Chapter 0085: Zhao Changtian, Yi Qingfeng

"Golden Portal of Firestorms."

Once again, Wu Yu flipped open the scroll and began reading, taking great care not to miss out on a single detail within the pages.

Golden Portal of Firestorms was an umbrella term which included several different dao techniques of similar nature. For example, the Art of Lightning Control included the skills Heartpiercer Lightning and Heavenly Thunder. It even included the forbidden Lightning Demon Metamorphosis that Situ Mingliang had used against Wu Yu.

"Enables use of spiritual power to construct a golden portal that spews violent flames.

"The greater the proficiency of spiritual power usage, the greater the number of portals able to be summoned concurrently." The maximum limit of five portals, if used to surround the enemy, would probably be able to reduce them into powdered ash! 

After approximating the strength of the dao techniques, Wu Yu could barely contain his excitement. As these dao techniques were chosen of his own will, they held much more meaning than one he could have obtained from Feng Xueya.  

"Alas, the last segment of this scroll contains the forbidden dao technique Golden Portal Annihilation. The greater the destructive power, the greater the risk of damaging oneself in addition to others; one cannot use this without restraint."

Amongst the several dao techniques suitable for Wu Yu, this was the only one that was not meant exclusively for sword cultivators.

Therefore, Wu Yu picked it to be his very first dao technique.

"Alright then, let it be the Golden Portal of Firestorms."

He prepared to leave with the scroll.

At this moment, a pale hand shot out, grabbing the scroll from within Wu Yu's grasp.

Wu Yu had been so focused on studying the contents of the Golden Portal of Firestorms that he had not spared any consideration towards his surroundings. Capitalizing on this lapse in concentration, Lan Shuiyue had stealthily approached him, effortlessly stealing the scroll that he had been so intent on.

After spending four whole days combing the Scripture Holding Depository for a suitable dao technique for himself only to have it snatched by Lan Shuiyue, Wu Yu simmered with silent fury. He stared at the candlelit beauty and said, "This dao technique is not compatible with you, return it to me." 

"Return it to you? What a joke, the scroll is not considered yours until you have passed it to the Lone Elder." Armed with this information, Lan Shuiyue exuded an air of arrogance. 

"I'll say it again, Golden Portal of Firestorms is definitely unsuitable for you."

The only reason she had stolen this dao technique was to hinder Wu Yu's progress.

"So what? I want to see that green-eyed expression on your face. Would you dare to make a move against me within the Scripture Holding Depository?"

The corners of Lan Shuiyue's lips curled into a grin as she saw the frustrated look on Wu Yu's face. This pleased her greatly.

Seeing Wu Yu remain speechless, she waved the scroll in her hand lazily, taunting him, "I'm too lazy to waste time here with you, I'll be off first." She turned, fully intent on leaving with the Golden Portal of Firestorms. 

"Leave it."

Wu Yu could not let the past four days of effort get taken from him in such a manner.

He had been too engrossed and had not noticed Lan Shuiyue stalking his movements for half a day.

Pretending that she had not heard him, Lan Shuiyue waltzed out of the room with the scroll.

Upon seeing her hips sashaying in a mocking fashion, Wu Yu was incensed. He suddenly sped towards the exit, catching up to Lan Shuiyue.

"Hmph, you're courting death!"

Upon sensing Wu Yu's movements, Lan Shuiyue let out a passionless laugh. Her intent was to let Wu Yu make the first move so that he would have to shoulder the blame if they came to blows.

"You dare to disregard my presence for four days, disrespecting me. I will teach you a lesson!"

Lan Shuiyue had already prepared herself.


Something unimaginable had occurred.

Following the moment that Wu Yu had caught up to her, Lan Shuiyue's body seemed to freeze solid for a split second. In the blink of an eye, the Golden Portal of Firestorms scroll was nestled firmly within Wu Yu's hands.

Indeed, Wu Yu had used the Fixed Body Art.

Like the time before, the cost on his spiritual power was massive. Although Wu Yu had spent the last couple of days practicing the move, his present rate of success was only at 50%.

If it had failed, he would have spent his spiritual power without any effect on the opponent.


Lan Shuiyue pointed a trembling finger at Wu Yu as she stood flabbergasted. She could not fathom how Wu Yu had managed to take the scroll from her.

"You can't even grip a scroll tightly, how do you expect to lure me into attacking you? Silly!"  Wu Yu waved the scroll above him, breaking into a triumphant smirk.

Upon hearing Wu Yu's words, Lan Shuiyue fumed with even more anger. "Wu Yu, etch this into your memory: I will make you kneel in front of me and swear subservience!" she retorted indignantly. 

"Kneel? You must be out of your mind," chuckled Wu Yu. He could no longer be bothered with her and turned towards another section of the Scripture Holding Depository, wishing to peruse more scrolls.

"Don't you move!"'

Lan Shuiyue's voice became shrill as she shrieked. She had always been respected in the sect, and only a few people, such as Su Yanli, dared to be discourteous to her in the entire Bipo Mountain Range. To add salt to the wound, Wu Yu, the latest to join their ranks, had begun as a mere servant.

Unfortunately, against Wu Yu, her words fell on deaf ears.

Lan Shuiyue was so enraged that she shook with anger; she was on the brink of going to war with Wu Yu at this moment. Just as she was about to move, she sensed the arrival of some people from outside.

"Junior Sister, so this is where you were!"

As Wu Yu glanced back, he saw two men coming through the doorway. Wu Yu found it difficult to pry his gaze from them. One had a build as sturdy as a mountain, the other was tall and gracefully slender. Both of them carried the same azure blue sword lanyards and exuded impressive auras, yet there was a marked difference in disposition. The muscular warrior was a paragon of stoicism. The willowy warrior seemed to float like a fairy imbued with the clarity of mountain air with a visage that conjured images of a cool spring breeze.

"Zhao Changtian, Yi Qingfeng."

These two men were Lan Huayi's second and third disciples.

Their cultivation levels were on par with Mo Shishu's and they were undoubtedly stronger than the current Su Yanli.

"Rumor has it that you two have been wooing Lan Shuiyue. Seeing how you've followed her to be bum-kissing cretins, I'd say the rumors are true."

Wu Yu was afraid of neither them nor their wrath. This was the Heavenly Sword Sect, what could they do to him?

As expected, both of them rushed to Lan Shuiyue's side the moment they entered. Upon looking at her vexed, furious, tear-ridden countenance, they shot a glance at Wu Yu. Putting two and two together, they got the gist of what had transpired. The lanky Yi Qingfeng strode forward wearing a concerned expression. "Junior Sister, what wrongs have you suffered? Senior Brother will get even on your behalf."

"It must be Wu Yu who has riled you up. I will break one of his arms," announced the burly Zhao Changtian. It was said that although he was a man of few words, his methods were cruelly violent, leading many to shrink in fear around him.


Zhao Changtian stomped over. He had at least six spiritual spiritual sources and could, frankly, crush Wu Yu. His oppressive spiritual power forced Wu Yu to stumble backwards, knocking over a bookshelf.

"Extend your arm." Zhao Changtian glared at Wu Yu like a tiger ready to pounce.

"Leave an arm for me," chimed in Yi Qingfeng casually as he reached out to comfort Lan Shuiyue.

"Don't you guys fancy me? If so, hold him down for me, I want to slap the ears off him," growled Lan Shuiyue between gritted teeth as she pushed Yi Qingfeng aside.

Hearing this, Zhao Changtian and Yi Qingfeng's eyes lit up and they charged forth wordlessly. Nothing could stop them from breaking Wu Yu's arms.

It seemed that they heeded no laws nor rules on the Bipo Mountain Range.

However, right at this moment, a sagely voice resounded from the bottom of the Dao Querying Pagoda, like a sword splitting one's eardrums apart.

"Zhao Changtian, Lan Shuiyue, Yi Qingfeng, get down here."

Upon hearing the voice, the three of them froze in fear.

This had to be the Lone Elder.

"Junior Sister, Lone Elder won't let us..." Yi Qingfeng frowned.

Lan Shuiyue could only glare at Wu Yu as she said, "I'll let you off the hook today. The next time we meet, I will have my revenge! I will make you kneel and slap you silly!"

"Junior Sister, how exactly did he insult you?" questioned Yi Qingfeng. 

"That's none of your business!"

Lan Shuiyue stomped on the floorboards before departing in a huff. Yi Qingfeng shot Wu Yu an icy look before hurrying after her.

Zhao Changtian remained, his temper growing by the second. Emphasizing each word, he spoke, "Wu Yu, how did you insult her? You don't have the ability to be on the giving end!" 

The true strength of the two men was terrifying, yet they hung around Lan Shuiyue like houseflies, even suppressing Wu Yu. Wu Yu was unwilling to let go of the humiliation that he had suffered under Zhao Changtian, thus he thought of a devious response that he knew would drive Zhao Changtian crazy. "I stole a kiss from her dainty lips. What are you going to do about it?"


Sure enough, Zhao Changtian reacted in a hysterical manner just as Wu Yu had expected.

"I kissed her on the lips. Did you hear me clearly? Would you believe she did it willingly?"

"You! I'm going to slaughter you!" bellowed Zhao Changtian.

Nonetheless, with Lone Elder present at the base of the pagoda, there was truly nothing that Zhao Changtian could do to Wu Yu.

"I don't believe it, I'll ask Shuiyue myself!"

Zhao Changtian quivered in agitation as he scrambled down the stairs. The only ones left were the Five Affinities Fencers, all of which had heard the words from Wu Yu's mouth. They all wore incredulous expressions as they could not help but give Wu Yu the thumbs up.

Wu Yu shut the door of the Scripture Holding Depository, finally achieving some peace.

"I have irked both Zhao Changtian and Yi Qingfeng because I let my tongue slip."

Wu Yu realized that he had only said his last line to get back at Zhao Changtian for managing to suppress him. In hindsight, such an action was unnecessary.

"Then again, there is no real way for them to deal with me no matter how mad they get."

Wu Yu was not afraid of them, because  Feng Xueya was still a level above Lan Huayi. Lan Shuiyue, Zhao Changtian, Yi Qingfeng, and their ilk were Wu Yu's targets to challenge himself.

"Golden Portal of Firestorms."

Holding the scroll between his hands, he entered a state of deep meditation.

The events that had unfolded, including being pushed back by Zhao Changtian, had left Wu Yu with a bitter taste in his mouth. He was no longer as enthusiastic about the Golden Portal of Firestorms.

"Ultimately, the Golden Portal of Firestorms is not what I am truly searching for.

"There is still time, I will resume the search!"

Wu Yu placed the hard-fought scroll back onto the shelf and redoubled his efforts into scouring the bookshelves, not letting even the most obscure corners go unturned.

As for what had happened to Lan Shuiyue, Zhao Changtian, and Yi Qingfeng after they had left, Wu Yu knew nothing. After all, he did not care. 

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