Chapter 0869: Holy Devil City

Assimilation Technique of Dao and Soul. 

Wu Yu had devoted everything into mastering this dao technique. 

This dao technique wasn't as difficult as the Barren Great Dao Finger and was a special type of dao technique. Moreover, Wu Yu happened to have a full primordial spirit and was better suited for dao technique of this kind than others. 

After suffering several dao technique attacks from the Fox Demon Queen previously, he had built a level of foundation. Now that he was researching into it, he didn't encounter huge difficulties. 

Wu Yu had mastered the core of the dao technique first. As for the other details, he would be fine by completing them subsequently. 

Moreover, with the two times time-acceleration advantage of the Floating Dreams Pagoda, he spent a total of close to two months to fully devote himself into studying it. 

After successfully mastering the Assimilation Technique of Dao and Soul, it hadn't even been one month in the outside world. 

He had now mastered a number of dao techniques. 

However, those with over a hundred cultivation years would have mastered even more. It was just that those were largely diverse and disordered and weren't as focused as what Wu Yu had mastered. Moreover, those wouldn't work as well than Mystiques, offensive spirit designs of powerful dao treasures or Heaven and Earth Spirit Design in battle. 

Those that were of higher class, more powerful and fitting of their current Violet Kingdom primordial energy were probably just a handful. 

There were also a myriad of dao techniques covering offensive, defensive, restraining and many others with unique purposes such as sealing or soul control. In fact, there were numerous mystical dao techniques with diverse possibilities. When they were used well, one could also gain an edge over others. 

The few dao techniques that Wu Yu had obtained from the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques were basically offensive dao techniques. 

Even he had to admit that these dao techniques crafted by these demons were indeed impressive. 

Wu Yu tried out a few and had succeeded in them. He was currently at the third tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. If it wasn't because his battle strength had greatly exceeded his cultivation realm, the Fixed Body Art was in fact a frightening Transformation. When facing experts now, although the effects weren't great, he would still be able to freeze those similar to his cultivation realm or level. 

While the other party remained stationary, Wu Yu could moved behind him where he couldn't be seen before executing the Assimilation Technique of Dao and Soul. Through this, his chances of succeeded would be higher. 

He exited the Floating Dreams Pagoda and moved his Heaven Devouring Avatar back in. Subsequently, he roamed around the Bloody Yan Cave to search for someone who often entered and exit the Bloody Yan Cave and one that would be easy for him to contorl. It was easy for Wu Yu to gain full control over a member of Ghostly Yan tribe and turned him into his puppet after using Fixed Body Art and Assimilation Technique of Dao and Soul. The puppet wouldn't have its own conscious and would only follow Wu Yu's instructions to the fullest. 

Wu Yu had established a dao technique connection with the other party. When the strength of his primordial spirit exeeded the other party, he was able to gain full control of his primordial spirit. 

"Bring me into the Bloody Yan Cave." 

The hunting of Ghostly Artificer had begun. 

He had failed the previous time largely due to a lack of luck. Now that he had a meteoric increased in strength, Wu Yu was more confident. Moreover, the Ghostly Artificer might not have recovered from his injured state. 

What came next would be the most nerve-wrecking moment. 

What he was about to attempt was to see if the Heaven and Earth Spirit Designs around the Bloody Yan Cave would be able to pick up the presence of the Floating Dreams Pagoda. 

These Heaven and Earth Spirit Designs were all prepared for experts the Yan Huang tribe like Qu Yin. If Wu Yu was trapped by them, he might be killed several times over by the turbulent and mighty energies. 

These were fashioned by Dao Querying experts of the Ghostly Yan tribe and strengthened over generations. They were the crystallization of their brilliance, talents and abilities. Although these might be a little inferior than the spirit designs used by the Yan Huang tribe to keep them at bay, they weren't too far off. 

Spirit Designs were of paramount importance to cultivators. This wasn't limited to Heaven and Earth Spirit Design but also dao treasures, talismans and puppets which were assembled with spirit designs. One could say that in the glorious cultivation world, a large portion was established by assembling spirit designs like a machine. 

Wu Yu's main body and Heaven Devouring Avatar had both entered the Floating Dreams Pagoda before instructing the Ghostly Yan tribe to keep the Floating Dreams Pagoda into his sumeru pouch. When everything was prepared, they were about to pass through the several layers of Heaven and Earth Spirit Designs. 

When they got closer, Wu Yu couldn't help but hold his breath. 

Truth be told, chances of events happening beyond Ming Long's expectations were extremely slim. 

She had ample experiences and obviously could foresee stuff in advance. Just as she had expected, when the Ghostly Yan tribe entered the range of the spirit designs, the spirit designs didn't notice the Floating Dreams Pagoda and had no signs of triggering. That Ghostly Yan tribe had successfully entered the Bloody Yan Cave, carrying Wu Yu along. 

He returned to the gloomy Bloody Yan Cave where light had never reached. Regardless when he entered, the place was still filled with the stench of blood and corpses. The huge city was basking in a creepy and dullish red glow and the Ghostly Yan tribe that was roaming the streets all looked to be in a hurry.  

"Ghostly Artificer!" Wu Yu exited the Floating Dreams Pagoda and headed in the direction of Night Breeze Inn in Bu Li City. The Ghostly Yan tribe he controlled previously didn't understand the Bu Li City well and had no idea about the current conditions of the Ghostly Artificer. Wu Yu needed to find another one that knew Ghostly Artificer to control. 

He had to return to Night Breeze Inn first. 

As for the Ghostly Yan tribe that Wu Yu used the Assimilation Technique of Dao and Soul on, he would forget his encounters for this period. When he awoke, he would just find himself mysteriously returning back to the Bloody Yan Cave. 

The Assimilation Technique of Dao and Soul would definitely not leave traces behind. 

When he arrived in Bu Li City, Wu Yu found the Night Breeze Inn to be rather serene. It was as though nothing had happened previously. Wu Yu sneaked into the Night Breeze Inn and controlled another person in it. After gaining control, Wu Yu interrogated him for the whereabouts of the Ghostly Artificer and the got an answer easily. 

"The Ghostly Artificer has left the Bloody Yan Cave because he felt this place was no longer safe. I heard he had fled into Flaming Devil Cave. For our Ghostly Yan tribe, the Flaming Devil Cave would be the safest place." 

Upon receiving the news, Wu Yu had a headache. The other party couldn't possibly lie to him and this was all he knew. 

Wu Yu questioned a few others and the answers were largely indicating that the Ghostly Artificer had headed for the Flaming Devil Cave. Subsequently, he found with higher cultivation realm and this person was likely the supervisor of the Night Breeze Inn. He told Wu Yu that the Ghostly Artificer had mentioned to him when he was about to leave. The Ghostly Artificer would head for the safest Flaming Devil Cave. After all, after experiencing how Wu Yu could silently appear, he found it hard to eat and sleep in a place like this. 

"Did he say where he would be in the Flaming Devil Cave?" 

"He didn't. However, I remember he has a good friend in the Flaming Devil Cave named Jiuyue Ji and her Jiuyue's Residence is in the vicinity of Holy Devil City in Flaming Devil Cave. Jiuyue Ji is one of many subordinates of the Holy Master of the Flaming Devil Cave and a third tier Dao Querying Realm cultivator. The Ghostly Artificer is in fact under her. This time, he probably sought protection under Jiuyue Ji.  Obviously, I can't verify if he had really gone there. I only heard him saying that and he will have Jiuyue Ji to protect him." 

The Ghostly Yan tribe wasn't huge and it wasn't hard for ordinary folks to understand the relations between experts. After all, there were only that many ghostly cultivators of the higest level. 

Wu Yu questioned several people and could basically verified that the Ghostly Artificer had fled to the Flaming Devil Cave. 

For him, that would be safer and he might have the protection of Jiuyue Ji. 

Wu Yu exited the Bloody Yan Cave first. 

"How is it?  Are you planning to head to the Flaming Devil Cave to kill the Ghostly Artificer?" asked Ming Long. 

"Why can't I?" 

"That's the largest base of the Ghostly Yan tribe and where most experts would gather. Even if you have the Somersault Cloud, it wouldn't guarantee your safety fully. There are still numerous things that could restrict you on this Earth. There are also existences that wouldn't even give you the opportunity to do a flip," Ming Long warned. 

"I understand. However, the 10,000 Dragons Staff could no longer allow me to fully show my strength. I require the Unbounded Sky Pillar urgently or even stronger advanced dao treasures.  Moreover, I'm just going to kill the Ghostly Artificer. I don't think I would attract the attention of the most elite characters. After all, there were so many people in the Bloody Yan Cave the previous time and yet they failed to catch me. Right?" 

Wu Yu could identify the daunting parts of his plan to head into the Flaming Devil Cave to kill the Ghostly Artificer. Considering he would be among those opponents he could only dream of matching in strength, the dangers would be a lot higher than he had experienced in the Bloody Yan Cave. 

Truthfully, he had reaped huge rewards for his trip into the Infernal Inferno this time. However, his main objective had not been accomplished. Wu Yu gave it more thoughts. Although he had considered the dangers, he still made the decision to kill his way into the Flaming Devil Cave. 

Moreover, at the thought of the huge and creepy skull, he was eager to take a look in it.


What is the Flaming Devil Cave like and what secrets do it hold?  This greatly intrigued Wu Yu. 

It was as though he had a deadly attraction towards the skull as well. 

Seeing that Wu Yu had made his decision, Ming Long no longer interfered. Danger would be just one aspect and through his journey, there wasn't a lack of danger. Moreover, the more important thing was to plunder for cultivation resources and gaining dao enhancement through dangers to consolidate his foundation in dao. 

As such, Wu Yu was ready to act again. This time, he returned and headed towards the Flaming Devil Cave. 

It wasn't a blind trip to return to the Bloody Yan Cave this time. After all, Wu Yu even found out the Ghostly Artificer might be where Jiuyue Ji was. When he arrived at the Flaming Devil Cave, all he needed was to ask where the Jiuyue's Residence was. 

He also knew it would be somewhere near the Holy Devil City. 

The Holy Devil City was at the core of the Flaming Devil Cave. The most elite Ghostly Yan tribe experts, including the Holy Master of Flaming Devil Cave and Ye Xixi, were also located within the Holy Devil City.  The Holy Devil City was the only land of bliss in the entire Infernal Inferno. It was said that flowers bloomed and birdsongs could be heard and the place was no different from the outside world. Ye Xixi had grown up in this environment. 

Wu Yu's current Invincible Vajra Body contained explosive strength. He could no longer wait and wanted to unleash them in an intense battle. The battle with the Dignified Sword Elemental previously wasn't satisfying yet. 

Soon after, the huge and creepy skull of Flaming Devil Cave surfaced within Wu Yu's vision once again. Seeing the skull again, Wu Yu was still intimidated. He felt this wasn't a strange occurence of nature but more likely the remains of an existence. 

However, what kind of existence would have such huge skeletal remains.  Was this an immortal or a ghostly immortal? 

No one probably had an answer. 

"Flaming Devil Cave!" 

Wu Yu was roaming the vicinity of the Flaming Devil Cave. He was looking for a suitable Ghostly Yan tribe that could bring him through the defensive spirit designs of Flaming Devil Cave. 

A person like this was common and several of them were around him and returning to the Flaming Devil Cave. 

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