Chapter 0863: Physical Body World

To be honest it was tricky to handle so many Lantern Beasts.

But in the end, Wu Yu relied on the Dark North Royal Obelisk to exterminate all these Spirits of the Universe.

If he did not kill them all, then they would not stop fighting for this glass lamp. They would neither stop trying to snatch it nor escape.

Wu Yu's strongest offensive battle power was still the Heaven Devouring Avatar. While he had many opponents, he still destroyed them all.

When he was tired in the middle, he conveniently devoured one Lantern Beast.

It was like eating fish.

Wu Yu realized that devouring the blood and flesh of Spirits of the Universe was less effective than devouring those of demons and humans. Luckily, it did not devour much, or it would’ve surpassed the control of Wu Yu's real body.

After devouring, the energy that was lost through the continuous battling was immediately replenished. With this cycle, Wu Yu was practically a battle machine. That big Lantern Beast was also simple-minded. Even though it had fought Wu Yu until it had no more stamina, it did not escape. It battled until the last point and died with heavy injuries.

The surroundings of the glass lamp became quiet again.

After the Heaven Devouring Avatar ended its battle, Wu Yu focused his energy on the real body.

After experiencing a thrilling exciting process akin to that of walking on steel wires, the first physical body world was almost complete. In this process, Wu Yu had absorbed large amounts of Elixir of Fire Spirit into all parts of his body. He kept absorbing, changing, and turning his blood, flesh, tendons, bones, and organs. After absorbing the Elixir of Fire Spirit, his blood, flesh, tendons, bones, and organs became unbelievably hot. It was as though they had been burned by the Elixir of Fire Spirit. It was just that from another angle, this transformation showed that this physical body had formed a world within itself. The Celestial King Buddha of Hom was seated within and guarded this physical body!

Wu Yu's body was now a furnace! It was even more terrifying than a furnace. Each particle of his body, after having absorbed a large amount of Elixir of Fire Spirit, even the smallest particle, consisted of an amount of Elixir of Fire Spirit that was a few hundred times its volume. One could only imagine how much heat that was. If Wu Yu wanted to, he could burn the surroundings at any time! 

But now he only had the base of the Hexaworld Celestial King Buddha Body. He had only built the first physical body world and only one Celestial King Buddha was guarding his body.

Now every particle in his body seemed to have reached its limit after absorbing the Elixir of Fire Spirit. It seemed like they could not absorb anymore. However, that was not the case. His next challenge was to surpass his limit five times. After he absorbed to his limit, he had to start anew and expand his body by over 100 or even 1,000 fold. He needed his physical body world to surpass the limit. He had to start from zero to create one inner and one outer, two physical body worlds, and have two Celestial King Buddhas guard his body!

Of course, there would be a third after the second, until all six of Wu Yu's physical body worlds were fully constructed and created. A hexagonal shape of reincarnation and circulation would be formed with the six worlds. This was the most stable physical body. It was also the best undying body. It was also a top notch physical body in terms of strength, speed, and defense. Especially for the strength of the physical body, the power of six worlds, moving mountains to fill seas, reversing the sky, the defense of these six worlds was also an important guarantee of invincibility and indestructibility! 

If he could achieve the Hexaworld Celestial King Buddha Body, it would undoubtedly be extremely exciting. It was Wu Yu's surpassing of his own mortal lifespan. But it was still far from success. On the one hand, he was still trapped at the bottom of this lake of Elixir of Fire Spirit. On the other, he still needed to overcome his limits five times. This was equivalent to pouring five more bottles of water into a bottle already filled to the brim with water, and he could not let the water overflow. This needed unlimited suppression from Wu Yu!

He could not imagine what kind of genius had created the Invincible Vajra Body, who had thought of such an unbelievable refining method. Wu Yu's first physical body world was definitely stronger than the Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body already. Much Elixir of Fire Spirit still remained. How would he be able to stuff all of it in? 

"I cannot doubt, nor retreat. If I do, even with the first physical body world, this much Elixir of Fire Spirit left can also kill me!"

The power from the burn of the Elixir of Fire Spirit was relatively scary. It still burned Wu Yu enough to make his face contorted in agony. It immediately frightened him into immersing himself into the refinement of his physical body.

Sometimes, the strength of the heart was very important.

At this moment, Wu Yu thought more about his desire to achieve immortality. He thought of his wish to understand and chase after the footsteps of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal. He thought of Luo Pin and of Wu You. He thought of all his friends and family….

He also thought of all the dangers in the Yan Huang Ancient Region.

"I must be invincible and indestructible. I must not take Ming Long's old path. My heart of dao must be pure and straightforward. I must push ahead bravely. I must be fearless!"

He was not the type who would hide and train. If he hid, then he could not forge a will like the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal’s. He would never have become the Wu Yu of now.

If he hid, even with a powerful immortal's legacy, it would be wasted.

After he calmed down, his thoughts became clearer. Perhaps he had just escaped from a disaster, so he at least possessed the ability to think. He was not merely depending on a heart set on a struggle between life and death.

"The second pose?"

The physical body world started from posing. The first pose was from that Celestial King Buddha of Hom. That was already weird enough, and this second pose came from the Celestial King Buddha of Me.

Om, Ma, Ni, Pad, Me, Hom were actually six peculiar pronunciations. There were no words. Those six worlds were namely Om, Ma, Ni, Pad, Me, Hom. These six Celestial King Buddhas were identified as that too. 

The pose of the Celestial King Buddha of the second world was really embarrassing to describe. It was like squatting to take a dump, but the crucial part was the funny expression. His arms and fingers had to be in special poses too. One of his hands had to be on his buttocks. Anyway, it was embarrassing in every aspect. In short, the average person could not do that and would not take such a pose. However, Wu Yu saw that this Celestial King Buddha was in such a pose, so he followed. He fully trusted this Immortality Art of the Invincible Vajra Body.

"It's really amazing."

Once he settled into this unglamorous pose, the amazing feeling he had felt previously appeared again. This was the most important step for a person turning into a world. When he took the pose, Wu Yu felt the link between the heavens and earth and himself tighten. When he chanted, activated, and understood the sutra during the process of absorbing the Elixir of Fire Spirit, the different pose actually birthed a different world! Wu Yu felt another world appearing within his body. This world was layered on the previous world and was now still a blank slate! Wu Yu could repeat what he had done and build this new world to be like a copy of the previous world.

After all, from the angle of the worlds, these two worlds had not connected yet.

However, from the angle of the physical body, both had obviously filled up the physical body. It was not easy to continue absorbing the Elixir of Fire Spirit. This was already the limit, so Wu Yu was very curious. How would the Invincible Vajra Body solve this problem?

When Wu Yu created the new physical body world in the new pose, he realized that the Immortality Art of the Invincible Vajra Body was extremely amazing! After the birth of this new empty world, from a larger point of view, his blood, flesh, tendons, muscles, bones, and organs were still the same size, but it seemed like there was a blank that had not absorbed the Elixir of Fire Spirit. From a smaller point of view, from each particle, it was actually split into two, but the total number had increased just to fill in the gap between the particles. Hence, from the outside, Wu Yu looked the same!

He had already created a well-developed physical body world, and now he had added another world layered over the first world. Wu Yu was shocked, but he did not waste any time. As it was easier now, he quickly started to create the new physical body world. The most difficult parts of the Hexaworld Celestial King Buddha Body turned out to be the beginning instant and the subsequent dangerous absorption. Wu Yu did not need to solve the most difficult problem himself. This Immortality Art solved it directly.

Of course, this did not mean that he had succeeded. In the next step, during the forging of the six worlds, there still could not be any mistakes. The Elixir of Fire Spirit was extremely hot-tempered. It was like he was drawing a spirit design. There could not be any mistakes in each and every stroke of the spirit design. Once there was a little deviation, even a little bit, the whole spirit design would be destroyed. The spirit design could be redrawn, but his real body would collapse and fall into the explosion of the Elixir of Fire Spirit.  If that happened, his body would be burned into ashes and smoke!

Simply put, Wu Yu could not be disturbed at this point in time. The six worlds had such a unique element. Anything that disturbed Wu Yu now would most likely make him fail. In short, before his complete success, Wu Yu would always be in front of the gates of hell. This was especially so as he proceeded further. The energy in his body was growing, but he had not finished forming the cycle and stability of the six worlds. Before the final success, the further he progressed, any error made would explode with more terrifying power!

Then he would die more thoroughly. Maybe the remnants of Ming Long’s spirit would be destroyed. So at this moment, Ming Long was very nervous. She did not dare to disturb Wu Yu. She could only pray in her heart.

"You must succeed. I don't want to see you lose your life. The Heaven Devouring Avatar is a body that is not easy to control. Anyway, you must retain your real body, Wu Yu...."

She was not sure when she had started to care about whether he lived or died. When she first met him, she was very indifferent. After all, she had lost her life, but Wu Yu had received the legacy that she once had. Now time had slowly passed, and after being by his side for so long, she did not know that this person would mean so much to her, even putting aside his influence on her rebirth.

Of course, this was not romantic love. In her eyes, Wu Yu was a junior. She had brought Wu Yu along with her, from him knowing nothing until now. However, she was also not clear what this was.

So she could only chant in her heart and pray.

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