Chapter 0842: Revisiting the Inferno World

As competitors, there was probably discontent between them because of the Unbounded Sky Pillar. 

They competed in speed with various dao techniques and other means without holding anything back. 

Naturally, they wouldn't want to see each other. Therefore, they separated a little and kept away from each others' sight. 

An alliance of three or even two wouldn't be possible in this contest. This was because there would only be one person who would be awarded the Unbounded Sky Pillar in the end. 

The truth was, killing the Ghostly Artificer would be daunting. However, merely locating him would be equally challenging. 

"The deepest area of the Infernal Inferno is where the Ghostly Yan Tribe is gathered. It has been a long time since any martial cultivator has returned alive after entering it. No one knows the situation within. Typically, the Ghostly Yan Tribe would retreat to this depth. If the Ghostly Artificer is to hide in the deepest area, it would really be difficult to find him. Moreover, there are innumerable experts of the Ghostly Yan Tribe in that vicinity." 

Wu Yu wasn’t a match for the Ghostly Artificer at this moment. Therefore, the chances of him completing the mission were slim. 

However, his thoughts on this was to see this mission as a long term mission. After all, others wouldn't succeed any time soon. 

The Infernal Inferno was a really great place of trials. If Wu Yu could advance further in terms of his dao, he would benefit greatly. In the Immortal's Capital, Wu Yu couldn't possibly kill and fight to his heart's content. 

The Somersault Cloud had now appeared as a cloud in the sky. Sitting with his legs crossed, he advanced as the cloud jumped. He could also use the travelling time to ponder about other matters, such as mystiques and dao techniques. 

As he gradually overtook those yan dragon generals with many more years of cultivation, their eyes widened in disbelief and their expressions were hilarious. They were giving their all and yet Wu Yu was overtaking them while looking casual and relaxed. 

A burly hunk even berated unconsciously when Wu Yu overtook him easily. 

However, Wu Yu left him in the dust the next moment. 

As for Liu Youyou, she had the right demeanor and upbringing. She simply smiled warmly at Wu Yu. However, Wu Yu still zoomed past her rapidly. 

A short distance front-left was Yu Chenyang. 

He had been aware of Wu Yu for some time. While advancing, he stared at Wu Yu coldly. When Wu Yu overtook him, he suddenly blurted, "Wu Yu, you must have arranged for the matter of the Unbounded Sky Pillar, right? We fought for the Unbounded Sky Pillar for three years and Honored General Qu didn't say a word. It can't be that he's bringing this up now shortly after your appearance. Moreover, the Thunder Flame Army losing their men had nothing to do with us!" 

It seemed like he was still sensitive and could even see the truth behind this incident. 

Wu Yu paused for a moment to see how he would react. He hadn't exposed Qu Yin on the spot but chosen to speak to Wu Yu here. From this, Wu Yu knew that he wouldn't want the truth to spread. Even if he were to spread the truth, no one might believe him. 

"However, I'll still have to thank you. If it wasn't because of you, we wouldn't have an opportunity like this. The Honored General is still kind to us for giving us an opportunity to compete for it fairly. He only gave you the qualification to participate and not directly to you! I respect the Honored General. Nonetheless, let me tell you this. It's just your wishful thinking to dream of getting the Unbounded Sky Pillar. Not everything will go as smoothly as you envisioned. We are very clear of your might." 

He indeed didn't want this to be known by all. This was because he was smart to notice that if it wasn't for Wu Yu, he wouldn't even have the opportunity to compete for it. 

"That would be even better. Let's speak with our fists." Wu Yu didn't stay for long. Before the eyes of Yu Chenyang, he accelerated and left him behind. His relaxed and carefree look formed a stark contrast with Yu Chenyang giving all he had. 

Wu Yu overtook all the yan dragon generals and left these seniors in the dust. All his competitors were extremely powerful this time. In the Infernal Inferno, Wu Yu's greatest advantage was that he could stay alive. Just the second tier of the Somersault Cloud would allow him to escape from wherever he entered. With this, he would be able to enter a lot more areas than other yan dragon generals. 

His weakness was that he didn't have any hope of killing the Ghostly Artificer at this moment. The Ghostly Artificer was simply too strong. 

He arrived above the Infernal Inferno even faster this time around. Magma was boiling on the inky-black ground below him, forming a huge, red network with no end in sight. On the vast piece of land were eight fortresses stationed in eight different directions. Vaguely, they formed a spirit design. Wu Yu and the groups' objective was none other than the Yan Dragon Fortress. 

As Qu Yin had instructed his men here, when Wu Yu arrived above the Yan Dragon Fortress, several heaven dragon generals stationed in this place opened the huge gates. 

Wu Yu entered swiftly. It would take at least half a day more for the others to reach this place. 

"Have you guys heard about it? The Army General has gathered several yan dragon generals to hunt for the Ghostly Artificer from the Ghostly Yan Tribe. The one who succeeds will get an advanced dao treasure known as the Unbounded Sky Pillar!" 

"Yeah, I heard about it. It is said that the Unbounded Sky Pillar is exceptionally powerful. There are even a few heaven dragon generals who want it. However, the Army General has long said that the Unbounded Sky Pillar would be awarded to the most outstanding yan dragon general. Therefore, he has put it up as the reward for killing the Ghostly Artificer. It appears that our Army General is furious that the Ghostly Artificer has killed members of our Yan Huang Tribe." 

"I wonder, which yan dragon general will be able to kill the Ghostly Artificer? Who will be rewarded with the Unbounded Sky Pillar? Who will be the one who will exact revenge for the fallen from the Thunder Flame Army? These are all youths with immense backing. Over the past few days, several of them have entered. The Ghostly Artificer is definitely not going to escape this time." 

"I don't think it's that simple. The Infernal Inferno is simply too big and the Ghostly Yan Tribe has too many areas to hide. If they choose to hide in the deepest depths of the Infernal Inferno and not appear for a few years, the yan dragon generals and thunder flame generals will likely have to wait for a few years as well." 

"I also don't think this will be easy." 

When Wu Yu entered, he could vaguely hear the discussion among several guards. It seemed like the news had just reached this place. 

"I heard that Kingmaker Le, who had an exceptional performance during the appointment ceremony, will also be here. Kingmaker Le barely escaped from the hands of the Ghostly Artificer previously. Is he courting death by coming over again? If I were the Ghostly Artificer, I'd never let him escape from my clutches twice in a row." 

"He can defeat several Kingmakers, but a Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm cultivator would still easily roll over him. In the end, the Regent still didn't dare to arrange a Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm opponent for him. That's probably because he was afraid of extinguishing the legends surrounding him." 

"That's a given. However, I know what Kingmaker Le is coming from. As the saying goes, a human dies for wealth, while a bird dies for food. Kingmaker Le is here for our Yan Dragon Army's Unbounded Sky Pillar!" 

"Is that so? It's not surprising then that he's back to take the risk. That's... that belongs to our Yan Dragon Army!" 

"When Honored General Qu announced the reward, Prince Le happened to visit Qu Haoyan and overheard him. Wu Yu instantly raised his request to participate. Our Honored General had to agree to it as he had to show Prince Le some respect. However, no one has to worry. Wu Yu is just cannon fodder. In the contests with those similar to his age, like the Dark North Battle for Supremacy or the appointment ceremony, he never needed to face life-threatening danger. Once he's thrown into a situation of slaughter, he probably won't understand how he died in the face of so many Ghostly Yan Tribe members. He can simply forget about killing the Ghostly Artificer." 

“If he can kill the Ghostly Artificer and get the Unbounded Sky Pillar, I'll sever my own head off personally!" 

"Stop! Look right there! Is that person who is diving down Wu Yu?" 

The group looked far ahead and saw a man surrounded in white clouds suddenly appearing over the Yan Dragon Formation. The next moment, he dived into the ancient well below him and into the Infernal Inferno soon after. 

"It's him! Who would have expected him to be here so quickly?" 

"He's really fast. Could he have heard what we are speaking about?" 

"Relax. If he heard us, he would have given us hell. Look at how anxious he was to enter the Infernal Inferno! Does he really think he can kill the Ghostly Artificer? What wishful thinking...." 

The group scoffed at the idea secretly. 

Wu Yu didn't stay around for a single moment more as he dived into the magma below him and into the underground space. 

Without the Full Moon of Nanshan with him this time, he kept his Heaven Devouring Avatar in the Floating Dreams Pagoda. His body descended rapidly, and it was simple for his Invincible Vajra Body to resist this level of heat. Soon after, he reached a depth where he was fully surrounded by magma. Scorching hot temperatures that could even reduce metal and precious treasures into dust swept across him. 

However, this was just the surface of the Infernal Inferno. 

Wu Yu continued diving down like a fish in water. Obviously, he knew it wouldn't be easy to find the Ghostly Artificer. Therefore, he wasn't in a rush at all. What he wanted was trials and to search for information on his challenge. If there was news, he definitely wouldn't let it go. Truth be told, trials in this place were even more suitable for him than the Ghost Sea Prison and the Alternate World. This was because he was fearless towards the scorching heat of this place. 

He spent an entire day diving deeper down. Initially, he could still see a number of martial cultivators from the Eight Main Armies searching for Ghostly Yan Tribe members. Occasionally, he would also see one or two Ghostly Yan Tribe members hunting martial cultivators. None of this stopped him from diving deeper. At this point, he had exceeded the depth he reached previously and the heat around him was on a whole different level than those on the outside. The golden magma from before had now turned a little blood-red. Moreover, the scorching hot spiritual qi became explosive on contact with the magma. Boiling mist was constantly released in all directions, and Wu Yu's body was torched red by now. 

"It's really a miracle that the Ghostly Yan Tribe could survive in a place like this after living here for so long.

"The reason why the higher one goes in the Infernal Inferno, the weaker the Ghostly Yan Tribe member is likely because weak members can't withstand the heat of this depth...." 

He looked down and noticed that he could still go a lot deeper into the Infernal Inferno. 

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