Chapter 0854: Dignified Sword Elemental

Two bodies, one cold and sinister, the other fiery and aggressive. Their auras were completely different. But now their fighting power was closer. After all, Wu Yu was ready for the next cultivation level.

He called forth the Puppets Spirit Design. This time, he walked towards the last one still, the white spirit design. As the other spirit designs faded with their puppets, Wu Yu again skipped eight levels to nearly challenge the limits of the design of the Floating Dreams Pagoda. Perhaps even the architect of the Floating Dreams Pagoda would not have expected anyone to be able to skip eight levels!

The puppet from the white spirit design was different from the gigantic Skeletal Flame Dragon. This was a humanoid figure, and scrawny compared to the Skeletal Flame Dragon. An ordinary human figure seemed slight, but Wu Yu did not think that way. This humanoid puppet felt much more dangerous than the Skeletal Flame Dragon.

He felt an acute sense of danger. This puppet was nothing to be messed with! The gaze that came from within the spirit design had a penetrating feel to it. It was completely different from the other spirit designs that Wu Yu had challenged.

The spirit design's light swelled to its strongest and then vanished. Wu Yu could finally see the puppet.

His first glance left him speechless. As expected, the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm was completely different. The previous puppets had come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but they had been iron or mechanical wood. They had come in humanoid and beast shapes, but this puppet seemed like a real human.

It was an elder wearing long, blue robes. His hair and brows were snowy white, and his face slightly pink. There was a light in his eyes. Although his face looked a little stiff, on the whole, he was not at all different from a real person. His skin, eyes, lips, hair, nose, and other features would pass measure without the Eyes of Fire and Gold.

He was not tall, and now stood with his hands clasped behind his back, fixing a cold stare at Wu Yu. He wore two swords on his back, whose hilts were white and black. This person looked like a swordsman. He stood before Wu Yu with an impassive face.

But with the Eyes of Fire and Gold, Wu Yu could see that besides the skin-deep realism, what was within was instead very high-grade precious treasures. They had to have at least nine spiritual marks or more, and there were many different materials. The handiwork of their composition was rather sophisticated, and there were hundreds of thousands of Puppet Spirit Designs. It was much more than Wu Yu's own 10,000 Dragons Staff, and weaved even more tightly!

In truth, this puppet's value was very high, at least 10 times that of the Skeletal Flame Dragon. It was far better than many advanced dao treasures. Such a puppet was as good as a Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm cultivator that could be used to protect a weaker ally. It was very useful. It was probably worth about the same as the Unbounded Sky Pillar.

Before, Wu Yu had thought that the Floating Dreams Pagoda was an advanced dao treasure. But from the looks of things now, that was impossible. This puppet was already as valuable as an advanced dao treasure. He could not confirm if there were more puppets after this one, but there probably were, and they would at least be as strong as this one.

Bringing this puppet out, if others were not paying attention, they would think that it was a real person, and perhaps Wu Yu's elder or some such.

But Wu Yu also realized that this puppet was on a completely different level from the Skeletal Flame Dragon. Therefore, its lethality would be hard to deal with. It should be very high indeed, because such a puppet could not die! To master it, he had to destroy it. Although he had two bodies, he still felt the pressure.

The puppet beckoned and declared indifferently to Wu Yu, "This humble creature's name is the Dignified Sword Elemental. If you wish to teach me a lesson, do so by all means." And then it unsheathed the two swords from behind it. The two swords were made of the same material as his body. As he gripped them, they fused together. The two swords were naturally also densely covered in spirit designs. When he gripped the swords in his hands, he was a complete entity.

The Dignified Sword Elemental stood with swords held level. Sword qi surged forth, howling within the Floating Dreams Pagoda with power enough to blow the skies apart. This puppet would be difficult to deal with indeed.

There was no real need to waste words on this puppet. All he needed to do was defeat it. Therefore, Wu Yu's two bodies each employed their respective moves and pressed the Dignified Sword Elemental!

"Yin Yang Sword Will."

As though he had seen all too many similar scenes, the Dignified Sword Elemental faced attacks from Wu Yu's real body and the Heaven Devouring Avatar with the same expression. He employed his Offensive Spirit Designs stored within his arsenal, and his twin swords of black and white slashed out with unparalleled deadliness!

"Dark North Saintly Dragon Formation!" On the left, the Dark North Royal Obelisk in the Heaven Devouring Avatar's hands morphed into a long whip that snaked out like a dragon. As it shifted, it gnashed with a grating sound. Both the spikes and the whip’s tip were supremely sharp, and a violent lash from it seemed to raise the dark sea itself. From within the sea, a mystical dragon swam, headed straight for the Dignified Sword Elemental.

"Barren Great Dao Finger!"

Before using this dao technique, Wu Yu first used the Unshackled Doppelganger. The golden Immortal Ape plucked out his hairs and blew on them. 10,000 clones appeared, forming a barricade within the Floating Dreams Pagoda. One Wu Yu followed the next. With the real body as the focal point, all of them used the dao technique at the same time!

Wu Yu's finger shot out in a direction, and a huge beast followed with a withering aura to it. The huge beast had neither arms or legs, but a huge mouth that opened wide and lunged towards the Dignified Sword Elemental. All life fell before the mouth, and all turned barren!  In this process, 10,000 similar beasts were concentrated in this huge beast, making it even more substantial. They transformed into Barren Beasts and flew out as well. The power that he had unleashed was comparable to What the Heaven Devouring Avatar's Dark North Royal Obelisk was outputting.


The Dignified Sword Elemental was not at all fazed. He established his Yin Yang Sword Will and then both swords jabbed forwards. Two simple blasts of sword qi, one black and one white. The black one was full of a sinister sword will, and faced the real body, while the white sword will blazed hot, and was directed at the Dark North Royal Obelisk!


At this time, Wu Yu noticed that the entire Floating Dreams Pagoda seemed to be feeding energy into the Dignified Sword Elemental. Perhaps this level of puppet was the true core of the Floating Dreams Pagoda. Therefore, the power that it could call upon was commensurably larger. The simple Yin Yang Sword Will attack had unleashed an uncommon deadliness with a tremendous penetrative effect. As the sword will came cutting forward, it pierced the mouth of the Barren Beast and passed through, causing Wu Yu's finger technique to crumble instantly.

His Offensive Spirit Design was that powerful, and Wu Yu was completely surprised by it. The same was happening on the other side. The Heaven Devouring Avatar and the Dark North Royal Obelisk together could not defeat their opponent. Instead, a single blast of sword will from the opponent had rent Wu Yu's two attacks completely asunder. If not for his quick evasion, those vicious sword qi blasts could have damaged Wu Yu's bodies significantly.

Wu Yu had not faced a true sword cultivator in a long time now. This Dignified Sword Elemental was an unparalleled sword cultivator, and specialized in fast, accurate, and deadly moves. That blast of sword will just now had been exactly thus!

Wu Yu realized how difficult this opponent was to deal with. And he was given no chance for second thoughts. After the Yin Yang Sword Will, he moved with blinding relocating speed and closed the distance in a flash. When he appeared, swords crossed, his spirit designs were still whirling away. He was probably about to unleash another attack.

This was the advantage of puppets. Their Offensive Spirit Designs were faster than those of martial cultivators, and their attacks would chain with no pauses. More, they were unafraid of death, which was truly a difficult point to deal with.

"Fish Trawler!"

The Dignified Sword Elemental attacked with simplicity and power, and Wu Yu was dazzled by both. An even more terrifying attack was impending! The two swords combined to create a complex taichi pattern. Yin and yang fishes swam head to tail, and the taichi design continued to swirl. And then it began to grow bigger, appearing above the heads of Wu Yu's two bodies!

In the next instant, the taichi design clattered with the din of thousands of blasts of sword qi. Some were black, and others white. The speed of attack was extremely terrifying, and virtually impossible to defend against. It also had incredible penetrating power, and created tens of thousands of little bursts of sword qi within Wu Yu's Invincible Vajra Body. Wu Yu's real body and Heaven Devouring Avatar's attacks were completely negated. This savage attack forced Wu Yu to flee from the Floating Dreams Pagoda. When he appeared outside, both bodies looked at each other. Clearly, he had lost this battle.

"Incredible." Wu Yu was not at all discouraged. The stronger the puppet in the Floating Dreams Pagoda, the happier he was.

The only regret he had was that it seemed like he would not be able to successfully challenge the Dignified Sword Elemental any time soon.

After he rested and recuperated, he prepared himself and again engaged the Dignified Sword Elemental. Although he was able to dodge the Fish Trawler this time around, the Dignified Sword Elemental had even stronger attacks, and Wu Yu's Invincible Vajra Body did not provide the advantage it formerly had. Therefore, he lost his second attempt as well.

It seemed like just a bit more would do it, but the gap was actually huge. Because Wu Yu not only had to defeat his opponent, but he had to smash it into powder. Otherwise, his opponent would simply regenerate. Therefore, Wu Yu fought it a few more times, but continued to fail. This proved that their ability was not up to par yet.

After persisting a few more times, Wu Yu finally gave it up. He felt that he had to grow stronger before trying again. Right now, his fights were just shy of succeeding. Of course, the Dignified Sword Elemental was awesome. He did not show mercy, and fighting him in order to hone one's dao was not a bad method. Through multiple battles with him, Wu Yu had grown to understand his spirit designs.

This was his first time losing to a puppet.

After his defeat, he thought for a while.

"If I can enter the Bloody Yan Cave and fight the Ghostly Artificer, that's not bad either. It's meaningless to linger here. If I'm still not his match, then I'll discover my shortcomings from that."

With the experience gained from facing the Dignified Sword Elemental, he was now unafraid of the Ghostly Artificer. Besides, he was very curious about the Bloody Yan Cave. After making up his mind, he again headed deeper into the Infernal Inferno.

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