Chapter 0845: Gathering of Ghosts

There were numerous Ghostly Yan Tribe members active in the vicinity. 

Having undergone natural selection under such brutal conditions, those who could survive were all tough and powerful existences. 

Wu Yu had to be exceptionally careful if he encountered them. After all, he still wasn't aware of the exact location of the Bloody Yan Cave and couldn't leave the Stygian Immortal Kunwu behind. 

The deeper he dived, the more violent the surrounding magma was boiling. Even Yan Huang Tribe members, who were known for their scorching heat, wouldn't be able to survive in an environment like this, let alone other tribes, like the Dark North Tribe. 

Reaching this place, the Stygian Immortal Kunwu was ecstatic. He wasn't screaming now, but if he did, there would likely be several Ghostly Yan Tribe members in the vicinity who would come to his rescue. 

"This brat is really intelligent and has sharp eyes. I tried bringing him into several layers of spirit designs, but he was able to see through my plot each time." 

Since that was the case, he made up his mind to definitely bring Wu Yu to the Bloody Yan Cave. At the point, Wu Yu would never be able to escape. 

From Wu Yu's perspective, the Infernal Inferno seemed boundless. Sometimes, he felt like he wouldn’t have the opportunity to make it out of this hell. 

Perhaps if he dove deeper, he would really be led into hell. Obviously, legends like these were like those that claimed one could see the sky palaces at the peak of the Clear Sky of Shushan. They were all false. The Infernal Inferno wouldn't reach that hell. 

The dream of all ghostly cultivators was to reach hell and become ghostly immortals. This was the same idea as martial cultivators like Wu Yu wanting to achieve immortalhood. 

However, at this moment, Wu Yu and Ming Long were discussing something else. 

"In the Yan Huang Ancient Region, it should be extremely difficult to raise your Invincible Vajra Body to a new realm. I have never been into the Infernal Inferno. However, I have been pondering if the deepest part of this place would enable your Invincible Vajra Body to reach a level beyond the current Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body." 

"There's a place like that in the depths?" Although the surroundings were searing hot to the extreme, Wu Yu knew that he was still a long way from further enhancing his Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body. 

"Based on my conjecture, the Infernal Inferno is way deeper. In fact, the place where the Ghostly Yan Tribe gathers might not be the deepest point. Regardless, if it is possible, it wouldn't hurt to dive deeper to take a look. If there's really a place like this, it would be even more important than you achieving a breakthrough for your Eyes of Fire and Gold or even obtaining the Unbounded Sky Pillar." 

"You are right." Wu Yu currently had two objectives in the Infernal Inferno. One of them was to enhance his Eyes of Fire and Gold to the Paradise's Fiery Demise and the other was to kill the Ghostly Artificer and obtain the Unbounded Sky Pillar. Both objectives were difficult but had a chance of succeeding! 

"If the Invincible Vajra body reaches the next tier, the battle strength of the main body will get substantially stronger." 

What Wu Yu was relying on was still mainly his Heaven Devouring Avatar and the Dark North Royal Obelisk. 

Subsequently, he continued diving deeper. Along the way, he avoided various spirit designs and numerous Ghostly Yan Tribe members. As he dived deeper, Wu Yu realized that there was indeed a large number of Ghostly Yan Tribe members. It was just like they had established a kingdom, and there were still large areas he had not seen. A conservative estimate would suggest that they might be as large as a small kingdom in the Yan Huang Ancient Region. 

Who would have expected the Ghostly Yan Tribe to be able to procreate to this stage even in such a brutal environment? 

"We will be reaching the Bloody Yan Cave soon. You better be prepared, and I can't possibly bring you in." Reaching this place, the Stygian Immortal Kunwu was gaining back his confidence. Clearly, this simple-minded brat was totally convinced that he was safe now. 

Fiery-red, boiling magma surrounded them and deafening eruptions came from the turbulent magma. It was just like the waves on the surface of the sea with hidden turbulent currents beneath. Wu Yu's Eyes of Fire and Gold penetrated the magma and saw into the deepest point. There seemed to be an exceptionally huge sphere that was as huge as a city. At the very least, it was on the scale of the Immortal City of Northern Frost of the Dark North Kingdom. Moreover, it was huge and repulsively hideous, similar to a blood ball with numerous bumps growing on it. Taking a closer look, there were numerous caves densely distributed over the blood sphere like a beehive. Wu Yu could also see plenty of Ghostly Yan Tribe members entering and exiting these caves. Clearly, this place was like a city that the Ghostly Yan Tribe had built within the Infernal Inferno! 

Obviously, Wu Yu was still a long distance away. He could see a far distance ahead with his Eyes of Fire and Gold, and ordinary people definitely couldn't see what he had just seen. 

"We are really deep down. If the Ghostly Artificer is in this place, other yan dragon generals won't be able to do anything to him. It is indeed understandable that even if a few heaven dragon generals got together, they wouldn't dare to enter a place like this. Nonetheless, I'm an exception!" 

Wu Yu was deeply confident in the mystiques that the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal had imparted to him. It was especially so for the Somersault Cloud. The Somersault Cloud still had a myriad of functions. It was just that Wu Yu hadn't explored them yet. He was confident that he would fully display them in the future and would gain even more earth-shaking abilities. This wasn't simply limiting to enable him to escape or increment in strength. 

The Stygian Immortal Kunwu pointed to the Bloody Yan Cave and said, "Can you see it? That's the Bloody Yan Cave. You can let me go now!" 

Wu Yu finally stopped in his tracks. 

From here onwards, he wouldn't need the Stygian Immortal Kunwu to lead the way for him. 

"Should I kill him?" Wu Yu hesitated for a moment and eventually chose to stick to his word. Since he had promised the Stygian Immortal Kunwu that he would let him off, he would definitely walk his talk at this point. He loosened the Dark North Royal Obelisk and returned freedom to the Stygian Immortal Kunwu. 

Seeing that Wu Yu had released him, the Stygian Immortal Kunwu could barely hold back his agitated emotions. In the end, he held them back and said, "Goodbye. No! It's better if we never meet again!" 

When he finished his words, he left in a hurry and was escaping in the direction of the Bloody Yan Cave. Wu Yu smiled gently at the escaping figure. In fact, he knew what the Stygian Immortal Kunwu was thinking of doing. 

Just as expected, when the Stygian Immortal Kunwu got closer to the Bloody Yan Cave, he turned his head back and saw Wu Yu a long distance away. He roared, "There's a Yan Huang Tribe member in this place to kill the Ghostly Artificer. He's right behind me! Help!" 

The Bloody Yan Cave was a deathly silent place. When the Stygian Immortal Kunwu shouted with all his might, his voice transmitted swiftly through the magma. All of a sudden, movements came from within that Bloody Yan Cave. Wu Yu could clearly see countless ghostly cultivators charging out from the caves of the Bloody Yan Cave. 

Within a short time, several Ghostly Yan Tribe members had locked on to Wu Yu. Among them, there wasn't a lack of experts. Those who had dashed out were largely at the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. Among them, there were also Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm experts. 

"A Yan Huang Tribe member dares to barge into the Bloody Yan Cave?" 

"What kind of foolish bravery is this?" 

The Ghostly Yan Tribe members were arrogant when on their home turf. The moment they emerged, they locked onto Wu Yu and were swarming towards him. Moreover, more and more of them emerged as time passed. Clearly, they hated the Yan Huang Tribe to their core. That was pent up hatred for annihilating their tribe and the deepest feud that had lasted countless generations. When Wu Yu appeared in their territory, that was sufficient to trigger their emotions. They were driven to madness by anger and laughed hysterically in a chilling tone the moment they dashed out. 

Perhaps from their perspectives, the moment they had their eyes on Wu Yu, it was no longer possible for Wu Yu to escape. Regardless of Wu Yu's cultivation level! Wu Yu was very young, and a single look was enough to conclude that he wasn't at the level of the Army General of one of the Eight Main Armies. If an Army General was really here, they would have to mobilize their elite experts! 

The actions of the Stygian Immortal Kunwu weren't beyond Wu Yu's expectations. Also, it didn't really matter to him. He wasn't that naive to believe that he could get into the Bloody Yan Cave and kill the Ghostly Artificer. Besides that, he wasn't even a match for the Ghostly Artificer. Therefore, his initial objective was to catch a glimpse of where the Bloody Yan Cave was. Now that he remembered this place, he could leave. 

After a chat with Ming Long, Wu Yu's current target had turned to exploring the deepest point of the Infernal Inferno. 

The Bloody Yan Cave wasn't at the deepest point. He wanted to dive deeper and, more importantly, do so alone. With the Somersault Cloud, he was capable of escaping regardless of the danger he encountered. In this aspect, he was even more suited to traverse the deepest point of the Infernal Inferno and explore the mysteries within than an Army General. 

"Somersault Cloud." Wu Yu had assimilated the Somersault Cloud into his body, converting his body into a part of the Somersault Cloud. When the ghostly cultivators were charging towards him, he did a flip and disappeared from the sight of the crowd in an instant. 

This wasn't a simple escape - he had disappeared directly. Those who had charged out of the Bloody Yan Cave had all lost track of Wu Yu. 

Initially, they thought Wu Yu was just concealing himself. When they reached Wu Yu's location, they realized that they couldn't find Wu Yu's figure or any traces of him. 

"What just happened? Did he just escape from the eyes of all of us?" 

Several old men in the center gathered together. Every one of them had a savage aura that seemed to be weeping and howling like a ghost. Their eyes were like reflections of a creepy and brutal world. Wherever they went, they were surrounded by blast mist, masking their true appearance. 

"He disappeared in an instant as though he entered a separate world." 

"That young man didn't look that strong. Why is he capable of this? Could it be that he has inherited some incredible mystique from an ancient legacy?" 

"Stygian Immortal Kunwu! Come right here." 

The truth was, the Stygian Immortal Kunwu was equally dumbfounded. He was just shouting, but Wu Yu had disappeared the next moment. At this point, he could only run to the group fearfully. Facing so many experts of the Ghostly Yan Tribe, he was hesitant. 

"Who was that guy just now?" 

The Stygian Immortal Kunwu answered, "He's from the Yan Huang Tribe and caught me. He spoke about finding the Ghostly Artificer and I told him that the Ghostly Artificer is in the Bloody Yan Cave. Therefore, he followed me here and released me when we arrived." 

"Ghostly Artificer?" When he spoke of this name, a man stepped out from the crowd. He was none other than the Ghostly Artificer. 

He looked in the direction where Wu Yu had disappeared to. "I know who that young man is. He's probably the one that escaped from me before. He dares to look for me here now?" 

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