Chapter 0866: Memories from Youth

She was momentarily stunned before she took out a fiery red gourd. There were many spirit designs on the gourd - it was actually an advanced dao treasure. She opened that gourd and sucked the Elixir of Fire Spirit from Wu Yu's hands in before closing the gourd and putting it away. Only then did she look at Wu Yu anxiously and angrily. However, at this point, her emotions were chaotic. Her brain was still filled with Wu Yu's previous look. When she tried to speak, her tongue was tied. She could only glare angrily at Wu Yu and failed to speak even after half a day. 

"You scoundrel, you’ve defiled my eyes!" Ye Xixi howled and almost cried.

"Don't be like that. You're not a three-year-old kid. It's nothing to take a few looks." Wu Yu was tickled pink by her. Actually, he had met many women, but each one of them was different, from the Ninth Spirit, who made the unknowing Wu Yu suffer from love and hatred; to the fiery and wilful Nangong Wei; to the mysterious Luo Pin who, was gentle yet generous, elegant and caring. Then there was also Princess You Xue, who scorned him at first but yielded to him in the end and became obsessed with him. Next was Ye Xixi...

The others did not have much contact with Wu Yu. Of course, Ye Xixi also had not had much contact with him, though Wu Yu found her pure and fun. 

Perhaps there was a shadow of a young Nangong Wei on her.

"Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column!"

Suddenly, Wu Yu recalled that scene. It was a snowy day and she was leaving. She had handed Wu Yu a Sumeru Pouch shyly. Her face, expression, and movements at that time, hidden behind the snow and ice, were clearly imprinted in Wu Yu's mind. This scene shook his heart. That was Nangong Wei...

"Hu..." He did not know why he had suddenly recalled the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column. Hence, he also recalled the current Nangong Wei's end.

Now he was a long distance away from that time, that place. Much of the wilfulness and stubbornness from his youth seemed so insignificant now. From today's perspective, recalling how he had loved someone so deeply, that feeling was different from the admiration he had for Luo Pin.

Only after many years of venturing out, after coming out of his gloom, did he realize these unforgettable things in his heart.

"You… did you just! Was there a lot of Elixir of Fire Spirit in that bottle!? That's why you were able to take some out immediately! Were you just collecting Elixir of Fire Spirit and lying to me that you were at the verge of life and death!"

She was confused just now. However, she had calmed down. Ye Xixi suddenly recalled this point, and she was furious.

"I hate it when others lie to me. Wu Yu, you lied to me again! You tortoise, rubbish, asshole!" Ye Xixi was angered and burst into tears. Two streams of tears fell like rivers. She looked like she was about to attack Wu Yu.

"What are you talking about? I got it beforehand and hadn’t used it yet. And it was indeed a key moment just now. I didn't tell you before because I was afraid that you'd come in and snatch it. Now that I'm out, I've given it to you. Also, it's three times the amount. You better not return kindness with ingratitude. If there really was a lot of Elixir of Fire Spirit here, would it even be up to me to take? Your elders would have taken it all away, dummy." When Wu Yu was fierce, his words directly shocked the other party. Now it was his real body which spoke, not the Heaven Devouring Avatar. His real body was different now. When he spoke, he was especially authoritative and more domineering, while the Heaven Devouring Avatar would speak in a more gentle and sly manner. 

Anyway, since he had deceived her once, he might as well deceive her all the way. Now there was no more Elixir of Fire Spirit left and he had succeeded. It was useless whether she knew the truth or not.

"Is that so? Okay, I've misunderstood you!" It was only now that she wiped her tears sadly. She did not know why, but she now realized that she was a little afraid of Wu Yu.

Wu Yu was actually recalling past events but was interrupted by her. He was filled with anger, but the anger had dissipated. Nangong Wei had disappeared. He looked at Ye Xixi and knew clearly that they were two totally different people.

Now everything was settled.

"What are you going to do after getting the Elixir of Fire Spirit?" Wu Yu asked her.

"I... I have a use for it. My aunt needs the Elixir of Fire Spirit to treat her injuries. I want to bring it back to save her," Ye Xixi said.

So that was the reason. Wu Yu now knew why she was so persistent on the Elixir of Fire Spirit.

"Then you may leave first," Wu Yu said.

"Okay..." Ye Xixi was slightly confused. She seemed to be reluctant to leave just like this, or perhaps she was not convinced? However, someone was waiting for her in the Flaming Devil Cave.

Ye Xixi was about to leave but turned back to ask, "What about you? What are you going to do?" 

"Whatever I want to do is my own business. You have no need to care too much."

"I'm telling you that many are looking for you to kill you. There are many strong people. I advise you to leave as soon as possible. Now that you have passed this dao calamity, you better not remain here." Ye Xixi seemed to be warning him yet also seemed to be concerned for him.

"I know, I know my limits."

"Also, don't think of going further down. I heard that the deepest part of Infernal Inferno is a sealed barrier. No one can break it. It is the same as the sky, where the highest part of the sky is a barrier. You have no way of breaking through that barrier to enter heaven. If you go any further down, then it will really be hell. Ghostly immortals will be everywhere. Don't scare yourself to death."


Wu Yu originally wanted to continue exploring deeper. If that was the case, then he would forget it. He knew that even his Somersault Cloud had no way of passing through that place. If the Somersault Cloud could travel through world barriers, then he need not train anymore. He could directly fly to the Sky Palace. The Somersault Cloud had no such ability.

This type of barrier could only be opened by immortals or ghostly immortals. The Sky Palace would only open it when someone passed the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao and ascended into immortalhood to allow mortals to enter heaven and take their place as an immortal. 

People called this barrier the barrier of the Jambu Realm.

"I'm leaving." Ye Xixi finally ran off. There was only Wu Yu left here. He left the surroundings and then, as he walked, he thought about where he could go next.

"I was already very lucky to get the Paradise's Fiery Demise and Hexaworld Celestial King Buddha Body. I have gained more than I could imagine. I'm very satisfied."

"If I descend further and it is really the world barrier - I better not risk such dangers."

"Then there are two things left in the Infernal Inferno that attract me. The first is to take the Ghostly Artificer's life to obtain the Unbounded Sky Pillar, and the other is the aim of the Ghostly Yan Tribe. They seem to be acting strangely. If I can uncover their goal, then it should be considered as achieving a small merit."

However, Wu Yu felt that there should not be any problem because the Yan Huang Tribe had suppressed the Ghostly Yan Tribe for so many years. Besides, there was the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor, a heaven-defying existence, outside. No matter what the Ghostly Yan Tribe was doing, he felt that it was nothing much. They could not accomplish anything major. After all, just those spirit designs above the Infernal Inferno alone looked impossible to destroy. 

The main point was that the Ghostly Yan Tribe had been retaliating for so many years. However, they had been defeated each time. Now there was no other power equal to the Yan Huang Ancient Country in the Jambu Realm.

"Since that is the case, then the only remaining thing will be to kill the Ghostly Artificer and get the Unbounded Sky Pillar."

"My physical body is stronger now, so the Unbounded Sky Pillar has become even more important to me."

"But it is obvious that it will be more difficult to kill Ghostly Artificer now. While I have the Hexaworld Celestial King Buddha Body, there is still difficulty in slaying my opponent quickly. After all, this is not the first time, and the other party will be on guard. He might even have strong companions with him."

"So I’d better get stronger if I can."

Hence, to Wu Yu, the first thing he had to do now was not return to the Bloody Yan Cave, but continue on what he had been working hard on during this period of time.

He was going to challenge the puppet in the Floating Dreams Pagoda - the Dignified Sword Elemental!

Previously, Wu Yu had challenged him a few times. He had been defeated even when he joined hands with the Heaven Devouring Avatar.

Of course, he knew that that was good. It meant that the Dignified Sword Elemental was very strong, and if he defeated it, it would be extremely useful to him. Besides, the Dignified Sword Elemental was in human form. If it were not him looking, others would think that it was a real person. This humanoid puppet was indeed top notch!

Wu Yu placed the Floating Dreams Pagoda in the Infernal Inferno and let it float by itself. There was basically no one else here. The glass lamp had been here for so long without being detected anyways.

Then his real body and avatar entered the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

He challenged it again, and after he chose the white spirit design, the Dignified Sword Elemental appeared before their eyes again. He held a long sword in each of his hands, one black and one white! The Dignified Sword Elemental's long hair flew. He drew a longsword from his back. His eyes were extremely cold. Only Wu Yu's Eyes of Fire and Gold could see the countless spirit designs in his body turning and working together. They used the power of the Floating Dreams Pagoda and were prepared to battle Wu Yu! 

Previously, his main power in battle was the Heaven Devouring Avatar!

But at this moment, his real body stood in front. At this moment, Wu Yu used the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth to transform to his largest and strongest form. Then he used the Immortal Ape Transformation to boost his strength even more. His physical strength was already horrifying. After the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth, he was practically the most explosive battle god in the heavens and earth. That Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff was in his hands. It was now vibrating in excitement. Obviously, even this advanced dao treasure was excited and satisfied by Wu Yu's strength!

Crack, crack!

With every careless move, his bones would crack loudly. Wu Yu was like a sky-high colossal beast at this moment. He stood before the Dignified Sword Elemental and breathed out heat waves that could burn anything. Luckily, the Floating Dreams Pagoda had a strong interior. If not, it would not be able to withstand Wu Yu's violent and extreme attacks!

Flames obviously burned on his body. These were spat out by the Elixir of Fire Spirit. They raised the temperature of the interior of the Floating Dreams Pagoda to terrifying high levels. The average Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm martial cultivator need not battle if they entered. They probably would directly turn into charcoal. This was indeed the most terrifying part of Wu Yu now.

And behind him was his previous main battle power, the Heaven Devouring Avatar. While he was more terrifying than previously, he could only hide in the dark. He was using a super advanced dao treasure, the Dark North Royal Obelisk, to face the Dignified Sword Elemental in an assassination position. One would have to admit that after Wu Yu transformed, he seemed to have crushing advantages. The key was that he now had an immortal body. He was no weaker than the puppet, the Dignified Sword Elemental! 

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