Chapter 0835: Lions of the Tundra

The strength of Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar had surpassed all expectations, and it was truly a miracle that a clone was stronger than the real body.

The key was that his real body was already spectacular enough.

And this white-haired, red-eyed Wu Yu was even more incredible than his real body.

It left a deep impression.

Within the black chaos of the spirit design, the Heaven Devouring Avatar and its opponents had emerged as an unharmed avatar and two ice sculptures. The effect of this was too sensational!

Everyone watched the white-haired Wu Yu in alarm.

His white hair was extremely pristine, a pure white! Even more white than Kingmaker Dong's own hair.

"After the battle ends, I will naturally let them live without much injury." Wu Yu turned his head to Prince Chen and Prince Cheng, who were on the verge of protesting. These two princes saw their own Kingmakers crushed, and there was no goodwill in their expressions. They were seething, but unable to do anything after Wu Yu preemptively shut them up.

These two Kingmakers had become Wu Yu's stepping stones. The originally competitive battle was quickly becoming a walkover. The Yan Huang Tribe were a proud race. The more they disdained Wu Yu, the more Wu Yu would throw their disdain back in their teeth!

The Regent was even more direct. He immediately opened a gap in the Virtual Battlefield and let the two ice sculptures tumble out, landing on the altar. He first looked at them. Although everyone thought that he would thaw them out, the Regent did not do anything. He simply stopped there and continued watching the battle.

This might very well imply that he was not confident in releasing the two Kingmakers.

That was mind-boggling. But the major battle was not over yet. Everyone was watching as Wu Yu's now opponent-less Heaven Devouring Avatar turned to the real body's fight. At this time, Wu Yu's real body was dodging Kingmaker Dong's attacks from the Somersault Cloud!

For now, Wu Yu's real body was not his opponent's match. Therefore, he could only continue to dodge. And when the Heaven Devouring Avatar was flexing its power, Kingmaker Dong had also been distracted by it, and was not fully focused on attacking Wu Yu's real body.

And now Wu Yu's real body and his Heaven Devouring Avatar were standing side by side. They faced Kingmaker Dong together in a flanking attack!

On the other side, Kingmaker Yong was being harried by the Skeletal Flame Dragon, and could not help!

"Truly amazing." Kingmaker Dong could only marvel at Wu Yu's avatar. But she was Wu Yu's match at this time, and no matter what, she would fight him head-on! She was already pressed to the limit. The advanced dao treasure in her hand was a necklace with snowy white pearls. There were a total of nine pearls, and each was inscribed with an indistinct, blue rune. The blue characters changed to resemble a blue lion. 

"Lion Formation of the Snowy Tundra!"

The necklace flew out from her hand, hovering above Wu Yu's head!

The nine snowy pearls formed a huge sphere. As the nine pearls whirled around, a blizzard began to fall, creating a snowy tundra that covered half the Virtual Battlefield.

"Roar!" Following which, a succession of beastly roars rang out. The runes on the pearls had all changed into blue lions! These blue lions were a little like Wu Yu's mystical dragons. As they roared, they gave body to the deep frost of the pearls, and continued to enhance it!

This spirit design was truly similar to the Heaven Swallowing 10,000 Rampaging Dragons Formation in its intricacies, although it was slightly weaker than the Dark North Royal Obelisk. And she was also facing both Wu Yu and his Heaven Devouring Avatar.

"Spirit Penetration Art."

Before the Heaven Devouring Avatar appeared, Wu Yu's attention had mostly been there, and he was not putting much effort here. Right now, his confidence had returned when he was reunited. Dealing with this spirit design, he countered it with his real body. Naturally, he would use the Spirit Penetration Art.

As for the Heaven Devouring Avatar, it could regain some strength.

Just as his opponent's spirit design took effect, Wu Yu's Spirit Penetration Art penetrated the advanced dao treasure's spirit design. Within the spirit design, it was a blue, glacial world. Under the snow, countless spirit designs were working away. Within the spirit design, they supported each other. After he entered, Wu Yu was indeed familiar with them, as this spirit design had similarities with the Heaven Swallowing 10,000 Rampaging Dragons Formation. From its effects, he could push backwards against the Lion Formation of the Snowy Tundra because he understood how these spirit designs affected the result!

The Spirit Penetration Art directly mingled with these spirit designs. This was the transformation art of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal. When Wu Yu integrated himself, he understood these changes, and it was easy for him to manipulate them. The Spirit Penetration Art soon created a huge effect, and the nine lions suddenly changed shape!

If the lions themselves had been changed, then their power would definitely be mitigated!

This was the best chance. Wu Yu's real body had already been buffed with the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth. He charged towards Kingmaker Dong, his 10,000 Dragons Staff thickening into a huge column! After the Spirit Penetration Art had been used, Wu Yu used the Violent Art. His physical strength was now at its peak, and the 10,000 Dragons Staff smashed through the nine pearls, which were also the core of the spirit design. Under Wu Yu's prodigious strength, Kingmaker Dong's spirit design was destined to fail. The nine lions were completely destroyed before they could even bring their potency to bear, and Wu Yu had completely eradicated the spirit design.

It was already highly respectable that Wu Yu's real body was capable of this much.

Besides, this was the all-in that Kingmaker Dong was counting on to turn the tables.

This time, Wu Yu was using his real body to bring forth such power. It again awed the crowd!

The Heaven Devouring Avatar finally moved. The Dark North Royal Obelisk morphed into a longsword, and the spirit design on Wu Yu's longsword brought forth the Dark Sea Ghostly Tempest. The sword lanced out, and a torrential rain fell where Kingmaker Dong was.

After Kingmaker Dong's spirit design was demolished, she was instantly caught in the Dark Sea Ghostly Tempest. The dense rain was completely composed of sword blades. The frost energy and her ice were conflicting, and so she was affected by the chill, her resistance plummeting. Just as her defenses were about to be penetrated, she made her decision, and declared in a loud voice, "Kingmaker Le is exceptional indeed. This humble girl surrenders."

This was the first surrender in an appointment ceremony battle in many years. After all, everyone fought with their pride on the line, especially since they were Kingmakers. As the war vessels of their princes and princesses, they had to have grit!

To surrender meant that one had judged oneself as completely outclassed, and that one would lose in a disgraceful fashion.

And this was indeed the current situation. Kingmaker Dong knew that Princess Dong would be shamed, but she had no choice. She did not want to end up like Kingmaker Chen and Kingmaker Cheng.

Wu Yu had been waiting for her surrender.

With her white flag raised, he immediately withdrew his attack. That saved some of his strength as well. The Heaven Swallowing 10,000 Rampaging Dragons Formation had indeed taken quite a bit out of him, and he had not yet fully recovered.

Kingmaker Dong had conceded with grace. After Wu Yu pulled back, she stood quietly at the side, waiting for the Regent to let her out.

This conclusion was not completely unexpected. Sometimes, women would be granted some leniency in admitting defeat, and faced less ridicule.

Right now, it was Kingmaker Yong who was up to his neck in trouble. Actually, he could take down the Skeletal Flame Dragon and end his own part of the battle. To him, he would win back his pride that way. But he had not expected Kingmaker Dong to fall so quickly, and now Wu Yu's real body and avatar were standing before him, watching his fight against the Skeletal Flame Dragon.

Kingmaker Yong had long considered surrender. With Kingmaker Dong paving the way, and seeing his own unfavorable situation, he knew that a fight to the death would win him no benefit but pride. This was Wu Yu's appointment ceremony after all, and even if he played along, it would not be that great a loss for himself. After all, it was not only him who had been disgraced today.

Therefore, Kingmaker Yong acted decisively. "Kingmaker Le's abilities are truly commendable. I think even those of the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm would be unable to stand against you. If that's the case, then all other four have been defeated, and I too must accept my loss. Congratulations to Kingmaker Le."

When he lost, he also furthered another plan, which was to involve the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm experts. If that was the case, then perhaps the Regent would assign a Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm cultivator to fight Wu Yu, and that could also help to take Wu Yu down a peg!

Right now, Wu Yu's reputation was soaring too high. Many of the princes and princesses were probably dismayed. All of them were competing against each other, and the Kingmakers were their champions. But right now, Wu Yu's amazing display was also Prince Le's vicarious win. They were his elder siblings, but they were now his stepping stones. How could they accept this?

Seeing Wu Yu show no intentions of stopping, Kingmaker Yong cried out, flustered, "I surrender! I surrender!" 

Although Wu Yu found this person loathsome, his job today was done. He was naturally happy to stop and cup his hands in respect towards his opponent. "Well fought."

The battle was over.

The Regent did not comment on this either. After seeing Wu Yu defeat Kingmaker Chen and Kingmaker Cheng, he already knew the outcome, and this was no surprise to him. He removed the Virtual Battlefield and allowed the remaining two unharmed fighters out. They were better off compared to the other two sealed in ice.

Everyone looked at Wu Yu in silence. No one had guessed that he would completely crush his opponents and storm to victory in this fashion.

"My good brother!" Prince Le roared happily, rushing up to hug Wu Yu.

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