Chapter 0848: All Amalgamating Cat

The other party was a 10th tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Cultivator.

In fact, many people were stuck in the 10th tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm.

Because it was very difficult to reach the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm.

Wu Yu had recently defeated many 10th tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm opponents, so even though she had a high status, it was not as high as that of the princes and princesses. Therefore, Wu Yu still had great confidence in defeating her.

In such a situation, if he wanted to get the Elixir of Fire Spirit, he would have to defeat the opponent first, or the opponent would always pester him.

With just a few words, Ye Xixi was already angry. She reached and took out her advanced dao treasure. It was a very bright bell with a clear ringing sound. With a little knock, the bell would ring and penetrate the spirit.

After hearing it, one would feel dizzy.

"See my Enchanted Wind Chime? It's not too late for you to surrender and listen to me. I don't want to bully people, but once I do, I will make you cry, believe it or not." Ye Xixi stared at Wu Yu and threatened him. At this time, the white cat was still in her arms, looking for a comfortable position while threatening Wu Yu and enjoying itself.

"Little girl, you better make your move directly." Wu Yu really did not know whether to laugh or cry. When he spoke, there were bursts of black smoke at his cuffs and collar. The black smoke changed right in front of Ye Xixi's eyes into a white-haired, red-eyed Wu Yu holding the Dark North Royal Obelisk. The Heaven Devouring Avatar looked a little more domineering and fierce. Now he raised his head and stared at Ye Xixi with his blood red eyes. This scared Ye Xixi.

"What the hell is this!?" Ye Xixi was scared and took a few steps back as her whole body shivered.

"Meow!" The lazy, big, white cat was so frightened that its white fur hackled.

"Something to fight against you." The Heaven Devouring Avatar smiled coldly. Then he held up the Dark North Royal Obelisk and rushed forward, penetrating the darkness towards his opponent! Originally, Wu Yu was going to use the Dark North Royal Obelisk to deal with the Elixir of Fire Spirit. Now the Dark North Royal Obelisk had to deal with Ye Xixi. He could only use his real body to figure out another way. The best way was to directly suppress the Elixir of Fire Spirit with his physical body, then call back the avatar and quickly escape with the Somersault Cloud.

After jumping out, he would use the Dark North Royal Obelisk to suppress the Elixir of Fire Spirit. In this way, the only danger was when Wu Yu was holding onto the Elixir of Fire Spirit. But it was something to absorb into his eyes. His physical body would first suppress it. Knowing how powerful the Elixir of Fire Spirit was, he would be mentally prepared.

Therefore, he separated himself from the avatar quickly. The Heaven Devouring Avatar would deal with Ye Xixi and his real body would go after the Elixir of Fire Spirit. After his Primordial Spirit was divided into two parts, it was not particularly difficult to use his one mind for two purposes.

Ye Xixi felt like she was being bullied. She became even more annoyed. She made her attack angrily. In front of Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar, she shook the Enchanted Wind Chime. Suddenly, various spirit designs appeared on the bell. Every time she shook it, the spirit designs would vibrate once. Hundreds of thousands of spirit designs vibrated one after another. In the vibrations, the sounds of the bell shaking were very different.

"Soul Suppressing Song!"

Ye Xixi shook the bell and danced like a fairy in the darkness. The power of that advanced dao treasure was fully displayed. At this moment, a clear and beautiful song sounded in the spirit design. That song was very moving and could make people calm and focused, getting rid of all the troubles in the world and letting the heart fall into the deepest peace. As the Soul Suppressing Song became more and more peaceful, you would eventually fall into a deep sleep, completely isolated from the world. If that happened, it would not be so easy to wake up. More importantly, in a deep sleep, anyone could come forward and take your life.

In this world of darkness, Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar and real body immediately felt the power of the Soul Suppressing Song.

In particular, his real body would soon fall into a deep sleep. His avatar was not really impacted, but its attack power was affected. With this Soul Suppressing Song that made people sleep, it was quite difficult to lift the long sword and fight against Ye Xixi.

However, if he was so easily suppressed by the other party, he would not be Wu Yu. His real body originally wanted to chase after the Elixir of Fire Spirit. At this time, he had to make his move. He used a dao technique at the right moment.

"Blood Weeping World Technique!"

A sharp ape cry tangled into the Soul Suppressing Song. The two sounds fought each other. Even Wu Yu's Blood Weeping World Technique could not defeat the Soul Suppressing Song. However, it managed to push his Heaven Devouring Avatar out from the sleeping effects of the Soul Suppressing Song. It looked like he only needed an instant of clarity. The Heaven Devouring Avatar's Dark North Royal Obelisk exploded!


Dark Sea Ghostly Tempest!

He pierced through with one strike, the sword shadow fierce. In an instant, layers of sword light exploded and turned into countless rain drops. There was a downpour in this dark world. The whole dark world was frozen by these rain drops. In an instant, the whole world froze into cold ice, and Ye Xixi needed to defend against the offensive sword qi that was rushing at her like a storm. Such terrifying coldness made her, a child who had grown up in this Infernal Inferno, unbearably uncomfortable.

She was forced to stop her Soul Suppressing Song and use her dao technique to defend and evade Wu Yu's Dark North Royal Obelisk's attacks. It was obvious that she looked even angrier now. Her little face was flushed red and she ended up taking out another dao treasure. This was a fiery red fan. She swept it across. That burning hot fan, an advanced dao treasure, stopped the attack of Wu Yu's Dark Sea Ghostly Tempest!

"This little master is angry! You big, dumb asshole. I'm really angry!" Unexpectedly, she seemed to explode. Her face was flushed red, and she held the Enchanted Wind Chime in one hand and the fiery red fan in the other. The white cat had no one to carry it now. However, at this moment, that white cat still stuck to her chest. The lazy cat was furious that no one was carrying it and yowled loudly. Then it actually banged its head backwards onto Ye Xixi's chest. Wu Yu saw the lazy cat actually sink into her chest. It was as though it had amalgamated with Ye Xixi and then totally disappeared.

Wu Yu had not seen this before. This was practically… a fusion.

Indeed, Wu Yu saw something unbelievable unfold before him. Ye Xixi's short, black hair turned into thick, long, white hair. It stood up like a lion’s mane. Her eyes turned azure blue and her canine teeth lengthened. Her body also grew large. It became more agile and strong. Her hands and feet even had sharp claws protruding out. It was unexpected that such an agile body was the product of her amalgamation with that big, lazy, white cat.

Wu Yu was shocked.

Most of the time, it was others who saw strange things from him.

Now he saw it on others.

"Based on what happened, this Spirit of the Universe is called the All Amalgamating Cat. I heard that its biggest ability is to combine with a human's body, regardless of ghostly cultivator or martial cultivator. They can even do it with demons. Of course, they can only choose one master in their lifetime to bond with. After the fusion, even if they have no power of their own, they can stimulate the power of their master. It is like a type of catalyst to strengthen its master, at least making them stronger by a whole tier.

“Such a rare Spirit of the Universe actually exists here? This Spirit of the Universe is only recorded in history. It actually still exists?"

Ming Long was very excited. She said a lot within a short amount of time. Of course, anyone would be excited to see something from the legends.

"All Amalgamating Cat?" Wu Yu took a look. It was indeed true. After amalgamating with this All Amalgamating Cat, Ye Xixi became incredibly strong and had risen to a new level. She now probably had the strength of a Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm Cultivator. This was unbelievable!

It was a pity that the All Amalgamating Cat had picked her as its master. Even if she died, the All Amalgamating Cat would not be useful to anyone else. Then it would just be a useless cat.

While surprised, he was now faced with an opponent at the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm. This was beyond Wu Yu's range of abilities. He did not expect this Ye Xixi to be really strong. It was bad luck to meet such an opponent.

At this moment, Ye Xixi had already finished amalgamation. She looked at Wu Yu again. Now she looked fierce. She hissed and instantly became very fast. She used two advanced dao treasures, her bell in one hand and her fan in the other. A volcanic and lava world was painted on that fan. At this moment, that fan was spitting fire. It looked like this advanced dao treasure was related to the Infernal Inferno.

Actually, Wu Yu did not see wrongly. This advanced dao treasure was known as the Infernal Inferno Map.

"Raging Demonic Fire Dragon Formation!"

Ye Xixi attacked with terrifying speed. With her right hand, she swept the fan. In an instant, countless spirit designs were activated. With her enhanced strength, the Offensive Spirit Design exploded. It devoured both Wu Yu and the Heaven Devouring Avatar. In the blink of an eye, magma washed away Wu Yu's previous black ice mountains. That magma gathered into a mystical dragon. It roared and exploded. Then it rushed towards both of Wu Yu's bodies in this dark world.

The other party was too violent now that they faced each other directly.

Wu Yu thought that he would be at a disadvantage if he fought her head-on. So he could only win this battle intelligently. He quickly put the Heaven Devouring Avatar in the Floating Dreams Pagoda and used the Somersault Cloud to hide himself before that barrage of attacks. With a leap, he escaped from the place and returned to the world of magma beyond the Dark Night Formation.

"This little girl is strong."

"Relax, there is a limit to the amalgamation with the All Amalgamating Cat. She'll be tired after a few more attacks," Ming Long said.

Wu Yu guessed that the attack had passed and immediately rushed in again. At this moment, Ye Xixi was exhilarated. Even though she had failed to catch Wu Yu, she thought that it was more important to get the Elixir of Fire Spirit. She did not expect Wu Yu to reappear!

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