Chapter 0852: Eyes of Heaven and Earth

She had guessed Wu Yu's situation perfectly.

Within the sea of fire, his white hair billowed, his red pupils glowing coldly. He looked at Ye Xixi with a glint. "I've already used the Elixir of Fire Spirit. It doesn't matter even if you defeat me now."

Ye Xixi pouted. "I don't believe you, you fat liar. You deceived me just now. Your younger sister doesn't look like me at all.

She continued to advance, while Wu Yu continued to retreat.

"I'll give you three breaths of time. If you don't hand it over, I'm going to beat you," Ye Xixi threatened.

This girl indeed did not seem like a Ghostly Yan Tribe member. She was too pure, and did not act even at a time like this. She was still waiting for Wu Yu to volunteer. It seemed like her elders doted on her a lot, or she would not be this naive.

"How about 10 breaths of time. I need to consider this well," Wu Yu said sincerely.

"Well... alright then. I'm going to start counting now," Ye Xixi said warily. She was afraid he would suddenly run away. She began to count from one to 10, and Wu Yu lowered his head, as though he were deep in thought. When Ye Xixi was almost done counting, he suddenly grinned before her.

"What are you grinning about?" Ye Xixi questioned him, looking up. "Have you made your decision?! I don't have so much time to waste with you."

"I laughed because you're so cute and pure," Wu Yu said.

"Of course. But I asked you where the Elixir of Fire Spirit is," Ye Xixi said huffily.

She had a feeling that Wu Yu was going to trick her again.

As expected, Wu Yu said, "Honestly, I have used it. I cultivate an eye technique that requires the Elixir of Fire Spirit. Right now, I have finished cultivating it. Do you want to test its power?"

"What impertinence! You don't know how to beg for mercy?!" Ye Xixi had found him pretty capable and not that loathsome. Right now, she was starting to dislike him again. However, she was not inclined to give him another chance, and so got down to fighting again. But she did not expect that before the white-haired, red-eyed Wu Yu, a golden ape would appear. The golden ape was savage and intimidating. And what shocked Ye Xixi was his eyes, glowing like twin suns. They must have reached a scorching temperature, and it smacked of the Elixir of Fire Spirit's influence!

She understood that this was Wu Yu's other body. Although she had not seen this golden Immortal Ape last time, the feeling was the same. Although it was even more violent and savage!

A squat, solid stature; bulging muscles; keen, sharp teeth and claws; and flaming, golden hair. That rough aura was a visible threat. And most of all, those flaming eyes! Scorching! Fiery! Like two burning suns that continued to churn. As they churned, the waves of heat started to ring loudly!

Only now did Ye Xixi understand that Wu Yu had not been lying. He had indeed used the Elixir of Fire Spirit for this eye technique.

And Wu Yu had succeeded. The Heaven Devouring Avatar had successfully delayed and bought enough time for him to complete it - a thoroughly risky and daring maneuver.

But at this moment, Wu Yu needed a first trial of its powers, and Ye Xixi was here on a silver platter. He had no intention of stopping. Before she attacked, Wu Yu's real body appeared. Obviously, he used the Paradise's Fiery Demise. If he did not release it this first time, his eyes might very well explode.

"Careful now." Although he was making his move, his Heaven Devouring Avatar still warned Ye Xixi.

"Your paltry tricks don't scare me." Ye Xixi huffed. She had already begun to move, but she was a step slower than Wu Yu.

In that instant, Wu Yu released the Paradise's Fiery Demise, which had been held down for too long. The fifth tier of the Eyes of Fire and Gold blasted forth.

Weng, weng, weng!

The entire place bowed before Wu Yu.

His eyes underwent a special change. One of them had a paler color, while the other had a deeper color. From his eyes, wave after wave of light echoed out, and the entire area was caged in an invisible, fiery paradise.

The Paradise's Fiery Demise was not the same as the World of the Golden Eye. This paradise was invisible, and formless. But it affected a huge change. In this zone, the entire world was rebuilt, and all the fire and heat flew upwards, while the frost sunk to the ground. Of course, hot and cold all burned like flames.

According to the legend of genesis, clear air rose, creating the heavens. Turbid air sank, creating the earth. Right now, the change in the Paradise's Fiery Demise was like this. And all of this sprung forth from Wu Yu's eyes, his mystique giving rise to this change.

Only what created this rise and fall was not the world, but his two eyes! Above, in the sky, there was a brilliant, red eye, burning brightly. It was colossal, about the same size as Ye Xixi's Epitome of Heaven's Fire World. The eyeball rolled with flames, and this heavenly eye glaring down gave one goosebumps!

Below one's feet, there was one eye, answering the mighty eye above. This dark red eye was malevolent, but also burning with cold flame. The eyeball was like a real person's eye, and this eyeball of the land was creepily cold.

The Paradise's Fiery Demise created the Eye of Heaven and Eye of Earth. These two eyes were fixed on Ye Xixi, and this creeped her out. She said shrilly, "What is that monstrous thing? It's freaky!"

An eye peering out from heaven and one from earth was truly disconcerting.

And Wu Yu could have left, and she could not stop him. Besides, Wu Yu did not want to hurt her. After all, such pure and cute girls were rare. He felt that Ye Xixi was rather comely, and so he weakened his Paradise's Fiery Demise a little.


The Eye of Heaven and Eye of Earth blasted out solid columns of fire simultaneously. Although there was some difference in their color, their forces were equally explosive. After absorbing the power of the Elixir of Fire Spirit, they became even more fearsome. Where Ye Xixi had been standing, the two eyes released their power. However, Wu Yu adjusted the angle of attack so the two columns would collide before Ye Xixi. The blast of hot and cold from these two eyes created a miraculous effect. The resulting power was fairly spectacular, and the shockwave that erupted had a lethality that was many times higher than that of the World of the Golden Eye!

Bang, bang, bang!

Under this intense collision, Ye Xixi was sent flying. Naturally, she could not resist this - she was overwhelmed by Wu Yu's attack. She was completely suppressed, and she, too, understood that Wu Yu had not intended to attack her.

The sheer potency of the Paradise's Fiery Demise had given her a sharp shock. This collision between two eyes from above and below was powerful indeed. It made her heart beat wildly.

Wu Yu returned the Heaven Devouring Avatar to the Floating Dreams Pagoda and then released the remaining explosive power from his eyes. They returned to normal, the flames no longer burning. And the Paradise's Fiery Demise in his eyes had finally stabilized as well. He had thoroughly succeeded. He was not afraid of Ye Xixi now, and so headed forward. Ye Xixi was not injured. She rushed forth, but was not anxious to continue fighting. Seeing Wu Yu's real body back in human form, she asked, "Why did you not attack me? It was a golden opportunity!"

Wu Yu said, "I wouldn't dare to offend someone as eminent as you."

She looked at him and huffed. "You stole my Elixir of Fire Spirit and used it. Do you believe that with a talisman, I can have a Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm elder appear instantly to take your life?"

"Of course I believe it." Wu Yu could leave at any time, but if he could make peace with this girl, that would be best. After all, he did not really understand how she had found him, and so he hastened to ask, "I have a question that I am very curious about. I hid so well - how did you find me?"

Ye Xixi said, satisfied, "Afraid now? You've offended me now, and no matter which corner of the earth you flee too, my Lazy can find you. This is its talent. It is not scent, or anything else. It knows where you are!"

"The All Amalgamating Cat has this ability?" This Spirit of the Universe was indeed a treasure, and Wu Yu wanted one too. If not for the fact that the All Amalgamating Cat only recognized one owner, he would think of snatching it.

"No go. You have to give me a treasure equivalent to the Elixir of Fire Spirit. You can give me that sword!" Ye Xixi grumbled.

"That sword is not suitable to you. It's frost, and useless to you," Wu Yu said, exasperated. Looked like this girl had no intention of ending things peacefully.

"I just want it. If you don't hand it over, I'll get you. I've searched so long for the Elixir of Fire Spirit, and lured it into my spirit design with great difficulty."

"It was I who chased it in...."

"You came in to snatch it. Don't bluff."

"So you won't give up no matter what?" Wu Yu was a little irritated now.

"Yes, unless you compensate me." She was indeed cute, but since she was throwing a petty fit, Wu Yu's goodwill evaporated. Since he was done here, he said, "Come catch me then. Bye."

After saying so, he did not even use the second tier of the Somersault Cloud, but rode away on it.

"Stop right there!" Ye Xixi came chasing. But this was not Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar, and before long, all she saw was magma. Wu Yu was nowhere to be seen.

"I'm so angry! Waaa!" Ye Xixi was on the verge of tears.

The All Amalgamating Cat appeared from within her, agitated, but still nestled in her arms. It strained after Wu Yu's direction with a displeased face.

"Lazy, I must take revenge for you, and break off that monkey's tail as a toy for you."

"Meow!" The white cat's eyes lit up.

"I will pluck his fur and make a whisk toy for you to play with."

"Meow!" The white cat's eyes lit up further.

"So you have to find him for me. Of course, I have to get a helper first. The kind that will stop him from escaping!"

"Meow, meow, meow!"

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