Chapter 0846: Elixir of Fire Spirit

"Ghostly Artificer, what's going on?" Everyone was looking at the Ghostly Artificer.

The Ghostly Artificer said, "This little guy has amazing escaping skills. Even spirit designs cannot trap him, which is why he dares to barge into our territory. Everyone has just witnessed his ability, it's truly amazing.

"Obviously, he has a lot of faith in his ability to escape. That's why he's here. He's probably seeking revenge. Previously, I killed a number of hidden dragon generals from the Yan Huang Tribe. He was the only one who escaped."

"There is actually such a youngster? It is indeed amazing that he can escape from your spirit design. But it is a provocation for someone from the Yan Huang Tribe to reach this deep place. Since he was led here by you, then you have to get rid of him, and do it fast!"

An elder covered in black mist said in a deep, ancient voice.

"Please be assured. I'll do it now. I'll look for someone who can trap this little guy and kill him. I'll definitely not let him affect our plans."

"It's good that you recognize the importance of the plan. This must never be leaked to the Yan Huang Tribe! It is a sensitive period now. It will be your fault if something goes wrong!"

"Yes, yes, I promise that I'll complete the mission!" the Ghostly Artificer replied cowardly. He was a little scared and nodded repeatedly.

Afterwards, the people who emerged from the Bloody Yan Cave gradually returned. The Bloody Yan Cave was very secure. There were many layers of spirit designs surrounding it. It was tightly guarded against the Yan Huang Tribe. They were spirit designs that were passed down through generations of the Ghostly Yan Tribe. Once Yan Huang Tribe people neared, they would be activated immediately. With Wu Yu's current ability, they were not concerned at all about Wu Yu infiltrating the Bloody Yan Cave. Hence, they had ordered the Ghostly Artificer to get rid of Wu Yu as soon as possible just to play it safe. 

"This guy has so many secrets. If I can kill him, perhaps I can change my fate. But he is really good at escaping. I need to find someone who can counter him. Luckily, there is someone in this Bloody Yan Cave who can do that. It's just that I'm unwilling to split the rewards."

The Ghostly Artificer could not hold back a cold smile when he thought of Wu Yu. He actually knew that he was wanted by many of the Eight Main Yan Huang Armies and had a reward on his head. As long as he did not leave this place, he would be safe. After all, it was not his first time causing great loss for the Yan Huang Tribe. 


Wu Yu escaped from the Bloody Yan Cave and then went behind the Bloody Yan Cave. He continued heading towards the deepest end of the Infernal Inferno.

Now, without the burden of Stygian Immortal Kunwu, his speed could be raised further. He was not afraid of any spirit designs because he could immediately jump out of any ordinary spirit design as soon as he stepped in.

The direction that Wu Yu was heading towards was one which descended directly. It was also the place where he sensed the most heat.

The temperature of the magma became higher the deeper he descended. It was high to the point where the average martial cultivator, even after using many dao techniques, could not survive here.

"The heat has surpassed the limits of what can be found in the mortal world. If you go deeper, there will definitely be a heat source. That heat source is what you truly need." Wu Yu continued venturing deeper upon hearing Ming Long's suggestion.

This was already deeper than the Bloody Yan Cave. It was a place that even the Ghostly Yan Tribe had trouble surviving in. Of course, the Ghostly Yan Tribe had to have other bases, and some might be in deeper places.

Because Wu Yu did not hide, he came across more and more spirit designs and Ghostly Yan Tribe members as he descended. He saw one Ghostly Yan Tribe member every now and then and he would accidentally enter unknown spirit designs every few minutes. Most of the time, he jumped out before the spirit design even activated.

This way, the Ghostly Yan Tribe really could not do anything to him.

Time passed quickly. In the blink of an eye, he had ventured deep beyond the Bloody Yan Cave for three days.

Within these three days, he met over 100 Ghostly Yan Tribe members. These Ghostly Yan Tribe members had not even gotten the chance to see Wu Yu clearly before losing track of him.

At this level, the heat was terrifying. Even with the Invincible Vajra Body, he felt as though he was being burned badly. Sometimes, the pain was unbearable.

The heat here was indeed surpassing logic. Ming Long felt that there was something nearby that could produce such high heat. Wu Yu searched, following the heat. He tried to travel in various directions and chose a direction where the increase in temperature was the most obvious. At this moment, he not only went downwards, but sometimes headed to the left or right. The direction was always changing. It was as though the hottest place kept changing positions. Usually, there should not have been such an obvious change.

"How is it possible that the heat source is moving?" Ming Long also felt that it was unbelievable.

They continued to search. It was either going further down to see if the Ghostly Yan Tribe had other gathering places deeper underground, or searching for the heat source that would benefit Wu Yu. 

Of course, it was impossible that only one heat source existed in the whole Infernal Inferno. This was definitely a gigantic volcanic area formed naturally through eons of time. Wu Yu only wanted to find the heat source that caused the extreme heat near him. 

A place like the Infernal Inferno was considered a miracle formed through the eons of time by the heavens and earth.

He used his Eyes of Fire and Gold and searched his surroundings quickly. There was nothing to be afraid of. In the Infernal Inferno, his various mystiques and his Invincible Vajra Body gave him a surprisingly huge advantage.

"It is indeed hot. Even the Invincible Vajra Body feels the burn." Wu Yu guessed that he might be near the heat source.

Suddenly, fiery red color flooded his vision. Boiling hot magma was everywhere!


Suddenly, something seemed to have flashed past his eyes!

Like a little fish.

This little fish was extremely fast. Its whole body was fiery red, and in the blink of an eye, it disappeared before Wu Yu. When it zipped past, the heat burned Wu Yu to the point where he perspired all over and was almost charred!

"What is this!? It actually possesses such immense heat!"

The hotter something was, the more he liked it. Hence, even though he was almost charred, he chased after it. He used the Somersault Cloud's fastest speed!

That little, fiery red fish was also fast. It seemed to possess sentience and hid in various places, zipping through the landscape, raising inferno heat waves. However, it was too eye-catching for Wu Yu. Hence, it could not shake Wu Yu off.

Of course, each time Wu Yu neared it and stretched out his fingers, they would be burned pitch black!

It would be difficult to catch this thing.

"What is that and how would it benefit me?" Wu Yu quickly asked Ming Long to look at it carefully.

Mainly, he wanted to know the benefits.

Ming Long thought that they would find a rare, burning treasure in this Infernal Inferno that could probably help Wu Yu improve on his Eyes of Fire and Gold or Invincible Vajra Body.

It would be just like the time he found the Fire Source Ancient Crystals at the Taigu Immortal Path.

Wu Yu kept chasing. After nearing it a few times, Ming Long managed to identify it. She could not help but laugh and say, "To be honest, you really are very lucky. Luckiest of everyone I know. Why does such good luck befall you everytime? This is not fair."

"What do you mean? Don't waste time, spit it out."

Ming Long pouted and said, "Look at your anxious face. Your lady, Ming Long, does not like anxious men."

Wu Yu was depressed. At such moments, he could never win an argument with Ming Long. He could only follow this great aunt's wishes and speak to her in a polite and gentle tone. When Ming Long was satisfied, she said, "This is not some living thing. It is an existence similar to a precious treasure. If you are talking in terms of Spiritual marks, then it should be above a treasure with nine spiritual marks. It is called the Elixir of Fire Spirit. It was said that this is the oil that immortals in the sky palaces place in their oil lamps. It is like the kerosene that mortals use. The immortals use the Flame of Immortals to light this Elixir of Fire Spirit. The light birthed from it could light up the entire sky and burn for eternity. Legend says that there is no Elixir of Fire Spirit in the mortal world. It is because the immortals in heaven accidentally knocked over their lamps that the Elixir of Fire Spirit descended onto the mortal plane. Of course, the one that you see now only has nine spiritual marks. It should have been diluted."

"It sounds like an incredible treasure. There's actually a legend for it. It's just that I don't know what effect this Elixir of Fire Spirit has."

This was what Wu Yu wanted to know.

Ming Long said, "This is something that belonged to immortals. The Elixir of Fire Spirit can be absorbed to strengthen the body. It is said that some immortals would swallow the Elixir of Fire Spirit to support their physical training. If one can endure the power of the Elixir of Fire Spirit, he will enjoy the effect of a strengthened physical body. Your Invincible Vajra Body's ability to absorb this Elixir of Fire Spirit obviously surpasses that of the average immortal. This Elixir of Fire Spirit will be extremely beneficial for you. However, it is a pity that we are in the mortal world and there are too few Elixirs of Fire Spirit here. This little bit in front of you cannot raise the level of your Invincible Vajra Body. I guess you can probably try to absorb it through your eyes. With the Paradise's Fiery Demise's training, your Eyes of Fire and Gold might reach new heights!"

Such a wonderful object. After hearing Ming Long's explanation, Wu Yu agreed that he was indeed lucky! It was a pity that they were too few. However, it would be worth it if it could help improve his Eyes of Fire and Gold!

Hence, Wu Yu focused on chasing it. When chasing it, he was also thinking of a way, a method to trap this Elixir of Fire Spirit.

"My avatar's Dark North Royal Obelisk could probably do that. After all, this is a burning item. An icy cold item should be able to oppose it. Besides, the Dark North Royal Obelisk is an advanced dao treasure. It should not be destroyed by this Elixir of Fire Spirit. Then I will have to quickly use up this Elixir of Fire Spirit."

Wu Yu had formed a plan in his heart.

This Elixir of Fire Spirit seemed to be sentient and intelligent. It was excellent at running away and struggling fiercely. It was really not easy to control it. Wu Yu missed it many times. He did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Suddenly, both Wu Yu and the Elixir of Fire Spirit entered a spirit design!

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