Chapter 0865: Fearful Might

Wu Yu could not resist sneaking a few more looks.

She was a rare, little cutie with that fair face.

He was thinking that anyone else in her position would not have stood here and given him a day.

Others would already have fought with Wu Yu and affected the transformation of his true body.

And Ye Xixi still believed him, although there were still many lies in his words....

Wu Yu felt a little bad.

Of course, he still had to continue to mollify her. As he continued to chat with her and pass the time, he started to understand her a bit more.

The Holy Master of the Flaming Devil Cave doted on her, and had only recently allowed her to leave the Flaming Devil Cave alone.

Therefore, she did not have much experience, and had spent basically all her time in the Flaming Devil Cave. Although the Flaming Devil Cave looked very sinister from the outside, at least the place where Ye Xixi had grown up in was a utopia of sorts. It looked like the Holy Master of the Flaming Devil Cave still knew how to enjoy himself.

"Seems like you're not a bad person. Why did you come to invade us?" Ye Xixi asked.

"Invade? The Yan Huang Tribe and the Ghostly Yan Tribe are in a complicated situation. It's not really an invasion. You don't know anything about the outside, only that you're cooped up here in the Infernal Inferno, right?" Wu Yu asked.

Again, the conversation had strayed to matters of the outside. Ye Xixi pouted and seemed unsure. "Forget it. I don't want to hear about the outside."

"Then we'll talk about something else." 

"Oh right, why do you want to kill the Ghostly Artificer?" Ye Xixi asked.

"He killed many Yan Huang Tribe members, and almost killed my friend. If I kill him, I'll also be rewarded with a very good advanced dao treasure that suits me. So I came to risk it."

"But aren't you all always killing the Ghostly Yan Tribe as well?" Although Ye Xixi did not venture out, she still knew about recent events.

"Cultivation and survival are all about plunder. Each person has their own beliefs, so it's difficult to say what's good and evil. Regardless, there isn't much conflict between the two of us," Wu Yu said.

Ye Xixi looked straight into his eyes. "Perhaps you are right. But if one day a war breaks out between the two races, I will definitely stand with ours. To defend our right to life, I will take on anybody."

She belonged to the Ghostly Yan Tribe, and it was at the unshakable core of her attitude, even if it was far from perfect.

However, Wu Yu did not feel that this affected him much. He, too, felt like an individual, and did not feel affiliated to the Yan Huang Tribe.

Time flowed by.

"Where is your cat from? Can I hold it?" Wu Yu asked.

"Meow!" The All Amalgamating Cat shot Wu Yu an angry look, its hackles rising.

"Haha, it hates you." Ye Xixi laughed.

That was that, then.

But now Wu Yu was getting more and more excited. His real body, within the glass lamp, was hovering between life and death as he built his physical body world layer by layer.

Without being disturbed, he progressed rather smoothly. If Ye Xixi even disturbed the glass lamp slightly, Wu Yu might be distracted.

And the consequences were dire to imagine.

Wu Yu was jittery and nervous throughout. Even Ye Xixi seemed to have noticed. She glanced towards the glass lamp and said, "Are you growing stronger? Seems like something terrifying is going on inside."

After chatting with him for a while, she didn't dislike Wu Yu so much anymore. Therefore, she was quite relaxed now.

"Improving, just not in cultivation level," Wu Yu said.

"Can I see?" Ye Xixi craned her neck to look.

"Don't.... It's the most crucial period now. If you go in, you'll affect it," Wu Yu hurriedly said.

"I really can't?"

"Best not to...."

"Look at you, all nervous!" Ye Xixi gave a cheeky grin and did not persist. This way, Wu Yu passed the final hurdle in the glass lamp, and his six worlds took form. As the sixth tier was completed, the six worlds would naturally form a hexagon, a whole arrangement of unparalleled tenacity!

Wu Yu finally understood just how strong his physical body was now. The first world tier alone was stronger than the Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body. With all six worlds linked together, that was as if six of him were in the same body. And the whole and perfect combination meant that it wasn't as simple as an addition of six times his power!

In terms of his physique and body, he looked much the same as before, but there was a world of difference. His body had become even more robust and explosive, and his body contained enough Elixir of Fire Spirit to fill a lake. The terrifying heat was fearsome. When Wu Yu's body blazed up, this heat alone was enough to destroy many opponents.

His six worlds were all the fusion between the Elixir of Fire Spirit and his body! As for the exact extent of his strength, Wu Yu did not know. But he could confirm, as could Ming Long, that there was no body like his in the world.

It was definitely the best in the world, without a doubt!

As he stretched his arms and legs, he felt like a mini Infernal Inferno himself.

This was why Ye Xixi, separated through the glass lamp, could feel the terror that was inside.

Right now, the glass lamp was shuddering slightly. The glowing red cracks were even more pronounced, and Ye Xixi could not help but look at them. However, the Elixir of Fire Spirit was more or less gone now. Wu Yu would definitely use all that there was, and was unafraid that she would discover him.

If she knew that Wu Yu had absorbed so much Elixir of Fire Spirit into his body, she would probably explode from anger.

After all, this was the territory of the Ghostly Yan Tribe.

After so many years, they had not found this bonanza of Elixir of Fire Spirit.

"Are you going to succeed?" Ye Xixi asked, wide-eyed.

"Just the final bit."

"If I muddle it up now, will you die?" she said naughtily.

"Don't- don't do that! I will definitely return the Elixir of Fire Spirit to you as soon as possible. Very soon. Believe me."

"That's a promise!"

At this time, she was concentrating on the mouth of the glass lamp, waiting alongside Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar. The glass lamp was shuddering violently, as though a storm was brewing within. Luckily, Wu Yu had fashioned spirit designs at the mouth of the lamp to stabilize it beforehand, or the shaking would have been even more violent.

After a quarter of an hour, the glass lamp finally calmed down. The fiery red light also subsided and faded to black within.

Wu Yu naturally knew that he had succeeded.

After numerous close brushes with death, Wu Yu had finally succeeded. He took a deep breath. He realized just how difficult cultivation was, and this made him even more confident in his abilities. Right now, he was still continuing to grow in terms of cultivation level.

After succeeding, his current Invincible Vajra Body - the Hexaworld Celestial King Buddha Body - was definitely even more awesome than Wu Yu had hoped! He had absorbed virtually all of the Elixir of Fire Spirit into his body, and even his Eyes of Fire and Gold had been rebuilt a few times. His Paradise's Fiery Demise had become even more terrific.

This physical body was the epitome of brutality!

Wu Yu discovered the feeling of an unyielding body anew. With this body, he felt that his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy paled in comparison again. After all, these six world tiers combined could deliver a punch on par with his dao techniques and mystiques. The power of six worlds exploding at the same time.

At this time, Wu Yu suppressed the frightful heat within his body in order not to be so obvious. And then he came to the mouth of the glass lamp. At this time, there was virtually no more Elixir of Fire Spirit within. Just the lamp alone. Wu Yu guessed that it was the possession of an immortal, and might be useful even if cracked. Therefore, he stored the glass lamp in his Sumeru Pouch.

When the glass lamp vanished, Wu Yu's real body appeared before Ye Xixi. He looked into Ye Xixi's eyes.

"Ah, scoundrel!" Ye Xixi's face was very red. She hurriedly averted her eyes. She had never seen such a body before. His entire body was glowing red, and his muscles were hard and defined. Such a firm body that was essentially perfect....

Of course, surrounded by the Elixir of Fire Spirit, any armor dao treasure would have been burnt clean off. Wu Yu had been wearing the armor dao treasure he had traded for in the Dark North Kingdom, but it was all burnt off now. In order to prevent his Sumeru Pouch from exploding, he had placed his Sumeru Pouch and belongings at the mouth of the glass lamp.

Although it was a rude shock to her, Ye Xixi had gotten a good eyeful. Her heart was beating wildly now, and she babbled, flustered. She was angry, but her mind was blank.

"Meow!" The All Amalgamating Cat raised its paws to cover its own eyes.

Wu Yu did not think too much of it. After all, he had been focused on building his body. Now he took out another armor dao treasure from his Sumeru Pouch and molded it into the form of clothing.

"You can open your eyes now, Miss." Wu Yu stood before her, raising a hand.

"What!?" Ye Xixi was shocked by something hot. Right now, Wu Yu was suppressing his body heat, but he was holding something in his hand. 

When Ye Xixi opened her eyes, still blushing furiously, she saw an Elixir of Fire Spirit in Wu Yu's hand, about three times the size of the one she had previously seen.

"For you, as I promised. Returned threefold. How's that? Touched?" Wu Yu grinned at her.

"You…! You! I… I!" Ye Xixi stammered, looking at the Elixir of Fire Spirit with wide eyes.

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