Chapter 0856: Night Breeze Inn

"I... I don't know...."

"Lying is dying," Wu Yu stated flatly.

"I really don't know...." The captive's tears started rolling down. "But I know who knows. He has good information. I'll take you there!"


With his captive leading the way, Wu Yu found another elder, one stronger than this one. Wu Yu froze him up in ice and buried him underground. He would be thawed out in half a month or so, and left unharmed.

In the same way, Wu Yu caught hold of an elder and learned that the Ghostly Artificer was in an area with more experts known as the Bu Li City. He asked a few more people and got the same answer - Bu Li City. The Ghostly Artificer's reputation was spreading recently, and news of him was abound in the Bloody Yan Cave. Therefore, quite a few knew about him, and some even knew that he was in the Night Breeze Inn in Bu Li City.

After Wu Yu had confirmed this repeatedly, and also learned of the whereabouts of Bu Li City, he could basically confirm that the Ghostly Artificer was there.

"Problem is, there are many experts there. If we fight, it will be very difficult to kill him there. But it’s worth a try."

He left his current area and headed for Bu Li City with speed.


What Wu Yu did not know was that after he had infiltrated the Bloody Yan Cave, two people had appeared outside the Bloody Yan Cave.

One of them was a dainty and fair girl, with short, neat hair at the shoulders, and glowing with health. She was charming and cute, and hugged a lazing white cat in her arms, which was currently napping contentedly, as though it knew the world revolved around it.

This was the daughter of the Holy Master of the Flaming Devil Cave - the young mistress Ye Xixi.

Beside her was a strange being. It was likely a person, but it was covered in a fresh layer of blood. This "blood person" constantly oozed blood that kept its body shape constantly changing, giving it a bizarre and frightening image.

"Uncle Dian, Lazy says that he is hiding in the Bloody Yan Cave. Help me catch him quickly."

The blood person stared into the depths of the Bloody Yan Cave. "That doesn't seem likely. No Yan Huang Tribe member has infiltrated the Bloody Yan Cave in tens of thousands of years without creating a stir."

Ye Xixi shook her head. "Lazy can't be wrong. It's special. But that guy is something special himself. I think his name was Wu Yu? He has amazing escaping techniques, and no spirit design can hold him. I think he must have used them to get in."

"Alright, no problem. I'll contact some friends in the Bloody Yan Cave and get them to seal it. And then we'll set up an enormous net to comb for him. This little punk should think better of escaping from our clutches. He's been a nuisance for a long enough time," the blood person said ominously.

Ye Xixi was a little worried. "Uncle Dian, must it be such a big fuss? I only want you to catch him and let me give him a beating for taking my Elixir of Fire Spirit. You can't kill him or harm him. He's not a bad person. I just wanna vent my anger."

"Got it. I understand." The blood person sent out several Message Talismans with a distracted tone. He was silent for a while, then said to Ye Xixi, "I've already told them. They will seal the Bloody Yan Cave after we enter. And then we will catch the fish."

"Alright, hehe."

The two headed in.

"He's already scampered into Bloody Yan Cave. If we don't kill this guy off quickly and reveal our great plan, then we'll be in trouble...." The blood person stared into the Bloody Yan Cave with a somber expression.

"Uncle Dian, what are you thinking about? Your brow's all frowny," Ye Xixi asked curiously.

"Nothing much, little girl. Don't be so nosy. After dealing with your problem, I still have other things to settle. If I don't finish my duties, your father will punish me," the blood person said to her in a warm tone.

"Will he spank you?" Ye Xixi smiled.

"Keke." The blood person did not elaborate. He turned around with a flat smile.

"My God. To be able to raise his daughter like this in this world, it's a miracle."

They soon entered the Bloody Yan Cave, then all the tunnels gradually shut down. From afar, the Bloody Yan Cave started to glitter and gleam with a bloody light.


"Bu Li City." Wu Yu had roamed for a long time before he finally found Bu Li City. His first impression was that the architecture was constructed on a larger scale here. It was even more baleful and dark, and many places had green or red lanterns that lit the place eerily. The streets were much emptier and quieter, as the increased presence of experts here made ordinary people shy away from this place.

Bu Li City was huge, and it was not easy to find the Night Breeze Inn. Wu Yu had to capture some more people to ask them. He first infiltrated the deeper regions, where there were weaker people, then he captured someone suitable. It was not easy. Wu Yu had also gotten the name of the Night Breeze Inn here.

The reason was that the Night Breeze Inn had a bit of a reputation here, and many who came from outside the Bloody Yan Cave would stay here. The security there was tight, so one would not be bothered by outsiders. It was a suitable place for cultivation.

The cluster of buildings before him was the Night Breeze Inn. The Night Breeze Inn was surrounded in Defensive Spirit Designs, and the buildings here were all beautifully designed, and their guise of opulence made it seem like it was not a ghostly cultivator place.

Although there were spirit designs, Wu Yu used the Spirit Penetration Art to find the gaps and entered through them along with the internal security of the Night Breeze Inn. It was very peaceful within, and there were more than 100 palaces. Wu Yu knew where the people were, and he also understood the Ghostly Artificer - his location would definitely be a lively place.

Within the Night Breeze Inn, there was a rather boisterous atmosphere in one place, and Wu Yu crept over. As he neared, he saw that the garden of the palace had about 80 girls gathered, and they were all young. They were mostly at the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm, and there were a few at the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm.  On the whole, they had not been cultivating for more than a century, and were at the peak of their youth, when their vitality was blooming. These girls were all comely and attractive, both in terms of figure and face. They were the finest of the lot, and each had their individual charms. They were all considered beauties amongst the Ghostly Yan Tribe. The noises that Wu Yu had heard before were partly from their steps. They were currently all in the garden, frowning slightly, and their faces flushed with worry. They also showed unease in their posture.

However, they did not leave and did not move much, perhaps afraid of affecting those inside the palace.

"Next, Concubine Ling Ye." The door of the palace opened to reveal a matronly hag with a severe expression. She looked intimidating as her eyes swept through their ranks. She found a frail girl and said, "The Ghostly Father is blessing you with instruction to move healthily towards a great dao. What are you dawdling for? There are so many girls out there in the world who don't get such an opportunity. If not for your looks, you wouldn't even get in the door."

"Yes, Ma'am!" Concubine Ling Ye was a little flustered, her face pink as she tread down the broken path. Soon, unrestrained cries sounded from within, completely unconcealed. They were probably having sex inside.

But Wu Yu could see that life force was vanishing from within. On a closer look, he saw that the Ghostly Artificer was currently doing it with the girl who had just gone in. The initially youthful and lively girl was lost in her ecstasy, but the Ghostly Artificer was smiling coldly without a hint of pleasure. The girl in his arms withered with age and her flesh disappeared, leaving white bones behind. The Ghostly Artificer tossed them into a corner.

"Another. How delicious." The Ghostly Artificer laughed.

This unknown technique of his was leeching life from them.

There were more than 80 pitiable people outside, who were probably ignorant of what was transpiring within. Some were anticipating, while others were shy or afraid.

In any case, he had found the Ghostly Artificer.

Before Wu Yu had gotten a grasp on the situation, another girl walked in. She looked nervous, but under the old hag's glare, she still entered. The door shut with a bang.

"Truly a vivid image - I see how cruel cultivation can be." Wu Yu could only laugh bitterly.

He did not want to consider whether this was right or wrong, or how evil it was. He had learned to follow his heart, and his heart right now wanted to kill the Ghostly Artificer. This was the answer he felt for, without any doubt.

Perhaps he could save some innocent lives.

At this moment, he was on the roof, while the Ghostly Artificer was undressing the beauty who had just entered. The old hag was enjoying the view from the side.

"Beauties are truly heaven's miracle," the Ghostly Artificer exclaimed.


Suddenly, a huge eye appeared under his feet. The eye glared at him angrily, brimming with fire. A blast of sheer force sent the nervous girl flying out and blasted her far, far away along with the other 80 girls!

At this time, the Ghostly Artificer was still stunned. He was in the Bloody Yan Cave! In the Night Breeze Inn! This was evidently a Yan Huang Tribe attack. How was that possible!?

While he was still stunned, the ceiling had already been melted away by the flames. The other eye was revealed above him, and it was a heavenly eye that judged the Ghostly Artificer. Fury was contained in this eye!

Besides these two eyes, the Ghostly Artificer saw someone whom he had never expected to see. There was only shock when he saw Wu Yu.

"It's you!" The Ghostly Artificer's eyes widened.

This was the Bloody Yan Cave. How had Wu Yu appeared at the height of his entertainment....

While he was still hesitating, the pair of eyes created two huge columns of fire trained on his location. The fearsome sea of fire drowned him within. The Ghostly Artificer's screams rang out from within the Paradise's Fiery Demise.

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