Chapter 0844: Bloody Yan Cave

When he named the place, the Stygian Immortal Kunwu felt prideful and wanted to see the intimidated look on Wu Yu's face. 

After all, the Yan Huang Tribe members that came here should know what kind of place the Bloody Yan Cave was. 

However, Wu Yu was unmoved and said, "You should know how to reach the Bloody Yan Cave. In that case, lead the way. If you dare to play any tricks, I'll let you have a taste of a wretched beating." 

Seeing how nonchalant he was, the Stygian Immortal Kunwu was exceptionally astonished. He asked, "Oh, gosh! Do you know what sort of place the Bloody Yan Cave is? Did I hear you wrongly? You want to go to the Bloody Yan Cave? Even your heaven dragon generals wouldn't dare to approach alone!" 

Seeing his exaggerated response, it seemed to be a really troublesome place. Therefore, Wu Yu asked, "In that case, tell me about the Bloody Yan Cave!" 

A heaven dragon general would typically be at the fourth tier of the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm or above. They wouldn't dare to approach alone? 

The Stygian Immortal Kunwu tittered, "It's one of the gathering places of the Ghostly Yan Tribe and a really deep place in the Infernal Inferno! It's a hiding ground for the Ghostly Yan Tribe and also their fortresses. Over countless years, not a single Yan Huang Tribe member has reached that place. Ordinary Yan Huang Tribe members wouldn't be able to tolerate the searing heat of the magma in that place! Furthermore, many experts of the Ghostly Yan Tribe congregate at that place. You can find Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivators everywhere and Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm cultivators aren't uncommon! Everyone would be after your insignificant life. You still dare to pursue the Ghostly Artificer in that place? Haha...." 

He couldn't help but burst into laughter. 

"Is that so?" After hearing this, Wu Yu didn't react much. He thought it was a unique place. In the end, it was just as he had imagined. A place where the Ghostly Yan Tribe hid and gathered. It was likely similar to a city for the Ghostly Yan Tribe. 

"What do you want to do now?" The Stygian Immortal Kunwu stared blankly at Wu Yu. 

"Bring me to the Bloody Yan Cave. If you aren't willing, I can just send you to hell now. When we reach the Bloody Yan Cave, whatever happens will be on me. At that time, I'll naturally let you go," Wu Yu said righteously. 

The Stygian Immortal Kunwu stared at Wu Yu with disbelief. Truth be told, he had never seen a man with such guts. This was simply unbelievable.... 

Regardless, he couldn't understand. 

"Have you made your decision? Do you want to die or live?" questioned Wu Yu. 

His Dark North Royal Obelisk could rip him apart at any moment, and he was prepared to kill him. After all, there would be numerous Ghostly Yan Tribe members who knew the way to the Bloody Yan Cave. 

"Live! Live! I'll lead the way!" Although the Stygian Immortal Kunwu was a demon, he was a demon accepted by the Ghostly Yan Tribe and had been to the Bloody Yan Cave several times previously. Initially, he thought Wu Yu wouldn't dare to go. Now that Wu Yu wanted him to lead the way back to his territory, he was obviously euphoric. When he was subdued by Wu Yu, he thought he would lose his life. In the end, the happiness came too abruptly.... 

"I'll lead the way. Just follow me. Before that, would you let me go first?" The Stygian Immortal Kunwu tried his luck. 

Wu Yu naturally wouldn't let him off - he simply loosened the grip a little. At the same time, he removed the dragon-shaped symbols around his body. It was then that the Stygian Immortal Kunwu recovered slightly from his frozen state and could barely move. Nonetheless, Wu Yu's Dark North Royal Obelisk still had him tightly coiled. If Wu Yu wanted his life, he could still take it swiftly. 

"Just point in a direction," instructed Wu Yu. 

"Alright. This way." The Stygian Immortal Kunwu was impressed with Wu Yu. All he needed to do was point out the general direction. After which, Wu Yu would take off on his Somersault Cloud and drag him behind like an animal as they moved in the direction pointed out. 

"Bloody Yan Cave! Hehe! When we are there, you will truly know what fear is!" The Stygian Immortal Kunwu stared at Wu Yu and couldn't contain his laughter. 

"What a simple-minded youth. His imagination is really wild." 

As he was heading for the Bloody Yan Cave, Wu Yu slowed down. He wasn't moving as swiftly as before. After all, with him dragging the Stygian Immortal Kunwu, he would still be able to escape if he accidentally entered a spirit design. However, having the Stygian Immortal Kunwu trapped within the spirit design would still be a loss. It wouldn't be easy to find another one that knew the way. 

Along the way, the Stygian Immortal Kunwu continued chattering. Eventually, Wu Yu shut his mouth. The demon was likely impatient and didn't even want to endure till the Bloody Yan Cave. He was trying to attract the attention of other Ghostly Yan Tribe members along the way to save him. 

"You better think this through clearly. When you lose your life then, don't blame it on me. If you lose your life to a ghostly cultivator, it won't be a simple death. Your flesh, Primordial Spirit, and even the tiniest portion of skin might be used by them to become part of their strength. Every ghostly cultivator arises by stepping on the corpses of others." 

Wu Yu wasn't listening to what he was saying. 

"Kingmaker Le." All of a sudden, he heard someone calling him from behind. Perhaps they were drawn by the demonic aura of the Stygian Immortal Kunwu and subsequently spotted Wu Yu. 

Wu Yu turned around and saw Yan Dragon General Liu Youyou. Amidst the magma, she had protected herself with a layer of glowing membrane to isolate herself from the surrounding magma. 

Under the glowing membrane, her lips were red and her teeth were white. Although she had aged, one couldn't tell at all. Her cute appearance was no different from that of a young girl at a prime age. Her tender and smooth skin looked young under the illumination of the fire, rosy like the inside of a peach. Just the sight of it led one to want to bite her. 

"I'm surprised Kingmaker Le has reached these depths so quickly. I can see you've caught a demon. May I know your intention in doing so?" As Liu Youyou spoke, her eyes were bright and her voice was coquettish. It seemed like she had intention to seduce, curry favor, or leave a good impression on Wu Yu. 

Although she was extremely amiable to Wu Yu, she was still his competitor. Nonetheless, Wu Yu wasn't worried that she would head to the Bloody Yan Cave. Therefore, he answered, "From what I've found out, the Ghostly Artificer is now hiding in the Bloody Yan Cave. This demon is leading the way for me so I can find the Bloody Yan Cave to kill the Ghostly Artificer." 

"Bloody Yan Cave!" The red lips of Liu Youyou opened slightly as she displayed a shocked expression. She interjected in a hurry, "The Bloody Yan Cave is the deepest spot that the Ghostly Yan Tribe gathers in. Over countless years, not a single Yan Huang Tribe member has been to that place. What gives you the courage to do so?" 

She looked worried and anxious. 

Wu Yu smiled lightly and answered, "Sister Liu, you don't have to worry about me. I have an idea in mind. I believe Sister Liu wouldn't want to head to the Bloody Yan Cave with me. After all, that place is too dangerous for you." 

Liu Youyou still hadn't recovered despite Wu Yu addressing her as ‘Sister Liu.’ She shook her head, furrowed her brows, and said, "This wouldn't do. I wouldn't send you there and you shouldn't be heading there. Wu Yu, you have to think this through. The Unbounded Sky Pillar is precious, but nothing is worth more than your life. If you are dead, there will be nothing left. I know that youth know no fear, but the Bloody Yan Cave is incomparably frightening." 

She cared about Wu Yum but Wu Yu had made his decision a long time ago. He answered, "Rest assured. I have an idea in mind. I'll take my leave first." After speaking, he dragged along the Stygian Immortal Kunwu and advanced deeper. Liu Youyou caught up to Wu Yu and was clearly flustered. "Wu Yu, are you really ignoring my advice? The Bloody Yan Cave isn't a place for yan dragon generals. Even if several heaven dragon generals gather together, they wouldn't dare to head there. For survival, the Ghostly Yan Tribe has placed a huge emphasis on fortifying their final base. If you go in that place, you will infuriate the Ghostly Yan Tribe and the consequences will be dire!" 

"In that case, do you guys have any other means to deal with the Ghostly Artificer?" Wu Yu asked. 

"We can think of other solutions, like setting a bait and waiting for him to appear!" 

"I don't have that much time." 

Since they didn't share the same path, they wouldn't have to move together. He made his decision and dived directly. Liu Youyou's face was flushed red from anxiety and anger. Wu Yu refusing to heed her advice had left her fuming. In the end, Wu Yu was quicker and disappeared from her sight in an instant. 

After Wu Yu disappeared, she suddenly chuckled. "That silly brat is so eager to court his own death! Anyway, I'll have one fewer competitor! As for the Ghostly Artificer, he's really a coward to hide in the Bloody Yan Cave. How are we going to kill him now? How infuriating!

"It seems like I can only wait or find bait. There are quite a few Ghostly Yan Tribe members in the vicinity. I wonder if we can force the Ghostly Artificer out of that place." 

While she pondered, Wu Yu was diving deeper. The Stygian Immortal Kunwu couldn't wait to reach the Bloody Yan Cave. Therefore, he kept his mouth shut and allowed Wu Yu to drag him along as they advanced. 

"How much longer will it take?" 

"If you dive deep in a straight line and maintain the current speed... Probably five more days!" 

He wouldn't even take so long to travel from the Immortal's Capital to the Yan Dragon Fortress. Although he was slow in the Infernal Inferno, it was still a testament to how deep the Infernal Inferno was. Moreover, there was basically not a single Yan Huang Tribe member at this depth. Only Ghostly Yan Tribe members might be moving at this depth. 

"Truth be told, you won't make it to the Bloody Yan Cave. It’s more likely that you will be finished off by the Ghostly Yan Tribe along the way. Haha." The Stygian Immortal Kunwu couldn't hold back his laughter. After speaking, he shut his mouth instantly. This was because he realized that it would be better to let Wu Yu dive deeper like an idiot and not inform him. 

Luckily, it appeared that Wu Yu didn't react much and simply continued diving. 

The deeper he dived, the hotter it got. Wu Yu's Invincible Vajra Body and Eyes of Fire and Gold felt extremely comfortable when they were immersed in a world like this. This was a perfect world for them. The hotter it got, the more comfortable he felt. Regardless if it was the Invincible Vajra Body or the Eyes of Fire and Gold, they were making progress. Moreover, as he dived deeper, it would only get hotter. 

"The Ghostly Yan Tribe is truly incredible to be able to survive in such a sizzling hot environment." 

"They were forced to do so. Otherwise, who would be willing to live in a place like this? If they couldn't adapt, their tribe would have been exterminated," Ming Long said. 

Sometimes, one's adaptability was insanely strong. 

The Ghostly Yan Tribe was truly frightening. Moreover, many years had passed. The Yan Huang Tribe no longer had a good understanding of the changes that this place might have experienced. 

"With the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor around, there should be nothing to worry about. After all, Yan Huang Ancient Emperor definitely wouldn't allow any accidents to happen. There shouldn't be too many Ghostly Yan Tribe members." 

Wu Yu thought to himself. 

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