Chapter 0849: Heaven's Equal of Willpower

Ye Xixi was shocked that Wu Yu could miraculously jump out of the spirit design and come back in such a short period of time.

At this time, she thought that Wu Yu would not come in again and just finished her separation from the All Amalgamating Cat.

It was probably not very comfortable to merge with the All Amalgamating Cat. In normal situations, she would not choose to merge.

Wu Yu came in at the right moment.

He appeared at the same time as the Heaven Devouring Avatar!

After appearing, Wu Yu's well-prepared attack also broke out here.

At this time, Ye Xixi's back was facing Wu Yu. When she turned back, the lazy cat in her arms also stared at Wu Yu with wide eyes. Its fur exploded.

"Barren Great Dao Finger!"

"Saintly Sword of the Dark Spirit Obelisk!"

The Heaven Devouring Avatar's attack was the main one, supplemented by the attack of Wu Yu's real body. Both powers erupted at the same time. The Saintly Sword of the Dark Spirit Obelisk's power was naturally extremely terrifying. The direction in which the long sword was pointing towards was filled with cold air. A sword light carried a vast and huge burst of cold air like the sea of hell, sweeping towards Ye Xixi. Suddenly, the whole spirit design was shrouded in the coldness of Wu Yu's attack.

He used this new dao technique for the first time. On his finger, the yellow dragon intertwined. His finger poked out and suddenly, a big fog swept through and melted into the sword light, mixing with the sword qi. It was as though there were several roaring wild beasts hiding in the sword qi, roiling and roaring. Anywhere they went, life would be destroyed!

As soon as Ye Xixi turned around, she encountered this attack. In that moment, she could only defend herself using the Infernal Inferno Map in her hands. The fire-red fan swept forward. A lava world descended and fiery flames rolled out like waves. It was like a volcano erupting. The surging magma rushed out. It collided with Wu Yu's Saintly Sword of the Dark Spirit Obelisk, one cold and one hot. The two big oceans clashed with one another!

At this moment, there was a loud explosion. It was obvious that the Saintly Sword of the Dark Spirit Obelisk was more powerful. After all, Wu Yu had prepared for it and surpassed his opponent, who had been caught off guard.

Under the engulfing power of the sword qi and Wu Yu's Barren Great Dao Finger, Ye Xixi had no choice but to retreat. She also had to mobilize the power of the spirit design to protect herself. Finally, she almost smashed into her own spirit design and barely blocked Wu Yu's attack!

"You still dare to come back. Let me beat your ass." Ye Xixi was so mad that her face turned red and she trembled with anger. She patted the lazy cat's head. The All Amalgamating Cat cried out with displeasure, and the two began to merge again.

At this time, before they could merge, the Heaven Devouring Avatar attacked with its sword. It would buy some time for Wu Yu. At the same time, Wu Yu's real body had already appeared in front of the Elixir of Fire Spirit!

Wu Yu was well prepared for this moment!

He stretched out his arms and grasped the Elixir of Fire Spirit with his hands.

To be honest, others would think he was crazy. The Elixir of Fire Spirit was so hot that anything standing beside it would be burned to a crisp. Wu Yu still used his hands to catch it. Was he not afraid of his hands being burned to ash?

While merging with the All Amalgamating Cat and under the pursuit of the Heaven Devouring Avatar, Ye Xixi turned a bit of her attention toward Wu Yu to see what was going on. When she saw Wu Yu's move, she could not help but laugh and say, "This fool, he's going to cry and howl! How can he catch it with his hands!?"

In the next moment, Wu Yu held the Elixir of Fire Spirit with both hands. The Elixir of Fire Spirit was not big. It was like two little fishes. When Wu Yu clasped his ten fingers tightly, he could barely hold it in his hands!

Hissing sounds!

For a while, his hands were red, like burning iron, and thick, black smoke came out of them.

He felt like he was still a mortal and he was holding a hot iron ball in both hands.

This feeling was terribly painful. You could even describe it as worse than death.

However, at least he would not be directly burned to ashes. This meant that he could still control the Elixir of Fire Spirit.

In fact, Wu Yu thought that he was going to integrate this into his eyes. If his hands could not bear it, how could his eyes bear it?

So, no matter what, no matter how painful it was, he could not let go at this time.

He had a strong desire and an unprecedented sense of crisis. He must not let go. Life and death were both under his control.

At this moment, he persevered!

"To undergo martial cultivation, you must have talent, but willpower is the most important thing!

"A real hero who stands tall is bound to have extraordinary willpower. I escape from death and pursue immortal dao. What's the difference between failing to gain immortality and dying in Capital Wu?"

Luo Pin, Nangong Wei, immortalhood, and other thoughts made him eager to continue to become stronger.

He caught it.

He could not delay any further. After the Heaven Devouring Avatar forced Ye Xixi to retreat, it immediately returned to Wu Yu's side. This was the moment that Wu Yu was waiting for. He used the Somersault Cloud and made his escape, rushing out of Ye Xixi's layers of spirit design.

At this moment, Ye Xixi completed the integration with All Amalgamating Cat and was about to attack, but she was a little bit too late, so Wu Yu escaped in front of her eyes.

This dark world became empty.

"The Elixir of Fire Spirit is gone?" Ye Xixi's nose twitched and she was on the verge of crying. She had been waiting for it for a long time....

"Hmph, in this Infernal Inferno, do you think you can escape from your great aunt's palm just by using so many means!? Lazy, take me to him!"


The All Amalgamating Cat came out of her body and nested in her arms again. Its angry face was quite cute.


The second jump of the Somersault Cloud could bring him far away from that girl.

However, Wu Yu was still not at ease. He drove the Somersault Cloud to a place far away and searched for a relatively hidden place.

In addition, his real body was working together with the Heaven Devouring Avatar.

You should know, under normal circumstances, Wu Yu did not want to expose the Floating Dreams Pagoda, but now he had no choice. He asked the Heaven Devouring Avatar to hold the Floating Dreams Pagoda. When they were far enough away from Ye Xixi, he put the Somersault Cloud away and asked the Heaven Devouring Avatar to continue moving forward in a low-key manner with the Floating Dreams Pagoda. Then he took the Elixir of Fire Spirit in his hands and entered the Floating Dreams Pagoda directly.

The Elixir of Fire Spirit was a precious treasure. Even though it was not controllable now, the Floating Dreams Pagoda would not reject it. So, naturally, there was no problem when Wu Yu brought it into the Floating Dreams Pagoda. When he went in, Wu Yu let it go.

The space inside the Floating Dreams Pagoda was not big. The Elixir of Fire Spirit rushed around inside, but it could not escape.

This was also why Wu Yu depended on the marvels of the Floating Dreams Pagoda. Even if it was a normal advanced dao treasure with the same space within like the Floating Dreams Pagoda, it would not be able to withstand the collisions of the Elixir of Fire Spirit. It would probably be destroyed directly.

For example, an ordinary Sumeru Pouch would not be able to hold the Elixir of Fire Spirit at all.

Now that the Elixir of Fire Spirit could not escape, Wu Yu was a little relieved.

Of course, he was also a little depressed. After releasing the Elixir of Fire Spirit, he looked at his hands. They were completely black and burnt into charcoal. Although the recovery ability of the Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body was very strong and could return to normal, at least for now, his strength had been greatly reduced.

Inside his charred hands, new blood and flesh grew.

Outside, the Heaven Devouring Avatar carried the Floating Dreams Pagoda and hid where there was no one. He looked at his surroundings warily. The Heaven Devouring Avatar was slightly weaker in agility and escaping. Hence, Wu Yu needed to quickly use this Elixir of Fire Spirit and then replace the Heaven Devouring Avatar.

"Try it now. If the Eyes of Fire and Gold can be improved, they will help you obtain the Unbounded Sky Pillar. Your body has reached its limits, so no matter when you try this Elixir of Fire Spirit, there will be risks," Ming Long said.

It was not as if Wu Yu would be safer to try this after getting out of the Infernal Inferno.

"Okay." Wu Yu nodded. He looked at the Elixir of Fire Spirit. At this moment, the Elixir of Fire Spirit was still crashing everywhere. It was a pity that the interior of the Floating Dreams Pagoda had been toughened. It could not cause any destruction.

First, he recalled the spiritual art and level of the Paradise's Fiery Demise in the Eyes of Fire and Gold mystique, as well as what he had learned from this mystique during this period of time. Actually he had the confidence and experience. However, a rise in the level of a mystique sometimes required the help of external factors to catalyze and promote. His Eyes of Fire and Gold needed that especially, and the Elixir of Fire Spirit was a precious treasure that was really rough. However, it was also the only opportunity that Wu Yu had come across in the Jambu World.

"If I miss this opportunity, I don't know when I will find another chance to improve my Eyes of Fire and Gold.

"So I have to do this in one shot." Wu Yu looked at the Elixir of Fire Spirit that was zipping everywhere and made up his mind.

After he made sure again that the Heaven Devouring Avatar was in a safe environment, Wu Yu began.

In this small space, it was easy to catch the Elixir of Fire Spirit again. He grabbed that Elixir of Fire Spirit. The first step was to split the Elixir of Fire Spirit into two. At this moment, the Dark North Royal Obelisk was with Wu Yu. Wu Yu gritted his teeth and grabbed onto that fiercely burning Elixir of Fire Spirit. He swung the sword and cut!

The power of Dark North Royal Obelisk was still quite fierce for the Elixir of Fire Spirit. This type of extreme coldness made the Elixir of Fire Spirit a little fearful. With one clean cut, it was indeed split into two. Of course, it would be easy for the Elixir of Fire Spirit to combine again. After all, it was a liquid.

Wu Yu grabbed one half of the Elixir of Fire Spirit in one hand and his other hand caught the other half, which tried to escape after being cut. At this moment, both Elixirs of Fire Spirit seemed to turn mad. It used its burning body to knock and burn Wu Yu's palms.

"The Eyes of Fire and Gold should have ten tiers too. I'm not sure what the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal used to train his Eyes of Fire and Gold to the highest tier. Did he also need external objects to burn and forge?

"Looks like external resources are very important in martial cultivation. However, it is also a challenge to bear the energy of such external resources!

"The Great Sage succeeded, I also want to succeed!" Wu Yu took a deep breath.

His palms were charred again and were giving out thick, black smoke. It looked horrifying. At this moment, Wu Yu was not afraid. He recalled the various details of the Paradise's Fiery Demise and then pressed the two Elixirs of Fire Spirit into his eyes.

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