Chapter 0838: Barren Beast

"Nangong Wei?"

Actually, the Full Moon of Nanshan and the others had just been kidding, but Wu Yu had answered it seriously. And he wished to enlist the help of all present.

He had originally thought to seek help from Prince Le alone after this banquet. Afterwards, he thought that since all present were the friends of Prince Le, and these friends' elders were spread out across the entire Yan Huang Ancient Country, then they would have more influence, reach, and intelligence. With more hands on deck, if Nangong Wei were still alive, the chances of finding her would be higher.

He also wanted to find news of Luo Pin, to give himself a breather. He knew his goal was lofty, but he was confident and willing to persevere to fulfill it.

He had once accompanied Luo Pin, and been with her at her lowest. He had even obtained the Precursor Dragon Scale for her. Luo Pin had said that she would wait for Wu Yu.

Therefore, Wu Yu was filled with emotion and longing towards their future. Such a powerful desire occupied every fiber of his being, and only grew stronger within him. Especially after not seeing her for a long time, his longing only grew stronger.

"A girl called Nangong Wei. She was once my friend at the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, then she disappeared," Wu Yu clarified.

"Do you have a portrait of her?" Prince Le treated this very seriously.

Although Wu Yu did not, he could clearly remember Nangong Wei's visage. With his current dao techniques, he easily captured her image on 100 sheets of paper that were delivered into the hands of Prince Le's acquaintances. They looked carefully, and no one immediately had news.

"A little beauty indeed. Rest assured that even if there is no news now, they will ask their elders. If there is even a similar person, or anyone called Nangong Wei, they will definitely contact you. I will also have people help you look." Wu Yu had helped Prince Le win a lot of pride, and he would definitely be very concerned with Wu Yu's affairs at this time.

"Kingmaker Le, please do not worry. I have some influence with the sea region demons as well. If she has been taken away by them, I can get the word out," Hai Shen said.

If it had just been Wu Yu alone, it would have been impossible to get news. Right now, he placed his hopes on these people. At least this way, the chances of finding Nangong Wei would rise a thousandfold, much better than the slim odds of Wu Yu's individual efforts.

Nangong Wei and Luo Pin. These two girls scrambled Wu Yu's thoughts.

Close to daybreak, the banquet finally came to a close. The muddle of bodies and alcohol, song and dance, laughing friends, all were cleared from Prince Le's residence, which finally reverted to a state of calm.

Alcohol brewed from immortal essences would inebriate even those at their cultivation level. The Full Moon of Nanshan, Prince Le, and the others were already rolling drunk.

After it ended, Wu Yu kicked the Full Moon of Nanshan back to Kingmaker Hall.

At least after hearing news of Luo Pin, he was already restless to continue pursuing his great dao and make himself stronger. He wanted to be closer to Luo Pin.

For now, his four mystiques seemed to be at a plateau, so he needed to put in more effort. In terms of cultivation level, he had made decent progress, but was still some ways away from the next tier. Wu Yu still had to continue analyzing the spirit designs of the ancestors and refine immortal medicines. He needed more battles and more revelations in order to move further.

The Heaven Devouring Avatar was already very strong.

After consideration, he decided to spend some time learning a dao technique. After all, with the wondrous Unshackled Doppelganger, his dao technique potency would be endlessly amplified, and he also had the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques.


The Full Moon of Nanshan had also settled down to work on his dao. Prince Le was the same. He was a rather low-profile person. In Kingmaker Hall, Wu Yu had a dedicated cultivation room. Therefore, he did not have to worry about the Floating Dreams Pagoda being revealed, and could train at twice the speed. More accurately, he had twice the amount of time. Two days inside the Floating Dreams Pagoda was equivalent to one outside.

Within the Floating Dreams Pagoda, Wu Yu pulled out the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques. The signboard from the Taigu Immortal Path had "Grand Essence of Dao" written on it! Ordinary people could not tell that this was a dao treasure, and Wu Yu used the same method as before to enter the phantasmic world of the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques. The Demon Hall of Dao Techniques was completely shrouded in mist. One had to find the challenge stages that the ancestors of the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques had left behind.

Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar was a part of him, and followed him here. This would aid Wu Yu's challenges, and he could obtain even stronger dao techniques. But Wu Yu did not do that. Because in the end, the dao techniques would be used more frequently by his real body, and he needed his real body's true strength to challenge the dao technique again and again, and get familiar with it. Only then could he experience the true strength of the dao technique with his real body, and mold this technique to be more suited for himself. That would result in greater output, and save him time.

Within the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques, Wu Yu was not worried in the initial phase. He focused on searching for a dao technique that would suit him well and could bring out his power.

Of course, he also had to be able to challenge the creator of the dao technique.

After a period of deliberation, Wu Yu made his choice. He chose a dao technique called the Barren Great Dao Finger. This dao technique was created by a Demon Dao Sect elder called the Barren Ancestor a long time ago. This demon elder's true form was a peculiar form known as the Barren Beast. It was a physically huge species, and after becoming a demon, this had been thoroughly refined to sophistication. His body had a unique ability to absorb the life force of enemies around him. It could turn a green forest into a barren land, and any creature it encountered would wither to death.

The Barren Ancestor had expressed the power of his bloodline through the form of a dao technique, and this Barren Great Dao Finger materialized the powers of the Barren Beast. It seemed like it would be much stronger than the Holy Elephant Hell-Shocking Technique, and also had stupendous penetrating power. In terms of lethality, it was also rather special. And especially when amplified by Wu Yu's 10,000 clones, the resulting effect would be fairly brutal.

Of course, before Wu Yu succeeded in the challenge and obtained this dao technique, all of this speculation was useless. Having ascertained his goal, the most important thing for Wu Yu now was to defeat the Barren Ancestor on the challenge stage.

The Demon Hall of Dao Techniques had preserved the unique ability of the Barren Ancestor, personally left behind by the Barren Ancestor himself to train future generations.

Wu Yu did not hesitate, but jumped into the challenge stage.

Before him, an elder very quickly appeared. He faced Wu Yu in human form, his hands clasped behind his back. His face was indifferent. As Wu Yu entered, he slowly raised his hands before him, and Wu Yu could see that his fingers were twined with mist, like snakes. This mist weaved in and out between his fingers. It changed with each coil, growing just a bit larger. It gave Wu Yu an ominous feeling.

Suddenly, all of his extended fingers came jabbing towards Wu Yu without warning!

That was the power of the Barren Great Dao Finger - to pierce through with a single finger. A blast of power shot forth with the force of a storm. There was no other life nearby, and therefore the apocalyptic power of the Barren Great Dao Finger was not displayed to full effect!

However, Wu Yu could clearly feel it when he faced the attack!

He could feel that this dao technique was similar to the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast's devouring. Only this effect robbed life and vitality, sending its target spirally limply into death's hands.

The similar mechanic would make it slightly easier for Wu Yu to understand. This was why Wu Yu had chosen this dao technique!

He began to settle into fighting the Barren Ancestor night and day.

It was extremely quiet in the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques, and no one would bother him. Wu Yu could completely immerse himself in gaining enlightenment from battles. When he found his opponent's attacks on the verge of taking his life, he could only leap out. This was something that others in the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques could not do. After making adjustments, he would rush in again to again challenge and experience the Barren Ancestor's strength. Through this process of challenge, he grew to master the true effectiveness of the Barren Great Dao Finger through resisting and negating it over and over again.

As the saying went: know yourself, know your enemy.

Luo Pin's current situation had filled Wu Yu with newfound bravery. He threw himself into battle dementedly, until the Barren Ancestor lost his ability to suppress Wu Yu, while Wu Yu grew more and more familiar with his attack patterns. Gradually, he began to best him. However, a full five days had passed by then, and Wu Yu was already on the verge of exhaustion. Luckily, his challenge had succeeded. After obtaining the Barren Great Dao Finger, he was overjoyed, and immediately began to cultivate it in the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques.

This was the first time that Wu Yu would use a dao technique employed by a single finger alone. After one mastered it, even a finger would seem like a sword.

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