Chapter 0864: The World Outside

Ming Long quickly realized that it was absolutely useless to pray to the heavens.

And the heavens always liked to oppose her.

It was not that something had happened to Wu Yu. While he was at risk, his spiritual will was strong. At this moment, his will was resolute again. If there were no incidents, from the current situation, there should not be any problems while forming six worlds. 

The problem was on the outside. When Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar was free and strolling outside, someone appeared on top. This time it was not a Lantern Beast, but someone more troublesome.

"Meow!" A lazy and plump white cat meowed a few times at Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar. A lively, cute, beautiful girl with red lips and fair skin, bright eyes, and white teeth carried this white cat and smoothed its fur. She looked very smart, but when she finally saw Wu Yu, she pouted and looked annoyed. 

Just as Wu Yu had expected, the All Amalgamating Cat had found him when he stopped moving.

Wu Yu instantly observed his surroundings. There was no one else accompanying Ye Xixi. This comforted his agitated heart a little. The situation was bad now, especially at this crucial stage. Wu Yu was a little nervous. He was worried that Ye Xixi would disturb him and was even more worried of being surrounded by the other strong enemies.

"If my real body is affected, my physical body will break down and then die completely. And if those strong enemies appear, my Heaven Devouring Avatar will not be able to escape. That would be troublesome. I won't have a chance of survival at all..."

He knew how serious things were.

Originally, this was a grand gamble. After seeing the Elixir of Fire Spirit, he had no choice. He could only say that he had the worst luck when he ended up in such a situation.

Now, he had yet to see others. He could only choose to continue and at the same time engage Ye Xixi. After all, this little girl was not too smart and could be tricked for a while.

"Are you crazy? Why would you come to such a deep place? Even Lazy and I were cooked until we were covered in sweat before we found this place. If not for my exemplary constitution, I would’ve been thoroughly roasted by now!" Ye Xixi vented her anger at him. 

"Meow!" The All Amalgamating Cat was very unsatisfied with this environment. It was protesting at Wu Yu and Ye Xixi and looked like it wanted to scramble off.

"I just wanted to see how deep the Infernal Inferno was. Is that not allowed? Why did you come looking for me on your own this time? Didn't you bring a whole group of old fogies with you before?" Wu Yu looked. Actually, the other party did not really hate him, so there should be room for negotiation. He mainly wanted to know if there were others in the surroundings. 

At this moment, it was the real body's Eyes of Fire and Gold that would’ve been useful. His Heaven Devouring Avatar could not see so far.

Ye Xixi glared at him and uttered each word in feigned fury. "Any further and even you will be burned into charcoal. As for looking for you... I realized that they wanted to kill you, so forget it. I let Uncle Dian deal with his own business. I have no life and death hatred for you. I don't want to kill you. But you took my thing. You still have to return it to me, and I want it today!" 

"Meow!" Lazy also meowed.

"Lazy said that I have a point," Ye Xixi repeated.

Wu Yu finally heaved a sigh of relief. So she had chased him alone this time. He was still mainly worried about those strong experts around her. Ye Xixi indeed did not have the intention to kill him.

He thought deeply for a moment before saying, "Actually, I don't want to fight with you either. I was wrong about the Elixir of Fire Spirit before. But I have used it up. However, I don't want to offend you. So I'll search for more Elixir of Fire Spirit with you now. Can we consider this as me returning it to you?"

"You'll look for it together with me? But I've searched for so long to find just one Elixir of Fire Spirit. It's not so easy to find it! I don't believe you anymore. You've deceived me before." Ye Xixi looked at him with suspicion.

Wu Yu did not know whether to laugh or cry and said, "This Infernal Inferno is so big, there must be some more. At least I'm better than you at finding the Elixir of Fire Spirit. Will you give me this chance to correct my wrongdoings?"

Actually, there would be Elixir of Fire Spirit remaining in the glass lamp after he was done. It would be enough for her. However, Wu Yu could not tell her that it was filled with Elixir of Fire Spirit. If she rushed in now, then Wu Yu, who was inside, would be in trouble.

After Ye Xixi listened to what he had to say, she started meowing to the All Amalgamating Cat in her arms. It was like two little cats having a conversation. After the conversation, Ye Xixi still looked at Wu Yu with caution. She said, "Lazy said that you are too sly. You are a smelly man. I cannot trust you. Lazy would not lie to me."

"Then what would you have me do?" Wu Yu asked.

"Compensate me with an advanced dao treasure and then apologize to me. Anyway, I don't believe that there is more Elixir of Fire Spirit here," Ye Xixi said.

Wu Yu only had two advanced dao treasures, and neither could be given to her. An apology was simple. The main problem was with the advanced dao treasure. Even if he could get the Unbounded Sky Pillar in future, the 10,000 Dragons Staff was not something that should be easily thrown away. After all, during this period, Wu Yu had formed a relationship with the 10,000 Dragons Staff.

Wu Yu was thinking of ways to handle her. At this moment, the other party sized him up. Wu Yu was afraid that she would notice the glass lamp. In the end, she noticed it and asked curiously, "What is that bottle behind you? Something seems to be going on inside."

Wu Yu quickly said, "This is one of my broken dao treasures. I still have a doppelganger. You have seen him before. He's cultivating inside."

"I don't believe you. I want to go in and see!" Ye Xixi's eyes brightened. She must have seen that Wu Yu was a little nervous about the glass lamp, hence she found something amiss. Wu Yu had thought that she was not smart, but she was actually quite sharp.

"No, you can't." Wu Yu stretched out his arms and blocked her.

Ye Xixi stared at him with large, shiny eyes and said, "I know you have some secret inside. Let me see, quickly. If not, I'm going to fight my way in."

Seeing her expression, she did not seem to be joking. Even if it was just her, Wu Yu was still worried that her attacks would reach the glass lamp. After thinking  about it, he still felt that it was best to delay her. Hence, he could only pretend to be bored in front of this little girl and say, "If that's the case, I'll tell you the truth."

Ye Xixi was quite patient and said, "Then tell me why you can’t tell me."

Wu Yu was very sincere and said, "I'm at a stage in my training. I need to pass it safely. If I make a mistake during this process, I will turn into ashes and dust. Hence, I've come to such a deep place. I thought no one would chase me here and I would be able to pass this difficult stage peacefully. I did not expect you to come here. This is also my fate. Anyway, if you want to go in, or actually, if you just touch this bottle, I'll immediately be consumed by the training and die. But I'm from the Yan Huang tribe and you're from the Ghostly Yan tribe. We are supposed to be enemies. It is your luck to meet me at my weakest moment. Now, whether you want to torture or kill me is entirely up to you... I've been so careful for such a long time and did not expect to fail here..."

As he spoke, his voice was filled with helplessness. 

Ye Xixi was still suspicious and said, "Since it's so dangerous, why don't you return to your own territory to get through this? This sounds like you're reaching the Dao Querying Realm and passing the Three Disasters. I don't think you've reached the time to pass the Three Disasters!"

Wu Yu shook his head and said, "It's urgent, so I couldn't go back. It was faster to go downwards. I did not expect this to come so quickly, or I would not have entered Infernal Inferno." 

"If I go in, you will die?" Ye Xixi hesitated when she heard that he would die.


"I really want to try." Ye Xixi circled the glass lamp and looked at it curiously. She scared Wu Yu to the point that he was covered in cold sweat. She looked more confident after seeing Wu Yu so nervous.

"If I had known it would be like this, I would not have snatched your Elixir of Fire Spirit. Now even when I say I can help you find another Elixir of Fire Spirit, you do not believe me. Actually, I've already told you that my eyes have absorbed the Elixir of Fire Spirit. That made it so I'm especially sensitive to the Elixir of Fire Spirit. I'll definitely return an Elixir of Fire Spirit to you. As long as you believe me..."

Ye Xixi circled Wu Yu and frowned. She shook her head at one moment, nodded at the next moment, then meowed with the lazy cat in her arms. At last, she looked at Wu Yu and said, "Then tell me, how long will you need to pass this difficult stage?"

"I don't know, but this should not take more than a day," Wu Yu said. 

"Is that so?"

The other party was still a little suspicious. She looked at Wu Yu with big eyes and a faint smile. Then she suddenly said, "Haha, I didn't expect to see a day where you would be scared shitless by me. This is so fun. Weren't you very proud in the Bloody Yan Cave?"

"I've no other way. Even an injured tiger can be bullied by a dog."

"You dare call me a dog?" Ye Xixi's face darkened. She said, "Do you think that I won’t immediately smash this bottle into pieces and make you turn into dust and ashes!?"

"No, don't be like that." Wu Yu was really scared now. He could not be affected by this rascal now. So when it was time to admit cowardice, he admitted cowardice and quickly apologized.

"This is more like it. Fine, then I'll give you one day and trust you one more time. After coming out, you must search for the Elixir of Fire Spirit for me immediately. If you dare to lie again, I'll bring Uncle Dian to look for you. Then you'll really die. They don't blink when they kill people," Ye Xixi threatened proudly.

At this moment, he finally passed the first danger.

But this rascal being here was like having a ticking time bomb here. Wu Yu had to pacify her and move her thoughts away from the glass lamp. Of course, he knew what to talk about with Ye Xixi.

"You've lived in the Infernal Inferno for so long. Don’t you want to know how big the Yan Huang Ancient Region or the Jambu Realm outside are? Have you looked forward to that?" Wu Yu spoke to her as though they were chatting.


Ye Xixi's expression changed slightly, then she looked a little confused and frightened. She said, "Stop talking. My daddy doesn't like it when I talk about the things outside. Every time I ask him, he gets furious."

"Is that the case? Then, have you been curious?"

"Stop talking, stop talking. Daddy will be angry. I don't want to talk."


Wu Yu felt that it was a little cruel to speak about the outside world to a tribe that was trapped here.

No, it was very cruel.

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