Chapter 0843: Stygian Immortal Kunwu

With the Somersault Cloud, Wu Yu wasn't afraid of how deep the Infernal Inferno would go.

That Great Sage, Heaven's Equal was immeasurably powerful. Having practiced so many mystiques, dao techniques, and transformations, Wu Yu could be considered an apprentice of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal. It really wouldn't be easy for him to die here. 

He continued diving in a straight line deeper into the Infernal Inferno. 

Not many people had the guts to do what he had just done. 

Wu Yu was searching for the Ghostly Artificer. On the one hand, he wanted the Unbounded Sky Pillar. On the other, he was interested in the Infernal Inferno, battles, and killing. These would enable him to take a shorter path. Furthermore, he researched the spirit designs of those who came before him and refined immortal medicines. Through these, he was able to make huge improvements. 

Where he was currently could be considered a perilous region. This was a distinction point. Above him, Yan Huang Tribe members outnumbered the Ghostly Yan Tribe. Below him, there were definitely more Ghostly Yan than Yan Huang. 

There were few who dared to come here. Typically, only yan dragon generals or even heaven dragon generals would move in these areas. 

Further down, there were numerous areas where the Ghostly Yan Tribe had crafted spirit design traps. Those that were similar to the ones that Ghostly Artificer had laid previously weren't uncommon. 

"Having been trapped in this place, the Ghostly Yan Tribe definitely wishes to hold their last territory. Over countless years, they have likely laid numerous spirit designs to protect their final home ground." 

The surrounding magma was truly exceptionally scorching. It was like boiling liquid metal with spiritual marks that were glowing in red from the heat. Wu Yu's entire body was submerged in the liquid metal, so he constantly felt the heat sweep over him. Even with his Invincible Vajra Body, he was torched red. 

"Spirit design?" With his Eyes of Fire and Gold, he constantly observed his surroundings for the Ghostly Yan Tribe and spiritual designs. At this moment, he acutely spotted himself in a spiritual design. All of a sudden, he was surrounded by numerous energies. The overwhelming energies of spirit designs were about to explode when Wu Yu reacted swiftly. He fused with his Somersault Cloud and, with a flip, leapt out of that spirit design into safety. 

"What a close call." 

Being a distance away, he regained his composure. Although it was just a scary moment, he could vaguely feel the might of that spirit design. If one was held back, an ordinary yan dragon general would likely not have made it out. 

This was also why he dared to charge into this place, while others wouldn't. 

Even with his Eyes of Fire and Gold, he couldn't possibly identify all the spirit designs. 

"In an environment like this, my Eyes of Fire and Gold will be honed. I'll be able to fully develop my Eyes of Fire and Gold in this place. Together with the constant magma torching, my eyes will gradually be refined. I believe it won't take long to reach the next realm, Paradise's Fiery Demise." 

Over these days, among his four mystiques, Wu Yu had placed his focus on the Eyes of Fire and Gold after just making improvements on the Unshackled Doppelganger. In a place like the Infernal Inferno, the Eyes of Fire and Gold had the greatest chance of improving. This was also a factor for him coming to this place. In other areas, there weren't such great conditions for him to hone his Eyes of Fire and Gold. 

Constant usage to spot spirit designs and traps and the constant torching made his Eyes of Fire and Gold even brighter. At the same time, Wu Yu was researching the spiritual art of the Paradise's Fiery Demise so as to achieve a breakthrough as soon as he could. 

If he could make advancements in these, he would gain something even if he failed to kill the Ghostly Artificer in the end. 

He was still open-minded. 

"Luo Pin...." He could imagine her standing at the top of the world, ruling over the mystical dragons and dominating the seas. How majestic and domineering she was! There would definitely be lots of suitors around her. The only question was if she still remembered him.... 

When he heard news of her, feelings of longing and desire started welling inside him. Whenever he thought of the huge differences between them, he would be filled with drive and desire. 

However, he also thought of Nangong Wei right away. It was as though both of them had been bound together. He held deep longing for Luo Pin, but at the thought of Nangong Wei, he felt worried. He wondered how the stubborn but passionate girl in the past was doing.... 

He was a little lost in his thoughts. However, if danger approached, Wu Yu would still be jerked awake. At this moment, while Wu Yu was distracted, someone came to ambush him! The ambush was from behind and was fast and furious. 

All of a sudden, he could sense lethal danger. 

Wu Yu couldn't turn around to face his opponent directly, and he could flee with his Somersault Cloud right away. However, he had a better idea in mind. His Floating Dreams Pagoda was in his sleeve. When the Floating Dreams Pagoda was activated, the Heaven Devouring Avatar appeared behind Wu Yu right away with the Dark North Royal Obelisk in hand. That white-haired, red-eyed existence stood back-to-back with Wu Yu in an instant! 

Through the Heaven Devouring Avatar, Wu Yu saw the one attacking him. He first detected a demonic aura. To his astonishment, he had encountered a demon, which was rarely found in the Infernal Inferno! This demon was extremely huge, and he could only see a patch of shadow at this point. He had his eyes on Wu Yu and was hiding in the dark, awaiting the right moment to pounce forward. When he noticed that Wu Yu had regained consciousness, he immediately launched an attack. 

Vaguely, Wu Yu could see that it was a black, male lion with black flames raging over his entire body. His body was sizzling and his eyes looked exceptionally vehement. Perhaps he had been around here for long and therefore Wu Yu could sense creepy and brutal vibes from him, similar to the ghostly cultivators. 

Wu Yu wouldn't be courteous with him. His man body remained unmoved while the Dark North Royal Obelisk in the hand of the Heaven Devouring Avatar instantly morphed into a long, metal whip. He flicked out abruptly and the rampaging whip hidden in an overwhelming cold wave clashed with that black, male lion instantly. 

"Dark North Saintly Dragon Formation!" 

At this point, the Heaven Devouring Avatar triggered the spirit design in the Dark North Royal Obelisk. Amid the searing Infernal Inferno, a frosty attack from the Dark North Royal Obelisk was exceptionally glaring. When the freeze emerged from the boiling magma, even the surrounding magma froze into ice! 

The long whip in his hand morphed into a black dragon tail. Wherever the dragon tail swept, the area would be frozen instantly. The male lion was hit directly and numerous black symbols appeared all over his entire body. The male lion was frozen instantly and his huge body was turned into an ice sculpture under Wu Yu's control. The Dark North Royal Obelisk extended indefinitely, wrapped around the lion, and completely immobilized the demon. 

Taking a closer look, the demon was likely at the ninth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. This level would still work against the main body. However, clashing with the Heaven Devouring Avatar was no different from courting his own death. Luckily, Wu Yu didn't kill him right away. Otherwise, as long as the Dark North Royal Obelisk tightened, he would be ripped into pieces. 

After being immobilized by Wu Yu, the lion transformed into human form in a hurry. He was a wild-looking young man with a dark skin tone. He had initially thought he would break free from the imprisonment of the Dark North Royal Obelisk by transforming into his human form. However, the truth was different from what he expected. This was because as he shrank, the Dark North Royal Obelisk also tightened and tightly coiled around his body, with the reversed spikes plunged into his flesh. The key was that those black, dragon-shaped symbols were still distributed over his body. As long as these symbols were present, he wouldn't be able to break away from the restraints of the chill, even in the sizzling hot Infernal Inferno. 

"How dare you imprison me! I'm a Stygian Immortal Kunwu, a demon with the utmost noble bloodline in the demon race! Do you believe I'll crush you into smithereens when I reach adulthood?" He was indeed a young man and was still so naive to talk about what would happen when he reached adulthood. 

Stygian Immortal Kunwu?

Taking a closer look, he did look a little similar to the Three Immortals Kunwu that the Full Moon of Nanshan had defeated. The differences were that the Three Immortals Kunwu was entirely golden in color and had three heads, while the Stygian Immortal Kunwu only had one head. 

"Stygian Immortal Kunwu? In that case, his bloodline is indeed something and isn't at the same level as that of the Three Immortals Kunwu. Under ordinary circumstances, he should be able to reach the level of Qu Yin." Ming Long was also a little surprised. Moreover, this was the first demon that they had encountered in this place. 

Wu Yu couldn't care less about him. Bloodline was like one's talent. Before talents or bloodline materialized as strength, they were fleeting. He tightened the Dark North Royal Obelisk, sending that Stygian Immortal Kunwu crying miserably. After which, he smiled and questioned, "You sure are brave to ambush me! I know that your bloodline is precious and that you have a bright future ahead. However, I have no intention of letting you reach adulthood. In fact, you won't live past today!" 

Wu Yu tittered and had intimidated the other party. Moreover, the might of the Dark North Royal Obelisk, and especially the reversed spikes, had made him experience unbearable pain. The demon gnashed his teeth and was starting to feel flustered. He said, "It's my fault. I shouldn't have attacked you. I beg you to be magnanimous and let me off. I'll never dare to do it again." 

This brat was really like a kid! If it was any other person, Wu Yu would definitely choose to send him to the afterlife. After all, he could trade him for merits. Wu Yu didn't need merits, but he had other issues. Therefore, he asked, "If you can answer my questions honestly, I don't mind sparing your dog life." 

"I'm not a dog! I'm a Stygian Immortal Kunwu!" Even at this stage, he wanted to correct Wu Yu. 

"Regardless, the key lies with your answers!" 

"Just ask what you want, but I probably won't know anything." The Stygian Immortal Kunwu frowned as he looked at him. 

Wu Yu didn't want to waste time and went straight to the point. "I'm looking for the Ghostly Artificer. Do you know where he is?" 

"Ghostly Artificer?" His expression changed and he looked at Wu Yu in shock. He couldn't hold back and exclaimed, "Some time ago, I heard him boasting about killing seven hidden dragon generals. Every single one of them was a young talent. It appears that it is the truth? And you are standing up for those eight people? How many people are coming for the Ghostly Artificer?" 

He clearly knew who the Ghostly Artificer was, and this was a great thing for Wu Yu. Moreover, the Ghostly Artificer had even spread news of him killing the seven people, likely in an attempt to gain fame. 

"Where is he currently?" Wu Yu asked solemnly. 

"Crap! He's obviously in hiding after killing them, hiding as far as he can in a place where you guys would never reach. He will only come out after 10 or 20 years. If I were him, I wouldn't show myself for 30 years. After all, he's the man of the hour and commands respect wherever he goes." 

This was indeed a tough nut to crack. 

Wu Yu tightened the grip of the Dark North Royal Obelisk once again and questioned, "Spare me your crap and tell me directly. Where is he hiding? Don't play tricks in front of me. I can send you to hell in a single instant! You definitely know his whereabouts." 

In fact, with him being so showy, many Ghostly Yan Tribe members would likely know about his whereabouts. 

The Stygian Immortal Kunwu cried out in pain. Eventually, he said, "Bloody Yan Cave! Our base camp! Do you dare to go there?" 

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