Chapter 0867: Assimilation Technique of Dao and Soul

The Dignified Sword Elemental was a puppet, so he did not feel terror or fear. He was prepared for anything, and immediately attacked recklessly, with no regard for his own life.

Wu Yu had fought the Dignified Sword Elemental many times, so he was already very familiar with his Offensive Spirit Designs. Besides the Yin Yang Sword Will and Fish Trawler, he still had two more major spirit designs. One was called the Mystic Soul Slayer Sword, and the other was known as Blade Destroyer of Nine Worlds.

And right now, Wu Yu wanted to give him a big rap on the head!

"Violent Art!"

After using the Violent Art, Wu Yu's strength was at its peak, a sixfold increase. At this moment, Wu Yu could split mountains and lay down fissures on the earth. His staff whistled down towards the Dignified Sword Elemental. His opponent used the Fish Trawler, and the Yin Yang fish net caught Wu Yu in the air. The sword energy flashed out in all directions, and at this moment, Wu Yu was using his body to tank the attack. He continued his charge, and the Violent Art surged as he smashed the Offensive Spirit Design to bits with one strike. And then his blow landed on the Dignified Sword Elemental. This stupefying strength immediately broke the Dignified Sword Elemental's hip!


In that instant, the advanced dao treasure rang with an explosive bang as it crashed into the puppet's body.

"Heaven Swallowing 10,000 Rampaging Dragons Formation!" The Heaven Devouring Avatar had found a gap, and immediately sent 10,000 dragons down it. The upper half of the Dignified Sword Elemental was immediately frozen, all heat being leached away from it. This caused the spirit designs to freeze over!

As for Wu Yu's real body, he was targeting the lower half. Right now, the upper and lower halves still wanted to merge together. Wu Yu gave it no chance. After freezing the upper half, his real body appeared between the two legs and reduced it to a pulp in a violent outburst!

This way, the Dignified Sword Elemental would be thoroughly broken.

Of course, Wu Yu did not think that he had succeeded with that. The upper half of the Dignified Sword Elemental's body was not yet invalidated. Wu Yu had neutralized half the spirit designs, but it could still fight. He was simply frozen, which did not count in the design of the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

Therefore, Wu Yu used his godlike body to remove some of the frost, then his real body rushed up to deliver a stunning blow to the head of the Dignified Sword Elemental, turning it into a metal pancake as he continued to rain follow-ups. As for the Dark North Royal Obelisk, it had changed into a long whip that lashed out at the Dignified Sword Elemental. Wu Yu used this opportunity to also reduce the upper half to flattened metal and dust. This way, the Dignified Sword Elemental was truly destroyed.

Even Wu Yu was tired at this point.

This had been a difficult battle. Wu Yu's bodies had choreographed this from the start, and could lay on a seamless storm as though they were the wind and rain itself. In truth, the strongest move of the Dignified Sword Elemental had been immediately shut down by Wu Yu, and had been unable to be used. This was the most effective way of battle - to force a clash between your strongest aspect and your enemy's weakest; by limiting your opponent's ability to perform and then striking like lightning to finish him off!

In comparison, two people slugging it out to the end with their dao techniques and mystiques did not fight well. Of course, Wu Yu could fight in close combat because he had such a tough body. Right now, Wu Yu posed a huge threat to any martial cultivator. Firstly, he was an unknown force, and also had an invincible body. His horrifying physique crowned him the king of close combat. Anyone without an armor dao treasure would be in danger if Wu Yu came close.

Wu Yu had successfully finished off the Dignified Sword Elemental and won its allegiance and strength, thanks to the help of his Heaven Devouring Avatar helper. Now he was at a new peak of strength. Wu Yu was rather satisfied with his Hexaworld Celestial King Buddha Body!

Currently, he was getting carried away by his newfound power. He even felt that this battle had not been enough. He wanted to fight more and hone his body through trials and tribulations to reach new heights of wild aggression. This was his cultivation will! He was seized with an urge to dominate, and the Heaven Devouring Avatar was not affected by this, because the devouring ability was just as dominating.

Right now, the Dignified Sword Elemental was recovering within the Floating Dreams Pagoda. Therefore, in this period of time, Wu Yu remained low-profile, returning to the Bloody Yan Cave. In the meantime, Wu Yu again passed by the Flaming Devil Cave, which was rather subdued. He thought that Ye Xixi should be inside, but Wu Yu had no intention of entering the Flaming Devil Cave, because he knew that it was much more dangerous than the Bloody Yan Cave.

Along the way, he was met with many spirit designs that obstructed his journey. The Ghostly Yan Tribe were still searching for Wu Yu because of the advanced dao treasure, but their numbers had dwindled slightly after realizing that Wu Yu was not at all afraid of them.

Occasionally, Wu Yu would pause to hear their conversations.

Of course, he did this secretly, so they did not know.

"I don't know what the experts are thinking. Do they want the Ghostly Yan Tribe to charge out of this hell and return to the world outside? Take all that belongs to us?"

"From what I know, it has been this way for tens of thousands of years. We have been fighting, challenging, but to no avail. All that awaits our attacks is death. Why haven't they given up until now?"

"Although life is harsh and bitter in the world of magma, at least it is life. It's suicide to challenge the Yan Huang Tribe and the Yan Huang Ancient Country. I think this attempt is doomed as well. Those people just relish conflict."

"A few large-scale battles have already broken out. However, they haven't even been able to break through the spirit designs of the Yan Huang Tribe. It's said that it was made by generations of Yan Huang emperors, and some were even made by the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor, who is still in the world here - so what the hell are we doing challenging that? In any case, I'm going to be hiding well away when the time comes."

"Actually, I reckon that the Yan Huang Tribe knows what our experts are planning and doing. However, they're probably laughing at us."

"Forget it. Drop it. It's a noble cause to fight for freedom. At least it can realize their dao. But the Yan Huang Tribe is too strong. The fact that we haven't been completely wiped out is mercy from them. Everyone has probably resigned to their fates as Ghostly Yan Tribe members. If you feel resentful and hateful, then go up and fight the training troops of the Yan Huang Tribe. If you can kill one or two, that might be the highlight of your life."

Wu Yu started to understand them. He also learned that the Holy Masters were worried about some plan being leaked, which was why they had tried to chase him away.

What plan?

However, even their own people were not interested, and saw it as another attempt of many. Wu Yu also found it hard to rouse interest, so he went back on his way to the Bloody Yan Cave. He was still prepared to get his Unbounded Sky Pillar. Right now, he was confident that he could kill the Ghostly Artificer in a straight fight, which was why he had returned.

From afar, he could see that the Bloody Yan Cave had opened up anew, and people were going back and forth. Wu Yu stood a distance away. He knew that there were many layers of Defensive and Offensive Spirit Designs outside the Bloody Yan Cave. Once he neared, they would trigger. Therefore, he had to think of a way to enter. Last time, he had used the Somersault Cloud to leap nearby, and that had been thanks to his luck. Wu Yu did not feel like his luck would hold up a second time, and so he racked his brains for a stealthy way to bypass the deadly spirit designs.

He was very patient on this "hunt" because he had the ability to complete it.

Besides, his competitors, the yan dragon generals, did not dare to come down here.

He was still thinking of whether there was a better way than risking a leap in.

"The last time you went to the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques, before you chose the Barren Great Dao Finger, didn't you see the Fox Demon Queen's Assimilation Technique of Dao and Soul? A fairly remarkable technique, but you gave it up for an offensive dao technique. From its description, the fox demon queen's creation is fairly rare, and powerful at controlling souls. Although it's not like the Soul Manipulation Blood Design, once control is established, you can turn someone into your puppet and execute your will. Quite astounding. I've seen many similar controlling techniques, but this one is one of the best," Ming Long reminded Wu Yu.

Actually, he had also noticed this dao technique back then, but the fox demon spirit had reminded Wu Yu of the Ninth Spirit; therefore, he had given it due respect and had not chosen it.

"Even with the Assimilation Technique of Dao and Soul, what use does it have?" Wu Yu did not get it.

Ming Long said smugly, "You little rascal! You're obsessed with flashing girls and trying to hit them up. Is your brain full of that flat-chested chick? How can you not even get this?"

"You're equally flat and in no position to laugh at others," Wu Yu countered.

"Damn you. This is Old Mother's look when I was young. When I grew up, they were as big as your head!" Ming Long said proudly.

"I heard that people tend to exaggerate in areas that they are lacking. Is that you?" Wu Yu taunted.

"Alright then. You win the argument, you think of the solution yourself," Ming Long snapped in frustration. Each time she lost the banter with Wu Yu, she would pull out this trump card.

Because Wu Yu could only back down in those situations.

"The Floating Dreams Pagoda is not fully under your control, and not considered your dao treasure. And it is very special as well. Right now, it is much like an owner-less object. If someone brings the Floating Dreams Pagoda through these spirit designs, I wager these spirit designs will not react. Besides, spirit designs that create an internal world that can store humans inside virtually don't exist. That's what's unique about the Floating Dreams Pagoda."

"You mean for me to control someone with the Assimilation Technique of Dao and Soul, and have them bring me in through the Floating Dreams Pagoda?"

"Seems likely to me. Worst case, you leap away if you're discovered. If it succeeds, it will be awesome. In the future, you can infiltrate any place with spirit designs by using the Assimilation Technique of Dao and Soul to control someone and take you in. A fool-proof plan. At least in the mortal realm, I wager that the Floating Dreams Pagoda can do this. Unless you can fully master the Floating Dreams Pagoda, then you can take control of it and decide if you want to activate its ability to hide spirit designs."

Each Heaven and Earth Spirit Design was created with multiple considerations in mind. They were used to identify friend from foe, and were possibly combinations of tens of thousands of spirit designs. Generally, anything logged by the spirit designs would not be wrong. But the Floating Dreams Pagoda was different. It was only a dao treasure, and its owner's signature was not apparent, making it seem like an ownerless object.

Therefore, Wu Yu thought that Ming Long's words made sense.

If he mastered the Assimilation Technique of Dao and Soul, it would not only help him this time, but might enable him to go all sorts of places.

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