Chapter 0868: Fox Demon Queen

He first left the vicinity in favor of a quieter spot, and left the Heaven Devouring Avatar outside on guard. And then his real body entered the Floating Dreams Pagoda, taking the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques with him.

All around him was yellow mist.

Animal roars came constantly.

Because it was different each time he entered, Wu Yu had to search for the Fox Demon Queen's Assimilation Technique of Dao and Soul all over again. This might be very difficult because there were many dao techniques inside, and he might be left searching for a long time if he missed it.

It was all a matter of luck.

"Fox Demon Queen."

What Wu Yu had recalled was a white fox, petite and dainty, sprawled on the floor. It was very cute and lively. After he had come out from the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, he had rarely met fox demons. On the Taigu Immortal Path, he had encountered one, but he had lost the feeling that he had when he first met the Ninth Spirit. This had much to do with Wu Yu's cultivation level at that time.

Perhaps the Ninth Spirit was not as beautiful, but in Wu Yu's mind, she was still someone who could scramble his emotions. Wu Yu had killed her personally, and could still feel her haunting him. He would occasionally think of her.

He looked everywhere, and this was not an urgent matter, so he had patience in abundance.

Finally, his hard work paid off, helped with a healthy dose of luck. In the yellow mist, he managed to find the white fox. This time, Wu Yu dived in without hesitation. Sensing his entry, the little fox demon's narrowed eyes opened to show off their full, black, glossy beauty as she lifted her head to regard Wu Yu.

Very adorable.

But Wu Yu knew that this was the ancient Fox Demon Queen, who was most adept at controlling one's Primordial Spirit and turning you into her puppet. She was a dangerous existence indeed.

"I want the Assimilation Technique of Dao and Soul."

"Is that so?" Before Wu Yu, the little fox changed into a woman of peerless beauty. Perhaps all fox demon-women had similar appearances. This woman looked very like the Ninth Spirit, and this was perhaps in terms of her aura. Nangong Wei's resemblance to the Ninth Spirit had been in terms of her features.

It was indeed her aura, because a closer look revealed differences in looks. However, the lounging seductiveness of this fox demon woman was indeed a close match. Besides, this Fox Demon Queen was completely different from the Ninth Spirit. She was a true master, and the Ninth Spirit could not hold a candle to her.

"But why should I give it to you?"

The fox demon sidled closer to Wu Yu, an enchanting fragrance seeping off from her body. One whiff sent scandalous thoughts into one's mind. Perhaps this was their talent, but Wu Yu did not like this smell now. There was only one fox demon in his mind, and so his mind was focused. He used Visualizing the Inner Ape as he pulled out his 10,000 Dragons Staff. He also used the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth, and the power of the Elixir of Fire Spirit came exploding forth. This challenge platform was sealed, and so the entire arena was currently filled with a terrifying wave of heat. In the heat wave, the Fox Demon Queen's expression turned ugly.

The Fox Demon Queen was not that strong - weaker than the Barren Ancestor. However, her Assimilation Technique of Dao and Soul was a formidable force against those with weaker resistances.

Wu Yu did not attack her. He simply did not hide his own physical dominance, and also showed the Fox Demon Queen the experience of being immolated in the Elixir of Fire Spirit.

This way, the blazing environment would force the Fox Demon Queen to attack Wu Yu with all her might!

What Wu Yu wanted was to endure the Assimilation Technique of Dao and Soul first. This way, he could better understand this dao technique.

Demons would create dao techniques based on their own talents. The Demon Hall of Dao Techniques was said to be the most important repository of legacies and treasures of the Demon Dao Sect, and was the wellspring of the Demon Dao Sect's legacies. Wu Yu had basically obtained the most precious object of the Demon Dao Sect. He was currently learning dao techniques that had basically been lost to the Jambu Realm.

"Wu Yu, Wu Yu...." Hot tears flowed down the fox demon spirit's face as she called out to Wu Yu. The scanty, long robes of pink gauze had been soaked with sweat, and clung to her divine body. Everything within could be seen clearly, and everything before Wu Yu's eyes was changing. The flames, the challenge platform - all of it was shifting. He found himself in a charming, little loft, and a woman appeared before him, soaking wet. Her long hair was plastered before her fair breast, and her lustrous eyes conveyed volumes as they regarded Wu Yu.

He was a little taken aback, because the dead Ninth Spirit was standing before him at this moment. Her expression suddenly changed as she cried her heart out. It was a heart-wrenching sight as she looked at Wu Yu with complicated hatred. She spat out, "You don't know my heart. I love you deeply, but you killed me. You were wrong, Wu Yu...."

Wu Yu frowned. This shook him. He knew that the fox demon was at work. He was using Visualizing the Inner Ape, and also reciting the scripture of the Invincible Vajra Body. Besides, his Eyes of Fire and Gold could see the demon's real body - the little fox. But he stopped all this and gave up resisting. He let himself be taken in.

Because only by immersing himself in it could he learn how this dao technique worked, and what was the key.

As he willingly surrendered control, all of this became incredibly life-like. The redwood furniture, lanterns and candles, rugs and bedding - all of it became vividly real. As did the beads of sweat running down the Ninth Spirit's body, her long, fluttering lashes, the tears in her eyes. He knew that this had to be the key to the whole dao technique - to truly bewitch the opponent with realism. Therefore, this dao technique had to truly penetrate the opponent's mind.

"It's probably done through the eyes." He recalled that it had started because he had met the gaze of his opponent. Her dao technique had then entered his Primordial Spirit and dug out things from within to use. She could access Wu Yu's deepest memories, especially those related to women.

"No, don't lie to me. I already know the truth. You were only trying to make yourself stronger." Wu Yu played along with her. He still had a shred of rationality, partially because his Heaven Devouring Avatar was very aware. Therefore, it was hard for him to be bewitched. Right now, Wu Yu was best at dealing with such dao techniques because they could only enthrall one of his Primordial Spirits, while his Heaven Devouring Avatar would remain aware and also keep his real body unaffected.

Therefore, even being a willing victim, she found it difficult to captivate him.

This was an advantage that Wu Yu had.

In order to fully comprehend this dao technique, he went even deeper. He delved fully into her looks, but they still held up perfectly even under close scrutiny.

She was much better looking than other women.

"But I had no choice. I was prepared to take you with me after I finished that thing. That was my destiny. But I...."

"If I'm dead, what use is it to bring me along?" Wu Yu countered.

He wanted to see what other tricks she would employ.

Therefore, the two continued conversing, and Wu Yu gradually realized that this dao technique was potent indeed. He would find himself swept away in the moment. Until now, he had yet to find any flaws in the realism of the Ninth Spirit, down to the details such as her skin and hair.

"Come with me. We will be together in the next world." This should have been her first attempt. Mainly, she knew that it was too difficult to enrapture Wu Yu, or she would have succeeded quickly without these complications.

She came over to Wu Yu, taking him by the hand and lifting her tear-streaked face to him. Her eyes were like whirlpools that drew one in.


At this moment, Wu Yu felt like his brain was about to explode. Her true coup de grĂ¢ce was unleashed at this point. She made her bid for control, and Wu Yu felt his own brain fog, his consciousness growing dim.

"Listen to me. I love you deeply. We can be happy together forever. Just listen to me...." The Ninth Spirit's voice echoed in his ears.

"You're dead. No more happiness." Wu Yu's eyes flashed, and he used the Eyes of Fire and Gold to penetrate her illusion. A mere fox could not hold such attraction for him, especially through such confused feelings. He had completely cast aside his defenses, and still she could not master him. But through this experience, Wu Yu roughly understood the power of the Assimilation Technique of Dao and Soul now.

Wu Yu could perfectly resist this because of his two Primordial Spirits. He had many other back-up plans as well, and the Eyes of Fire and Gold was but one of them. He could see through all. But others could not. Besides, this was not the strongest Fox Demon Queen either, but merely an echo of her Primordial Spirit, transformed. It used the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques' spirit designs and power.

This did not mean that the dao technique was not strong. At least for Wu Yu, there should be no problems controlling those weaker than he was. After repeating it a few times and testing out her attacks, Wu Yu could easily defeat her.

"Wu Yu, how many more times must you treat me with such cruelty?" the Ninth Spirit begged tearfully.

"Go away. Begone."

Wu Yu hated others digging into his personal affairs.

In the end, steeling his heart, he obtained the Assimilation Technique of Dao and Soul that he wanted.

He began to cultivate it within, while the Heaven Devouring Avatar roamed outside. After this dao technique had been mastered, Wu Yu would again enter the Bloody Yan Cave to finish off the Ghostly Artificer.

Such a dao technique had high requirements of one's Primordial Spirit. Fortunately, Wu Yu had two that could be used to research it. He found that he was not bad at it, especially having tasted its effects.

He had to say that the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques was truly a veritable treasure.

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