Chapter 0851: Epitome of Heaven's Fire World

Ye Xixi looked at the drawing in amazement.

Wu Yu continued, "I have a good relationship with my sister. Next time I come here, maybe I can bring her and let you see for yourself whether you two look alike."

In fact, when it came to cultivation years, Ye Xixi definitely had more than him. She just looked young and lively.

All of a sudden, Ye Xixi glared at Wu Yu and meowed three times. Her face was filled with anger and she said, "Lazy said that you are lying to me. What you drew was me!"

Wu Yu was speechless. It turned out that the All Amalgamating Cat was smart, at least a little smarter than Ye Xixi.

Wu Yu rebutted, "How can this be? Why would I say such things? There are no benefits for me."

After waiting for a while, Ye Xixi looked at Wu Yu angrily and said, "She said that you are buying time. You stinky guy, you are mocking me and still dare to buy time! I won't forgive you!"

She was also an impatient person. She could do what she said right away. With her current strength, it was really troublesome for Wu Yu to deal with her with the Heaven Devouring Avatar.

However, this was a critical moment for his real body. There was no way to escape, hence he could only force himself to battle.

He took the Dark North Royal Obelisk out of the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

"Ye Xixi, I have no grudges with you. There's no need for us to be like this."

"You return my Elixir of Fire Spirit!"

"The Elixir of Fire Spirit is not yours. Whoever snatchs it keeps it."

"Then I'll get it back from you. It will be mine then. Aren't you good at escaping? Why don't you escape this time? You need to buy time. I think it must be the other you who is using the Elixir of Fire Spirit now. I will make you spit it out immediately."

He did not expect her to analyze what was happening that clearly.

Not only was it clear, but it was also very fast. She had not given Wu Yu a chance to breathe.

"Raging Demonic Fire Dragon Formation!"

She attacked with the Infernal Inferno Map first. The moment her agile body rushed forward, she twisted, and that fiery red fan vibrated and swept across. The Infernal Inferno itself was hot enough and suddenly, in this small area, more and more hot lava emerged. The lava condensed, engulfed, and suddenly converged into a huge fire dragon that bared its teeth and claws. It covered the skies and earth and rushed towards Wu Yu.

Bang, bang, bang!

Looking at the scene, it seemed like she was no longer a cat, but a tiger.

In fact, she was still not at the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm, so she was a little weaker than the Ghostly Artificer. What she was lacking was the unique state of the Dao Querying Realm and the transcendence of the levels of life. So it was a little easier to deal with her than with the Ghostly Artificer. The Heaven Devouring Avatar dealt with her forcefully and could resist a little.

Since it could not be avoided, Wu Yu quickly entered the state of battle. Seeing the scary-looking fire devil dragon, he immediately made the change. From a human shape, he turned into a thick fog. Then the thick fog condensed, rotated, and turned into a huge vortex. The dark whirlpool expanded and grew rapidly in the Infernal Inferno. When the Raging Demonic Fire Dragon Formation reached him, the whirlpool was just about to be bigger than the demon dragon, so it engulfed the dragon directly. In a flash, the whole Raging Demonic Fire Dragon Formation was engulfed by Wu Yu!

Of course, the difficulty this time was no more than that of the last time, when he was dealing with the Ghostly Artificer. Ye Xixi really became very scary. Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar's Return had once reached its limit. For a while, that whirlpool burned with a lot of flames. It became red and rotated wildly in the magma.


In that whirlpool, the devil dragon roared, shaking the world.

Wu Yu's way of dealing with it was a little unexpected to Ye Xixi. She did not expect this to happen. She was a little shocked.

At this point, that whirlpool suddenly stopped rotating and turned in the counter direction. Its speed increased, and in the process of turning in a counter direction, the flames burning on the whirlpool started to turn black. The entire whirlpool was emitting great, icy cold air!


At this moment, a pitch black flamed devil dragon rushed out of the whirlpool. It was larger than the previously and the entire spirit design formation was still complete.  This devil dragon had cruel eyes, and its target of attack was actually Ye Xixi!

"How is this possible?!" Ye Xixi was surprised, her face filled with disbelief.

Why would her own attack turn around to attack her? What had Wu Yu done?!


After vomiting out that devil dragon, the Heaven Devouring Avatar quickly turned back into human form. The Dark North Royal Obelisk also returned to its hands. He faced Ye Xixi. To fight for more time, Wu Yu had to strike the iron while it was hot and used all his power once he grabbed the initiative to attack continuously!

"Heaven Swallowing 10,000 Rampaging Dragons Formation!"

With the first attack of the Raging Demonic Fire Dragon Formation from Return, Wu Yu had sufficient time to use the Heaven Swallowing 10,000 Rampaging Dragons Formation!

The Dark North Royal Obelisk turned into a long and strong whip. Its large number of spirit designs activated. In an instant, the roar of dragons shook the sky. The long whip danced wildly under his great strength. The shadow of the whip swept out and 10,000 dragons rushed out. The Heaven Devouring Avatar ran with these 10,000 dragons. Its overwhelmingly cold aura was released. Under Wu Yu's territorial control, it led these overwhelmingly cold 10,000 dragons and crashed into Ye Xixi from all directions. That day, during the Appointment Ceremony, Wu Yu used his Heaven Devouring Avatar to defeat the spirit designs of two Kingmakers. It appeared again!

And this time, that burning hot, hellish devil dragon was still the leader. The 10,000 dragons were at the back! It was extremely noticeable to have such bone-piercing coldness in the hottest place of the Infernal Inferno.

This was the greatest challenge Wu Yu was giving Ye Xixi. Actually, this was the Heaven Devouring Avatar's trump card as well. Under this transformation, the 10,000 mystical dragons seemed to have the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast integrated into their mystical bodies and accompanying them. Its devouring ability became stronger. It connected to Ye Xixi's body and started to turn her towards deathly icy coldness.

"How can he be so strong!?" Even though Ye Xixi still could not believe her eyes, she had to retaliate. First, she shook the Enchanted Wind Chime and then used the Soul Suppressing Song again. The Soul Suppressing Song was rung long and strong. It penetrated through the heart and affected the Heaven Devouring Avatar to a certain extent. This time, there was no Blood Weeping World Technique. The resulting effect was the reduced power of the Heaven Swallowing 10,000 Rampaging Dragons Formation!

The Heaven Devouring Avatar sunk into confusion. It was hard for the Heaven Swallowing 10,000 Rampaging Dragons Formation to release its greatest power. However, even so, Ye Xixi needed to block Wu Yu's current double attack before she was really safe. Of course, if she could deal with them, then Wu Yu would be in bigger trouble. After all, he had already used his trump cards.

"Epitome of Heaven's Fire World!"

As expected, the other party was not simple. This time, the Infernal Inferno Map changed in her hands again. It actually turned from a fan into a scroll. This scroll was very long, and after it rolled out, it turned into a circle surrounding Ye Xixi. Perhaps this was the true form of the map, not the fan.

After it formed a circle, the scroll continued to grow in length and formed a few circles. Now it turned into a sphere protecting Ye Xixi. Fiercely burning flames were drawn on it. It was extremely hot. He could see the great number of spirit designs etched on this scroll. Spirit designs were like parts in a machine. They were delicate and complicated. At this moment, when one turned, it activated the other. Great power rolled in these spirit designs. In an instant, this scroll transformed into a sphere. This sphere was like the sun covering Ye Xixi, and it expanded quickly!

This was the Epitome of Heaven's Fire World.

The fire sphere expanded quickly, and the heat that erupted from it was even more shocking. Within a very short period of time, it could fend against the hellish devil demon and Wu Yu's 10,000 Dragons Formation.

Bang, bang, bang!

The fire sphere continued growing. It practically became a titanic burning star. At this moment, the hellish devil dragon crashed into it. There was a ringing sound when they clashed. At this moment, the fire sphere violently rotated. Its flames rushed to the sky and fought the Raging Demonic Fire Dragon Formation. It even crushed its opponent into dust. The raging fire of the devil dragon was assimilated by this gigantic fire sphere. Ye Xixi had dissolved Wu Yu's Return attack.

Next was the battle between the Epitome of Heaven's Fire World and the Heaven Swallowing 10,000 Rampaging Dragons Formation! The 10,000 cold mystical dragons crashed into the giant fire sphere from all directions. This was a battle between cold and heat. The burning heat wanted to burn the cold away, while the cold wanted to devour the heat. This was a battle between two tigers. In an instant, sizzles erupted when countless mystical dragons crashed onto the fire sphere. There were large amounts of thick, white smoke. When the mystical dragons crashed into it and evaporated, the fire sphere would dim a little and its heat would reduce slightly!

Bang, bang, bang!

The 10,000 mystical dragons all crashed into it within a short period of time. Originally, this was a spirit design that could directly freeze his opponent. However, it lost this time. The 10,000 mystical dragons all evaporated. The Heaven Swallowing 10,000 Rampaging Dragons Formation was put out like that. Of course, this attack that was thrown out in a hurry did not meet Ye Xixi's expectations. After the Heaven Swallowing 10,000 Rampaging Dragons Formation dissipated, her Epitome of Heaven's Fire World also broke down and could not continue attacking Wu Yu. The Infernal Inferno Map turned into a red fan and returned to her hand.

This head-on clash was considered a match. At this moment, seeing Ye Xixi's proud expression, Wu Yu knew that while he did not know how powerful she was, she was definitely hiding more things than him. So, strictly speaking, the current Heaven Devouring Avatar was no match for her.

"You're really strong, but I guess you are out of tricks now." Ye Xixi stared at him and advanced again.

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