Chapter 0850: Great Dao Is Limitless; My Heart Is Fearless

When the Elixir of Fire Spirit entered his eyes, that feeling could only be described as miserable.

It felt like his eyes were burning to ashes.

Wu Yu almost wanted to dig out everything in his eye sockets.

The Elixir of Fire Spirit was really grumpy, as if it was taking revenge on Wu Yu.

Martial cultivation was not easy, especially this kind of dao.

"You can't do it? Giving up? How about becoming an immortal? I think you can only become a hair."

At this critical moment, Ming Long still said such words to agitate him.

Wu Yu was angry. How could he allow this little girl to look down on him?

He clenched his teeth and persevered. His whole body was burning red at this moment. His eyes were burning like two suns. There were no eyeballs at all.

Hu, hu!

And the flames were raging.

"It will be alright as long as I persevere." Wu Yu hypnotized himself while trying to build the Paradise's Fiery Demise.

"Eyes of Fire and Gold, Paradise's Fiery Demise. It is the realm of immortals."

Of course, the indescribable pain in both eyes still existed. The pain was burning. This was the way of dao that Wu Yu cultivated.

At this time, he could see nothing.

It was like there was only raging fire in his world.

It was an endless sea of fire. The golden color spread and burned violently. The whole world was engulfed by this sea of fire.


An incomparably furious voice reverberated in this turbulent sea of fire. At this moment, Wu Yu saw a giant that was as tall as the sky. He stepped on the sea of fire with his feet and his head was in the distant skies!

Of course, it seemed like this man was not a man, but a golden ape. He was the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal. He held a huge staff, stood up to the skies, and his eyes were burning like fire. Those were the two real hot suns. When they shone high in the sky, they shone on the world. What they saw between the heavens and earth were infinite flames.

That willpower that dominated the world, that willpower that looked down upon the people, that fighting spirit that fought against the heavens, that fighting spirit that was wild and unrestrained, now swept across the world from its eyes!

"If the way of heaven and earth is unrighteous and corrupted, it will be broken by me and reformed by me. What do you think?"

For some time, the two burning suns shone on Wu Yu. Wu Yu was burning all over. His soul and Primordial Spirit seemed to be beyond another realm.

Wu Yu did not really understand how the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal existed. He was always clear and vague at the same time, but judging from the willpower that the other party had portrayed to him several times, he seemed to be a rebel!

More accurately speaking, he should be an immortal rebel!

But it was also because of that that his willpower and fighting spirit could be said to penetrate the skies! That was the scariest willpower in the world. No one and nothing in this world could compare to it! But all this willpower was in his eyes, in the Eyes of Fire and Gold.

Sometimes, Wu Yu was eager to get close to him and reach his cultivation level. But most of the time, he was very far away. Wu Yu knew that he was still far from reaching that level.

However, this respectable giant was always in Wu Yu's heart. Wu Yu's biggest belief in his dao, martial cultivation, and his pathway to achieve immortality came from the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal. This was one of the reasons why his willpower could be so strong. All his miracles happened because he was pursuing the Great Sage's willpower.

When he understood his fighting spirit again, Wu Yu was shocked and his realm of dao was growing. The most important thing was that he seemed to have forgotten the great pain caused by the Elixir of Fire Spirit and became immersed in the spiritual world of building the Paradise's Fiery Demise.

"Wu Yu, the road to immortality is very long. I am willing to wait for you, but you cannot let me down. So-called dao companions must advance and retreat together. I don't want to go ahead alone and leave you behind. If that is the case, I'd rather be alone."

In a trance, in the endless sea of fire, there was a trace of coldness. That was a cold sea. In that clear sea, there was a beautiful, white dragon, swimming in the sea, talking to Wu Yu.

"I understand...." In fact, Wu Yu knew that this was not the real her, but the voice in Wu Yu's heart. It was his desire. He liked Luo Pin very much. It was a kind of love. However, he would not allow himself to be unworthy of her. He knew he had to be more powerful than Luo Pin to have a chance to stand beside her. This was why he felt that he could not retreat.

"What you owe me will be returned to me. My life will be returned to me. Wu Yu, I still hate you."

Hu! A Phoenix bathed in nine-colored flames danced in the sea of fire. As it flew across the sky, a pair of cold eyes stared at Wu Yu. Those eyes with complex emotions made Wu Yu jump.

"I know!"

He carried too much on his shoulders. Perhaps he treasured his relationships more than others.

"Yu, don't be too pressured. Let me live my life. I'm not asking for immortality. 100 or 200 years is enough. Everything dies. I'm just one of them."

Someone caressed his face. Those fingers were especially soft. Wu Yu finally could see a little clearer. It was Wu You. She was smiling and looking at Wu Yu gently. Her smile gave Wu Yu warmth that penetrated through his body.

"No way. I promised you that I would gain immortality and let you see what the sky palace and immortal world look like!"

Wu Yu could not help but shout. With his shout, Wu You's smile shattered. The sea of flames was destroyed too. All of this was fake, just a reflection of his innermost thoughts. Even that strong Great Sage, Heaven's Equal was fake. However, Wu Yu was still very shaken.

"This is the voice from the deepest pit of my heart. I cannot go against myself!"

His acknowledgement of his innermost thoughts helped him progress greatly in his realm of dao. This improvement in dao was actually the process of understanding himself. His willpower became stronger and his goal clearer. He now knew better what he wanted!

The dao was him.

Dao was also a mysterious thing. It was a fog in his sea of knowledge and integrated into his Primordial Spirit bit by bit. It mixed with the Primordial Spirit and created amazing reactions that raised the realm of his spirit.

Of course, unknowingly, he had held on through the first round of the Elixir of Fire Spirit's greatest destruction. The Elixir of Fire Spirit melted tiredly into the Paradise's Fiery Demise that he had built.

Of course, he still needed time to successfully complete the Paradise's Fiery Demise.

He did not expect there to be a sudden spiritual transformation. This change and epiphany was too crucial to him. He knew what he wanted clearly and also knew what he was pursuing. He knew even more what he was protecting. He also knew what he needed to do to make up to Nangong Wei.

Loud voices, dragons, phoenixes, Wu You… even Ming Long, Princess You Xue - Wu Yu had made promises to all of them.

"The Great Dao is limitless; my heart is fearless."

In summary, it was these eight words.

His heart gradually calmed down. The Paradise's Fiery Demise was on the verge of success. Under the nourishment and destruction of the Elixir of Fire Spirit, the Eyes of Fire and Gold had broken through to a new tier. Sometimes, eyes were the window of willpower. At the same time as Wu Yu was training his Eyes of Fire and Gold, he was also training his willpower, which was more important.

With the Eyes of Fire and Gold reaching new heights, his willpower would only be stronger. This fateful encounter had even given him the qualifications to break through to the third tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. In reality, his Primordial Spirit had already developed to the 10th tier. He just needed his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy to rise. At this moment, even the Heaven Devouring Avatar could be raised to a certain level. As long as it did not exceed the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, it would be within Wu Yu's control.

"Let me see where else you can escape to now!"

Just at this time, when everything was progressing smoothly, Wu Yu heard a voice that broke his peace. Of course, it did not come from within the Floating Dreams Pagoda, but outside. His Heaven Devouring Avatar was hiding somewhere, keeping a low key and guarding the Floating Dreams Pagoda. It was unexpected to actually hear Ye Xixi's voice. He raised his head. This girl appeared before the Heaven Devouring Avatar, and the issue was that she had already amalgamated with the lazy cat. She was in her strongest battle form. She was also holding the Enchanted Wind Chime in one hand and the Infernal Inferno Map in the other. Obviously, she was here to destroy Wu Yu! She had come at the worst time possible. The Heaven Devouring Avatar was alone outside, and his speed cannot compare to hers, but Wu Yu was at the crucial moment of building the Paradise's Fiery Demise. He could not go out.

Once she attacked, he would really be in danger. Wu Yu could only find ways to delay her. His white haired, red-eyed Heaven Devouring Avatar was facing Ye Xixi. Wu Yu continued building the Paradise's Fiery Demise and simultaneously said, "You're too late. The Elixir of Fire Spirit escaped. I also could not control it."

Ye Xixi sneered. "Hmph, I don't believe you. You must have hidden it. You are full of lies and tricks. I do not believe you. Don't waste time. I'm prepared to beat you until you beg me for mercy and personally give up the Elixir of Fire Spirit. Then you'll kowtow and apologize to your young master, me."

She was not just threatening him. She really was prepared to battle.

Wu Yu looked at her and suddenly gasped. He said, "I suddenly realized that you look like my younger sister, though you don't look as good as her. You guys are not from the same place, nor are you from the same tribe. How can you two look so alike?"

"What did you say? That's impossible. You're so ugly. How can your sister be prettier than me!? Do you have any portraits to prove that?" This girl was indeed not very intelligent. She was distracted by Wu Yu just like this. Of course, she did not know that Wu Yu was trying to buy time.

"I don't have any portraits, but I can draw you one now." He took out a pen and paper. With a dao technique aiding him, he quickly drew one. Actually, he drew it based on Ye Xixi, then he changed the hairstyle, dress, and aura. Then he passed it to Ye Xixi and said, "This is really weird. Perhaps you are my long lost younger sister. After all, the skin of the Ghostly Yan Tribe members here are all red except yours."

"Wow!" After seeing the drawing, Ye Xixi said,: "This is really weird. She really looks like me! There's someone else as beautiful as me in this world....."

She stared at Wu Yu with a face of disbelief.

This girl was too dumb. Wu Yu felt that it would be no challenge to delay her.....

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