Chapter 0860: Six Worlds, Celestial King Buddha

He was now near the opening of the glass lamp.

The temperature here was probably close to what it was inside the glass lamp. Hence, it was the hottest place that Wu Yu could endure.

Heat waves rolled towards him!

Standing here, his blood and flesh burned. They were repeatedly burned red and charred.

"The Infernal Inferno is so big, and this is well preserved even in such a deep place. It means that no one has been here before.

"As for me, if not for having absorbed the Elixir of Fire Spirit, if not for having just found that Elixir of Fire Spirit and chased it to this place, I would not be here by accident.

"As for whether this is my good luck or danger, I'll know after I enter. Worst case scenario, I'll use the Somersault Cloud to escape."

Hence, Wu Yu absorbed the Somersault Cloud into his body and was prepared to escape at any time. After all, this broken glass lamp was huge and ancient. It seemed like something a 10,000-zhang-tall[1] giant would use. It was filled with an ancient, primordial, primal aura. Yet it felt elegant and noble, as though it was not an item from the mortal world. However, it did not have any spiritual marks. Who knew what this was…. 

After he was prepared, he first threw some random things in. There was no reaction. Then he sent one of his Unshackled Doppelgangers. A Wu Yu transformed from a single strand of hair stepped into this glass lamp before Wu Yu entered it. When he stepped in, a fierce heat wave rolled over. This wave directly evaporated Wu Yu's doppelganger into fog. He still did not see anything.

Wu Yu could only enter with his real body.

But he had a plan in his heart. He knew that the inside of this glass lamp was extremely hot. At this moment, he took a deep breath and directly rushed in. In that instant, it was indeed as though a mortal had fallen into a boiling pot of oil. It was so hot that his body felt like exploding. The average person would not be able to endure such a feeling. Even a martial cultivator at the Dao Querying Realm would probably be defeated at this moment.

Wu Yu had at least forcibly held on for an instant. When his Eyes of Fire and Gold took a detailed look at the inside, even one instant was enough!

In this moment of disorientation, Wu Yu saw that there was half a bottle of fiery red liquid in this broken glass lamp. There was some left at the bottom of the bottle! 

This glass lamp was very big. Half a bottle sounds like a little, but to Wu Yu, it was like a lake. And this was a fiery red, burning, boiling lake!

Most importantly, it was impossible for him not to identify this with his eyes that had absorbed the Elixir of Fire Spirit. This lake-sized half bottle of liquid was all Elixir of Fire Spirit!

This lake-sized Elixir of Fire Spirit was in the bottom of the glass lamp. It was like a giant beast hiding and waiting at the bottom of the bottle.

On this lake, there were hundreds of little bundles of Elixir of Fire Spirit jumping. They were like tiny fish that leapt from the lake and zipped here and there. In other words, the Elixir of Fire Spirit that had led Wu Yu to his place was one of these jumping fish, and the Elixir of Fire Spirit that Wu Yu had absorbed previously was one portion that had jumped out from here.

Wu Yu's feelings were indescribable. It was too scary to remain here and endure the scorching heat, so he quickly exited the glass lamp and stood outside. It was only then that he collected his thoughts and calmed down.

"My God, what is that? Don't tell me that this is a bottle of Elixir of Fire Spirit!" Ming Long had not seen as clearly as Wu Yu had and hence was very agitated now. She was screaming away and dancing around.

"Yes, there's no mistake." Wu Yu confirmed her suspicions as soon as he calmed down.

"How is this possible!? How could the mortal world possess so much Elixir of Fire Spirit - a legendary item that cannot possibly exist in the mortal realm!? Could it be that this glass lamp is something that fell from heavens? If that is the case, then this is explainable! Something that fell from the heavens. Even if it was a spit bowl of immortals, it would be a rare, precious treasure. Quick, take this glass lamp!" Ming Long was so excited that her words were jumbled up.

"How do I take this? If this could be put into a Sumeru Pouch, that would be weird." A Sumeru Pouch could never withstand an item of this level. Just the Elixir of Fire Spirit could burn a Sumeru Pouch from the inside and turn it into ashes.

"You're right, I was too enthusiastic! But so much Elixir of Fire Spirit, you must take it for yourself. This will be very useful for you!" Ming Long said. She was so excited. It was as though she was Wu Yu instead.

"What use would it have?" Wu Yu asked.

"What a dumb question. It is to raise the Invincible Vajra Body to the fifth tier, of course!"

"The Elixir of Fire Spirit helped me reach the Paradise's Fiery Demise. This can also raise my Invincible Vajra Body?" Wu Yu was not too sure previously, but now that Ming Long had said it, then it was possible.

"Of course. Aren't you just spouting nonsense? If the amount of Elixir of Fire Spirit weren’t so tiny before, I would not have told you to use it on your Eyes of Fire and Gold. This Elixir of Fire Spirit is most suitable for refining the body! I heard that martial cultivators who have just achieved immortality use the Elixir of Fire Spirit to refine their bodies. The effect is especially good. Besides, the amount inside is definitely enough for you! This must be the one and only time that the Jambu Realm has had so much Elixir of Fire Spirit. If you miss this, then you might not find anything else that will help you raise your Invincible Vajra Body in the Jambu Realm!"

Previously, the Elixir of Fire Spirit that was the size of a tiny fish had already caused Wu Yu enough headaches. Once he thought of actually needing the entire lake of Elixir of Fire Spirit to raise the tier of his Invincible Vajra Body, he was afraid and felt his whole body ache!

Now he could imagine what sort of torture he would have to endure next.

But Wu Yu was still exhilarated and excited! It was unexpected that his exploration of the depths of the Infernal Inferno would reap him such great rewards. If he could continue to raise his Invincible Vajra Body, then the advantage of his physical body could return. He would be stronger and even harder to kill! And all this was what he dreamed of, what he desired!

He entered again to look and confirm. He realized that indeed, there were too much Elixir of Fire Spirit inside.

The heat energy that the Elixir of Fire Spirit possessed was much stronger than the crystal from the Fire Source Crystal Beast King he had used to refine his Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body. It was on an entirely different level.

Such an immortal item belonged only in the Sky Palace!

To Wu Yu, it was not spiritual art that obstructed his improvement of his Invincible Vajra Body, but materials and the heart of perseverance. Both were equally important. Now he had the materials, and. unexpectedly. it was something heavenly that might have come from the Sky Palace. The only thing he lacked was the process of enduring. It was this process that blocked many people. Not everyone could succeed in training the Invincible Vajra Body.

Previously, it was a tiny amount of Elixir of Fire Spirit. Now he had so much. Wu Yu could totally imagine himself burning into ashes as soon as he went down. There was no need for any transformation.

However, if he succeeded, the benefits would be huge. Reaching the fifth tier was more than heaven-defying - it would shock even immortals. Just this amount would allow him to succeed by half. This was enough to allow him to run rampant in the mortal world. After all, it was extremely difficult to encounter heavenly items in the mortal world like what Wu Yu had now.

This Invincible Vajra Body was something that Wu Yu had received from the start from the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, the Victorious Fighting Buddha.

If he wanted to succeed, then he first had to be mentally prepared. Wu Yu stared at the entrance of the glass lamp. He was in no hurry to enter. He needed to get into the right mindset. If he was not in his peak fighting and fearless state, it would only be harmful to enter recklessly.

"At your stage, each tier of the Invincible Vajra Body will bring large changes. These are all improvements in leaps and bounds.

"The Elixir of Fire Spirit is crazy and incinerating, but it is said that many things even more intense than that exist in the heavens and Sky Palaces.

"Your life is fated to be filled with many impossible challenges. You do not need a smooth sailing path to immortality. What you want is to move forward, be fearless, be reborn, reverse everything!"

Ming Long had experienced such pain before, so at this moment, she knew exactly what Wu Yu was thinking. Sometimes, the thoughts in one's heart were dao itself! Dao had to be straightforward, firm, and individualistic. At least to Wu Yu now, that was how it had to be.

This was the Infernal Inferno. Whatever decision he made had to be made quickly.

"Think about it, if you succeed, you can raise the Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body to the Hexaworld Celestial King Buddha Body!

"The Hexaworld Celestial King Buddha Body can refine your body into six worlds. One body into six worlds! Each world will be guarded by a Celestial King Buddha!"

"Your body will be like six worlds! As long as your worlds are not destroyed, you will not die. This practically means that you have six lives. Your enemy will only destroy one world if they kill you once. Then there will be five other worlds inside. Besides, after the battle, your six worlds can be recovered as well. This is the perfect form of Vajra!

"Transforming your body into worlds is the deepest part of refining your body. It's said that only immortals can do that, and you're only at the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. And this is six worlds!"

"Six worlds, six Celestial King Buddhas - they are Om, Ma, Ni, Pad, Me, Hom! They are the base of the six worlds! If the base remains, the world will not be destroyed! Only when these six Celestial King Buddha bodies are all wiped out in one go will you die. Such tough bodies, such tenacity, it's much stronger than your current Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body!

"And the key to all of this is in this lake of Elixir of Fire Spirit! This might be the best opportunity that you will have in your entire life! It depends on you whether you can grab it or not. While you now have the Heaven Devouring Avatar and possess extraordinary talent, you are still too young. Back in the day, I was about your age when I possessed the most mysterious moves. I was too prideful and did not work hard enough, was not careful enough. Hence, in the end, I landed in such a state. Sigh... ..."

Ming Long sighed.

She naturally knew that her circumstance were similar to Wu Yu’s.

"To be honest, now is the time you will most likely end up like me. Heavens-defying geniuses like us struggle much harder to survive.

"Especially when your character hates losing.

"So, if you want to survive, you must surpass yourself."

1. 1 zhang = 3 and one-third meters or 3.six45 yards

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