Chapter 0839: Unbounded Sky Pillar

Wu Yu now prioritized efficiency of time more than before.

To learn the strongest dao technique in the shortest time.

Because of the Heaven Devouring Avatar, the Barren Great Dao Finger was definitely suited to him.

Both the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast and the Barren Beast could steal via devouring, but the greatest difference was that the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast would convert the stolen power into its own attack and strength, whereas the Barren Beast could only rob life away, but could not change it further.

Still, that was enough for Wu Yu.

He only needed an attack.

With the innate devouring ability, he understood the fundamentals of the Barren Great Dao Finger. At the core of this dao technique was the same concept, albeit a variant in form.

Through the battles with the Barren Ancestor, he had endured hundreds of iterations of the Barren Great Dao Finger and developed an extremely deep understanding of this dao technique. The combination of the two made him pick up this dao technique at an even more ferocious pace than the Holy Elephant Hell-Shocking Technique.

The Floating Dreams Pagoda also gave him twice the amount of time compared to others.

Therefore, Wu Yu had thoroughly mastered the Barren Great Dao Finger before long. At the same time, he also successfully sent 10,000 clones to use it at the same time, concentrating the life devouring powers on his main body. The result was an effect that far exceeded what his real body alone was capable of. Wu Yu tested it and concluded that even when executed alone, this dao technique could probably defeat a ninth or 10th tier Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivator.

For example, it would have been serviceable against the four Kingmakers.

Right now, everything was going according to his plan. As for this dao technique's learning speed, Wu Yu was also very satisfied.

After some time, he wrapped it up, and it was time to go out to listen for news of Nangong Wei.

After this time, those people from before would probably have made every effort to search for information. After all, this was their best chance to get into Prince Le's good books.

As for Prince Le, in order to thank him for all his accomplishments, he would also do all that he could for Wu Yu.

The Full Moon of Nanshan had also been cultivating. Seeing Wu Yu, he said, "Prince Le came to look for you. He told you to look for him after you came out of seclusion."

"So there has been news?" Thinking of Nangong Wei, Wu Yu's heart rate sped up. He did not want her to be in a bad state, and was worried that it would be bad news.

The Full Moon of Nanshan had nothing much to do either, and followed him to where Prince Le was.

Prince Le was indeed improving quickly. It had not even been a month outside, yet Wu Yu could sense his marked improvement.

Wu Yu's face was tense as he asked immediately upon entering, "Prince Le was looking for me? News of Nangong Wei?" 

"Sorry to disappoint you. I've told many people to keep an ear out for news of Nangong Wei, but she might very well be in the sea region. No news yet."

Hearing this, Wu Yu breathed an unexpected sigh of relief. To him, no news was better than bad news.

Prince Le would not seek Wu Yu out for no reason, and therefore he hastened to put a smile on his face. "Although there has been no news of Nangong Wei, there is good news for you.... At least I think it qualifies as so."

"Please speak on, Prince Le."

Prince Le got straight to the point. "I recently heard of an advanced dao treasure more suited to your real body. It is similar in type to the Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff, but should be about three times stronger. Although its spirit design count is not as high as the Dark North Royal Obelisk, it is still not bad. However, because it is the property of the Yan Dragon Army, I cannot obtain it for you. The information was all that I could procure. And for now, the dao treasure is ownerless."

An advanced dao treasure was a valuable object even for those at the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm. Especially those such as these, which were the shared property of the Yan Dragon Army. Not even Qu Yin could settle the matter privately, as he would face communal dissent.

"However, I can take you to see Qu Yin to see if there is any way, or anything that can be done. Didn't he give you 500,000 merits before? Anything is possible."

Wu Yu had deep feelings for his 10,000 Dragons Staff, but if there was a better advanced dao treasure waiting for him, he would also find a new owner for the 10,000 Dragons Staff. After all, he could not possibly use the 10,000 Dragons Staff for the rest of his life. As his cultivation level rose, there would always be more appropriate dao treasures for him. And perhaps even the belongings of immortals, such as the Ruyi Jingu Bang.

The Yan Dragon Army had such a suitable advanced dao treasure, and Prince Le was willing to back him up. That was too good a deal to pass up on.

"If that's the case, then firstly let me thank the Prince. When do we go to find Qu Yin?"

Prince Le chuckled. "No time like the present. Let's go now. Since our status is on the rise, Qu Yin will definitely give our request full consideration."

Before entering the Taigu Immortal Path, Prince Le's insufficient abilities had made it difficult for him to even secure an advanced dao treasure.

The pair, along with the Full Moon of Nanshan, left immediately, heading out from Prince Le's residence in the direction of the Yan Dragon Army.

Right now, they were big shots in the Immortal's Capital. Everywhere they went, they created a stir. Wu Yu had not been so popular back in the Dark North Capital.

In contrast, Prince Le was used to such attention from a young age. Oblivious to it, he led Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan to the Yan Dragon Army in short order.

Qu Yin was at the most core location of the Yan Dragon Army. Without Qu Yin's permission, only yan dragon generals and heaven dragon generals could approach. In other words, those in the headquarters region were basically all at the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm.

Many were also middle-aged or old-aged, with more than 200 years of cultivation. They were the true strength of the Yan Dragon Army, while there were many youngsters among those not at the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm.

"Greetings to Prince Le and Kingmaker Le." A few yan dragon generals and heaven dragon generals they passed saluted them neutrally. They would only gossip after Wu Yu and the others had passed.

Of course, they spoke of the events during the appointment ceremony.

"I hear that Prince Le's elder siblings gathered for a discussion. They must be thinking of a way to trip these two up. Prince Le is young, and cannot best them."

"Then it will have to be Wu Yu. But Wu Yu is young as well. If anything happens, he might be able to flee himself, but he would not be able to influence the situation."

"Prince Le has been quite low profile. It's actually most prudent not to call attention to yourself in your first century."

Hearing these conferring words, Wu Yu guessed that Prince Le could also hear them, despite their distance. However, he did not seem to be bothered. Perhaps he was simply unafraid.

When they arrived at Qu Yin's residence, he appeared at the door to usher them in. "I am honored by the Prince's presence. Excuse me for not going out to meet you." 

His residence was an opulent construction of gold and jewels, and had a Yan Dragon and tiger sculptures at the door.

Evidently, even Qu Yin's attitude towards them had improved considerably since the appointment ceremony.

"If there is anything, Prince Le need only command me via Message Talisman. There is no need for a personal visit, or this humble old man could also go to the palace." Qu Yin was all smiles.

Prince Le said, "We are all on the same side. I'll get right to it. I hear that there is an advanced dao treasure in the Yan Dragon Army called the Unbounded Sky Pillar. I feel that it is very suitable for Wu Yu. However, I know that it is the Yan Dragon Army's property. Is there any way that Wu Yu can obtain it?"

He spoke directly, as though Qu Yin was one of his own. Qu Yin commanded one of the Immortal's Capital's Five Great Armies, and was a highly influential member of the Yan Huang Tribe. If he supported Prince Le wholeheartedly, he would be a great help to Prince Le.

After the Appointment Ceremony, their relationship seemed to have been taken further.

Qu Yin looked at Prince Le, and then at Wu Yu. He frowned. "Many yan dragon generals wish to obtain the Unbounded Sky Pillar. They have been fighting over it for a long time, but I refused them all. If this Unbounded Sky Pillar was given to Wu Yu, I would be hard pressed to win consent. It would greatly diminish the Yan Dragon Army, and my authority alongside it."

He would definitely be resented by his subordinates, especially the yan dragon generals who wished to obtain it. They were all at the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm.

"I know all that. Therefore, my meaning is to devise a way that the dao treasure can land in Wu Yu's hands rightfully. In a way that all will be content with."

Qu Yin lapsed into thought.

Prince Le had put him in a predicament. To Qu Yin, it did not matter who the advanced dao treasure went to - it was of secondary importance - but as the army general, he had to judge commendation and punishment with a fair hand.

Wu Yu thought about it. He did not want to put Qu Yin in a difficult spot, so he said, "I feel like there could be a fair competition, where the yan dragon generals also stand a chance, while I could also conveniently be allowed to participate. If I cannot beat them, then that would be my own fault. It would mean that I am not fated to be with this treasure. Of course, I understand that even allowing me to participate might be a problem for the Army General."

It was rare that Wu Yu would be so understanding. Qu Yin nodded, saying, "This seems like a more appropriate resolution. If there is anything that Prince Le wishes, I will naturally do my best to fulfill it. If that's the case, I will devise a competition, with a slightly wider scope that allows Wu Yu to participate. But if that's the case, whether you can obtain the Unbounded Sky Pillar in the end will depend on you."

If that was the case, the key would be how to devise the competition. On the one hand, it had to be discreet. On the other hand, it had to cater to Wu Yu's advantages. Of course, no one could know about this. 

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