Chapter 0837: Tidings of Her

Soon after Prince Le sent out the invitations, the amount of people who came was far greater than he had expected. 

Wu Yu's performance today had won over many people, making him the man of the hour in the Immortal's Capital. When they recalled the special treatment Wu Yu had received from the Regent, it wasn't hard to explain why so many people would pay a visit to the Prince Le's residence. 

The night had fallen but Prince Le's residence was filled with glorious light. 

Prince Le was in high spirits today and had invited several dance performances, singers, and other special shows. However, they weren't ordinary performers like those in the mortal kingdoms. They were martial cultivators who were well versed in various dao techniques and mystiques and had immersed themselves in pursuing dao techniques that were beautiful, artistic, and would intoxicate the minds of the crowd. Their cultivation levels weren't low at all, and their splendid dao techniques were not for all to view. This performance group were also designated performers for the Yan Huang royal family. Among them, alluring girls were aplenty, and each of them was as beautiful as a fairy. As they performed their acts, their actions were breathtaking. 

One shouldn't look down on those pursuing arts. Among them, one had even come out with the latest technique in the past and eventually became an immortal, leaving a great tale behind. 

Other than songs, dances and various special shows, all the alcohol and delicacies served to the guests were of the highest quality. These were high level immortal essences matched with various other immortal essence ingredients. The most precious of all was an immortal essence with eight spiritual marks. These drinks and delicacies were all made from top-class dao treasures. Similar to the idea of refining immortal medicines, the delicacies made weren't any inferior to immortal medicines. A chef that could cook these delicacies had to be a top-class martial cultivator with an extremely high cultivation level. The chefs of the Yan Huang royal family weren't simple at all. These princes and princesses had consumed these delicacies from young. It was even more beneficial to them that one who simply consumed immortal medicines. The chefs would find the most appropriate portions so they could easily absorb them. 

Obviously, delicacies prepared by these chefs weren't casually available for those not in the royal family. 

Today, Prince Le was having a welcoming party for Wu Yu and also congratulating him for attaining the title of Kingmaker Le. Everything he used was of the highest quality in the royal family. Moreover, those that Prince Le had invited were all young cultivators with high standing and great influence. Therefore, he was a little more passionate. Without seniors around, it was especially lively and unrestrained. 

Wu Yu sat on the seat just below Prince Le. Looking at the hundred young men and women around him intoxicated by the breathtaking dances and wonderful delicacies, he couldn't help but heave a sigh. This wasn't any different from a banquet in a mortal kingdom. In the past, he had invited many people as well. The only difference was in cultivation levels. Those breathtaking dances and techniques weren't something that mortals could imitate. Also, the delicacies that were made from immortal essences and dao treasures couldn't be matched by what the mortals were capable of creating. 

Perhaps for the mortals, what Wu Yu was seeing was how immortals should be in their imagination. However, they didn't have to become immortal to be able to enjoy this. 

Among the hundred-odd people who came, every single one of them was the son or daughter of various high officials and influential individuals. All of them had seen Wu Yu's battle today. Among them, the most ordinary would most likely be the son or daughter of a provincial lord. Typically, the provincial lords of various areas would try their best to send their children into the Immortal's Capital. Therefore, the group before him had come from various places. 

Taking Qu Haoyan and Qu Fengyu as examples, they were the closest to Prince Le. However, their standings weren't the highest. Others, like the young son of the current premier, were also present today. He was now to the right of Prince Le and chatting casually with Prince Le. 

Wu Yu was relatively quiet and would just toast to those who offered him. After all, he was the subject of attention today and wouldn't have to be too courteous. As for the Full Moon of Nanshan, he was having a great time. He moved among the sea of people and was extremely busy. Soon, he was mixing well with the sons and daughters of the high officials and even addressed them as martial brothers. After which, he left means of contact with several stunning female martial cultivators so they could meet up alone from time to time.... 

He had defeated the Three Immortals Kunwu and therefore everyone knew that this demon was the brother of Kingmaker Le. 

Moreover, they also needed a channel to get closer to Prince Le and Wu Yu. 

Wu Yu wasn't here of his own will. However, he had thought it through. Since he couldn't do anything about it, he might as well sit back and relax. Having gained the title of Kingmaker Le, he would find it even more convenient to roam the Yan Huang Ancient Country. From what he had seen today, there would be plenty of challenges in the future. Just counting those from the brothers and sisters of Prince Le would already be a substantial amount. 

These challenges wouldn't be easy. However, Wu Yu held on to his beliefs. As long as he was not dead, he would have the opportunity to advance. These challenges happened to be what he desired. He had just arrived at this place. However, he desired to make greater improvements in the future and truly gain a foothold in this world. After which, he would aim to become an immortal. 

As he pondered, he thought that he might be able to mobilize the information-gathering ability of the Yan Huang Ancient Country through Prince Le and find out about the missing Nangong Wei. This matter was more pressing and therefore he spoke to Prince Le soon after the end of the banquet. 

Recalling various memories, Wu Yu still couldn't let go of the past. Regardless, he wanted an answer. Whether she was alive or not. 

Not knowing anything, he definitely felt a little guilt as she seemed no more than an afterthought. 

Nonetheless, he was still crystal clear. She wasn't the target he was pursuing. Instead, he had his eyes on someone that he once desired completely. The revelation where she transformed into the snow-white mystical dragon was still vivid in his mind. 

When Wu Yu was thinking of her, he suddenly heard a familiar name from the discussion among the group. He instantly focused on the person. Prince Le had introduced him previously - he was the son of the Army General of the Inferno Sea Army, Hai Shen. The Inferno Sea Army was stationed in a huge city at the southern border of the Yan Huang Ancient Country. He was a little older than Qu Haoyan, was a ninth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivator, and could be considered one of the big shots in this premise. The main function of the Inferno Sea Army at the southern borders of the Yan Huang Ancient Country was to defend against demons from the seas who weren't intelligent. The truth was, they had little to do as demons who weren't intelligent were few and scarce. From the bountiful land nearing the southern borders, they were able to reap handsome profits. 

Hai Shen was commenting loudly and proudly. "That Lord of the Four Seas is truly incredible. In the past, she was not as powerful and was an insignificant girl. She didn't just become the Lord of the Four Seas, but also possesses such immense strength. I heard that she went missing for a period and there were rumors that she was almost exterminated by the last disaster of the three disasters. When everyone thought that she was dead for sure, she escaped from the brink of death. I heard that she even found the long lost Precursor Dragon Scale. From that, her strength increased immensely and even superseded what it was before. The group of Perennial Demons provoking the mystical dragons and eventually crumbling under the leadership of the Lord of the Four Seas now seems within reason. Haiz. In the Yan Huang Ancient Region, our Yan Huang Ancient Country rules supreme and peace has lasted for a long time. As for the sea region, it will likely undergo huge changes. My father said that with the Lord of the Four Seas, the mystical dragon race will likely rise once again and gain rule over the Endless Sea Region!" 

Prince Le sighed emotionally. "I've heard of the Lord of the Four Seas as well. She's indeed incredible. The mystical dragon race was once the absolute ruler of the sea region. They were also the only race that could go against the Yan Huang Tribe. After that huge catastrophe, they almost went extinct. It's a great thing that they can recover now. Although growing stronger would mean they could match up to us, they are in the sea region, while we are in the Yan Huang Ancient Region. There's basically no direct conflicts. On the other hand, the evil sea region demons are mixed with all sorts of scum. Often, there are brazen races that even harbor the ridiculous thought of invading. At least the mystical dragon race are true immortal beasts that can attain immortalhood." 

Qu Fengyu's eyes glowed with envy and he said, "When we were young, the name of the Lord of the Four Seas was already well-known. It was said that it's been a long time since an almighty presence appeared within the mystical dragon race. I heard that more than 80% of them could become immortals. The current Lord of the Four Seas is just missing the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao. Her strength is similar to that of the Regent and the Dark Sea Emperor. Moreover, I heard that she's the most beautiful existence in the sea region, regardless of whether she’s in human form or in her mystical dragon body. How enviable!" 

Hai Shen said, "She's indeed great. I heard that all the males in the mystical dragon race want her to be their dao companion and have attempted to woo her. In fact, this isn't limited to the mystical dragons. There is a large number of humans and even demons who are interested in her. A girl like her would indeed attract the affection of all men in the world. It's a shame that outstanding characters among the mystical dragon race are plenty. They get to enjoy the benefits of a favorable position. The only question now is who will it be! Obviously, the Lord of the Four Seas has a high chance of achieving immortalhood. She might not be interested in mortals." 

"She has a beautiful name as well. Luo Pin...." 

When he heard the last two words, Wu Yu shivered. 

At this point, he definitely understood. The person they were clearly talking about was her. 

One of Wu Yu’s biggest goals was to be deserving of her. Therefore, he had come to the Yan Huang Ancient Region for a challenge. 

After so many years, he finally heard news of her. Moreover, he had heard it by coincidence. 

It was just that the news was a little overwhelming. Conflicting emotions surged within. He was agitated, euphoric, and happy for her. He was glad and proud of her success. However, there was a lingering bitter taste. This was because he had envisioned the differences between them to not be so stark. However, it would appear that despite all his efforts, the distance only seemed to widen. 

The Dark Sea Emperor, the Regent... What level were they at.... 

Moreover, from what he had heard, she might be leading the mystical dragon race, unifying the sea region, and becoming the true absolute ruler of the sea region. If she succeeded, she would become the equivalent of the ruler of the Yan Huang Ancient Region. Regardless of how incredible Wu Yu might appear now, that was nothing in comparison to that level of glory. Moreover, just when would she achieve immortalhood? 

There was even the possibility that before Wu Yu ever caught up, she would become an immortal. If he couldn't follow suit, perhaps they would no longer have the opportunity to ever meet again in this lifetime. That would be.... 

Therefore, he felt like he was at his wit’s end. Although he was euphoric, he also felt depressed. While pondering, he didn't even hear Prince Le talking to him. He was completely in his thoughts. His brows would relax a moment and knit together at the next. 

"Are you thinking of girls now?" The Full Moon of Nanshan walked over and gave Wu Yu a slap while chuckling. He was drunk and had a performer in his embrace, his hands moving and groping.... 

Wu Yu shook his head and said, "I'm not thinking of someone I'm interested in. Nonetheless, I would like to ask Prince Le, and everyone here, about someone, if they have heard any news. Her name is Nangong Wei." 

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