Chapter 0847: A Young Lady and Her Cat

He was too focused on chasing the Elixir of Fire Spirit and unexpectedly barged into one of the spirit design traps that the Ghostly Yan Tribe had set up.

The Ghostly Yan Tribe had set up a large number of spirit designs in the Infernal Inferno. It was specially set up to deal with Yan Huang Tribe members who wandered deep. This was also the reason why the Yan Huang Tribe dared not come here.

Sometimes, members of the Ghostly Yan Tribe would accidentally enter these traps. Actually... the person who had set up these spirit designs might not release them. After all, they were ghostly cultivators. A ghostly cultivator's strength was basically built by stepping on the corpses of others. Their dao treasures and spirit designs all required blood, flesh, and Primordial Spirits to feed and blood bond.

Wu Yu had accidentally entered these spirit designs a few times before this. Hence, he was not too concerned at first.

"The Elixir of Fire Spirit has automatically evaded a few spirit designs. This time, it did not. This shows that the person who set this spirit design up has some power.

"Now the Elixir of Fire Spirit is trapped here and cannot escape. I can only capture the Elixir of Fire Spirit before leaving!"

This was the thought that flashed in his head when Wu Yu entered this spirit design.

Hence, while he was cautious and observing this spirit design, he was also chasing after the Elixir of Fire Spirit! It was trapped as well. As long as Wu Yu was not limited by this spirit design, it would be easier for him to catch the Elixir of Fire Spirit.

He had now entered a dark place. The surrounding magma had disappeared, and what replaced it was a dark world. There was no light at all. Darkness devoured everything. There was no sound at all. It was dead silence!

With one look, one could tell that such a creepy spirit design belonged to a ghostly cultivator.

As the Elixir of Fire Spirit had entered such a place, it lit up the place no matter how dark or silent it was. This sealed up world started to heat up and became unbearably hot. With this, the spirit design seemed to be breaking down. The Elixir of Fire Spirit seemed to hate such a place. After entering, it rushed and charged around, pushing into the spirit design’s border. With a few strong knocks, fiery red flames burned through this dark night. There was a tearing sound and the entire world started to crumble and tear open.

"The spirit design broke?" Just as Wu Yu thought this, he saw something unexpected. After the entire dark world shattered, the outside was still a dark world. They did not return to the Infernal Inferno. They were still devoured by darkness.

It looked like there was more than one layer of this dark world formed by the spirit design.

"Elixir of Fire Spirit, my darling, this time I specially set up this 99 Tiers Dark Night Prison Formation just to capture you. Your little master, me, doesn't believe that you can still escape from my palms. Hehe!"

Wu Yu had just caught up to the Elixir of Fire Spirit when a crisp, cheery, female voice rang out in this dark world. This young girl's voice was very pleasant to the ears. It was crisp yet soft. It was full of youthfulness and life.

When he heard this voice, under the brightness of the Elixir of Fire Spirit, a young girl appeared before Wu Yu. Over these past few days, he had seen so many ugly ghostly cultivators. This young girl's appearance was a refreshing change for Wu Yu.

This young girl was not tall. She had a rarely seen shoulder-length black hair. Her big, bright eyes looked around actively. Within the black color, there was a hint of red. It made her very cute and lively. She had very fair skin, unlike the other Ghostly Yan Tribe members, who had a fiery red skin color. It was as though she had grown up in the snow. She had a pair of sharp canine teeth hidden behind her pink, delicate lips. This gave the girl a sense of wildness. Her cheeky and proud look reminded Wu Yu of a cat. This girl was like an elegant yet lively black cat. She was a little lazy, but when she was alert, her eyes were exceptionally bright. She was obviously from the Ghostly Yan Tribe but was different from the other Ghostly Yan Tribe members. She had no corpse, aggression, sinister aura, or even blood smell. Even the pitch black necklace of skeletons hanging in front of her slightly raised chest had a very pure aura.

She was also a ghostly cultivator, but her Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy was dark and pure. It was like a clear night sky with shining stars. While dark, it was not hateful. Wu Yu knew that this meant that the little girl had trained in a different ghostly cultivator dao. Her ghostly cultivator dao was pure and natural. Such a dao was long eliminated by the other ghostly cultivators for faster methods. Such a training method was exceptionally slow. No one would dare to attempt it if they were not extreme geniuses. However, he had heard that such a pure ghostly cultivator dao that did not rely on atrocities was the true Great Dao of ghostly immortals!

Since ancient times, it was said that the few that had become ghostly immortals had trained in this Great Dao. Most of the ghostly cultivators were directly eliminated by the heavens and earth during the Great Trial of Three Disasters because they had committed too many atrocities.

It was because of this and also because this was the first time he had seen such a ghostly cultivator that Wu Yu was a little surprised. He was also curious about this person. What position would such a girl have in the Ghostly Yan Tribe? Seeing that she was young yet possessed strong ability, 10th tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, she had to be a top genius.

Other than her purity, this ghostly cultivator was cute and had an attractive arrogance in her eyes. Wu Yu also saw that she had a cat in her arms. This cat was the opposite of this girl. It was pure white and really well fluffed. It had azure blue eyes. It lay in the arms of the girl. At this moment, it also raised its head and looked at Wu Yu proudly. It had a disdainful look. This made its expression similar to that of its master.

This cute girl with short, black hair and carrying a lazy, white cat saw Wu Yu now. The girl pouted and said, "What blind creature are you to invade my spirit design? Are you snatching my Elixir of Fire Spirit? Do you know who this great aunt is? Take a good look."

She actually did not see that Wu Yu was from the Yan Huang Tribe. It just meant that she was not very sharp-eyed. Wu Yu was obviously a martial cultivator. He was so different from ghostly cultivators.

Luckily, after she asked, she managed to see clearly. The cat in her arms meowed and raised its head. It looked at Wu Yu with disdain.

"This cat is a Spirit of the Universe, not a demon." Ming Long was the one with sharper eyes and saw through its true form.

"Spirit of the Universe?" Wu Yu did not look carefully at first. Now he used his Eyes of Fire and Gold and saw that it was indeed one. He could not identify what type of Spirit of the Universe it was.

The girl ignored the Elixir of Fire Spirit that was roaring and destroying everything. She petted the head of the large, white cat and looked at Wu Yu with shock. Then she muttered to herself, talking to the white cat, "Lazy, this... this doesn't seem to be a Ghostly Yan Tribe member! Is he from the Yan Huang Tribe!? Those big, bad villains from outside! How did this big, bad villain come here!? Didn't my daddy say that it's impossible for big, bad villains to appear here?"

That white cat called Lazy meowed. It had an arrogant attitude. It seemed to be saying that while this was a big, bad villain, he did not seem to be a threat and asked her not to worry.

"Hey, are you from the Yan Huang Tribe? Why are you in our territory? Are you seeking death?" The girl's eyes turned and she looked at Wu Yu with bad intentions. She circled Wu Yu. It must have been her first time seeing someone that was not from the Ghostly Yan Tribe. She was very curious and even ignored the Elixir of Fire Spirit.

"That's right. Who are you?" Wu Yu was also curious about her. He guessed that she was probably someone with a more important identity and status in the Ghostly Yan Tribe.

"You've not even heard of my title. You're really a country pumpkin. I'm the young master of Flaming Devil Cave. My daddy is the Holy Master of the Flaming Devil Cave!" the girl said proudly. 

"What is the Flaming Devil Cave? I only know of the Bloody Yan Cave." Wu Yu also stared at her. At the same time, he was keeping track of the Elixir of Fire Spirit. The other party had a 99-tier spirit design. The Elixir of Fire Spirit could not escape at the moment.

"Impudent!" The girl glared at him. At the same time, the white cat, Lazy, also glared at Wu Yu. Their expressions were so synchronized. He could only say that it was... really cute...

"What is the Bloody Yan Cave? The Flaming Devil Cave is the true core of the Ghostly Yan Tribe. I, who stand before your eyes, am the most revered in the Ghostly Yan Tribe. You big, bad villain, isn't it enough that you hunt down my tribesmen? You dare come here to look around? Let me capture you and bring you to the Flaming Devil Cave. I will parade you around and then chop off your head." This black-haired girl was agitated and glared at Wu Yu as she spoke.

"You say I'm a bad villain? The Ghostly Yan Tribe are ghostly cultivators. You train in the atrocious dao. It's already kind enough for the Yan Huang Tribe to suppress you here and not slaughter all of you.  Have you not seen others using cruel training methods in the Infernal Inferno to harm their own people?" The girl before him was like a blank piece of paper. Perhaps her father had not told her the truth. But there was no doubt that she had a high position. Wu Yu was now thinking of getting the Elixir of Fire Spirit. If he could avoid her wrath, then it would be better.

She was furious at being lectured by Wu Yu. She glared at him angrily and said, "How dare you tell lies. Aren't you afraid that I, Ye Xixi, will kill you? I have killed before!"

"Meow!" The white cat meowed too to indicate his agreement.

"Ye Xixi? You are like your name, so jumpy." Wu Yu thought that this girl was really cute. While she was a ghostly cultivator, she was very pure. She was very interesting.

It was fun to tease her.

When the other party was upset, Wu Yu quickly said, "Let's not talk about useless things. I want the Elixir of Fire Spirit. You also want it. What do you think we should do? Compete with our own abilities to see who will get it?"

"How dare you take my Elixir of Fire Spirit! I've waited so long to catch it! How can I give it to you? How can you be so shameless? Indeed, you Yan Huang Tribe people are all ugly and evil. You specialize in snatching other people's things."

Ye Xixi said furiously.

"Meow!" The lazy cat also meowed at Wu Yu.

It was as though Wu Yu was really bullying her.

Wu Yu looked at the irritable Elixir of Fire Spirit and said, "I was the one who chased it into this spirit design. You have not really caught it. We'll see who gets it with our own abilities." 

"I'm so angry. I'm gonna deface you!” Ye Xixi could not hold back. She took out her advanced dao treasure and started to attack.

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