Chapter 0862: Importance of Form

This Lanternlight Beast was obviously much stronger than the ones Wu Yu had met before!

The flames just now had posed a definite threat to Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar.

Most troublesome of all was that there was not just one Lanternlight Beast in this crucial juncture. Wu Yu saw that many more lanterns were glowing behind the Lanternlight Beast. Although they were some distance away, the lanterns on their heads were extremely glaring, and the light had already reached him.

The Lanternlight Beasts were rampaging over, and Wu Yu was out of time. His Heaven Devouring Avatar had to break through quickly to rescue his main body.

The Lanternlight Beasts were very aggressive, and they swarmed Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar. Some even loitered around the entrance of the glass lamp. Evidently, they treated this as their territory.

No wonder this deep place still had Spirits of the Universe around. The Lanternlight Beasts had discovered the glass lamp and then continued to grow stronger under the nurturing of the Elixir of Fire Spirits. That was why they would be much stronger than other Lanternlight Beasts!

Spirits of the Universe were a fascinating existence.

Right now, in order to protect their glass lamp, they would naturally duke it out with Wu Yu. Before, they had been simply roaming around. After noticing the commotion at the glass lamp, they realized that there was a trespasser.

The appearance of the Lanternlight Beasts, even for a moment, would affect Wu Yu greatly.

Because that meant that his real body had already missed the window of opportunity to be rescued. Just as the Lanternlight Beast appeared, Wu Yu had a radical change of perspective in the face of his utter despair.

Before, he had thought he could flee.

And then regroup and come again....

But now death was knocking on his door. For the Heaven Devouring Avatar to save him, it had to scatter these Lanternlight Beasts before charging in. The time required would be enough for Wu Yu to die multiple times over.

This meant that there was no hope.

The Elixir of Fire Spirit stirred his resolution and hope.

Therefore, in that moment, when Wu Yu was at his lowest, he changed his mindset from "Get it next time" to "Well, might as well die trying."

Since death was a given, then there was no pressure. It was only natural to be in such a situation on one's cultivation journey. Becoming immortal was no walk in the park. At most, he would become another Ming Long.

It was his own choice to come here, and there was nothing worth regretting.

There was no time to spare. His only thought was to go out with a bang. Since his real body was no more, his Heaven Devouring Avatar could also ensure him living on. It was just that he would lose a lot!

It was an emotional rollercoaster. After being seized with an urge to go out with a glorious bang, his inner thoughts instead became more pure. After all, his fear had faded away, and all that remained was sheer recklessness, and Wu Yu instead felt that he could see the world with greater clarity.

The Heaven Devouring Avatar was locked in heated battle with the Lanternlight Beasts.

As for him, he was locked in excruciating cultivation, training the Hexaworld Celestial King Buddha Body like a madman! It was also 1,000 words for the fifth tier. Ming Long was reciting it for Wu Yu, and Wu Yu had seen these words before. That was why he could recall them well himself.

Teetering between life and death, everything was especially clear!

1,000 words. Each word, in their right order, was deeply seared into his mind.

He could recite it both forwards and backwards with no break in the flow.

Perhaps this was the consolidation of his will before he died. When he cast away all stray thoughts and focused solely on the Hexaworld Celestial King Buddha Body, he could attain such deep clarity.

With that, the agony seemed to lessen. Because he had forgotten the scorching feel of the Elixir of Fire Spirit. All that was in his brain were those mystical 1,000 words.

Golden, glaring, grand. Each word shone like a sun before him, causing his world to constantly change, as though he were flitting between dream world and reality.

"The world's first tier is also the deepest one. It is called Hom.

“The second tier is called Me.

"The third tier is called Pad!

"The fourth tier  is called Ni!

"The fifth tier is called Ma!

"The outermost tier is called Om!"

From within, first he had to build the first world, with his body as the foundation.

This required him to concentrate and absorb huge volumes of Elixir of Fire Spirit. That condition was fulfilled - as he was almost completely submerged in the Elixir of Fire Spirit at this time. Wu Yu was currently hovering on the brink, \ struggling to surpass this!

The Celestial King Buddha known as Hom guarded the first tier of the world. It was also the core of this world.

Wu Yu was gunning for it now. No matter how arduous it was, he gritted his teeth and continued to contort his limbs, neck, head, and torso into strange positions that one would usually not attempt. These even included instructions for his fingers, toes, and eyes. He had to adopt these poses that the Celestial King Buddha was making! 

Wu Yu was gnashing his teeth in fury. Right now, his real body was on the verge of death. He would commit, up until he died. After all, he still had the Heaven Devouring Avatar, which would reach the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord's level if he nurtured it right. That was good enough!

Therefore, he forced himself through these movements. It was originally very difficult, but then his burnt limbs could be moved without much resistance, just like melted metal.

Unexpectedly, these poses seemed to hold some sort of dao. They were supernatural, and each time he adopted them, his flesh, bones, meridians, organs, blood vessels, and Violet Kingdom all formed a special circulation. In this circulation, it seemed that everything was fusing together to form a whole state, and Wu Yu's awareness was especially awake within these poses. It was as though these poses of great dao could make him stronger and allow him to better resist the agony of the heat. 

"This is the power of the Celestial King Buddha?" Although the poses were comical, as Wu Yu moved through them, even bellowing at times, he realized that he was not a passive observer of his own death anymore. Rather, he could begin to control the fusion between the Elixir of Fire Spirit and his own flesh. Wu Yu had once swallowed a volcano in the East Sea, and this was a similar process, only on a much higher level!

He held these strange poses and saw a golden buddha, chest and belly exposed. And then he saw that in his body was a world, with flowers and trees, birds and beasts, the sun and moon, wind and rain and lightning, light and darkness. A vast world appeared in perfection within his body as he moved through these poses.

At the same time, he could see his connection with the greater world outside of him. This sort of profound and abstract dao might not even be dao, but something else that was indeed entrancing.

Wu Yu knew that this was the Celestial King Buddha of Hom. He was Wu Yu's way forward. He continued to maintain this pose as he thoroughly immersed himself in gazing at the Celestial King Buddha. He saw the 1,000 words of scripture working away, and the endlessness of the great dao. He saw the Elixir of Fire Spirit being absorbed, and he mouthed the scripture silently. A world was firming up and growing within his body! It had a sun, a moon, air, grassy plains, tall mountains, deep seas, rivers, valleys, and plateaus. Everything!


Wu Yu realized that he had completely left the agony of the Elixir of Fire Spirit behind. There was no more threat to his life, because he had already taken the first step in his wild attempt.

If he snapped out of it at this moment, he would still feel the excruciating pain that took one's breath away. But the advantage of the fifth tier of the Invincible Vajra Body was that while Wu Yu was concentrating on this scripture and the Celestial King Buddha, he could leave the burning pain behind and enter a trance. He could be reborn from the Elixir of Fire Spirit and build a new Invincible Vajra Body.

He knew that he was both in danger and also lucky. Before, he afraid of the Elixir of Fire Spirit. If not for the Lanternlight Beasts appearing, he would have fled when he could not hold on. But he might not have had the courage to challenge it again. If not for his cornered-rat situation, his real body would’ve probably already been destroyed. 

However, this was not to say that Wu Yu had succeeded. He had just taken the first step. The slightest misstep would see the Elixir of Fire Spirit take his life. He had to maintain his strong cultivation form, or risk his entire body destroyed by immolation. He was currently hovering on the brink of life and death, and could not afford weakness.

"How can I waste a life that I was fortunate enough to snatch back?"

Wu Yu was able to relax. Because now that he had been given this chance, anything he did with it would be a bonus. He knew that he needed to hold on to this attitude, to easily move into the arcane workings of the immortality art, to immerse himself in those 1,000 words, and to immerse himself amidst the six Celestial King Buddhas.

He could not change his pose.

"A world."

A body as a world was truly the most remarkable thing he had ever seen.

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