Chapter 0084: Lan Shuiyue

"You want the second tier of the Invincible Vajra Body? Luckily, Granny here trained that immortality art before."

Just as Wu Yu was about to enter the Scripture Holding Depository, Ming Long suddenly spoke up. But from her tone, he already knew what she was up to.

"What terms?" Wu Yu understood her now and got straight down to business.

In truth, he really, really wanted it.

Ming Long cackled. "Oh, don't be so blunt. You have me so embarrassed now. An almighty demon like myself, you make it seem like I have some design on you."

"So you can just give it to me?" Wu Yu asked.

"That won't do. Bargains are bargains. How about this? I just have a small request. When I'm reincarnated, you have to help me once. Just once, no matter what I ask of you, you have to help me do it."

"Forget it."

Wu Yu truly had no idea whether she was good or evil. Help her once? He could not do it. What if she had Wu Yu killing mortals? He would definitely not do such things.

"Aiyee, you moronic monkey, you don't even want the Invincible Vajra Body?" Ming Long fumed.

Wu Yu thought about it. "I have my own principles. I will not agree to such a vague matter. Besides, since the Ruyi Jingu Bang has chosen me as the heir, then you are simply an accident. I think that the Great Sage will grant me what I need personally."

He did not believe that he could not attain the second tier, having already attained the first tier.

"Damn me! You'll be the death of Old Mother here. You bastard, you're really cheeky. Hmph! You just go and try! I want to see how you reach the second tier!"

Ming Long stomped her foot angrily, cursing and ranting. Seeing Wu Yu ignore her, she heaped another load of scorn on him, then clammed up, finding it fruitless.

As for how to deal with this Ming Long, Wu Yu had considered it before. He was still not familiar with her, so he could not take risks greedily. If he foolishly agreed to her conditions, who knew if there would be a trap waiting?

Presently, the Great Way of Immortality Art and the Fixed Body Art were already fairly decent.

Sometimes, Wu Yu would try to communicate directly with the Ruyi Jingu Bang. He could dimly sense a presence residing within the legendary object.

While Ming Long was still ranting in his ear, Wu Yu had already opened the doors to the Scripture Holding Depository and walked in.

There was a huge, empty space inside, lit by hundreds of candles. The light was not bright, and the shadows of the bookshelves flickered on the walls. There were hundreds of shelves, and each one held all kinds of scrolls - some new, some old. Each scroll held a dao technique.

"Although there are so many dao techniques, cultivating just five will be sufficient throughout the Qi Condensation Realm. If one is greedy, one's qi condensation will be affected. It's like neglecting the roots while chasing superficial results."

Therefore, the first dao technique that Wu Yu chose today would be very important. He would cultivate this first dao technique very thoroughly before seeking the next.

"The rule of the Dao Querying Pagoda is that each time you challenge it, you can only enter the Scripture Holding Depository once and take away one dao technique. You can challenge the same level at most twice, taking away two dao techniques. You can only take away a total of 10 dao techniques from the entire Dao Querying Pagoda."

All of this were supervised by the Lone Elder.

"Since I can take away at most 10 dao techniques, and each level is limited to two, then the next time I come, I should be challenging the fifth level. Anyway, I will probably only come once. The more I leave for later, the better it is."

Wu Yu had already planned all of this in advance.

Now, he had new insight into the true prowess of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal. He was an immortal in the sky palace! Wu Yu had confidence that he would at least reach the Jindan Realm. That should be no problem. His sights were set significantly higher than the other core disciples.

Each time he thought about his prowess, Wu Yu became excited. Of course, this was something that he could tell no one, not even Feng Xueya.

If this leaked out, he would lose his life.

Wu Yu thought as he browsed the scrolls on the shelves. This was the fourth level of the Scripture Holding Depository, and the dao techniques on display here were considerably stronger than the Art of Lightning Control.

"Somebody's here?"

Before he had taken two steps into the Scripture Holding Depository, Wu Yu could feel someone enter from behind.

He had not even been inside for 10 breaths.

"I just finished challenging the fourth level. Logically, the next challenger has to wait until all five of them are ready to receive the next challenge and then enter after succeeding. How can someone directly enter?"

This was a breach of the rules.

Wu Yu turned back. The person pushed open the doors to the Scripture Holding Depository and walked into Wu Yu's field of vision.

Although the light was dim, this girl seemed to radiate light. She wore an azure blue sword lanyard, her hair bunched back. An elegant nose and brow, and her eyes and teeth were bright. She seemed to give off an agile feel from deep within. She was about the same age as Wu Yu, and was quite pretty. Although she was not the goddess level of beauty that Su Yanli was, she outshone her with youthful energy that was lovable.

"Lan Shuiyue."

Wu Yu naturally recognized her.

This girl was the personal disciple of the sect protector, Lan Huayi. She was ranked fourth and was the closest disciple in rank to Situ Minglang. It was said that she also claimed kinship with Lan Huayi - someone had heard her call Lan Huayi "Aunt."

In truth, Lan Huayi was like a princess in the Heavenly Sword Sect, with connections everywhere. Because she was watched over by Lan Huayi, she held herself more confidently as well. Lan Huayi was the person you wanted to mess with the least in the entire Heavenly Sword Sect.

When Wu Yu and Situ Minglang clashed back then, he had met her. When Wu Yu killed Situ Minglang, she had been standing behind Situ Minglang. She was also present at the battle on Immortal's Battle Stage, and had been angered by Wu Yu as well.

However, to Wu Yu, she was of Su Yanli's level, and he had no inclination to invite trouble. Seeing her here, he realized that she should be at the fourth tier of the Qi Condensation Realm, same as Jiang Junlin. She had not laid down her immortal roots.

The fourth spiritual source was called the High Rush Meridian, and it was on the foot, where the bones of the arch met the dip in front. Both feet had one each, and this fourth spiritual source was also divided into two halves - only forming a complete spiritual source when they were combined.

At the fourth tier, the chest, head, hands, and feet all had one spiritual source each.

This meant that Lan Shuiyue's position in the Heavenly Sword Sect should be roughly the same as Jiang Junlin's own in the Zhongyuan Dao Sect. It was rumored that the Sect Protector's second and third disciples also deferred to Lan Shuiyue's leadership, even though they were far stronger.

Wu Yu had not expected to meet her here.

From behind her, the Five Affinities Fencers crawled up. After all, if Lan Shuiyue was going to enter, they could not stop her. Besides, they had just been beaten by Wu Yu.

"Wu Yu! It's you!"

After Lan Shuiyue saw who it was, her face changed, becoming rigid. The temperature in the Scripture Holding Depository began to drop.

"According to the rules of the Dao Querying Pagoda, I just defeated them. They have not recovered, and you cannot challenge them, let alone enter." Wu Yu was rather unhappy that she had broken the rules.

"Who are you to mind me!?"

Lan Shuiyue said. With a loud pa, she slammed the door and walked in as if she owned the place, leaving the Five Affinities Fencers outside.

"What are rules? I've been in here five times and taken away seven dao techniques. If you want to mind me, go talk to my master!"

Lan Shuiyue laughed coldly. With a cold draft, she swept past Wu Yu, preparing to choose her dao techniques.

"Oh, and." After a few steps, Lan Shuiyue turned back. "Wu Yu, we will eventually come calling about the debt of my Junior Brother Minglang. Don't think you're something now that you're the Sect Leader's disciple. In my eyes, you're just a lowborn servant who should be dead! A sparrow is a sparrow. Don't think that you can compare to us just because you're perching on the same branch."

"Sparrow? Your chatter is the one that resembles a sparrow's."

Wu Yu laughed mirthlessly, lazy to heed her further. This Lan Shuiyue was clearly a crafty and unruly wench. A majority of the princesses in the palace had such a temperament, so he was used to it.


Lan Shuiyue sniffed.

Of course, fighting was expressly prohibited in the Scripture Holding Depository. If she attacked and destroyed the dao technique scrolls, then even she would be sealed for many years.

"Wait and see. I will soon be able to lay down immortal roots. At that time, not even Su Yanli will be my match. And you won't have long to live." Lan Shuiyue bit her red lip. Although her words were cruel, there contained a seductive quality in the candlelight.

She knew that Wu Yu had defeated Jiang Junlin. Lan Huayi also knew about it and thus pressured her. She had felt enormous stress then, and she came to resent Wu Yu for it.

The Sect Leader's disciples and the Sect Protector's disciples fought both on and off the record. It was not something recent. And presently, Feng Xueya's side was winning big!

"Oh. I'm so afraid."

Wu Yu laughed coldly, changing to a different spot. He continued to look for his first dao technique that would suit him. As for this Lan Shuiyue, he automatically ignored her.

Both abided in this quiet, sealed space. His presence would often disrupt her, and Lan Shuiyue was unable to intimidate Wu Yu. She grew more and more frustrated.

Lan Shuiyue gritted her teeth in the dark as she thought to herself, "I will definitely succeed in condensing my qi and surpass that ugly bitch Su Yanli!" 

Passing through the cluttered shelves, Wu Yu was engrossed.

"His first dao technique, and he's already here. How bold."

Actually, she did not resent Wu Yu because of Situ Minglang. She held no feelings for Situ Minglang. Besides, in the struggle between the two factions of disciples, her opponent should be Su Yanli.

Because Lan Shuiyue was younger, she was considered more talented than Su Yanli. But now that Wu Yu had returned, she began to feel uneasy again.

"I cannot let down the hopes that Aunt has for me!"

Lan Shuiyue gritted her teeth as she bent her head down again, looking for a dao technique that suited her. Although she had chosen seven dao techniques, some had not suited her, so she had returned.

Time passed slowly.

"It's been four days."

Wu Yu had looked through thousands of dao techniques. His only thought was: my vision is swimming, and it's difficult to choose.

Amongst them, approximately 100 were of fire and gold elements. He liked about 10 of them. But he could only choose one. All 10 had very strong powers.

Of course, just as Feng Xueya had said, a majority of them were sword dao techniques.

It might be because of that reason. All 10 types were very good, but none truly suited him. It was just like back then, when he had chosen his immortal treasure.

"This Golden Portal of Firestorms has nothing to do with swords."

Finally, Wu Yu's eyes locked onto one.


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