Chapter 0853: Primordial Spirit Third Tier

The success of the Paradise's Fiery Demise had greatly increased the fighting power of Wu Yu's real body.

Actually, his initial explosion just now had been enough to grievously wound Ye Xixi.

More, Wu Yu had gained something else as well, which was an increase in his cultivation level.

He was now even clearer of his own will and beliefs, and understood himself better. He knew what he needed, and what he shouldered.

"I am probably only lacking Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills to reach the third tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm."

Actually, for his ability, his cultivation level was unthinkably low. No one would expect it. But that was indeed Wu Yu's true level.

After all, the time he had actually spent cultivating was very, very brief.

Wu Yu found it very hard to save up Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills. The amount expended by his Unshackled Doppelganger clones was just too great. At the Immortal's Capital, everything was for sale, but Wu Yu had no way to buy things. He could not even afford the simplest of things. Most days, he refined immortal medicines, but that was not even enough for his own use.

"Luckily, this is the Infernal Inferno."

This meant that he could make trouble with ghostly cultivators and rob them. Back at the Immortal's Capital, everyone was eminent or a relative of someone who was. It would not be that easy to rob people in broad daylight.

Here, there were Ghostly Yan Tribe members everywhere. Before today, Wu Yu would have hidden no matter what Ghostly Yan Tribe member he met. But from now on, he began to intentionally hunt prey.

The Eyes of Fire and Gold had succeeded, and he temporarily put the matter of the Ghostly Artificer aside. First, he would raise the cultivation level of his real body. For now, that was his top priority.

He roamed the vicinity of the Bloody Yan Cave. It was extremely deep here, and there were virtually no Yan Huang Tribes members. Therefore, all the Ghostly Yan Tribe members were very relaxed, going to and fro within their base camp. They were looking for treasures that suited them. Over a long history, there had been many Ghostly Yan Tribe legacies left here, and the spiritual qi here was robust as well. Especially the magma - it had imbibed much spiritual qi, and had nurturing properties. It could even give rise to many precious treasures and immortal essences.

These were what the Ghostly Yan Tribe people were looking for.

And these Ghostly Yan Tribe members were what Wu Yu was looking for.

Of course, he immediately dismissed all of the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm and above members. When he encountered those, he left immediately. But if he met one at the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, there were two scenarios.

Some had no trouble with Wu Yu, and did not look that wicked. After seeing Wu Yu, they would run away hastily, afraid of fighting him. No matter their cultivation level, Wu Yu would chase them. He would not kill or harm them, but he would take away the Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills in their Sumeru Pouches.

The other kind were unruly after discovering Wu Yu. They would call him “friend” with a malicious intent and then employ their dao treasures and other wicked techniques to see Wu Yu dead. They showed no mercy and brooked no quarter. They reeked with an evil stench, and Wu Yu would not only snatch their Sumeru Pouches, but send them to the next world.

And then his Heaven Devouring Avatar would devour the bodies, until it was of a similar cultivation level as his real body, and even slightly towards the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm level. As long as his real body could still control it and he would not be consumed by his desire to devour.

Actually, the Heaven Devouring Avatar would have a definite impact on Wu Yu's cultivation level. Sometimes, he needed to focus and calm himself. Otherwise, he would be lost in his own dao. That would not be beneficial to either his real body or his Heaven Devouring Avatar.

"Cultivation is plunder. The strong rule. All cultivators of this world are plunderers. They rob the land of its transformations, they rob the mystic light of the sun and moon. The Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast simply converts this into sheer strength. There is no problem. Whether real body or Heaven Devouring Avatar, as long as the method of attaining dao does not descend into a vicious cycle of rule-breaking, and maintains rationality, that is orthodox dao. Devouring is not a problem intrinsically.

"I am different from the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord."

At least for now, Wu Yu was very clear and aware. He would not be psychologically burdened by his consumption of the Ghostly Yan Tribe members' flesh. His real body and Heaven Devouring Avatar were in balanced equilibrium. All that he did followed nature's laws. Even if others did not understand it, Wu Yu himself did.

This was his dao, and he did not need others to get it. A martial cultivator's firm resolution. Onwards, unlimited. As for whether his dao was just or otherwise, the test of immortalhood was final. Unorthodox daos could not reach immortalhood.

This was where he was better than others. If others used the Heaven Devouring Avatar, they might be affected by the internal turmoil and would either be afraid of devouring or devour without care. Either might see them become the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord.

In this fashion, Wu Yu spent half a month.

At this time, the Yan Dragon Army's yan dragon generals were afraid of coming in. There were also those from the Thunder Flame Army, lying in ambush outside, awaiting the Ghostly Artificer's exit. Perhaps they, too, knew that the Ghostly Artificer was in a place called the Bloody Yan Cave.

And Wu Yu's gains were huge. In this half a month of “hunting,” he had gained several million Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills. It would definitely be enough for his real body and his Unshackled Doppelganger clones to improve.

At the same time, his Heaven Devouring Avatar had reached the limits of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. Wu Yu was not that reckless, and so he left some buffer. At this level, the Heaven Devouring Avatar was not that tiring to control. Before his real body had grown stronger this time around, it had been rather draining to control.

If the Heaven Devouring Avatar exceeded his real body's level for a prolonged time, it would affect his dao and be counterproductive.

Of course, because of this “hunting,” Wu Yu's name had already spread throughout the Ghostly Yan Tribe. Everyone knew that a Yan Huang Tribesman had actually run into the belly of the Ghostly Yan Tribe and was brazenly killing and robbing Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills. He was completely dismissive of the Ghostly Yan Tribe.

Therefore, the Ghostly Yan Tribe came out in hordes to hunt Wu Yu, both Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm and Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm alike. As for the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivators, they were too afraid. After all, Wu Yu was basically unbeatable for those below the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm.

This way, Wu Yu's “resources” became even more plentiful. By dodging the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm cultivators and fighting the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivators, he never slipped up. His Somersault Cloud gave him the ultimate advantage. No wonder Ming Long had called this mystique even more useful than the other three. If she had only cultivated this mystique well back then, Wu Yu would not have what he had today.

Even if it had been Qu Yin in Wu Yu's position, he could not possibly move in such an unfettered fashion. This angered the Ghostly Yan Tribe to no end, and the experts came out in swarms. Everyone knew that he was Wu Yu, and they had also collected some information on him. They set traps everywhere, but the joke was that no one could catch Wu Yu.

After all, the Infernal Inferno was vast, and the reduced field of vision meant that anyone with a bad sense of direction would be prone to losing their way. It was especially easy for Wu Yu to hide within. Such an environment was paradise for him, much better than Ghosts Sea Prison.

After accumulating enough, he undertook a crucial step, which was to raise his cultivation level. In this period of time, he had the Heaven Devouring Avatar sit guard outside the Floating Dreams Pagoda, while he was within, refining the Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills. He plenished his Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea and his Primordial Spirit. His real body's cultivation level had already risen sufficiently, so increasing his Primordial Spirit's cultivation level was of no difficulty.

After all, he had sufficient Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills.

As Wu Yu's real body rose to the third tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy surged in capacity. Of course, his cultivation level and Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy were still inferior to others. Besides, against stronger opponents, he discovered that the advantage of his Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body was diminished, and this increase did not significantly improve his Heaven Devouring Avatar or his real body. Without a drastic improvement to his Invincible Vajra Body, the lethality of Wu Yu's real body would only continue to lag, and he could no longer output seven or eight tiers beyond his true level.

Right now, Wu Yu estimated that even with the Paradise's Fiery Demise, it would be very difficult for his real body to take down those of Prince You Yan's caliber alone. He would still need the support of the Skeletal Flame Dragon.

His 10,000 Unshackled Doppelgangers very quickly finished off all the Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills that Wu Yu had gained. These clones had reached a new level, and they were still a formidable force. Their multitude of dao techniques were powerful when combined. Wu Yu's techniques were all considered to be at a superb level. The only aspect that he was lacking in had always been Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. But this was related to the length of his cultivation, and could not be forced.

After growing stronger all round, Wu Yu thought that it was time to challenge the Ghostly Artificer.

"After all, I fought him before. He wasn't that frightening then," Wu Yu mused.

Regardless, his confidence in the Somersault Cloud's ability to escape was growing. Through this period, he had used this ability to lead the Ghostly Yan Tribe in circles. Standing in the magma, he thought hard and made his decision. "Although the Skeletal Flame Dragon is not bad, given my current cultivation level, plus the Heaven Devouring Avatar, I might be able to defeat a puppet at the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm. I should give it a try - a being even stronger than the Skeletal Flame Dragon."

After deciding this, he firstly traveled a good distance away from his previous position. He spent half a day coming to a more remote area. And then he felt it was safe enough to leave the Floating Dreams Pagoda and enter with both his real body and his Heaven Devouring Avatar. The Infernal Inferno was full of magma. Outside, it would be trouble for the Floating Dreams Pagoda to be stumbled across by someone.

Especially if an expert discovered them. Therefore, Wu Yu had to defeat the new puppet as quickly as possible.

He and the Heaven Devouring Avatar stood side by side. The Heaven Devouring Avatar wielded the Dark North Royal Obelisk, as sinister as the dark sea itself. And Wu Yu's real body was the polar opposite. With the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth maximizing his strength, he also transformed into the Immortal Ape to become even more bulky. The 10,000 Dragons Staff was in his hands, an intimidating weapon.

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