Chapter 0861: Lanternlight Beast

Surpassing himself.

In reality, the most difficult thing in the path of cultivation was not surpassing other geniuses. The most difficult thing was always surpassing oneself. 

This was because only by going over and beyond oneself could one achieve improvement and reach higher realms of dao. After all, every individual's hard work and talent were limited. They had to break this limit each time and rise again and again. This was the toughest thing.

Exceed oneself to become stronger, to achieve a deeper dao understanding. Naturally, this would also mean going past others.

"The Invincible Vajra Body was never a precious treasure that is easily within reach, even if you possess spiritual art. The most difficult thing is still surpassing the limit of will and having a strong, unwavering heart even in the scariest of tests."

Wu Yu stared at that glass lamp. The look in his eyes deepened.

His confidence was growing.

From the start until now, his challenges had become increasingly difficult. Previously, when he obtained the Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body, it was a challenge that he had imagined would take his life. However, that was just a minor stumbling stone to Wu Yu now.

This was a form of advancement.

He no longer feared the things that he had found to be difficult previously. Wu Yu stood here and thought that perhaps many years from now, if he came across so much Elixir of Fire Spirit again, he could touch it as much as he liked, or even swim in it….

That was the level he wanted to achieve.

Ming Long's failure and her advice now made Wu Yu more determined and to keep his heart steadfast. He clearly knew that if he missed some opportunities due to fear, he could never have them again. 

"Don't think of my bright future. Death is but an instant. Perhaps I'll lose everything in an instant.

"So I must make good use of my time whilst I'm alive. I must grab hold of any opportunity to strengthen myself.

"I want to become almighty!"

At this moment, he had unwavering will. He screamed the last sentence after going through a period of struggle. At this point, he had no more concerns and stepped into the glass lamp without a second thought. He would bear the most terrifying heat wave in this world! 

"Besides, I might not have much time. After all, the All Amalgamating Cat can find my position. If I stay in one place for too long, it may find me."

This was also the reason why Wu Yu had to make a firm decision fast.

When he stepped into the glass lamp, it was as though he had entered another world. The broken glass lamp had a sealing effect on the heat waves of the Elixir of Fire Spirit. Hence, even though Wu Yu had not touched the Elixir of Fire Spirit yet, it was as though a mortal had entered a steamer and was about to be thoroughly steamed.

It was all because of the Invincible Vajra Body being reborn continuously that he had not lost his physical body and life. If it were other people, this glass lamp's interior would definitely be inaccessible. They would die upon entry.

But this did not stop him from entering deep into the glass lamp.

About a quarter to one-third of the broken glass lamp was filled with the Elixir of Fire Spirit. He looked down at the lake of red. It was mostly calm.

"When refining the Invincible Vajra Body, to prevent the Elixir of Fire Spirit from spilling out, I should seal the entrance."

When he thought of that, he went back to the entrance. Then he set up a spirit design in the interior of the glass lamp. This spirit design did not need to be too big, hence he did not spend too much time. The main function was to prevent the spill of the Elixir of Fire Spirit. If someone wanted to destroy it, then they could do so easily.

Next, Wu Yu made his Heaven Devouring Avatar, armed with the Dark North Royal Obelisk, stand guard outside. If someone were to approach this place, then the Heaven Devouring Avatar could guard it for some time.

Now Wu Yu had no more concerns. His attention was concentrated on his real body. As long as no one from outside came near, the Heaven Devouring Avatar only needed to sit in the lotus position at the entrance of the glass lamp. He would not need to use up any energy.

"Elixir of Fire Spirit." Now he was covered in perspiration. It was a sea of fiery red liquid before his eyes. As Wu Yu approached it, the fiery red liquid became agitated, as though it sensed his threat.

When it moved, the glass lamp's interior instantly became hotter by three times. It burned until his whole body felt so hot.

Hexaworld Celestial King Buddha Body!

This was the fifth tier of the Invincible Vajra Body!

One body, six worlds, undying and indestructible, breaking through the world to be reborn!

A world based on the body, how large would that body be!

There was no doubt that Wu Yu had an unprecedented desire for the new tier of the Invincible Vajra Body! He was not afraid of challenges. What was truly frightening was weakness! He wanted to become mightier! Actually, a huge portion of his battle power was based on the great strength of his Invincible Vajra Body. Now his Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body had been stalled for a long time without improvement.

Wu Yu urgently needed a more terrifying physical body!

The best opportunity had presented itself, so there was no possibility that he would give it up. At this moment, at this instant, his body and heart were aligned. His eyes were passionate. His eyes, which had absorbed the Elixir of Fire Spirit, would be the breakthrough point. This was very important. The Elixir of Fire Spirit possessed some degree of sentience. It would think that Wu Yu was something like it and would not react crazily. If it reacted violently, Wu Yu would easily be burned to death and nothing would be left behind. 

At this moment, he needed to continue being daring and careful. He had to be slow. He slowly landed and used his gaze and eyes to instil a sense of familiarity to the extremely hot Elixir of Fire Spirit.

There was still a vast difference between this lake and the previous tiny bundle of Elixir of Fire Spirit.

Hu, hu, hu....

Heat waves rolled. His flesh and blood kept becoming charred, but they recovered continuously. This process sped up the transformation of the Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body. His body would also become stronger. However, this type of improvement could not be compared to the great change brought by breaking through to a new tier, and that was to break through to the fifth tier, Hexaworld Celestial King Buddha Body!

Hence, Wu Yu did not need this change from steaming. He wanted to challenge the Elixir of Fire Spirit! Hence, he descended without hesitation. He used his body to touch the Elixir of Fire Spirit. His body was stronger than his eyes, and if even his eyes could bear the Elixir of Fire Spirit, why would it be impossible for his body to absorb it?

He gradually approached it and touched it gently....

At the moment he came in contact with it, Wu Yu could only say that perhaps even death was less terrifying than having to refine his body in the Elixir of Fire Spirit.

That feeling, it was really unbearably painful....

This pain could force Wu Yu to forget all his will and passion. It instantly turned him into a coward. He wanted to escape from here in haste, never to re-enter again. His grand declarations from before were now empty boasts. He had forgotten all of them. It was not to say that he was not steadfast enough, not persevering enough. In reality, he believed that in the whole Jambu Realm, there was no other person that was willing to go through and suffer like he had. All of this was because the Elixir of Fire Spirit was too terrifying....

Wu Yu felt as though he was a mortal thrown into boiling hot pot of oil and fried well until his whole body was crispy.

"Who created this Invincible Vajra Body? It's really terrifying...." At this moment, Wu Yu only wanted to curse and swear.

Besides that, he wanted to escape. This hellish item could burn even the strongest will. However, the problem was that when he touched the Elixir of Fire Spirit, the Elixir of Fire Spirit instantly flew over and covered him. It dragged him to the bottom of the bottle. Now he was sunk into the deepest part of this lake of Elixir of Fire Spirit. It was as though only death awaited him. His spirit was beaten by the pain and difficulty. However, it was a pity that he did not even have the opportunity to feel regret.

There was always a moment in dao cultivation where all the will in the heart was destroyed cleanly.

Any stronger person would also turn into a defeated loser who wanted to escape and have his heart broken down when met with something that surpassed his limits. Wu Yu was now such a person. However, it was still that sentence. It was not because he was not strong enough - even Ming Long could confirm that. It just showed that such a method of refining the body was really terrifying. There was basically no mortal in the mortal world who could bear with such torture.

It was as though Wu Yu was just waiting for death. Now the only solution he could think of was to get the Heaven Devouring Avatar to use the Dark North Royal Obelisk, enter, and drag his real body out before it perished.

If not, Wu Yu did not know how much longer his mostly charred and gradually vaporizing body could hold on for. Perhaps 10 breaths? Three breaths?

This moment was the most terrifying nightmare of his entire life. Even 1/10,000th of a breath felt as though it was as long as a year. Death was now looming overhead.

The Heaven Devouring Avatar immediately reacted, but first it needed to destroy the spirit design that Wu Yu had set up to prevent the Elixir of Fire Spirit from escaping. Just as the Dark North Royal Obelisk was about to pierce through, a bright flame from the side suddenly attacked the Heaven Devouring Avatar!

This flame was like the bite of a giant beast. In an instant, it swallowed the Heaven Devouring Avatar. This sudden attack delayed Wu Yu's time. When his Heaven Devouring Avatar tore apart the flame, he saw that an enemy was standing in his surroundings!

He could only say that this enemy had really picked the right time to appear!

This was the moment that Wu Yu needed time the most. Any delay, even an instant of delay, could cause Wu Yu's real body to die. Besides, this time felt really long for his real body because he was in great pain.

The Heaven Devouring Avatar saw his enemy clearly. It was a giant, fiery red fish. It was covered in golden scales that shone brightly. They were like dragon scales. The key thing was that it had four strong limbs and claws under its belly! The claws were like those of a wild beast. There was something protruding out of its head like a tentacle. There was a ball of flame that burned like a wick at the tip of this tentacle. It was as though this fish was carrying a lantern. It looked so interesting. However, it would be deadly if he underestimated the power of his enemy because of its look.

"Lanternlight Beast?" Wu Yu had seen this Spirit of the Universe in the Infernal Inferno before. It was a Spirit of the Universe with four thick, strong limbs and carrying a lantern like thing on its head. It was born of the heavens and earth in this hot environment. However, those that he had seen previously were weaker. They were only palm-sized. He had never seen one as large as the one standing before his eyes now!

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