Chapter 0841: The Hunt Begins

"So that's how's it is." Prince Le nodded before continuing, "It's time we let those trash from the Ghostly Yan Tribe understand that we are their masters. You guys are really lucky. From what I know, that Unbounded Sky Pillar is an incredible advanced dao treasure. It is said that it was forged by the Unbounded Ancestor countless years ago. Shortly after forging the Unbounded Sky Pillar, he achieved immortalhood. Rumor has it that he had imbued his entire life of immortal dao and understanding onto the Unbounded Sky Pillar. As such, even when compared to other advanced dao treasures, the Unbounded Sky Pillar could still be considered as top-class." 

He was just lamenting without other intentions. However, those who heard him were doubting him. For an opportunity to get the Unbounded Sky Pillar, Wu Yu obviously knew it was time for him to put up a show. He suddenly turned to Prince Le and Qu Yin and said solemnly, "Prince, Honored General Qu. I almost lost my life to the Ghostly Artificer previously and he forced our brothers and sisters from the Thunder Flame Army to kill each other before my eyes. I also have a deep enmity against a brutal enemy like him. I plead both of you to allow me to participate. First, it is to take revenge for myself, and second, it is to avenge the hidden dragon generals of the Thunder Flame Army." 

For him to raise a request like this under such circumstances could be seen as rather natural. 

When the yan dragon generals heard him, they clearly looked displeased about the request. At this point, Qu Yin had not spoken and therefore it wouldn't be their turn to express their views. 

Moreover, what Wu Yu had said was completely reasonable. There was indeed deep enmity Between the Ghostly Artificer and him. 

Hearing Wu Yu, Prince Le said with a smile, "Although Wu Yu might not be a match for the Ghostly Artificer, I realize that his ability to flee for his life is peerless. I'd feel assured to let him into the Infernal Inferno to hunt for the Ghostly Artificer. Perhaps he would be able to provide some help to the various yan dragon generals. Since he has such a thought, Honored General Qu, just agree to it. After all, he has nothing on his schedule for the near term." 

This was Prince Le putting in word for Wu Yu personally. 

Initially, Qu Yin looked as though he was in a difficult position. After pondering for some time, he said, "The Ghostly Artificer is an experienced Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm cultivator. Moreover, he's a ghostly cultivator known for his myriad of brutal means. Wu Yu is far from being a match for him." 

Wu Yu answered solemnly, "Honored General, in the Infernal Inferno, one's strength level isn't the only factor to who will survive. I'll definitely make the Ghostly Artificer pay me back what he owes me!" 

At this point, those yan dragon generals could no longer sit back. Among them, Yu Chenyang was the youngest. He looked at Wu Yu with contempt and said, "Don't make it sound so grand. You must have heard about the Unbounded Sky Pillar and desire it. Would you dare to say the Unbounded Sky Pillar isn't a factor for your decision to go? If you could kill the Ghostly Artificer but we didn't give you the Unbounded Sky Pillar, what would be your choice then?" 

"The Unbounded Sky Pillar should go to the one who kills the Ghostly Artificer. It seems like you don't even have the confidence for it. And you are worrying that I would snatch the Unbounded Sky Pillar from you? Hilarious!" Wu Yu put on a strong confrontational stand. 

He was also showing his attitude in this. He really wanted to kill the Ghostly Artificer, but, similar to others, he was also after the Unbounded Sky Pillar. 

"You? Thinking of getting the Unbounded Sky Pillar? Kingmaker Le, you might be peerless among those around your age in the Immortal's Capital. However, you are still too young to compete with old folks like us!" a middle-aged man interjected. 

Other than Yu Chenyang, the other few didn't have such intense animosity against Wu Yu. Wu Yu had, in fact, seen information on them. The man who had spoken had a neat and refined appearance, and his slightly grey hair was tied into a tail. He was Fang Mingjing, one of the yan dragon generals who would be competing for the Unbounded Sky Pillar this time. 

Yu Chenyang was infuriated after Wu Yu retorted to him. After Fang Mingjing had spoken, he gnashed his teeth and said, "We aren't worried at all that you can kill the Ghostly Artificer, let alone compete against us. We just feel that you shouldn't get a chance to take something that belongs to our Yan Dragon Army." 

Wu Yu had a deeper grin. "Since you aren't worried, why are you even contemplating such a possibility? Just say if you lack the guts and stop trying to justify yourself. If you say you are afraid outright, I'll tell Prince Le and Honored General Qu that I won't participate in this." 

Wu Yu had used reverse-psychology perfectly. The higher Yu Chenyang wanted to make himself appear above Wu Yu, the more effective it would be for Wu Yu's approach. 

"Let's not make things too stale. Brother Yu, don't be so impulsive. As for who can get the Unbounded Sky Pillar, it will be dependent on one's ability. All we have to do is what is expected of us and then let the Honored General make the decision." They had not expected someone among the yan dragon generals to speak for Qu Yin. This was a girl who had likely cultivated for more than 200 years. She wouldn't be considered young, but she had a unique charm of her own. One could also not see any signs of aging on her. Every action of hers was alluring. Regardless of figure or her features, they were elite. Compared to the young and shy girls Wu Yu had seen often, she had a more mature beauty. This person was Liu Youyou, a competitor. 

Liu Youyou's chuckling instantly alleviated the intense atmosphere substantially. It was then that they turned their attention to Qu Yin. Liu Youyou was right. This was something for Qu Yin to decide. Moreover, Prince Le had the highest standing among them. Although Yu Chenyang's younger brother could be considered the emperor's son-in-law, he couldn't compare with the standing and status of Prince Le. 

Qu Yin looked at Wu Yu before turning to look at Prince Le. He said, "Since Prince Le has fought for Wu Yu and Wu Yu indeed has a grudge against the Ghostly Artificer, I'll agree to letting Kingmaker Le participate in this hunt. If Kingmaker Le is really more outstanding than all my yan dragon generals by killing the Ghostly Artificer and doing the Yan Huang Ancient Country a favor, I believe no one would be against the idea of me awarding the Unbounded Sky Pillar to Kingmaker Le." 

With the right opportunity, it was obviously alright for him to say so. 

"As for others, what you guys should be doing is thinking of ways to hunt down the Ghostly Artificer. Our Yan Dragon Army is mobilizing so many yan dragon generals for this. If the Unbounded Sky Pillar ends up going to Kingmaker Le, we will be the butt of the joke for the public. I believe you guys wouldn't embarrass me and make me a joke of the world, right?" 

What he meant was that whether Wu Yu could participate wouldn't be key. Even if Wu Yu were to participate, it shouldn't affect them. Everything still relied on oneself. This was because even without Wu Yu, they were facing intense competition internally. 

Yu Chenyang was the most dissatisfied. The other yan dragon generals were slightly older, with greater experience. They knew that Prince Le was the man of the hour and that even the Regent had shown him some grace. As such, Qu Yin had to as well. Prince Le happened to overhear and had made his request. As such, Qu Yin couldn't reject him. Moreover, Prince Le's request wasn't overboard. All he wanted was to give Wu Yu a slim chance to compete. 

In that case, everything would be explainable. Even though Yu Chenyang wasn't comfortable, he couldn't possibly object. 

In the end, they had to speak with their own strength. This was also the choice Wu Yu had made. He believed this minor request wouldn't challenge Qu Yin's authority in the army yet. 

Therefore, as long as Wu Yu could accept it, it would be a win-win situation for all. 

Prince Le was satisfied and asked Qu Yin, "When are they heading off?" 

"They will head out after I make the announcement. I wonder, does Kingmaker Le need to make preparations?" 

Wu Yu shook his head and answered, "I can head out at any time. It would be fine even if it is right now." 

"Alright, in that case, you guys shall bring our guest, Kingmaker Le, to the Yan Dragon Fortress. There isn't any time restriction this time - it will only end when the Ghostly Artificer is dead. At that time, bring the corpse of the Ghostly Artificer back in exchange for the Unbounded Sky Pillar." 

"Yes!" Wu Yu's participation was now a fact that couldn't be changed and therefore the majority of the yan dragon generals had accepted it. The surrounding hidden dragon generals exchanged glances and didn't find anything to speak of. This was also because they didn't believe Wu Yu would be capable of killing the Ghostly Artificer before so many people. Moreover, it was clear that the yan dragon generals were all Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm cultivators with over 200 years of cultivation. They were different from those martial cultivators with fewer than 100 years of cultivation that Wu Yu had encountered previously. This group had a greater abundance of experiences and strength. In fact, they were largely a generation before Wu Yu. 

Having talent alone wouldn't be sufficient to compete with those from the previous generation. 

"Let's head out. I'll be waiting for the good news. Whoever is able to kill the Ghostly Artificer will also bring honor to our Yan Dragon Army." 

They didn't bring many Yan Dragon Guards with them this time; the group naturally headed towards the Yan Dragon Fortress on their own. Luckily, Wu Yu knew the direction of the Yan Dragon Fortress. The truth was, they were also competing in speed. After Qu Yin had finished his words, they maximized their speed and flew towards the Yan Dragon Fortress, saving every second they could. All of a sudden, other than Wu Yu, everyone had disappeared from sight. 

"Wu Yu, you should be heading off as well," Prince Le said with a smile.

They had accomplished their objective. 

"I'm not in a hurry. Even if I'm the first to arrive, no one will be there to open the gates of the Yan Dragon Fortress for me," Wu Yu said casually, seething in confidence. 

Qu Yin said, "Just go as fast as you can. I'll send a message to the Yan Dragon Fortress. They will open the gates once they see you." 

Having assurance, Wu Yu no longer stood on ceremony. He summoned the Somersault Cloud, lied on it, and bade farewell to the rest before giving chase to those that had just left. 

After Wu Yu left, Qu Yin and Prince Le exchanged glances and smiled. 

Qu Yin asked, "Are you sure he will gain something in such an intense competition?" 

"I have no idea as well. However, I've never seen him fail. Therefore, let's just wait in anticipation." 

Qu Yin recalled Wu Yu's performance in the Dark North Battle for Supremacy. At the start, it appeared that he had no hope as well. However, it was him who was awarded the Dark North Royal Obelisk in the end. 

"Let's just wait in anticipation then." 

There were few who knew about this, and for Qu Yin, it was better this way. 

Wu Yu had long disappeared from their vision. The rest didn't have a head start for long. Although they were rushing with their top speed, Wu Yu gradually caught up to them. 

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