Chapter 0857: An All Out Trap

When the Ghostly Artificer was at his most excited, happiest, and least expecting, as though he was about to achieve immortalhood, Wu Yu appeared suddenly and attacked with Paradise's Fiery Demise!

The Ghostly Artificer would not have known that it was a Yan Huang Tribe member who had attacked him if he had not seen Wu Yu.

Wu Yu saw him drawing out his advanced dao treasure in haste.

But Wu Yu's sudden attack bought him some time. In the instant the power of Paradise's Fiery Demise exploded, the Ghostly Artificer did not react strongly. He only used that Skull Bracelet to block and activate the Defensive Spirit Designs on it. In an instant, he trapped himself within like when he had trapped the Full Moon of Nanshan.

Wu Yu's Paradise's Fiery Demise followed closely. Two different fire pillars crashed violently. Even though this room in the Night Breeze Inn had been protected by many spirit designs, it was still utterly destroyed by Paradise's Fiery Demise and evaporated into dust!

Paradise's Fiery Demise was quite powerful. Wu Yu was not sure of the Ghostly Artificer's current situation. His defense was tough. However, that hasty defense of the advanced dao treasure should have been broken through by Paradise's Fiery Demise. The fierce flames devoured the Ghostly Artificer! The Ghostly Artificer’s whole body was instantly charred under the burn and crash, but he had not been decimated into dust. This meant that he was still alive.

While Paradise's Fiery Demise was top notch, Wu Yu's Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy was still lacking. It was not possible for him to kill a Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm expert in one move.

"Heaven Swallowing 10,000 Rampaging Dragons Formation!"

But Wu Yu had more than one attack. At the instant Paradise's Fiery Demise was launched from his real body, the Heaven Devouring Avatar's attack immediately exploded. This spirit design covered the Ghostly Artificer again. Under the shadow of the whip, the cover of fog, and sky full of mystical dragons, that black mystical dragon roared. It swam and carried with it extreme coldness. It instantly froze the surroundings, making them into something like the Dark North Kingdom. 

First, it was extreme heat and burning. In the blink of an eye, it turned into extreme cold. The change was large. With this large difference, between the extreme heat and coldness, the Ghostly Artificer cursed furiously, "You dare to trespass into the Bloody Yan Cave? You really are daring. You're dead for real now!"

His voice was hoarse and carried a hint of pain. Obviously, Wu Yu's sneak attack with his Paradise's Fiery Demise had injured him. And when he spoke, Wu Yu did not miss this chance. His Heaven Devouring Avatar directly followed up with another attack!

Bang, bang, bang!

The 10,000 mystical dragons rushed into the Ghostly Artificer from all directions at the same time. The Ghostly Artificer had just defended against Paradise's Fiery Demise and then extreme coldness rushed at him an instant later. Each black mystical dragon carried the dark coldness of the dark sea. Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar was hidden among them and expanded the devouring ability of this spirit design. In an instant, the Ghostly Artificer found his body heat diminishing quickly. He was part of the Ghostly Yan Tribe and had similar physical attributes as the Yan Huang Tribe, so he had a lot of trouble defending against the icy coldness of the Heaven Devouring Avatar!  

In an instant, 10,000 mystical dragons rushed over and plundered away all the surrounding heat. Wu Yu's real body saw this with his Eyes of Fire and Gold. Even though the Ghostly Artificer was resisting with all his might, Wu Yu had taken the first advantage. Under his barrage of attacks, the Ghostly Artificer could not retaliate at the moment. He was continuously being suppressed by Wu Yu! 

10,000 dragons roaring and soaring!

Hu, hu, hu….

When these long dragons whipped past the Ghostly Artificer, they chilled him to the point that the Ghostly Artificer's face was deathly pale. Fierce fire burned on him, but the fierce fire was quickly absorbed and extinguished. He started to freeze. The power of cold during this speedy freezing permeated through him and seeped into the depths of his body. It continued to freeze his tendons, blood, and flesh.

At this moment, when Wu Yu saw the Ghostly Artificer being suppressed by him, Wu Yu knew that under the circumstances of a sneak attack, he really could slay the Ghostly Artificer!

Previously, he was just trying his chances and had not expected things to progress so smoothly. This was likely a coincidentally weak moment for the Ghostly Artificer, and his tempo was totally overturned by Wu Yu.

He watched the Ghostly Artificer freeze into cold ice. His whole body's heat was devoured by Wu Yu. Although he was still alive, his whole body had become deathly quiet. He was heavily injured. This was the perfect opportunity for him to continue his onslaught and achieve victory! Hence, he immediately made a decision. The Heaven Devouring Avatar was responsible for maintaining the freezing of his opponent, while his real body held the Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff. Previously, he had transformed with the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth. Now he used the Violent Art and aimed directly for the Ghostly Artificer's head!

If he hit him with this much strength, the Ghostly Artificer would probably crumble into dust.

Wu Yu felt that he was really lucky. That Unbounded Sky Pillar in his imagination was probably even waving at him.

But he did not expect backup to arrive so quickly! 

They were not only fast, but strong. At this instant, many people arrived at the sky above the Night Breeze Inn. They were all elders and were ghostly cultivators stronger than the Ghostly Artificer!

In this soul shocking moment, Wu Yu even saw Ye Xixi. He instantly understood that Ye Xixi was the first to discover him here. If not, there would not have been so many strong people gathered here within such a short time.

When he saw her, Wu Yu knew that those surrounding him were probably the strongest of the Bloody Yan Cave. There was no luck to be considered when facing people who were at least at Qu Yin's level. This was especially true when two of them gave Wu Yu an even more terrifying feeling. If he faced them directly, he would probably die with a snap of that person's fingers!

Hence, his hairs stood!

He now had the opportunity to kill the Ghostly Artificer, but he knew that if he proceeded in doing so, he would be entirely in the control of these strong people. They were horrifyingly powerful! At this moment, they had just arrived and were in no hurry to handle Wu Yu. They first took control of the whole area. It looked like they wanted to trap Wu Yu here securely!

Hence, in the first instant he sensed danger, Wu Yu immediately made a decision.

He gave up on attacking, and before the others gathered, he met his avatar and integrated it into his body with the Somersault Cloud. Before all the control and suppression landed on his body, he somersaulted! 

"Don't think of escaping!"

These few had already discussed strategies to handle Wu Yu. They were confident in trapping him. Besides, at this moment, even the whole Bloody Yan Cave was sealed. They did not believe that Wu Yu could escape from so many tiers of spirit designs and from a sealed Bloody Yan Cave!

Before they came, they must have understood Wu Yu's escape method and done a few preparations and discussions. In the instant they arrived, they directly threw a few dao treasures onto the ground and activated many talismans. These were all for controlling space and locking down the area. It was a plan that would make it impossible for Wu Yu to leave!

These master-level characters of the Ghostly Yan Tribe who had trained for 300 years and above were all trying to think of a way to capture Wu Yu. They used powerful methods and were confident that with so many people taking the initiative, it would be no problem capturing even another of their level, much less a young chap like Wu Yu.

Of course, they were impressed with Wu Yu's quick reaction. They also sensed Wu Yu's appearance and big battle with the Ghostly Artificer. They rushed over and might’ve accidentally left tracks. 

In this critical moment, at the same instant they unleashed their moves, they watched Wu Yu somersault.


Instantly, something unbelievable happened.

Wu Yu instantly disappeared.

At least he had disappeared from their sight. As for whether he was still in the Bloody Yan Cave, they did not know at the moment.

They were stunned, and each of them had a darker expression than the other. Of course, it was not just one of them who was embarrassed. Hence, the topic of discussion quickly changed.

An elder searched his surroundings and said, "The Bloody Yan Cave is sealed. He might not have left." 

"Forget it. He can exit the sealed Bloody Yan Cave if he can run away even under our control. I've seen it. His mystique has the effect of travelling through space. It is as though he went into another space."

"How did this youth get such a powerful mystique!? He must be someone who had life-changing opportunities in the Yan Huang Ancient Country.  Continue sealing the Bloody Yan Cave. Let's see if he can get out."

"This is the most critical period for our Ghostly Yan Tribe since ancient times. If this kid has such a way of escape, he must be roaming about. We must not let him destroy our great plan! We must get rid of him quickly or kill him."

"It's best if we dig those mystiques and dao techniques from him. Then we'll be stronger."

They discussed it sinisterly. Ye Xixi looked at them and was a little stunned. She realized that Uncle Dian and the others were not chasing after Wu Yu for her.

"Pass the orders down. A Yan Huang Tribe member has infiltrated our territory. Make Wu Yu's portrait public. Order everyone to report immediately upon seeing this Wu Yu. Whoever can capture Wu Yu will be rewarded an advanced dao treasure!"

They had made a decision.

Such a piece of news would indeed excite the whole Ghostly Yan Tribe, especially those who wanted an advanced dao treasure. When they confirmed that Wu Yu was not within the Bloody Yan Cave, many Ghostly Yan Tribe members from the various bases of the Ghostly Yan Tribe emerged. They started looking for traces of Wu Yu outside, in the Infernal Inferno. News that Wu Yu had actually almost killed the Ghostly Artificer and escaped under the pursuit of many strong elders also quickly spread among the Ghostly Yan Tribe.

As for Wu Yu, he could not help but sigh. The Somersault Cloud was too powerful. He could actually escape from such a perilous situation. It was practically an escape from death.

Of course he also felt speechless. After missing this opportunity to kill the Ghostly Artificer, it would be even more difficult to kill him in future, as the Ghostly Artificer would definitely not dare to leave the Bloody Yan Cave.

After he came out, he only saw that the Bloody Yan Cave had been sealed. Now it would be difficult to enter.

He needed to leave this place first and recollect himself before carefully thinking about his next step. He had successfully gained the Paradise's Fiery Demise and had no way of killing the Ghostly Artificer now. He concluded that he could only continue his exploration into the depths.

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