Chapter 0870: Skull World

With so many people around, it was easy to find one suitable to bring him in.

Wu Yu even made a special effort to choose one that was easy to control and who appeared to enjoy a higher standing. If that person knew the location of Jiuyue's Residence, it would be even better. 

Having mastered the Assimilation Technique of Dao and Soul recently, he had used it frequently. 

It was especially so with his Fixed Body Art, which greatly enhanced the effectiveness. 

He succeeded easily. 

This time, he controlled a middle-aged man who was returning to the Flaming Devil Cave with a stern expression. When Wu Yu took control of him, he learned that the middle-aged man had received instruction from his father to return to the Flaming Devil Cave as soon as possible. 

Moreover, his father was a Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm cultivator and probably had strength similar to the Ghostly Artificer. 

He could be considered really strong within the Ghostly Yan Tribe. 

Wu Yu was really lucky. The middle-aged ghostly cultivator he was controlling had been raised in the Flaming Devil Cave and therefore was extremely familiar with it. He obviously knew where Jiuyue's Residence was and could bring Wu Yu directly to that place. 

This was convenient. 

While controlling this man, Wu Yu suddenly recalled Princess You Xue. Whatever she was thinking was still within Wu Yu's supervision. She was currently cultivating diligently. Moreover, with a change in mentality, her cultivation level was advancing extremely rapidly. At this point, she had attained the eighth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm and could be considered to have advanced extremely rapidly. 

Wu Yu had made up his mind to return the Dark North Royal Obelisk to her once the Heaven Devouring Avatar no longer had any need for it. Besides this, he would also gift her any chance encounter he had. After all, there weren't many that were so close to Wu Yu in this world. He knew everything that Princess You Xue was thinking. Now that they had been separated for some time, she missed him dearly. She also wanted to catch up to him. Therefore, she had devoted all her time and energy into cultivation. 

This was great. 

Wu Yu was relieved to know that. 

Based on his initial plan, he would hide in the Floating Dreams Pagoda and instruct the middle-aged ghostly cultivator to store the Floating Dreams Pagoda in his Sumeru Pouch before entering the Flaming Devil Cave. They would have to pass through the spirit designs surrounding the Flaming Devil Cave. From this ghostly cultivator, Wu Yu learned that there were 18 layers of spirit designs, with each design named after the different levels of hell. 

For example, Nine Springs of Eternal Ice Hell Design, Mountain of Knives Dismembering Hell Design, Bloodsucking Pool Hell Design.... 


If any outsiders attempted to pass through, they would be frozen, have their souls shattered, their corpses dismembered, their blood devoured, their skin separated, their veins pulled, and more. 

Each layer of spirit design was exceptionally frightening and would bring hellish torture. It was said that the ancestors of the Ghostly Yan Tribe had prepared the strongest spirit designs for the Yan Huang Tribe. It was just that till today, they had never been used. This was because ordinary Yan Huang Tribe members wouldn't reach a place like this and therefore these designs had never been triggered. 

In fact, some ghostly cultivators even believed that these spirit designs wouldn't work at all. This was because the Yan Huang Tribe had imprisoned them in the Infernal Inferno. Within the imprisonment, it was pointless to set up numerous spirit designs. The Yan Huang Tribe had never had their eyes on this place and wouldn't risk coming here. They were occupying the most bountiful land and enjoying the greatest resources. 

Nonetheless, even these hell designs couldn't detect the existence of the Floating Dreams Pagoda. Wu Yu couldn't believe he could enjoy such conveniences without having full control over the Floating Dreams Pagoda. 

After passing through 18 layers of spirit designs consecutively, they finally arrived within the Flaming Devil Cave. There were several entrances to the Flaming Devil Cave, and they corresponded to the two eyes, two nostrils, the mouth, and two ears. The largest entrance was naturally the mouth. This time, Wu Yu entered the Flaming Devil Cave through the huge mouth of the giant skull. 

Despite being in the Floating Dreams Pagoda, he could still feel a creepy aura shrouding him the moment he entered. 

Eerie and deathly silent. He felt as though he had been devoured by a monster and suddenly felt a chill down his spine. 

Soon after, a ghostly cultivator's world emerged before Wu Yu's eyes. 

The interior of the Bloody Yan Cave was indeed a citadel. It was just that all the structures were built on the inner walls. However, the Flaming Devil Cave was different. Wu Yu had never thought that there would still be flesh in the interior of the skull-shaped Flaming Devil Cave and not just an empty skull. Having observed his surroundings, he questioned that ghostly cultivator and learned something even more unbelievable. 

The interior of the skull-shaped Flaming Devil Cave was, in fact, tightly packed. For example, the position of the mouth where Wu Yu had entered from connected to the mouth. There were teeth surrounding him and a tongue below his feet. Further up, there was flesh, and the throat was deeper from the entrance. 

The tongue below his feet was incomparably huge. It was slightly elevated and resembled a piece of huge land. 

One might ask where the Ghostly Yan Tribe members lived.

That's right. For example, there were empty spaces dug out from the rocks around Wu Yu. Wu Yu could also see buildings erected from these spaces. Obviously, most of them had dug out empty spaces, laid layers of Defensive Spirit Designs, and deemed the area as their own territory. 

It wasn't just on the tongue, but also the teeth and the flesh above him. The blood vessels within the flesh were tunnels leading to the brain, and the network was no different from huge streets and paths spanning several hundred zhang in width for the ghostly cultivators. Right now, Wu Yu could see a large number of ghostly cultivators entering and leaving the blood vessels, stopping by the houses along the blood vessels, or continuing their journey on them. 

The entire interior structure of the skull was filled with densely packed houses and spirit designs. The size was similar to the Dark North Capital. However, as this was three dimensional, the number of Ghostly Yan Tribe members residing in this place would undoubtedly be several times higher than the population of the Dark North Capital. After all, the Ghostly Yan Tribe could only remain within the base. The Infernal Inferno on the outside wouldn't be suitable for life at all. 

Giving it some thought, there might be more as he moved further up. For example, the eardrums, brainstem, cerebellum, cerebrum, and others. If he was right, Holy Devil City should be located at the center of the cerebrum. 

Wu Yu could only say that this was too crazy. He was aware that the Jambu Realm was filled with mystical things but he would never have expected a city that took the form of a corpse. Moreover, the countless members of the Ghostly Yan Tribe were like ants or even smaller creatures that resided within the corpse. They might even fight over an extremely small residential area and lose their lives in the process.... 

For the Ghostly Yan Tribe, the houses were resources that they definitely had to fight for. This was because no one would want to live in the Infernal Inferno or be forced out into it to be hunted by the armies of the Yan Huang Tribe. 

Obviously, taking a closer look, the tongue and flesh weren't real. They just took the form and appeared to be black. Moreover, they were tough like steel. This wasn't because they were strengthened with spiritual designs, but were so in the first place. An ordinary man wouldn't be able to break the tongue and blood vessels. Those that resembled what one would find in one's skull were even tougher than materials with spiritual marks. 

Therefore, it was extremely difficult to dig a space on the tongue to build a house. Wu Yu believed only a Dao Querying Realm expert would be able to do so. This was indeed unbelievable because the buildings, rocks, and streets in cities outside, like the Dark North Capital or Immortal's Capital, were only tough because of the large number of spirit designs fashioned over them instead of them being tough in the first place. Obviously, there were buildings that were built with precious treasures with spiritual marks. For example, the Imperial City of the Immortal's Capital. 

"What a miraculous existence. Even I'm awestruck. I never knew that the Ghostly Yan Tribe resided in a place like this. Whose skull is this? Could this be a real person? An expert from ancient times? Was it forged in this shape on purpose to intimidate others?" Ming Long's eyes widened as she observed her surroundings. Even she couldn't believe what she was seeing, let alone Wu Yu. 

Wu Yu looked at the tongue below his feet and found the markings similar to those on a real tongue. When the ghostly cultivators stepped on it, Wu Yu found it no different from an ordinary floor. It was tough and seemed to be built from a type of tough earth or even steel. It was just that he was surprised it could be so tough when there weren't any spirit designs or spiritual marks. 

He was here to kill the Ghostly Artificer, but the mysterious Flaming Devil Cave had caught his intention instead. He followed the middle-aged ghostly cultivator and started roaming the huge cities. Through the throat, he found a giant blood vessel. Numerous ghostly cultivators were traversing in both directions. From how it seemed, there were at least hundreds of thousands of ghostly cultivators in this place. 

So the number of Ghostly Yan Tribe members was indeed not few. 

The ghostly cultivators largely wore stern and cold expressions, and Wu Yu hardly saw them smile or chat. Moreover, murder was common within the cities. There was murder and plunder at all places, or houses being occupied by others. Setting spirit designs to protect oneself was a given. This was a world resembling the jungle, where the fittest survived and the weak were eliminated. It was also because of this that those that survived would be so savage and tough. 

Wu Yu was dumbfounded. 

He constantly moved up and indeed was heading to where the cerebrum was. At the thought of the image of the cerebrum, he could feel his hair standing. Luckily, this place was truly too huge. What Wu Yu could see was just the tip of the iceberg. Therefore, when looking from the inside, it wasn't as intimidating and had the outline of a city. It was just that the structures weren't on a single surface, but more three-dimensional. The streets had become complicated networks of vessels, densely inter-crossing like a maze. 

It seemed like it would take more time to move within the complicated city and find the Ghostly Artificer or Jiuyue's Residence. 

The deeper he went, the denser the spiritual qi. The magma of the Infernal Inferno had an anxiety-inducing spiritual qi. When it penetrated into the Flaming Devil Cave, it seemed to have become milder. Despite having a large number of ghostly cultivators congregating in this place, the spiritual qi was still maintained at a level way beyond Dong Sheng Divine Continent! 

After close to a day of detours, he finally entered the core of the Flaming Devil Cave. Wu Yu finally saw the outline of the cerebrum. Truth be told, it was nauseating. However, the spiritual qi around here was even denser. 

He continued walking deeper in. It was said that the core of the entire skull-shaped Holy Devil City was undoubtedly a paradise for all ghostly cultivators. It was a place where all the members of the Ghostly Yan Tribe felt an inclination to. Along the way, Wu Yu could see numerous members of the Ghostly Yan Tribe staring in that direction, eyes brimming with desire. 

Soon, he arrived at Jiuyue's Residence. 

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