Chapter 0840: A Perfect Plan

Next was to think of the way.

Qu Yin, Prince Le, and Wu Yu were all thinking about it.

It was a rather perplexing problem.

From Qu Yin's point of view, he did not want to reject Prince Le's request. On the other hand, he could not let his own reputation be severely compromised, whether in the Yan Dragon Army or in the Yan Huang Ancient Country.

If he was seen to blatantly favor Wu Yu, that would be the result. After all, the Unbounded Sky Pillar belonged to the Yan Dragon Army. Qu Yin could give it to any yan dragon general, or even a hidden dragon general. But he could not just give it to anyone outside of the Yan Dragon Army.

"Remember how Wu Yu went to the Infernal Inferno and there was a Ghostly Yan Tribe member called Ghostly Artificer? A major affair where many of the Thunder Flame Army's hidden dragon generals died, and Wu Yu was the only one who escaped...."

Qu Yin suddenly brought this up. Evidently, he had the vague outline of a plan.

"Yes, it happened." Wu Yu nodded to Qu Yin. In truth, after the appointment ceremony ended, the Thunder Flame Army people had even come to find Wu Yu. However, Wu Yu was in reclusion at the time, training his Barren Great Dao Finger. Therefore, even the Thunder Flame Army could not meet Wu Yu, and they needed a conclusion to that affair.

Of course, because of Wu Yu's stellar performance in the appointment ceremony, the Thunder Flame Army did not dare to cross him too casually.

Right now, they had heard of Wu Yu coming back out, and they would probably make a revisit.

"The Thunder Flame Army is still investigating. It's said that they were caught in some sort of spirit design from the Ghostly Artificer, which made them turn on each other. The Thunder Flame Army had also found the remnant traces of the spirit design, and it was coherent with your story. Of course, they might blame you for not helping them, but anyone who thought it through would know that you would have had your hands full with self-preservation before the Ghostly Artificer."

All of this was just the preamble.

There was definitely no suspicion that Wu Yu was involved in that tragedy.

"So, what's the plan?" Prince Le asked.

Qu Yin paused, then said, "There is an idea here, but it might be a little difficult for Wu Yu. I cannot be certain that he can do it, and the odds might even be slim."

"Just speak your mind."

"I can set up a challenge that allows the hidden dragon generals to join and hunt the Ghostly Artificer, as vengeance for harming the hidden dragon generals of the Yan Huang Ancient Country. I will offer the Unbounded Sky Pillar as the reward, and whoever kills him will get the Unbounded Sky Pillar. That would be sufficient motivation."

If that was the case, then offering a treasure like the Unbounded Sky Pillar as reward would not be unreasonable. If Wu Yu did not join, it would be even more understandable. It would not just be the Yan Dragon Army. Those from the Thunder Flame Army could also have a shot at the reward, and hunt the Ghostly Artificer.

"Ghostly Artificer? And how will I participate?"

Qu Yin said, "That's the easier part. I will choose a day to announce it to the yan dragon generals. At that time, Prince Le could coincidentally come over with you, and you could coincidentally overhear about this. Declare that you would also like to take revenge on the Ghostly Artificer, and also a chance at the Unbounded Sky Pillar. With Prince Le backing you up, and some psychological trickery to goad the yan dragon generals' pride, there shouldn't be a problem. As yan dragon generals, they are prideful, and all at the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm. They won't think much of another competitor of your caliber."

This sounded like a plausible plan indeed.

Prince Le frowned. "This is indeed reasonable, but the odds of Wu Yu obtaining the Unbounded Sky Pillar would be too low. The chances are practically zero. Forget how strong the Ghostly Artificer is, no one has caught him in so many years. And Wu Yu can't even outclass any of these opponents yet. How is he to get the Unbounded Sky Pillar?"

He was quite unhappy. Although this was a good idea for Qu Yin, and would ensure no suspicion fell on him if Wu Yu won the Unbounded Sky Pillar in the end, this was a little too dependent on Wu Yu's own ability, and Prince Le felt that it was undoable. Although the Unbounded Sky Pillar might be handed out in the end, the one who won might not be Wu Yu. Qu Yin was also caught in a bit of a dilemma.

Wu Yu thought it over and said, "I think this is plenty. All I need is a chance. In the end, it comes down to me. If it was not meant to be, I can't force the issue either. Regardless, I am rather confident."

After all, a place like the Infernal Inferno depended on chance, luck, and how one dealt with the above. It was not always purely ability that would allow one to kill the Ghostly Artificer.

Even before Prince Le had agreed, Wu Yu was already on board.

"Are you sure it's fine?" Prince Le asked him again.

Wu Yu smiled. "What you gain for free will not be truly yours. I would rather try my best and strive for it."

This was his will, his nature. He never shirked from competition. Any chance for competition was a challenge for him, and challenge meant improvement. And improvement led to immortalhood!

"Very well." If that was the case, then Prince Le would also not want to put Qu Yin in a tight spot.

Qu Yin looked at Wu Yu approvingly and nodded. "Then we will meet in three days' time, at noon. I will call them at the time, and announce the matter of the Ghostly Artificer. Be here at that time, and I will also help to support you. All will be well."

This was no problem.

"Can I go along?" the Full Moon of Nanshan asked.

"Probably not. They will already be grumbling that I am going in, and will definitely be suspecting that someone will be helping me from the shadows," Wu Yu mused.

"That's true. I will wait here for your news." Right now, Wu Yu had already been appointed as Kingmaker Le, and the Prince would take care of the Full Moon of Nanshan. Therefore, he did not need to stick to Wu Yu constantly. Besides, a place like the Infernal Inferno was not that suited for him. The deeper he went, the more sweltering the magma was. It was unbearable for him.

After tying down the details, they returned to Prince Le's residence.

Three days passed, and Prince Le called Wu Yu when the time was near. The two headed unaccompanied to the Yan Dragon Army. When they reached the Yan Dragon Army, Qu Yin was indeed announcing the matter of hunting the Ghostly Artificer. There were many people present, and Prince Le had grasped the timing perfectly. The moment they entered, they could hear Qu Yin's most crucial phrase. "Whoever kills the Ghostly Artificer and avenges the Thunder Flame Army will be given the Unbounded Sky Pillar by me!"

At this time, the atmosphere reached a crescendo. The frontmost yan dragon generals were filled with excitement and enthusiasm, their eyes shining. They had all been eying the Unbounded Sky Pillar for the longest time. This was an advanced dao treasure that no amount of merits could obtain. It was the most precious resource of the Yan Dragon Army, and had to be personally given out by Qu Yin. "Ghostly Artificer?" Prince Le, walking with Wu Yu by his side, heard those two words. He smiled as he said, "General Qu, I just heard you say ;Ghostly Artificer.; What do you want with him?"

The others saw that Prince Le had arrived, and he was currently the hot favorite amongst the royal siblings. Everyone was still grappling with their excitement, and hurriedly fell to their knees, chorusing in unison, "Hail Prince Le!"

"Dispense with the courtesies. Rise." Prince Le looked to be in an excellent mood.

Many gathered were at least hidden dragon generals, and a handful of yan dragon generals. Wu Yu also spotted three familiar faces. Amongst the hidden dragon generals, Liu Yuan and Yu Chenyu were present. And Yu Chenyang was in the ranks of the yan dragon generals. The yan dragon generals here were all interested in the Unbounded Sky Pillar, and clearly Yu Chenyang also wanted it.

They looked at Wu Yu with complex expressions. Liu Yuan was the exception. She had seen his performance during the appointment ceremony, and right now was looking at Wu Yu as though stars were falling out of her eyes. She made eyes at Wu Yu from afar.

"My apologies for not coming to meet Prince Le. I wonder what business the Prince has?"

Prince Le said, "Nothing much, I was passing by to see if Qu Haoyan had come out of seclusion."

Prince Le and Qu Haoyan were on good terms, and this was public news. Qu Haoyan had been in seclusion recently, charging to a new cultivation level. This, too, was known to many in the Yan Dragon Army.

The story up till now was watertight, and entirely within the realms of plausibility. Prince Le smiled at them as he continued, "I heard you speak of the Ghostly Artificer. Wu Yu was in the Infernal Inferno and barely escaped from the clutches of death at the Ghostly Artificer's hands. Good General Qu, what are your plans to deal with the Ghostly Artificer? After all, I heard that he killed a good number of Thunder Flame Army hidden dragon generals. Many from the Thunder Flame Army already headed out to kill the Ghostly Artificer."

This was all a charade, and they reeled in the yan dragon generals and hidden dragon generals without a hitch. Also because they had no right to speak up now.

Qu Yin nodded. "The Ghostly Artificer is too bold. The Ghostly Yan Tribe should be the slave puppets of the Yan Huang Tribe, but they dare to lay hands on the Yan Huang Tribe's hidden dragon generals. Besides, he killed seven, and incited public anger. We, the elite of the army, must definitely take revenge for our brothers and sisters. Of course, the Ghostly Artificer is very strong; therefore, I only allowed yan dragon generals to participate in the hunt for the Ghostly Artificer in the Infernal Inferno. More, I have offered the treasure of the Yan Dragon Army, the Unbounded Sky Pillar as reward."

Qu Yin had just announced this news, and the yan dragon generals who were qualified to participate were still celebrating, Yu Chenyang included.

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