu realize that he had underestimated her. Although she had grown up in the mud of the Ghostly Yan Tribe, her character was completely unsulliable.

"I don't care. You can't kill him. You can lock him up or something. Daddy, I beg you, okay?" Ye Xixi clung on to his arm and began the ultimate wheedling tactic. The fact that the Holy Master of the Flaming Devil Cave had raised his daughter like a treasure showed that he was a patient one as well. When Ye Xixi was begging him with tearful eyes, perhaps it would cause him to change his mind.

The Holy Master was a little exasperated. He looked again at Wu Yu and said, "In that case, I will throw him into the Dungeon of Vengeful Spirits. I will deal with him in good time."

He probably had some urgent matters to attend to, because the huge Flaming Devil Cave skull was still shaking behind him. And it was getting even more serious. Within the eyes, the gleaming, green light had started to pour out, forming two columns of green light that passed through the magma. It looked very eerie.

Dungeon of Vengeful Spirits!

Ye Xixi's face was still filled with worry, because she knew that it was not a good place. But she probably also sensed that not killing Wu Yu was the most drastic concession that her father would consent to. If she continued to pester him, her father might get angry, and then Wu Yu's life would be in danger again.

"Sorry...." She could only hang her head in apology to Wu Yu.

What she did not know was that Wu Yu was already very grateful to her. Dying and not-dying-for-now was a pretty huge difference.

"Many thanks." Wu Yu nodded. He was not used to speaking much. But those two words were from his heart.

The Holy Master of the Flaming Devil Cave would probably take Wu Yu to the Dungeon of Vengeful Spirits now. Although he did not know anything about it, Wu Yu could tell from Ye Xixi's forlorn expression that it was no restful place. It was probably the harshest prison of the Infernal Inferno, and since the Holy Master knew that he had the Somersault Cloud, he would probably lay down safeguards!

"Return to Holy Devil City quickly. I will take him to the dungeon. Satisfied?" the Holy Master said to Ye Xixi severely.

"Alright, but you can't lie to me. Or I won't ever talk to you again." Ye Xixi hugged Lazy the cat and then reluctantly turned back towards the Flaming Devil Cave.

The Flaming Devil Cave was still shuddering at this time, and the gleaming, green light from its eyes was seeping towards the three of them.

"You are very lucky that my daughter pleaded for your life today. Once you are in the Dungeon of Vengeful Spirits, don't think of coming out again. The world outside has nothing to do with you from now on." He was probably very busy, and had no time to study Wu Yu. Wu Yu guessed that he was preoccupied with something major, and the shaking of the Flaming Devil Cave probably had huge implications.

Against such an expert, it was useless for Wu Yu to say anything. He would see what could be done when he reached the Dungeon of Vengeful Spirits in terms of escape. After all, the Holy Master did not fully understand what Wu Yu could do, and so there was still a chance.

At the heart of it, this Holy Master seemed to primarily want to stop Wu Yu from conveying what he had seen here back to the Yan Huang Ancient Country.

Therefore, he reached out to take Wu Yu's Sumeru Pouch, which contained all of Wu Yu's possessions. These included the Heaven Devouring Avatar, the Floating Dreams Pagoda, the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques, the Dignified Sword Elemental, and all the rest of it. Wu Yu would be sorely inconvenienced without it, but there was nothing that could be done. The power of the Holy Master of the Flaming Devil Cave far surpassed his.

As angry as Wu Yu was, he could only comply.

Luckily, his opponent did not seem to know that Wu Yu's avatar was within. But if he examined the Floating Dreams Pagoda....

The consequences were unthinkable. It felt like he might lose all that he had worked for after so long.

Rage, dissatisfaction, resentment - none of these could solve his problem now. He was already considered lucky that Ye Xixi had allowed him to live.


Wu Yu did not expect a sudden change at this time!

Suddenly, two huge bursts of green light shot out from the skull. They extended towards the direction of the three, and the light suddenly accelerated!


They were bathed in green light!

The two beams caught Ye Xixi and the All Amalgamating Cat, who were about to return to the Flaming Devil Cave, shrouding them. Ye Xixi's situation was unknown, and she screamed out for her daddy when she was caged in it. It caused the Holy Master, on the verge of taking Wu Yu's Sumeru Pouch, to whip around!

Evidently, even the Holy Master of the Flaming Devil Cave did not know what had happened. After a start, he turned towards Ye Xixi's direction and chased.

As he moved, another beam of light had already reached Wu Yu, swallowing him up as well. In short order, both Wu Yu and Ye Xixi were caught up in the skull's green light.

The strange cage prevented Wu Yu from seeing Ye Xixi's situation, but he could feel the world spinning. A shearing force had ripped through the Holy Master's control and swept Wu Yu away into what seemed like another space....

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