Chapter 0873: Changes at Flaming Devil Cave

Wu Yu and the Heaven Devouring Avatar had killed the Ghostly Artificer with brutally simple methods.

The Ghostly Artificer had died even faster than Heaven's Thunder had struck Jiuyue Ji dead.

After completion, Wu Yu took away the Ghostly Artificer's possessions, including a portion of his corpse and his advanced dao treasure. That was enough evidence that the Ghostly Artificer had died by his hand, and he could successfully get the Unbounded Sky Pillar.

Although there were not many people here, there were definitely some who had been overlooked and were watching from the shadows. In the blink of an eye, the Ghostly Artificer and Jiuyue Ji had both died, and this was a catastrophic shock for them.

They did not know who Wu Yu was, so they all ran for it, spreading the news. Some recognized Wu Yu immediately. After all, the Holy Master of the Bloody Yan Cave had offered an advanced dao treasure for Wu Yu's life.

The matter already settled, all that remained was to leave. Therefore, Wu Yu was very at ease. At this time, Ye Xixi was still being held back by the Dignified Sword Elemental. Wu Yu put the Dignified Sword Elemental and the Heaven Devouring Avatar in the Floating Dreams Pagoda and then faced Ye Xixi alone.

"I'm sorry. I came to the Infernal Inferno primarily to kill the Ghostly Artificer. Whether he is at Bloody Yan Cave or the Flaming Devil Cave, I will not let him live. I'm sorry to have upset you this time."

Ye Xixi had not expected him to finish off the Ghostly Artificer so quickly. Before, Wu Yu had not  been her match, and now it looked like it would be no big trouble for him to finish her off.

Ye Xixi was still fairly angry that Wu Yu had blatantly killed a Ghostly Yan Tribe member in their own territory. She was by no means appeased by Wu Yu's apology, but the Ghostly Artificer was already dead. Even if she taught Wu Yu a lesson, that fact could not be changed.

"I'll take my leave first. We will meet again if fate allows it."

Seeing her huffy expression, Wu Yu found it rather comical. However, the Flaming Devil Cave was currently rather chaotic because of him. There were many experts, especially within Holy Devil City. He had to leave quickly.

He fused the Somersault Cloud into his body. With a somersault, he leapt out of the Flaming Devil Cave.

"Don't go!" Ye Xixi tried to hold him back.

Just at this moment, there was a huge commotion elsewhere.

Bang, bang, bang!

Suddenly, the four walls shuddered violently. Wu Yu assumed that there was some uproar nearby, but the shaking grew more and more intense. It felt like the entire Flaming Devil Cave was shaking, as though some titanic force was battering against the skull from above. This caused everything within the skull to rattle, including all the spirit designs inside. The buildings within the skull were crumbling as well, and to the Ghostly Yan Tribe members, it seemed like the sky was falling. This had nothing to do with Wu Yu. He just happened to be here.

"What's going on?" Ye Xixi, originally focused on Wu Yu, had been distracted as well.

Wu Yu couldn't care less about what happened at the Flaming Devil Cave. After all, it had nothing to do with him. Therefore, he stuck to his plan and flipped, leaping out of this place.

"Don't go." Ye Xixi seemed intent on sticking to him. As Wu Yu left, she leapt out as well. The All Amalgamating Cat worked its powerful magic and was somehow able to determine Wu Yu's location. And there seemed to be some shortcut at their position that led out.

This shortcut was a straight road just upwards of the trial place. After leaving the Flaming Devil Cave, Wu Yu could have left quickly from here if he had not spent all that time wandering about.

However, what Wu Yu did not know was that some passageways in the Flaming Devil Cave required security clearance to get through. For example, those like Ye Xixi, with the highest authority, could go anywhere.

If one breached areas above one's own authority, one would immediately be detained. In most cases, there would be punishment, especially in a place like the Flaming Devil Cave, where rank hierarchy was strict.

By the time Ye Xixi gave chase, Wu Yu was already outside of the Flaming Devil Cave.

After escaping, he naturally wanted to see what had happened at the Flaming Devil Cave.

When he looked back, what he saw shocked him.

The entire skull was shaking, as though a person was shaking his head.

Crucially, the eyes were glowing green, a light with a powerful penetrative effect. It looked like the skull was alive, and Wu Yu's position was right before its eyes. Although he was not near them, he felt like they were looking straight at him.

This made him recall what he had overheard and concluded about their plan.

The goal of the Ghostly Yan Tribe was naturally to return to the outside world and take revenge on the Yan Huang Tribe. Would this current situation be their plan?

Wu Yu felt that it was very likely and therefore paid close attention. No matter what, he still would not like to see the Ghostly Yan Tribe return to the world outside. Therefore, he was prepared to report everything here to Prince Le. They would naturally make a decision after listening to this.

In truth, such a glare filled Wu Yu with fear. However, if this skull had truly belonged to an expert in the past, then it must have belonged to some extremely high life form. This might even be a heavenly immortal or ghostly immortal!

Of course, all of this was just conjecture.

After all, this scene was completely unprecedented. Wu Yu was curious, and decided to linger a little.

However, after the briefest pause, a little girl actually came chasing over from the Flaming Devil Cave. Her speed was fast, and she knew Wu Yu's position. She reached him in a flash. Lo and behold, Ye Xixi.

"You can't just leave like that," Ye Xixi said grumpily. Actually, she was rather confused too, because she did not know why she was holding Wu Yu back. Perhaps it was not as simple as because he had killed the Ghostly Artificer? Perhaps she knew that if Wu Yu left this time, he might never return again.

"Why? Are you trying to trap me in the Flaming Devil Cave?" Right now, Wu Yu was already outside the Flaming Devil Cave, and safe. Therefore, there was no urgent need to flee.

The two locked gazes before the Flaming Devil Cave skull, and the atmosphere was out of kilter.

"I'm leaving." Wu Yu was loath to linger here. Even though the skull was changing in spectacular fashion, and he was filled with awe, his instinct told him that it was best for him to leave here.

He was already sitting on the Somersault Cloud, ready to leave at full throttle.

"No need to send me off. We might have a chance to meet again in the future," Wu Yu said to Ye Xixi.

"As if I would send you off," Ye Xixi said.

Wu Yu smiled and turned to leave. His smile froze. He realized that the Somersault Cloud, his body, and even the Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy in his body were all frozen, as if a colossal hand had gripped them all tightly.

He had once imposed this feeling on others. It was the Fixed Body Art. However, this was a little different. It was not as mystical, but extremely effective. Because the user was extremely powerful, and Wu Yu could feel the marks exerted by this massive, invisible hand.

He had actually fallen under someone’s control - perhaps while he was in awe at the changes of the Flaming Devil Cave, or while Ye Xixi had been speaking. He had never made a mistake while using the Somersault Cloud before, and now that he had been controlled, he knew that something was up.

It was definitely not the Yan Huang Tribe who had held him at Ghostly Yan Tribe territory.

After Wu Yu was completely immobilized, a black shadow appeared before him. It was a youth, or at least he looked like one. He was scrawny and had an unhealthy paleness to his complexion. His eyes were filled with a dark aura, as though he was seized with an illness and would soon pass.

In the entire Infernal Inferno, all the Ghostly Yan Tribe members that Wu Yu had met had ruddy complexions, flushed by the heat of the magma. There were only two people who were different - Ye Xixi and this person. And this person was even fairer than she was.

From the aura of this person, and the power he wielded, he was definitely not a  youth. He must have been cultivating for 300-400 years, or perhaps more. His overwhelming talent would have caused him to retain the appearance of a youth. But from his eyes, Wu Yu could guess that he was an elder.

Of all the experts that he had met, the Regent and the Dark North Kingdom's Ancestor Yang were of the highest caliber, and the trepidation that this person inspired in Wu Yu put him on their level.

"Daddy, why are you here?!" Ye Xixi hurriedly called out to him upon noticing him.

Wu Yu was right. This was the foremost person of the Ghostly Yan Tribe, the Holy Master of the Flaming Devil Cave. Of course, he was also the strongest person here. Now trapped by him, he clearly knew Wu Yu's escape methods, and therefore seized the initiative to hold him. In this way, it would be difficult for Wu Yu to escape even on the Somersault Cloud.

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