Chapter 0836: The Will of the Ancient Emperor

Wu Yu had defeated the four Kingmakers.

However, this did not mean that the appointment ceremony was over. It still depended on the Regent's will.

Everyone was still reeling from the shell-shock that Wu Yu had delivered, and were unable to respond properly.

In truth, each Kingmaker's appointment ceremony ended with the newly minted Kingmaker's fall. This was how the older Kingmakers established their authority over the new Kingmaker.

But Wu Yu was an exception.

The Regent had arranged two, but he had challenged four. He had already exceeded their expectations, and undergone the most extreme of trials.


They were worried that if Wu Yu could continue to defeat even more awesome opponents, then the senior Kingmakers would truly be disgraced.

After all, Wu Yu and Prince Le were both the youngest. But he was already so famous.

Many of the martial cultivators at the Immortal's Capital held their breath. Even the ministers and aristocrats, and the royal family, all held respect for Wu Yu.

A talented expert would be respected no matter where they were. They even began to think that with Wu Yu supporting him, Prince Le might stand a chance in the future, despite his youth. Of course, it might be 100 years or 200 years before the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor could see a new candidate.

Intangibly, Prince Le's status was rising as well.

Many were already satisfied with today's outcome. After seeing Wu Yu's talent, many saw no need to continue unearthing his potential.

Besides the princes and princesses. After being beaten, they were naturally displeased.

For those at the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm and above, they were both excited and a little worried that they, too, would end up as Wu Yu's stepping stones.

Before long, a courtier said, "Kingmaker Le's abilities are not as simple as we had thought. He must have much hidden. Today is Kingmaker Le's day, and we should enjoy it to the fullest. I feel like only the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm Kingmakers can stand up to Kingmaker Le." This person was of both high status and influence. He was the Royal Architect, and held eminent status in the Immortal's Capital's management.

After he spoke up, a few princes and princesses were very satisfied. They had probably thrown looks his way for this Royal Architect to speak up.

"Well said. Regent, we might as well assign a Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm Kingmaker. Kingmaker Le's stellar performance today has awed and entertained the crowd. If assigned a stronger opponent, Kingmaker Le will definitely be able to surprise us again with another astonishing display, and we will learn much." The army general of the Huang Dragon Army agreed.

He stood with Qu Yin like a pair of gentlemen.

Next, a few of the older and prominent figures also echoed the suggestion for the battles to continue, with Wu Yu facing off against the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm Kingmakers. With these people leading the way, more and more joined the chorus, and waves of voices boomed soon out, appealing to the Regent.

Prince Le was not happy.

Wu Yu's performance today was already enough.

Finally, the Regent coughed once. He had made his decision, and everyone quietened down in anticipation. They were already beginning to discuss which opponent would be best to face Wu Yu.

If the Regent agreed, then Wu Yu would be facing huge pressure. Four opponents just now had been his limit. Even with the Heaven Devouring Avatar, a Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm cultivator was more than he could chew.

Against the Ghostly Artificer, Wu Yu had been sorely pressed, and had almost died.

Therefore, he was on tenterhooks as well. Of course, he did not wish to continue. He had gained much so far from the battles today. If he continued to fight in his fatigued state, until he suffered a humiliating loss, that would be meaningless.

With a stern face, the Regent declared, "The appointment ceremony is intended to be a joyous affair. Kingmaker Le's stellar performance is commendable. He has shown all he has, and he is not yet able to face a Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm opponent. There is no need for the challenge to continue. Today, he withdraws unharmed, a difficult feat indeed. I declare the appointment ceremony closed. Congratulations to Prince Le and Kingmaker Le."

The crowd was already in an uproar halfway through his declaration. The Regent actually did not wish to continue? He would let Wu Yu withdraw unharmed? Didn't that mean that the Kingmakers who had been defeated would not be able to win back their dignity? The princes and princesses, especially the elders, would definitely not be satisfied.

After all, it had been Di Shatian calling the shots previously as well, and he had shown them no mercy.

No one dared to challenge it directly. They roughly guessed the reason.

First, Di Shatian's position depended on his elder brother, the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor.

Second, Wu Yu was a Kingmaker crowned by the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor, and in order for Di Shatian to curry favor with the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor, he had to give him face.

Third, Prince Le was uncommonly talented, more so than many of his seniors. He had come back to life on the Taigu Immortal Path, and had been through a strange and marvelous past. The Yan Huang Ancient Emperor had assigned Wu Yu to Prince Le as Kingmaker, and these two unusual people would seek their dao together. What the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor's wish meant, the Regent had to know better than others.

This meant that they had guessed that the Regent might feel that Prince Le was the most eligible candidate for the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor position.

Otherwise, why this special treatment? Why had the other elder siblings not received this favor?

Therefore, it was understandable why he would go easy on Wu Yu.

Of course, all of this was guesswork, but splendid guesswork indeed.

As for the princes and princesses, who did not have ambitions towards that highest of positions? With this development, they were dispirited. The Regent's decision had compelled their thoughts in that direction.

"Enough. Disperse." The Regent waved a hand and then ascended into the clouds. He flew towards the royal city and was gone in a flash.

With this, the appointment was truly over.

Everyone looked around at each other. They did not want to go.

However, the first to leave were the princes and princesses. Many amongst them would probably hold enmity against their younger brother now. Clearly, his elder siblings were not too pleased. They left in cold silence, especially those whose Kingmakers had been defeated by Wu Yu.

"Back to the cabinet."

The ministers and aristocrats also did not say much. They kept their thoughts to themselves as they made a quick exit.

Since most of the prominent people had gone, there was no point for the Immortal's Capital martial cultivators to linger here at the Yan Martial Gates. Wu Yu and Prince Le also entered the Yan Wu Draconian Chariot with the others, returning to Prince Le's residence in the royal city.

"Let's go, let's go."

"The big fish are all gone, stop loitering here."

"I don't get it. What's happened?"

"You don't get it? Prince Le might be the next emperor, personally designated by the Ancient Emperor! If even the Regent didn't give Wu Yu grief, what else do you think happened? You think the Regent ain't smarter than us?"


This news quickly spread throughout the Yan Huang Ancient Country, and even to the Jambu Realm.

Prince Le, from a humble and nameless prince with many more glorious siblings at the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm, had suddenly risen past all of them to be the possible favorite.

Of course, some also thought that all of this was a conspiracy theory. Prince Le was still young, and nothing could be decided yet. Although he was talented, he was a far cry from the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor's own childhood. He was not the kind to truly shake the world.

It was simply that Wu Yu was a little special. But to force the link with Prince Le was a little far-fetched.

But no matter what, such a line of discussion spread to every corner of the Yan Huang Ancient Country, and everyone was debating this heatedly.

When they returned to Prince Le's residence, Prince Le seemed a little preoccupied. He brooded for a long time and then lifted his head to Wu Yu. He asked, "Wu Yu, do you think that what they said was true?"

"About what?"

"That my father's will is for me to succeed the throne," he said directly.

Wu Yu had definitely heard this as well. He did not know what the truth was, and to him, he knew well that he could not possibly guess the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor's mind.

Therefore, he said, "I think it is best not to think about these things. No one can know his mind."

After all, he is an immortal-like existence.

"Oh, I get it! You're right. No one can guess it, so why try? Take it as it never happened. The more you brood on it, the more worried and anxious you get. Well said." Prince Le finally smiled. Wu Yu's words seemed to have straightened this out. He could not take it for real, or it would only become an emotional impediment against his progress.

"But my big brothers and sisters will probably remind me about this thing constantly. I have offended them today. And it was not even my initiative. Things will get interesting from now on." Prince Le gave a low laugh.

It seemed like he was still pretty confident.

"I will invite all my friends to celebrate with you. Although I do not have many friends here at the Immortal's Capital, I do have a few dozen people I can call on."

Although what he called friends were probably those like Qu Haoyan, who followed him. Perhaps after today, his followers would swell.

"No problem."

Remaining at the Immortal's Capital, such things would definitely happen. Now that the appointment ceremony was over, Wu Yu had plenty of time to cultivate. This night, it could wait.

TheFull Moon of Nanshan interrupted. "Are there beauties?" 

Prince Le started and then roared with laughter. "I guarantee your eyes will pop. If you follow Wu Yu, you follow me as well. I will never let you go wanting. After all, you defeated the Three Immortals Kunwu, which raised my reputation as well."

"That's good then." The Full Moon of Nanshan cracked a grin and laughed knowingly.

Naturally, he was more interested in such occasions than Wu Yu.

After returning to Prince Le's residence, Prince Le sent out the Message Talismans, and the nobles of the Immortal's Capital were clamoring to come. A neverending crowd had now appeared outside Prince Le's residence.

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