Chapter 0858: Giant Skull

What Wu Yu wanted most now was improvement.

He had just achieved a breakthrough in his cultivation level. For his four great mystiques, he had just gained improvements for the Unshackled Doppelganger and the Eyes of Fire and Gold. His Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth and Somersault Cloud were lagging behind.

He studied them daily, but there was still a great distance from his current level to the next.

Thinking carefully, he was unlikely to have a breakthrough.

He required great patience now. Since he had failed to kill the Ghostly Artificer, he decided to explore the Infernal Inferno.

"What is at its deepest place? Will it really be the 10,000 Levels of Hell where ghostly immortals live?" 

It was rumored that there were 10,000 levels in hell and for many years, and the undead ghostly immortals roamed throughout those halls.

This question that Wu Yu considered followed the same logic as one flying up into the highest point in the sky and reaching the Sky Palaces. No one knew the answer.

But he still wanted to know the answer.

He turned small using the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth and drove the Somersault Cloud. He needed no guide and headed downwards. He went wherever the heat was the strongest. After he absorbed the Elixir of Fire Spirit into his eyes, he realized that he was more sensitive to heat, flames, and temperature. No change could escape his eyes.

This time, Wu Yu obviously sensed more activity as he went down. There seemed to be more and more people.

And from afar, Wu Yu had heard that most of these people were here for him.

For instance, now he could see that there was a group of ghostly cultivators in front. They were cooperating and arranging some spirit design. This spirit design was half complete and could not be used at the moment. These ghostly cultivators were currently drawing the major parts of this spirit design and arranging the design base. The parts drawn would combine into the basic Heaven and Earth Spirit Design. They were very busy. One could tell that when this spirit design was completed, its power would be great.

"Be quick. Let's try to finish this within six hours!"

"We still don't know where that Yan Huang Tribe guy called Wu Yu is. Will we really bump into him?"

"This depends on luck. But as long as we capture him, we can get an advanced dao treasure from the Great Sage of the Bloody Yan Cave. It will not be a simple advanced dao treasure. So many people have come out of all the bases. They are all setting up suppression and trapping spirit designs. There are so many competitors. It is really up to luck whether we can succeed or not."

"That's true. Brothers, let's try our luck. Who knows, we might be lucky, and that'd be awesome."

They were chatting, but their hands did not stop working.

"What did this Yan Huang Tribe member do to anger so many strong people? I heard that he secretly infiltrated the Bloody Yan Cave? And almost killed the Ghostly Artificer? Is it because he embarrassed our Ghostly Yan Tribe?"

"It should be, but to directly announce a reward and make things so grand and public, to make so many people come out, they are overestimating this Wu Yu a little too much. But who cares, we just have to focus on laying out our trap and waiting for Wu Yu to take the bait!"

"Our Ghostly Yan Tribe will lay down an all-out trap again. So many spirit designs. I'll let those Yan Huang Tribe members who dare to wander in so deep understand what a trip with no return is!"

"That's nothing. One day, our Ghostly Yan Tribe will escape from this hellish place and take back everything that belonged to us in the rich soil of the Yan Huang Ancient Region. We'll build a kingdom of our own!

“For so many years, we have never forgotten the desires deep in our hearts! All of them will come true as long as we are strong enough!"

It seemed like every time the Ghostly Yan Tribe talked about this, their eyes would turn bloodshot and they would be flushed with fighting spirit. Wu Yu could understand that this was the greatest desire of the entire tribe. They hated the Yan Huang Tribe, and when it came to this, the Ghostly Yan Tribe possessed extremely strong will.

Wu Yu passed by this group and descended further. He saw more Ghostly Yan Tribe people. Some were patrolling and searching for him. Some had already set up their spirit design and were waiting for him to fall into their traps. Some were still in a hurry placing their spirit design.

Pretty much everyone he saw was discussing his antics and their attempts to capture him.

"I only infiltrated the Bloody Yan Cave and hurt the Ghostly Artificer. Do they have to pursue me at such a grand scale? Perhaps the Ghostly Artificer is someone related to the Great Sage of the Bloody Yan Cave?"

From what Wu Yu knew, that was not possible. If that were the case, the Ghostly Artificer would only need to go to the Great Sage directly and need not stay at the Night Breeze Inn.

"Or perhaps Ye Xixi hated that I snatched the Elixir of Fire Spirit and seeked her elders' help to take revenge? That should not be it. She could find me. As long as she brought the All Amalgamating Cat and a strong person along, there would be no need for this scale of search."

Wu Yu was filled with doubts.

But now he was cautious and did not move too fast. Hence, he did not enter any spirit designs by accident. He now had the Spirit Penetration Art and Eyes of Fire and Gold, which were more adept at observation. The average spirit design trap could not escape his eyes.

"While these Ghostly Yan Tribe members are all nearby, they are great in number. Many emerged from the various bases of the Ghostly Yan Tribe, but even the Bloody Yan Cave cannot trap me. How could they possibly catch me?" This was Wu Yu's other question.

He would not give up until he understood why.

"Could it be that they want you to see their scale of operation and make you fearfully respectful of them? This is to force you to recognize their strength and make you leave on your own to return to your Yan Huang Tribe territory?" At last, it was the knowledgeable Ming Long who provided Wu Yu an answer.

Wu Yu thought carefully and then said in a deep voice, "That's logical. The average person would see such a grand scale of operation with people everywhere trying to catch him. If I were only here for the Ghostly Artificer, then at this moment, I'd probably find things difficult and leave."

He thought that based on the abilities of that group of people from the Bloody Yan Cave, they would obviously know that while there were many outside trying to catch Wu Yu, these people would never be able to catch someone that even they could not control. Even if these people had such ability, they would not make a move, because of advanced dao treasure.

But this led to a bigger question. "Why are they in a hurry to chase me away?"

"Heavens know. Perhaps they are plotting something sinister against the Yan Huang Tribe. Over the years, they have plotted many times but always failed.  Simply put, the fate of the Ghostly Yan Tribe is to struggle. This happens very often. They just use various weird methods to retaliate."

Wu Yu thought about it. He was indeed curious about what arrangement the other party had made. However, now was not the right time. If the All Amalgamating Cat did not exist, then he could try to find out.

The other point was that there were many strong people in the Ghostly Yan Tribe. If he met one that could control him, he would be in trouble. Hence, he had to keep a low profile.

"You want me to leave, but no way."

Wu Yu would not actively try to find out what they were going to do, but he was not leaving either. He followed his original plan and went deep into the Infernal Inferno, keeping a low profile. Occasionally, he would use the Somersault Cloud to change his position to prevent the All Amalgamating Cat from finding him.

"I don't know what method the All Amalgamating Cat used to find me."

He descended and realized that it indeed felt as though the entire Ghostly Yan Tribe was out looking for him. If he were part of any of the Eight Major Armies and he met so many Ghostly Yan Tribe people, he would’ve killed as many as he could. The amount of merits he would receive would probably be enough for him to become a heaven dragon general.

The surrounding magma's temperature continued to rise. The Ghostly Yan Tribe members that he met became stronger. Wu Yu realized that after so many years of resting, there were many strong people in the Ghostly Yan Tribe. He did not know how many more were in the various bases.

They each possessed the power to build a small kingdom in the Yan Huang Ancient Region.

He did not care about them and continued going deeper. He did not move fast. 10 days later, he realized that there were finally fewer people in his surroundings. That was because the surrounding magma was extremely hot. Even the Ghostly Yan Tribe members would not be able to persist if they weren’t at a high cultivation level.

Golden magma was rippling everywhere like melted iron. Wu Yu was now deep in the sea. Even his Eyes of Fire and Gold could hardly penetrate this magma and see far.

There were fewer people and fewer spirit design. Now that he was freer, he went further into the depths of the Infernal Inferno.

Wu Yu looked down and said emotionally, "I should have passed through all the bases of the Ghostly Yan Tribe. Now I'm going deeper, and that is somewhere that even the Ghostly Yan Tribe cannot go. I don't know how many people from the Yan Huang Tribe have been to this place." 

Exploring unknown worlds made him extremely excited. He did not think too much and continued venturing deeper. The temperature of the magma here made it difficult for the Ghostly Yan Tribe members to survive. Even if they wanted to reach such depths, they could not withstand the temperature surrounding Wu Yu now.

Suddenly, Wu Yu saw that there was something huge in the deep end of the magma. It seemed like a gigantic, pitch black sphere.

He became cautious because this might be the true nexus of the Ghostly Yan Tribe. He thought that he had already passed by all their defences.

He avoided it a little and continued to go down. Along the way, he saw three more bases of the Ghostly Yan Tribe, which were almost the same size as the Bloody Yan Cave. They looked a little strange. One of them was a little like a mountain with five peaks. He could not see anything special about the other one, and the one in front of him was a sphere. However, it was too far away, so he could not see clearly for the time being.

However, when Wu Yu got closer, he found out that this base was 10 times the size of the Bloody Yan Cave! It was probably very large, and it should be the place in the deepest part of the Infernal Inferno. Although Wu Yu could not see it clearly now, he was sure that it was the Flaming Devil Cave.

As the Flaming Devil Cave was the core of the Ghostly Yan Tribe, it was said to be at the deepest part of the Infernal Inferno. He had not expected to stumble across it.

He was curious and kept getting closer. When he saw the appearance of the Flaming Devil Cave, he was shocked. Because the Flaming Devil Cave looked like a giant, black skull!

"What a gigantic skull!" Wu Yu was shocked. The skull looked life-like, just like the one that would appear after a real person died. But how gigantic must the person have been to have such a large skull?

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