Chapter 0872: Epic Calamitous Battle

"Wu Yu, if that old woman fails the crisis, then she will be destroyed. If she succeeds, then she will be vulnerable for a period of time, and be completely invalid. When Heaven's Thunder strikes, it is the best time for you to act. The Ghostly Artificer will be fully focused on the trial, and will not expect you to strike at that time," Ming Long reminded him softly.

"Understood." Wu Yu had also prepared to strikeā€”the Heaven Devouring Avatar and Dignified Sword Elemental were at the ready. He naturally knew that this was a rare opportunity.

With the Ghostly Artificer on patrol, there were already very few people in the area. The trial challenge had to be done as quietly and quickly as possible. This was so that they would not be disturbed. After all, those with enemies were most vulnerable to attack during the trial.

Of course, it was not while the trial was ongoing, but rather their moment of weakness after the trial had succeeded. During the trial, the gods were working, and no one would dare to interfere. It was all up to the person.

The trial was about to start, and Wu Yu observed every detail with his Eyes of Fire and Gold. The air had become charged at this point, and incredibly hot. The air hummed as though metal was being polished....

Wu Yu and the Ghostly Artificer both held their breath.

Although it was Jiuyue Ji's first crisis, she seemed to be well experienced. She pulled out two bloody advanced dao treasures and held them above her own head, activating their spirit designs to protect herself. They were a crucible and a sword. However, these were no sacred objects. When she pulled them out, ghostly wails rang out. Evidently, they had been honed with the blood and souls of countless innocents. Such dao treasures did not depend on their materials, but instead the despair that was imbued into them. Such dao treasures constantly challenged the limits of evildoing.

Her advanced dao treasures, combined with the spirit designs on the black platform, meant that Jiuyue Ji was currently at her strongest defensive stance. She gritted her teeth and hung on, afraid to look up at the heavens. But the awesome wrath above her head was becoming clearer and clearer.

Wu Yu could see that dark clouds were forming about 100 zhang above her head. The dark clouds were gathering in the air and forming a maelstrom that grew and grew in radius. Its color darkened, and the wrath seemed to emanate from these clouds. It seemed to be on the verge of blowing up at any time, and was truly terrifying.

Wu Yu was still watching intently.

"Scary, yes, but no Father of Thunder and Mother of Lightning?" Wu Yu still thought he would see real gods today.

"Dream on. Before becoming a god yourself, you won't see any real gods. Even after passing the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao, you won't get a god to look at." Ming Long laughed at him.

At this time, the dark clouds had already grown to the size of the black platform below. Wu Yu saw that Jiuyue Ji's forehead was dripping with sweat. He could see that she was putting on a strong front. She had probably felt the strength of Heaven's Thunder, and was starting to grow nervous.


Suddenly, a clap of thunder boomed out deafeningly. Although it was shocking, what truly gave Wu Yu a fright was the flicker of purple lightning. The power appeared for but a brief flash, and Wu Yu felt like his entire body was being torn apart. And he had the Hexaworld Celestial King Buddha Body at that.

"Incredible power!" Wu Yu's indifferent attitude had been erased, and he truly respected the power of the three dao crises. He had never seen anyone challenge them before, and now he understood their strength a bit better.

After the lightning blasted through, there was only silence. Jiuyue Ji was struggling and shrieking, perhaps trying to boost her own confidence. At this time, the purple lightning blasted forth from the thick black clouds, striking downwards! The speed was terrific, and Wu Yu reckoned that he himself could not have avoided it. It was many times faster than his own evasion speed. In just a flash, Heaven's Thunder had struck Jiuyue Ji on the head.



Wu Yu's eyes widened at the defense that Jiuyue Ji was putting up against Heaven's Thunder.


Wu Yu had thought that it would be a titanic struggle, and Jiuyue Ji might be able to hold on. But the unexpected happened.

Heaven's Thunder flashed down, and the advanced dao treasures and Jiuyue Ji were both destroyed, blasted into ashes. Nothing remained, and a crater appeared on the black dais.

"Urk." Wu Yu was aghast.

Of course, the Ghostly Artificer was even more devastated. Evidently, Jiuyue Ji had told him how confident she was, but now they both saw how ineffective Jiuyue Ji's resistance had been. With a final, piteous cry, she vanished under the onslaught of Heaven's Thunder....

The speed of her death was much faster than Wu Yu had imagined. He had thought to kill the Ghostly Artificer while the Heaven's Thunder was striking, but who knew things would turn out like that....

The speed and savagery of Heaven's Thunder had given him some mental preparation. He understood that the heavenly trials of a martial cultivator aiming for immortalhood were much tougher than he had thought.

"Stop zoning out. That old woman has probably committed too many crimes in her life and angered the heavens. That's why she got wiped so cleanly. Other martial cultivators wouldn't face that horrifying a force. Therefore, it's best not to commit crimes while cultivating. But right now, the Ghostly Artificer is zoning out even more than you. Finish him off!

"You're doing heaven's work here as well, and that can reduce the strength when you face the three dao crises. After all, it's a judgment."

Wu Yu understood.

He immediately sprung into action. The Ghostly Artificer was on his knees, looking blankly up as the dark clouds receded. This was Wu Yu's chance, and he was ready to take it.

"Wu Yu, how are you here!?" Suddenly, someone appeared behind him. This had almost scared the soul out of Wu Yu. He had been completely focused on Heaven's Thunder and the Ghostly Artificer, and had not expected someone to sneak up behind him.

Looking back, he saw a girl hugging a white cat, looking at him, puzzled. It was Ye Xixi.

"Lazy said you were very near me, so I came for a look. You're really here. Did you come to see me...." She seemed quite happy, but halfway through, she saw Wu Yu's target, the Ghostly Artificer. She still remembered the Ghostly Artificer's features, and quickly realized what Wu Yu intended to do.

"You- you can't kill a Ghostly Yan Tribe member in the Flaming Devil Cave!" Ye Xixi warned him.

Understandable - she was a Ghostly Yan Tribe member. Although she did not hate Wu Yu, she did not want to see Wu Yu kill her kind on their territory. After all, Wu Yu was an outsider. Therefore, she clearly intended to stop him.

At this time, Wu Yu had no time to waste on her. This was his window of opportunity. Wu Yu could only go for it.

"Dignified Sword Elemental."

At this moment, he immediately called forth the Dignified Sword Elemental. Twin swords in hand, the elemental faced Ye Xixi without making a move. But if Ye Xixi tried to interfere, it would stop her.

The commotion here had not yet affected the Ghostly Artificer. Wu Yu and the Heaven Devouring Avatar split up to the left and right. Both left Ye Xixi behind, charging towards the Ghostly Artificer!

"You!" Ye Xixi was angry now. She very seldom merged with the All Amalgamating Cat, because the All Amalgamating Cat would suffer after it ended, and it pained her to see that. But against Wu Yu, she always felt that her strength was lacking, and she felt like she had no choice. But the person that Wu Yu had left behind was stronger than she had expected.

"You're also a Yan Huang Tribe member?" She had not identified the Dignified Sword Elemental as a puppet. Seeing her about to act, the Dignified Sword Elemental immediately took a sword stance. With the Dignified Sword Elemental here, Wu Yu was completely unworried that Ye Xixi would bother him. Ye Xixi was being pressed so hard that she did not even have time to merge with the All Amalgamating Cat.

Of course, Wu Yu would not harm her.


As Wu Yu charged, his real body used the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth to grow himself to his largest size, then he used the Immortal Ape Transformation to increase his brutality and savagery. His robust, domineering body appeared like a golden god of war. It appeared before the Ghostly Artificer, who was not even fully recovered from his wounds. He was in trouble now. He had not expected Wu Yu to even dare to enter the Flaming Devil Cave!

Jiuyue Ji had been struck dead, and he was devastated. Wu Yu's appearance was even more devastating! He started to babble, flustered. He hurriedly pulled out his dao treasure, shouting, "Damned Yan Huang Tribe member, you even dare to trespass in the Flaming Devil Cave. You're dead! Haha, this is my territory! Just because you snuck an attack on me the last time, see if you can....."

He shouted away, but Wu Yu knew that he was just blustering to cover up his fear.

"Unshackled Doppelganger!"


10,000 clones appeared.

"Blood Weeping World Technique!"

10,000 people used the same dao technique simultaneously. The sight was even grander than Heaven's Thunder.

The sharp sound cut the Ghostly Artificer's blustering bravado short. His eyes widened and his face paled as he drowned in the Blood Weeping World.

"Barren Great Dao Finger!"

10,000 beams of light pierced the Ghostly Artificer. The Ghostly Artificer had just used his advanced dao treasure to open a space, but that was destroyed by Wu Yu!

Actually, Wu Yu's real body had not used the finger technique, but was instead bearing down on him from above. Covered by all sorts of layers and using the Violent Art, his terrifying staff activated the Infinite Eternal Sand Reincarnation Design and cracked down on the Ghostly Artificer's head!

This attack was a whole disaster by itself!

"Heaven Swallowing 10,000 Rampaging Dragons Formation!" From behind the Ghostly Artificer, the Heaven Devouring Avatar attacked. 10,000 dragons roared forth, turning the Ghostly Artificer's little dagger into a block of ice. In the next instant, a staff cracked down on his head. With a huge boom, the ice and the body of the Ghostly Artificer were smashed into smithereens!

Up until his death, the Ghostly Artificer did not understand how the young man he had toyed with back then could become this strong in such a short time!

Wu Yu's berserk method of fighting was truly unique in the entire Jambu Realm. Because only he would have so many perfect clones, especially the Heaven Devouring Avatar.

Mission completed.

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